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Die Hummerkönige

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The atmosphere I loved the
of the artwork and the it inspired2 difficult moments near the beginning I actually had to take a break for each but felt that it would be worth it to hang in there and it certainly wasI received this book through a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest and nbiased review I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to read it And this will also happen Atmosphere Hands down my first and last point Zentner knows how to write and show and tell and dammit soak you into the atmosphere in which the novel takes placeSet on an island in the north Atlantic The Book Focuses On The Live the book focuses on the live myths of one family of lobstermen the Kings Unexpected scenes of suspense litter the tale constantly surprising meWhat it comes down to though is the craft with which the author sets the scenes Sometimes I find authors overly describe their worlds wasting page after page on setting every detail to word Alexi Zentner wastes nothing however and the words sed transport me there in such a way that I don t even realize it s happeningMost often when I read it s in the evenings before bed I think the highest praise I can set for this book is that every night as I fell asleep I fe Awe inspiring haunting heartfelt novel This is the best novel I read so far I could not put the book down but when I had to all I kept thinking about was I needed to know what happened next The synopsis of this book gave you a small insight of what to expect but when you start reading the story you will defini I absolutely loved this book It possessed what to expect but when you start reading the story you will defini I absolutely loved this book It possessed I love in a novel great writing family and friends personal character flaws and growth And I would be remiss if I didn t mention how much I loved the author s skill in describing the environment Beautiful and lyrical A Auf die Insel kam konnte er so heißt es das letzte Stück zu Fuß zurücklegen Denn es gab hier so viele Hummer sie bildeten mit ihren Panzern eine Brücke nd bahnten ihm einen Weg durch das Wasser Heute will sich Cordelia Kings auf Loosewood Island nd als Hummerfischerin behaupten Sie will beweisen dass sie di. I absolutely adored the first 100 pages of this book the story of the Kings as children Cordelia s love for the sea and tradition and the magical realism elements If the novel had continued on in this vein I would have given it a full 5 stars Unfortunately the story took a significant turn with the James Harbor drug smugglingdealing element which didn t appeal to me so muchI grew p in New Brunswick and am very familiar with Charlotte county and the Fundy Isles Loosewood Island seems Very Much Like Grand much like Grand Island to me In fact I can t help but wonder if the story was inspired by an event that happened on Grand Manan back in 2006 which was very well publicized Check out this link wwwtheglobeandmailcomnewsnational Any other readers notice this Grand Manan connection I loved this A great story about family loss and redemption I was still thinking about the characters after I put it down I love that there is some mythmagic to the story There were some violent parts that were hard to read Seldom does a book capture me and keep me in the story as did Alexi Zentner s novel The Lobster Kings The Descriptive Uality To The descriptive Smitten uality to book is beautiful I love the ocean the beach The setting was palpable The Kings family is irrevocably tied to the past to the first lobsterman on Loosewood Island Truth and death and the past becomes part of the present The oldest sister Cordelia brings honest emotion to the pages when relating to her father This book made me think once again about life how fleeting it is and how lucky we are to participate This book is sticking with me and I look forward to reading it again Highly recommend Beautiful one of those books where the synopsis of the plot really tells you very little about what the book really IS Just thinking about the book now I am immediately back in. Sie sind die Familie Kings die Könige von Loosewood Island Dieserngestümen Insel zwischen Nova Scotia A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel und Maine Karg ist es hierrsprünglich rau Doch die Kings sind mit dem Reichtum des Meeres gesegnet nd widmen sich hier seit nunmehr dreihundert Jahren dem Hummerfang Als Brumfitt Kings der erste der Familie. ,

Uperb atmospheric experience Plus the book HAD A MYTHICAL COMPONENT WHICH I a mythical component which I don t seek out in stories that I found fascinating I must track down another book by Mr Zentner soon I will miss these characters and will think of this book often Alexi Zentner s The Lobster Kings an intriguing family saga told largely through the eyes of Cordelia Kings and Woody her aging father is so wonderfully constructed that readers will find it difficult to choose a stopping point between reading sessions Members of the King family have run "Things On Loosewood Island "on Loosewood Island almost three hundred years It all started for the Kings when Brumfitt Kings made his way there From Ireland In 1720 Brumfitt Ireland in 1720 Brumfitt virtually live alone on Loosewood for eight years before he was rather mysteriously blessed by the arrival of his future wife Their mythical marriage marked the beginning of a new American family that would over time become This well crafted story truly captures the beauty and brutality of living by the sea The characters show what it s like to have saltwater in your veins and commitment to family and community Zentner depicts a way of life that is fast disappearing Perfect for summer reading Lisa Marie Joyce Portland Public Library South Portland Public Library Portland ME Alexi Zentner s first novel Touch is one that has stuck in my mind with its evocative setting and wealth of surreal imagery a deer glittering with gold dust a building buried for a whole winter nder thirty feet of snow the villain who refused to stay dead and so his second novel was one of the books I was most looking forward to this year Sadly The Lobster Kings doesn t live Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, up to its predecessor I found it to be a confused mess of a novel The dose of magic realism which Zentner so skillfully intertwined throughout Touch is. E Königin der Insel sein kann sich selbst ihrem Vater –nd ihrem verheirateten Steuermann Doch das erweist sich als schwieriger als gedacht denn seit jeher lastet ein Fluch auf den Kings – Lay My Burden Down und der fordert Opfernd beeinflusst das Leben der Familie nicht minder als das Vérité (Love at Center Court, unergründliche alles verschlingende Mee.