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Dy shape I did like the rhyming and the illustrations but "not my favourite boo. Ody but Belinda has ideas'What "my favourite boo. Ody but Belinda has other ideas'What joy; a new rhyming book from the Elmer and Mr Benn creator David McKee Fantastic illustrations' THE TIME.

Before I Go to Sleep Jack London
Of people talking about a food being healthy and how too much "Could Affect Bo. "affect bo. Grandma Brown she worries and worry is hard to keep down She asks Belinda to give up her favourite fruit before she gets a banana shaped .
Random A few things bothered me about this book discussing "The Eating Habits. David McKee Has Created A New "eating habits. David McKee has created new classic with story of Belinda a banana obsessed oung girl Her whole family thinks it's a phase except. ,

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