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Are far superior with much brighter colors and *glossier paper immediate reaction on taking my *paper My immediate reaction taking my out of its mailing nvelope was that the book was drab compared to the thing of beauty in my memory A trip to the library to compare the two Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation editions side by side confirmed this impression Bummer but I ll try not to let it ruin Christmas A wonderful children s book Perfect for single parent families as a reminder that no matter the distanceveryone loves Gender Justice eachother and is thinking ofach other at Christmas the Christmas spirit I love Magical Whilst I loved the illustrations the writing did come off as a bit patronizing and twee and I hated being talked down to as a child so I m not sure if I would recommend this to a younger version of myself or any other child This book is like a treasure chest Something new to discover on Generations and Collective Memory every page The artwork and story areually beautiful Families with relatives far away are going to want to read this again and again. Tford The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth Last Stop on the Reindeer Express is a wonderful way to help children articulate their feelings when spending Christmas away from a parent grandparent or siblin. ,

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I reuested this book *From The Library After *the library after my friend Abigail s glowing review I m always ager to try out new to me Christmas themed picture books and generally spend December checking armloads of them out of the library What I really hope is that among them I ll find one or two treasures that I will want to acuire for myself and bring out to From Notes to Narrative enjoy year after year but most years it doesn t happen Here s one though The story about a girl wanting to deliver a Christmas card to her distant grandfather is sweetnough but the pictures are just so gorgeous I want to nter this world The aesthetic reminded me a bit of the Hilda graphic novels by Luke Pearson The cutouts on most of the Hilda graphic novels by Luke Pearson The cutouts on most the pages also add charmEdited to addSo now it s a year later and I did indeed acuire a copy of my own I chose to special order the original UK dition from The Book Depository This is because I had noticed that on this book s goodreads page the top uestion is from someone indignant Mia misses her Grandpa Without him Christmas has lost its magic But When Mia Discovers A World Mia discovers a world a mysterious post box she is whisked away on a truly wonderful adventure over sparkling seas and streets. .
Hat the book s description says that Mia wants to deliver a letter to her daddy when in fact it *S To Her Grandfather Given That The Man In The *to her grandfather Given that the man in the didn t really look old nough to be Mia s grandfather I suspected that the wrong description was actually just from the original version and that a change had been made for the US publication Turns out I was right I think that having it be her father that Mia
Misses So Much Makes The 
so much makes the motionally resonant and I shake my head thinking why on Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) earth did this change have to be made Should American children huge numbers of whom live in single parent households somehow be protected from the knowledge that some children have parents who are separated My friend Abigail who has read picture books than anyonelse I know thinks that this is actually something that s shied away from Here s the rub though while I appreciate seeing the right version of the story it turns out the production values of the American dition. Of paper stars But what will Mia find at the nd of her journeyA magical tale of love and adventure brought to life by peep through pages lift the flaps and breath taking illustrations from Karl James Moun.
Last Stop on the Reindeer Express