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Ok i really loved book so much I ENJOY LEONIE SWANNS WRITING STYLE A LOT AND SHE Leonie Swanns writing style a lot and such funny characters Right from the beginning I fell in love with Gray and Augustus Just my kind of humour I read the original German version of this book and although it took me a bit to find my footing as with all of Ms Swann s books I found Huff s hero s journey to be interesting and compelling I won t ive away much but reading about Huff and Gray s adventures made me want to watch YouTube videos of parrots all day long Telling the story from Dr Huff s a lecturer at Cambridge point of view ave the narrative somewhat of a Claustrophobic Feeling You Never Knew If You Could Trust Huff feeling You never knew if you could trust Huff reporting He was at sea most of the story and this only added to the tension in my opinion Leonie Swann provides you just enough information at just the right time for you to say ah Now I et it over and over again without it ever feeling like she was manipulating you I have no idea if the Engl. Dr Augustus Huff Dozent an der berühmten Universität von Cambridge hat plötzlich ein Problem einer seiner Studenten ist in den Tod estürzt Nur ein tragischer Unfall oder Mord Augustus vermutet Letzteres denn das Opfer war alles Gray By Leonie SwannThe setting in Cambridge adds to the atmosphere and to the charm Four stars out of five A Really Good Read And really ood read and fun mystery I to the charm Four stars out of five A really ood read and a fun mystery I the portrayal of Augustusand Gray s relationship and the way it developed slowly as Augustus became and interested in solving Eliot s murder I also appreciate the way Augustus s OCD was handled as a serious condition with a large impact on his life but also not the only thing in his life The mystery was surprising and wrapped up neatly "DESPITE THE FACT THAT I WOULD HAVE PREFERRED FOR "the fact that I would have preferred for murderer to be held properly accountableGray was simply adorableI also loved the little flipbook in the corner of my edition Extremely cute and it showed that someone really put some thought into the design of the book Humorous piece of a lighthearted crime story with a neurotic academic and a neurotic and lovingly naive parrot as protagonists Detective story with a talking parrot The only ood thing about this book was the parrot Huff was just ridiculous. Vieh und zuerst stolpert Augustus von einem Fettnäpfchen in das nächste Doch schon bald ist es Gray der die richtigen Fragen stellt und Augustus begreift nur emeinsam können sie es schaffen diese harte Nuss von einem Fall zu knack.

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Ish version is as ood but if you are fluent in German then I recommend as always reading the original It was well worth it Perfect for light reading A charming campus crime story teaming up a scholar who battles psychological problems with a clever parrot And who wouldn t want to live with a clever parrot after reading this trigger warningsview spoilersuspected suicideocd hide spoiler Fun little novel I loved the setup in Cambridge and rew to like the characters So fun once it picked up speed about halfway through I really enjoyed Glennkill and Garou so picking this book up was an OBVIOUS CHOICE AND I WAS AND I WAS NOT and I was not setting is completely different but it is again a crime thriller This time the crime is solved by Augustus Huff a scholar with psychological problems and Gray a parrot with well probably also psychological problems Like sheep and oats in the previous books the characters are charming humorous and interesting The plot has its twists and turns and. Ndere als ein Engel Ein Mörder im Elfenbeinturm – das darf nicht sein und so macht sich Augustus unterstützt von Gray dem Graupapageien des Verstorbenen auf die Suche nach dem Täter Der Vogel erweist sich aber als vorlautes Feder.