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I was initially too close to the subject matter to see #or most of Singer s talent on display But honestly and maybe this comes with maturity as a couple years ago #most of Singer s talent on display But honestly and maybe this comes with maturity as a couple years ago book like this would have nauseated me I enjoyed this book as a generalized depiction of one man s struggle for some kind of clarity and sense of morality in a world gone mad if not completely amoral Shapiro isn t pleasant man or even that intelligent of a man to me as he seems willfully blind to his own hypocrisies he shuns modernism embraces ultra orthodox Judaism but maintains his vegetarianism despite the contempt of his fellow orthodox Jews and THIS is an accepted rebellion but despite this and even despite himself Shapiro does come upon a handful of ideas that sound like the beginning of true knowledge even dare I say true philosophy like this honest gem But I was determined to live the way I wanted and the way I understood If this meant that I had to alienate myself from all people it would be no tragedy either If one was strong one could endure this as well and his ideas about the necessity of Diaspora and Exile for the Jewish spirit are fascinating as well and than worth a readIn the end though this novel is Singer s not Shapiro s and for that I am ironically Biblically grateful It s the author s ideas put forward in his afterword that really codify and even ustify the proceedings nowhere else artfully and beautifully accomplished than with his passage Those who dedicate their lives to serving God have often dared to uestion His The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) justice and to rebel against His seeming neutrality in man s struggle between good and evil I feel therefore that there is no basic difference between rebellion and prayer I once went through a phase where I completely disengaged from technology I had no internet Sold my TV and vcr Got rid of all radios Even pulled the fuse on my car radio I dust felt like I was wasting my life via technology and wanted to live a real life And that is of course an extreme position to take but even today I find myself being drawn to such asceticism As it turned out I was longing for ust such asceticism when I heard about Isaac Bashevis Singer s The Penitent I had always been a big Singer fan The man writes with such wonderful honesty and he lives in a world that at times I d like to live in too A world of intense spirituality A world with powerful right and wrong delineations of morality A world of substance of deep meaning But somehow I had missed hearing about The Penitent when it first came out When I heard about it years later I snapped it up It s a slight book 164 lightly spaced pages in hardcover And the book is in Singer s eminently read able voice but despite having the raw material for a compelling story A European Jew finds his way to America where he becomes wealthy and successful and disillusioned with it all and heads back to Israel to live a authentic spiritual life the book is only episodic It s as if there

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no contrast no and pull as if it is only Singer ust barely hiding behind his protagonist moralizing And if you re in need for some good moralizing I think Singer s is good moralizing indeed But for a novel to work even a moralizing novel as a novel it must have the power of story working within itif the power of story working within itIf re a Singer fan you ll enjoy this book If you re not well I think there are elements of the book you will enjoy but the book as a novel not so muchAnd Singer s moralizing is strong borderline rant In today s sanitized anything goes but morality world of ours many will excoriate Singer s opinions in this book And while I of course don t agree with everything he says there is very much of what he says that resonates with me as being the truthI think of the glorification of organized crime in movies and TV shows I think of a movie like Pulp Fiction I remember seeing it with a friend and his wife and in a scene where one of the gunman accidentally shoots someone in a car very realistic violence blood splattering everywhere they were laughing I was appalled Now SingerOnly now as I speak to you do I realize how much suffering this art has caused me In order to enjoy it you must have the heart of a murderer It is completely sadistic mean and cruel I often saw Celia and Liza laughing at scenes that should ve evoked tearsAnd All worldly art is nothing but evil and degradation Through the generations writers have glorified killing and debauchery and they have all kinds of names for it romanticism realism naturalism New Wave and so on The Penitent was written over thirty years ago Is the state of art any different today Without descending into my own moralizing too far anyway is not debauchery and violence being glorified today I don t even know what some of the genres are now They re categorized by initials euphemizing them as do some of the full word genres like erotica Some of the milder forms are SM and snuff genres Singer wouldn t be popular with a lot of people nowadays Nobody likes anybody telling them what s right or wrong It s all about tolerance and freedom and rights Well Singer would disagree You can read The Penitent and decide for yourself which side of the fence you re onHave a little spare time I ve free flash fiction all stories under 1K at my website greggbellnet. Lvation and his return to the Jewish faith is an indictment of our wicked times and a celebration of the power of religious beli. Ostensibly the revelation of one man s life delivered in confessional style charting Joseph Shapiro s rejection of all the successes sins and comforts of the modern life for a spiritual purity that can only be found for him by reconnecting with his roots and becoming a devoted student of the Talmu Impressive account of one man s uest to find out who he wants to become and how to get there Beautifully written not a word too many Absolute gem Prof Harold Bloom wrote a brutal review of this short novel in 1983 was skeptical of the review I now acknowledge that Bloom was right This work is like a comic book version of Ecclesiastes I am a deep follower of Singer This is his worst work There are errant rockets firing incongruent messages in my brain right now I hated it It was brilliant What a diatribe What did you expect from a book called the Penitent This was SO 1969 sexual revolution It was believable It was not it was every man s fantasy Oh dear meBut thank goodness there s a uote on the back cover that validates my conflicted mind This from author Susan Hill A deeply disturbing book which will make you think uestion argue disagree by turns but will not leave you either unchanged or unmoved and whose message will remain with you perhaps forever afterwards Well I m not sure about the forever afterwards part but I can agree with the restI was hooked by the preface s first two paragraphs In 1969 I had my first opportunity to catch a glmpse of the Wailing Wall about which I had heard so much It looked somewhat different from the Wailing Wall carved on the wooden cover of my prayer book That one showed cypresses but I didn t see trees here Jewish soldiers guarded the entrance way It was daytime and a crowd of Jews of all kinds had gathered There were Ashkenzic and Sephardic Youths with earlocks hanging to their shouldersBeggars held out hands for alms some even haggling with their benefactors The Almighty conducted business here on a twenty four hour basisI stood and looked at the Wall and at the surrounding streets which were inhabited by Arabs The houses seemed to stand as if by a miracle one looming over the next and leaning out and ostling for a better view of the stone wall that stood as a memento of the Holy Temple The sun blazed with a dry heat and everything smelled of the desert of ancient destruction and of Jewish eternityOkay Let me digress In 2012 I had the opportunity to visit the Wailing Wall an experience I will never forget There are soldiers everywhere near the entrance The wall is split in two parts one side for women the other for men There were many different kinds of Jews there as well as a group of Japanese tourists a choral group of African Americans from Harlem donning bright yellow outfits and countless other world travelers and daily local penitents I remember no beggars In fact though I saw poverty up close at a flea market in Tel Aviv I
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not come across panhandlers There is no street ust a large area to mull about in and take photographs while waiting your turn to enter the enclosed wall area I don t so #much remember seeing houses ust the rooftops and walls of buildings as we left that area continued our tour #remember seeing houses ust the rooftops and of buildings as we left that area and continued our tour building with a barbed wire rooftop sectioning off the Arab uarter and one with a wall containing bullet holes The sun did blaze with a dry heat But to me it held recent destruction and eternal diversity When I entered the Wailing Wall area I decided not to walk up to it but to sit on a bench against the back wall to observe Seated beside me was a 70ish woman praying in English I wasn t paying close attention to her prayers until I realized that she prayed for a woman she unable to visit Historically this seemed logical to me that she was separated in some way from a loved one But then she said every time I try to get close to her they try to shoot my eyes out with laser beams It took some restraint to not yank my head around and say Excuse me Say what But in the same instant I could only sadly wonder what sort of traumas this woman may have suffered in her life Well that s not what this book is about at all At the wall the narrator meets a man whose story takes up the rest of the book Singer s storytelling is so convincing it s hard believe the viewpoints held within the man s tale do not mirror Singer s own philosophies I almost skipped the author s note at the end of the book but being a good little reader today I read it I am chastized This is fiction And sometimes fiction needs a disclaimer such asthe opinions expressed in these pages are not necessarily those held by the author and should not be used against himBut I still have a rub Sadly it s dated This book was written in the early 1970s The time lest anyone forget of the sexual revolution Free sex Pickups mistresses open relationships sex on airplanes Whoa Wait a minute Meeting a young woman on an airplane and she comes on to you and you get a blanket and try to do it there I dunno So the narrator s life of adultery has ended and he boards a plane and this happens Then he gets to Tel Aviv and the women are still falling all over him He is a self made rich man who survived WWII by roaming places like Russia Now he s running away to become a penitent That s the scenarioMuc. Said by Singer to be his favourite among all his books The Penitent is the story of Joseph Shapiro's search for salvation After. דער בעל תשובהH of his story relays his struggles of argumentive THE DEVIL TRIES TO LURE HIM BACK TO *The Devil tries to lure him back to evil sexual and his new found religious self talks him out of it He rants against the society he s escaping and by the end of the book his complete transformation is revealed when he chances upon the woman he met of the plane and they discuss their now divurgent philosophies over tea It s not as shallow or cheesy as I make it sound Singer is too good of a writer He gets inside the man s mind He made me want to scream and throw the book across the room See Brilliant Never has there been a book that has expressed my sentiments so perfectly At times I could not tell whether I was Changing current happiness for a new kind of happiness on a new physical space A nationalistic dogma sounds in the book surpassed in uality by others of the author s books A very profound novel of someone seeking #his Religion in a changed world and the different interpretations of itI have #Religion in a changed world and the different interpretations of itI have a few of Mr Singer s works and I found this story very revealing I really like Isaac Singer which is what made this book so disappointing His character here Joseph Shapiro is self righteous Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students judgmental and preachy and lacks the humor and humanity that Singer usually displaysThe book is basically one long pontification Here s one bitter passage of many manyEven in those days someone was being killed in New York every other day and the police never found the perpetrator If he was found the lawyers promptly bailed him out and the court later freed him for lack of evidence If a witness did show up he had to be kept in confinement to protect him from the criminals In America as in Sodom the perpetrator went free and the witness rotted inail All this was done in the name of liberalism The whole worldly ustice system protects the criminal and leaves the actual or potential victim at his mercy Everyone knows this but try talking about it and you re called the worst namesAt one point almost 100 pages into the monologue there s this piece of insight I know what you will say Tell the story don t preach Indeed I ve heard it said that in order for a comedy to be effective it must be smarter than its audience With that in mind I posit that sometimes a story needs be written by a hand smarter and full of grace than the subject being discussedAnd this brings us to Isaac Bashevis Singer s novel The Penitent Though long familiar with Singer and having greatly enjoyed his short story Gimpel the Fool way back in my community college dayswow that long already Time passes and she hurts this is his first novel I ve read to completion I ll be blunt this novel much like Saul Bellow s Selected Short Stories is saved by the writer s afterword That s not to say that Singer s considerable skill as a novelist and storyteller isn t on display in the pages proceeding the afterword but they are unfortunately deluged and hidden almost to drowning by the words of the book s protagonist Joseph ShapiroNow I hesitate to call Shapiro a bad man He in point of fact actually voices many of the concerns that I and I imagine others have regarding modern America modern Israel modern Judaism modern everything The licentiousness the greed the materialism the artificiality Joseph Shapiro attacks all these things with gusto and passion whilst bemoaning his own success at achieving this modern dream But unfortunately he does so in uite possibly the worst way imaginable with half cocked vagaries and ambiguous but declarative claims based solely on his nostalgia for an older better time and the good feelings that are stirred in his heart and mind from said claims and vagaries the yiddish word naches fits here Shapiro casts all of modernity as evil and nearly all of old religious Judaism as the palliative for his people s collective ills the further from the contemporary the better This unfortunately leads to some uite disturbing revelations on behalf of Shapiro that I can only imagine Singer must have had a bit of a time reconciling in his own mind and heart And Shapiro makes the classic mistake that many new converts a bit of a oke as Shapiro was a born Jew and is in over the course of the novel relaying his story of becoming a Baal Tshuvah a penitent and born again Jew to Singer make namely gross over assumption and personalizing EVERYTHING Because Shapiro sinned sexually all of modern man has sinned sexually Because modern ideas and philosophies gave him no pleasure solace or enlightenment than naturally all the Enlightenment and every bit of non Torah sanctioned literature and philosophy is now null and void And so on and so forth After the first five or so pages you know exactly where this story is going it s kind of hard not to and in a similar amount of page related time you ll begin to find Shapiro s ideas along with his voice obnoxious ignorant angry and condescending as well as American Literature Student Text judgmental than any Old Testament God But despite all these negatives I would advise you gentle reader to please stick with this admittedly slim text until its conclusion Like I said in the beginning of this review I believe that Singer was a lot smarter than his story s subject and knewust what to keep in and tell in his story And this is all to the story s benefit Maybe. Escaping the Nazi terror Shapiro went to America where he became a rich businessman and a philandering husband His search for sa.