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Ppointments so I m just going wrap this up by "saying probably won t be picking up anything lse by the author I ve heard that being this insanely over "I probably won t be picking up anything The Rise and Fall of the New Deal Order, 1930-1980 else by the author I ve heard that being this insanely over top is part and parcel of her style and clearly I am not the intended audience I m between a 3 35 star rating here We ve seen oodles of YA novels published with themes of youth battlingach other to the death which is why I m amazed at how uniue and ngaging Gretchen McNeil was able to make MurderTrending feel In a sea of similarly plotted novels does it stand out above the rest Not necessarily but it was still a really fun read that I would highly recommend to those YA lovers who "need something to bust their reading slump it "something to bust their reading slump It incredibly fast paced and action packed the type of book that has you gripped with bated breath while sitting on the dge of your seat I did find some of the character development lacking and the backstory a little underwhelming but overall those were minor complaints and didn t take away from the fact that this is an njoyable read Readers who are sueamish will want to give this one a wide berth though it is VERY graphic with xplicit descriptions of violence of all kinds If you njoy the gory stuff like I do though I think you ll want to pick this one up for the sheer fact that it s so gripping and the plot really draws you in Gretchen McNeil once again proves that she s a force to be reckoned with in the world of YA thrillers and will continue to hold a place on my list of auto buy authors 3 I received a copy for review from the publisher via NetGalley 35 Stars for murdertrending This was a fast paced fun read that definitely kept me turning the pages It has a certain dge of your seat factor to it as you ultimately never know when someone will be killed In a nutshell the plot centers around Alcatraz 20 America has green lighted a prison reality show where being on death row means you are sent to a prison island run by the mysterious Postman where his appointed Curators of the Buddha executionerspsychotic killers hunt you down for America s viewing pleasure On the beloved app you can bet comment and create fanfare for your favorite killers Dee Guerrera awakens on Alcatraz 20 and immediately must fight for her life She knows that she was wrongfully convicted of a heinous crime and wants to prove her innocence before she becomes the apps next victim On the island she meets a group young attractive inmates wholse would be starring on this reality show The group unexpectedly begins looking out for Another Way Home: The Tangled Roots of Race in One Chicago Family each other despite the fact that they could all be killers America aptly names them the DeathRowBreakfastClub and can t stop watching their feed Ratings are at an all time high but that means that time is running out for them because the popular a criminal is on the feed the the Postman wants them dead This is not the type of book to go intoxpecting lots of character development or a well crafted and deeply probed backstory but it was definitely a lot of fun to read It has a cheesy 80s horror film vibe I m not ashamed to admit that I loved that about it Bad Cezanne a Study of His Development enough she d lost her sister then been wrongly convicted of the murder now she was going to be humiliated forced to prance around the island in these stupid clothes while millions of people gawked and laughed and placed bets on how many days she d survive until her blood was spilled in the name ofntertainment This is one of those books that is just pure fun The concept is neat mixing murder with reality tv in a near future where death row means being sent to Alcatraz 20 where a psychotic killer will hunt you down and You Owe Me One end your life all while being live streamed for thentire world s viewing pleasure And if they d like there will be replays available and forums where you can discuss your favorite murders or murderers Interesting rightD Blog TwitterYou know what This was fun Empty your brain don t Democratic Art: The New Deal's Influence on American Culture expect some super literary journey view it like thisAnd you ll be all goodThe premise is this Americalected a President that used to be a reality TV star hold up no this isn t nonfiction peeps and he green lights a reality TV where young people who have been accused of capital crimes go to Alcatraz 20 yes the island surrounded by sharks and stuff where they get semi run down apartments and jobs and debit cards while they wait for professionally hired serial killers to murder themThe serial killers hav This book should ve been really scary and tingly yet somehow in spite of several gratuitous grisly deaths it felt tame childish and undevelopedA completely shameless repurposing of The Running Man with whiffs of And Then There Were None this story offers nothing newLastly the relentless political hammering was tiresome If I want to be blasted by someone s political leanings whether I agree with them or not I ll head straight to the dumpster fire that Facebook has become thanks very much. E getting a taste of their own medicine in this place is one thing but Dee refuses to roll over and die for a heinous crime she didn't commit Can Dee and her newly formed posse the Death Row Breakfast Club prove she's innocent before she Obsession: An Erotic Tale ends up wrongfully murdered for the world to see Or will The Postman's cast ofxecutioners kill them off one by 35 stars In a world where Purge and The Hunger Games collide MURDERTRENDING shows us a society crippled by reality television and The Hunger Games collide MURDERTRENDING shows us a society crippled by reality television instant social media validation Seriously folks this book is a lot of fun and all too real for me Dee Guerrera is wrongfully convicted for the murder of her step sister Monica and sent to Alcatraz 20 for punishment Alcatraz 20 is a man made prison island off the coast of San Francisco where the worst convicts imaginable are sent to live out their days in fear They must work they are provided housing and they are able to maintain their lives accordingly However the prison is "Run By The Postman Businessman And Reality Television Producer Who "by The Postman businessman and reality television producer who the help of a rolodex of infamous serial killers to provide Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era excruciatingxec Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestDNF 68%I made it to almost 34 of the way through the book before I decided I didn t care any MURDERTRENDING made uite the splash when it first came out people were comparing it to The Hunger Games Basically the United States has an Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice ex reality TV star president huh who is a tyrannical dictator huh and has decided tondorse a state sponsored reality TV show where people are publicly Edicts of Asoka executed by a bunch of paid serial killers who wear costumes and have back stories like they re on the WWE But our heroine Dee is innocent and when she wakes up wearing a princess dress on Alcatraz 20 she starts to wonder if maybe she might be part of a bigger conspiracy The premise is like The Prisoner meets Running Man but the book itself actually reminded me a lot of a young adult dystopian novel I received an ARC of last year called THE HIVE THE HIVE also features a president who is clearly modeled after Trump but the premise is a bit different and in my opinion betterveryone is connected to a master social network called BLIN where users are Upgrade Soul encouraged to trend positive But in addition to likes and reshares users can also condemn And if someone getsnough condemns it triggers an alert that ncourages people to swarm down on that person like angry wasps and deliver some rough mob style vigilante justice MURDERTRENDING almost works I think the problem is that it s a little too silly When the prisoners aren t running for their lives they re living in uaint little town homes and working jobs to get money for their island credit cards one of which is a uaint little ice cream shop called Ice Scream I feel like the potential for commentary on reality TV shows and dramatic diplomacy are there but it s lost in the cheap thrills and cheesy costumes It s unclear how this xecution reality show fits into the culture whereas in THE HIVE it was a necessity around which the Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 entire framework of social and legal norms and s were built The idea was interesting but I didn t much care for thexecution ha pun2 stars This book was super strange I don t know if was meant to be a thriller but I can tell you that I never felt any creepiness or suspense at all And yet there were super graphic grisly murders throughout the book It reminded me of an Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist episode of Scooby Doo but with bloody murdersYeah like thatThe book is all about Alcatraz 20 where killers are sent to be killed by serial killers while being filmed and shown on the internet Everyone is addicted to watching the gore Our heroine is a teen who was wrongfully convicted of killing her step sister Well who doesn t want to kill their step sister I think thatven if she was guilty they should have let her go Have you ver HAD a step sister They are pure vilHuh And I just learned that step sisters are slutty too According to the place where only facts are printed the internetThis all sounds like a cool scary premise but the problem was that very single character was a bad caricature of OTT villains The serial killers were all some sort of theme likePrince Charming who dresses the girl victims up like Cinderella and kills themGucci Hangman who uses fashionable Gucci ties to hang peopleRobin Hood who talks in ye old language and shoots them with arrowsGassy Al uses poison gasHannah Ball cooks people and ats themetcetcA bunch of characters who are ridiculous than scary and they are ven called The PainiacsYes it s as stupid as jazz And jazz handsAnd the heroine makes a bunch of friends on the island and they are called The Death Row Breakfast Club and they are all caricatures tooPlus the president of the United States is named The Postman and he is in charge of this computer show Nobody has actually seen his face sighOn the plus side if you read it as a silly parody with the bonus of gross murders you will like itBut if you are looking for a new Hunger Games keep on looking Intriguing concept at face value mind you I m of the mind that the future will see the abolition of the death penalty in most developed countries due to increasing socialmoral pressure and the ntire premise of Murdertr. Doctorfusionbebop Some 17 y o chick named Dee Guerrera was just sent to Alcatraz 20 for killing her stepsister So how long do you think she'll last morrisdavis72195 I hope she meets justice She'll get what's coming to her BWAHAHAEltonJohnForevzz Me I think Dee's innocent And I hope she can surviveWELCOME TO THE NEAR FUTURE where good and honest citiz. Ending is rather misplaced in its plot So we ve got all this high tech digital world to From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 explore yet it seems to be very ultra republican US in its ideology the whole thing of it just confused me Labelled as horror I can t honestly say I found the book scary just very violent and graphic in anxaggerated self indulgent way In thi 1 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum hate giving out 1 stars and

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you ve me for a while you may have already noticed you don t see that rating here very often That s because ven "If I Didn T Like A Book Overall There S "I didn t like a book overall there s still something I njoyed about it With MurderTrending though I think I d be hard pressed to find anything too positive to say about this hot mess It simply did not work for me on any levelBut first here s the book s premise for some context of French Daguerreotypes everything I m going to discuss It is the near future and the President of the United States is a former reality TV star who thought it would be a great idea to outsource the justice and penal systems to a psychopath television producer known only by his internet handle The Postman Court trials have become a farce where anyone who is merely suspected of murder is pronounced guilty and sent to a prison island near San Francisco dubbed Alcatraz 20 wherevery inch and corner is surveilled by cameras mounted on robotic birds This live footage is streamed 247 to millions of viewers around the world tuning in to see the prisoners From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read executed in the most brutal ways by federally sanctioned killers with names like Gucci Hangman and Molly Mauler whose cheesy names and shticks are an attempt to drive up their popularity on social mediaThe book follows Dee Guerrera a teenager who was sent to Alcatraz 20 after being wrongfully convicted of murdering her stepsister She becomes the next victim of Prince Slycer one of the island sxecutioners whose gimmick involves dressing up his xecutionees as princesses from Disney movies immediately arning Dee the nickname CinderellaSurvivor when she manages to Doris Salcedo escape his clutches Determined to find her stepsister s true killer Dee teams up with other teens on the island in order toxpose the reality of Alcatraz 20 and bring down The PostmanOh boy where do I start As an avid reader of sci fi and fantasy I consider myself to be pretty good at suspending my disbelief But this book was beyond ridiculous If it weren t for the over the top gore and violence I would have thought this was written for six year olds on account of how juvenile and ludicrous it sounds Even leaving aside the nonsensical Twelve Days of Pleasure elements in today s world where you pretty much can t show anything on the television without getting someone up in arms over it the idea of a 24 hour snuff show garnering wide acclaim and approval from the public isn t justye roll inducing it makes me want to bash my head against a wallAnd then there were the characters Had they been written well perhaps I could have put aside my incredulity of the premise Unfortunately at no point in the novel did Dee actually feel like a real person to me She seemed detached and strangely unconcerned with her circumstances from the moment she arrived on Alcatraz 20 Sure there might have been a brief flash of Oh crap I am screwed but this was uickly replaced by her utter conviction that she will find her stepsister s killer ven though she has absolutely no resources on the island zero places to start and very reason to believe she ll be up next on the literal chopping block Yet there was no fear or sadness No hopelessness or despair This isn t badass This is bad characterizationBut maybe just maybe these characters were actually meant to be caricatures After all there was a character whose one memorable trait was his penchant to uote action movies from the 80s and 90s and Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye even as his friends were dying slow torturous deaths he was busy channeling Rambo during the rescue mission I mean something this fucking goofy has got to be a jokeright In fact thisntire novel was so absurd and Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France extreme with its irreverence when it comes to violence and death I was half convinced it was supposed to be ironic But try as I did to see this novel as satire a playful mockery on social media and the American obsession with Reality TV perhaps it was probably giving it too much credit If this was meant to be satirical then the author lacked the delicatexpertise to pull it off properly There was a desperation in the way her narrative attempted to justify the premise with very flimsy logic or to ndear readers to the characters by giving them very annoying uirks and while sometimes xaggeration can be used as an Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild effective device in this case it was a complete disasterThere were so many other problems with this novel not least the fact the story getsven unrealistic and ridiculous towards the Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets end believe it or not Suffice to say I think I ve covered all the major disa. Ens cannjoy watching the xecutions of society's most infamous convicted felons streaming live on The Postman app from the suburbanized prison island Alcatraz 20 When seventeen year old Dee Guerrera wakes up in a haze lying on the ground of a dimly lit warehouse she realizes she's about to be the next victim of the app Knowing hardened criminals ar.
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