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Read my eview of Reversing Hermon on my blogIt all started a few months ago A pastor friend of mine told me about someone in his congregation who believes the earth is flat Then he sent me a link to a video by Rob Skiva defending his view by uoting Dr Michael Heiser I looked Michael Heiser up and ealized that he worked for Logos Bible Software So I started Belisarius III: The Flames of Sunset reading some of his stuff And I was intriguedNow to be clear Heiser doesn t believe the earth is flat but he does believe that the ancient Israelites believed the earth was flat But that wasn t the intriguing part The intriguing part was what he said about angels demons and the supernatural world in general He explained passages of scripture that I d heard explained away all my life And he did it in a way that was biblical and consistent He also opened my eyes to the fact that there are verses and even whole chapters of Scripture that have been misunderstood and dare I say it mistranslated for generations I m looking at you Psalm 82And though I had disagreements with Heiser s interpretations here and there I ve come to believe that he s largely on theight track Too many Christians have downplayed and explained away the Banners South: Northern Community at War really difficult passages in Scripture to make them palatable We veemoved all of the supernatural elements that aren t absolutely necessaryAnd that is unacceptable if we Forza maggiore re going to be faithful to God sevelationIn The Unseen Realm Heiser upends nearly all of the traditional ideas about the supernatural world In Heiser s understanding of scripture God has a council of lesser divine beings that The Exodus Towers rule alongside of him At first glance you may think That s crazy And certainly not in the Bible but I d encourage you toead The Unseen Realm for yourself Heiser isn t pulling stuff out of thin air or arbitrarily making arguments Everything he claims is backed up by scripture And once you see it it s hard to unsee itIt Wie Wirtschaft die Welt bewegt. Die grossen ökonomischen Modelle auf dem Prüfstand reuires a paradigm shift but once your paradigm is shifted everything falls into place Even passages that always seemed like they d never fit anywhere I m looking at you 1 Cor 1111 15And though I still want to do a propereview of The Unseen Realm I got Heiser s new book Reversing Hermon yesterday and figured I d go ahead and write about it since it s fresh on my mindReversing Hermon Enoch the Watchers the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ is a book that deals extensively and not surprisingly with 1 Enoch In case you Učbenik življenja re unaware 1 Enoch is a book written a couple of centuries before Jesus was born that was uite popular among many Jews of Jesus day and is uoted in Jude 14 15 It s part of a collections of writings known today as Pseudepigrapha Several early church fathers considered it canonical and the Ethiopian Orthodox church included it in their BiblesIn short it s a collection of stories sayings parables and apocalypses that were supposedlyecorded by Enoch Noah s great grandfather Though no serious scholar believes Enoch actually wrote these things Heiser included there s no doubt that it gives valuable background to the way Jews of Jesus day understood things The uotation in Jude as well as allusions elsewhere in the New Testament testify to this fact None of this means that 1 Enoch is scripture or that it should be included in our Bibles But it does mean that 1 Enoch might shed some light on the worldview of the New Testament authorsHeiser s main argument in the book can be boiled down to this the Pseudepigrapha in general and 1 Enoch in particular serve as a valuable backdrop to the New Testament world and writings He isn t saying that scripture isn t sufficient for salvation Neither is he arguing like some kind of modern gnostic that if we Borka. Die Erlebnisse einer Wildgans re going to beeally spiritual then we ll have to consult certain hidden writings He s simply pointing out the fact that if we Flashing Steel: Mastering Eishin-Ryu Swordmanship re going to understand the New Testament properly we need to understand the culture in which it was written This should be pretty basic stuffSo how does using 1 Enoch as a backdrop for the New Testament affect our understandingTo answer that uestion I probably ought to summarize the most important parts for our purposes of the book1 Enochetells the story of Genesis 61 4 This is a passage of scripture that has puzzled interpreters for generations and which has been understood in a variety of ather creative ways Here it is in its entiretyNow it came about when men began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they took wives for themselves whomever they chose Then the LORD said My Spirit shall not strive with man forever because he also is flesh nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God came in to the daughters "of men and they bore children to them "men and they bore children to them were the mighty men who were of old men of enownHeiser briefly examines the ways this passage has been understood throughout Christian history and then begins laying a foundation for his own view by The Global Diffusion of Evangelicalism: The Age of Billy Graham and John Stott referencing 2 Peter 21 10 and Jude 5 7 And this leads to his discussion of 1 Enoch1 Enoch s account of Genesis 61 4 isn t vague at all It s incredibly descriptive And it s also hard for most modern people to swallowAccording to Enoch this story is about supernatural beings Watchers who leave their proper abode and bring secret knowledge to humankind They also have sexualelations with human women The offspring of these unions are giants known as Nephilim among other names God punishes the Watchers by sealing them away in Tartarus see 2 Peter 24 When the Nephilim giants died their spirits were Das Haus auf meinen Schultern. released and became what we would call demons This is the basic story of Genesis 61 4 as 1 Enoch understands it And for most people today it understandablyaises a lot of uestions And I m among those people There are a lot of things about this description that seem strange to me And yet most of my objections are logical cultural or emotionalnot scripturalI m not going to lie This whole thing makes me uncomfortable But the explanation of the text makes far sense than any other explanation I ve heard In other words if this wasn t the Bible if someone handed me a storybook and it had Genesis 61 4 in it I d probably understand it the same way 1 Enoch does What makes me feel uncomfortable with this explanation is not that it doesn t match the text It s that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the possibility that it could be true And yet I believe Jesus was born of a virgin I believe he performed miracles I believe he was An Uncompromising Generation: The Nazi Leadership of the Reich Security Main Office raised from the deadYes I feel myself succumbing to the same temptation almost all Christians do Let s sweep all of the unnecessary supernatural elements of scripture under theug and only display the ones that are acceptable to most people and absolutely necessary to the faithHeiser spends the first part of Reversing Hermon describing the connections between Genesis 6 1 Enoch and the Mesopotamian versions of the same story He lays an important foundation in these chapters for understanding the The Discovery of Slowness rest of the book especially for those who are unacuainted with the story told in 1 Enoch Everything he mentions here will come up in later chapters sometimes in unexpected waysI ought to note two important things at this point First Heiser isn t pulling stuff out of thin air Everything he writes is based on scripture and backed up by solid scholarship The notes at the end of the book are evidence of that taking up nearly 60 pages Second Heiser isn t the first person who has said this stuff Many of the earliest church fathers claimed the exact same things Heiser claims And he s not afraid to note that fact Irenaeus is mentioned freuently with goodeason He s well The Silk Road: A Journey from the High Pamirs and Ili Through Sinkiang and Kansu respected he wrote early and he taught along similar lines to Heiseregarding 1 Enoch s understanding of Genesis 6In Part two Heiser discusses how 1 Enoch s version of events underlies some of the sayings and events of Jesus lifeLet me just say that chapter 4 is phenomenal In it he argues that Revelation 12 is a piece of astral prophecy in this chapter he draws heavily from Malina s commentary on Revelation I Forensic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice read it last year and like Heiser found it to be a stretch at times but it did include some fascinating insights Ifead this way Revelation 12 is giving us the birthday of Jesus This may sound outlandish or crazy but again I d encourage you to God at the Ritz: Attraction to Infinity A Priest Physicist Talks About Science, Sex, Politics, and Religion read what he writes before you pass judgment It left me with my mouth hanging openChapter 5 is a little less monumental Itelies heavily on the scholarly work of Amy Richter to argue that the women included in Jesus genealogy are there because they are all connected to the sins of the Watchers see Matthew 11 17 I found this chapter less convincing than most of the Don't Wake Up rest of the book but it s wortheading and considering And it s also worth noting that I haven t heard any better explanations for why those particular women are mentioned and none othersChapter 6 focuses on Jesus ministry and in particular the events of Jesus life that take place near Mount HermonBashanCaesarea Philippi This chapter is the Reduced reason the bookeceived the subtitle it did It s Double Betrayal really the only chapter in the book that discusses at any length the forgotten mission of Jesus Christ And what is that forgotten mission you ask When Jesus chose to go to Mount Hermon to be transfigured He was claiming it for the Kingdom of God According to Heiser seading Jesus was eversing the damage done by the Watchers when they came to the same mountain and made a pact to sin against God togetherIn the third part Heiser hones in on three problematic passagesideas in the New Testament epistles and explains how having the Enochic background helps understand what s going on there First he deals with the issue of human sinfulness He argues that for first century Jews the ubiuity of human sinfulness is not only owing to Adam s sin but also to the Watchers sin in Genesis 61 4 Then he discusses Paul s exhortation egarding women and head coverings in 1 Corinthians 11 This chapter is important because it makes sense of an otherwise incredibly confusing passage Finally he discusses Peter s summary of baptism in 1 Peter 318 22 In my opinion this section of the book is the strongest and best argued It makes sense of verses that I ve seen fumbled and mishandled all of my life To put it bluntly it just makes sense of what the text saysThe final part of Reversing Hermon focuses on the book of Revelation In particular he addresses the issue of the Antichrist the identification of Gog and the origins of the lake of fire My views on Revelation are different from Heiser s so I found myself disagreeing the most in these chapters though even here there s much to glean I especially appreciated the discussion on GogAfter the meat of the book is over you get five appendices for dessert Though these The Magistrates' Court: An Introduction (Fifth Edition) range in value First up is a good albeit short summary of the early church s views on 1 Enoch Second there s a uick summary of the datingmanuscript evidence for the book Third is a list of scholarly works on 1 Enoch Fifth is a uick essay that I didn t particularly care for entitled The Ancient Antichrist Profile Jew or Gentile And fourth yes I know I didn t order those correctly he includes a list of allusions to the Pseudepigrapha This was in my opinion something of a mixed bagHeiser opens this appendix by noting that what constitutes an allusion varies in the opinions of scholars It s obvious from this statement that Heiserecognizes the tenuous nature of some of the connections made in this list For example Luke 2118 is said to be a possible allusion to 1 Enoch 512 But look at them1 Enoch 512 And he shall choose the ighteous and the holy ones from among the isen dead for the day when they shall be selected and saved has arrivedLuke 2128 Now when these things begin to take place stand up and Nomadische Lebenswelten Und Zarische Politik: Der Aufstand In Zentralasien 1916 raise your heads because youredemption is drawing nearPersonally I don t see even a slight allusion here Naturally when you have two people talking about similar things there may be a little overlap but it seems to me that many of the allusions included in this list are a stretch Likewise some may not be an example of New Testament authors alluding to the Pseudepigrapha but The Crimson Thread: A Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin rather of both the NT authors and the Pseudepigrapha alluding to the Old Testament 1 Enoch 57 and Matthew 55 could both be alluding to Psalm 3711 With that said the New Testament definitely includes some genuine allusions to the Pseudepigrapha that are worth noting These allusions take up a huge amount of space too The list is a full 54 pages out of a 326 page bookWhat else can I say Heiser will challenge everything you think you know about the way the world works His is a call to stretch ourselves beyond what wee used to It s paradigm shifting at its finest This was true of The Unseen Realm and it s true of Reversing HermonAnd though I can t say that I m fully onboard with everything Heiser argues I do believe that he takes the text of scripture especially the problematic verses seriously than just about anyone I ve ead And even if he doesn t change your mind he will challenge yo. Reversing Hermon read And even if he doesn t change your mind he will challenge yo. Reversing Hermon a groundbreaking work It unveils what most in the modern Church have never heard egarding how the story of the sin of the Watchers in 1 Enoch 6 16 helped frame the mission of Jesus the messiah Jews of the first century expected the messiah to No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History reverse the impact of the Watchers transgression For Jews of Jesus' day the Watchers were part of the explanation for why the world was so profoundly depraved The messiah would not justevoke the claim of Satan on human souls and estrangement from God solving the predicament of the Fall He would also not only bring the na. ,
U to think through your own interpretations and beliefs And that s always a good thingMay we seek to be ever faithful to the text of scripture and thus to its Author Such a good book Definitely worth a Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 reead especially all the various scholarly sources that it has drawn upon A lot of food for thought Another excellent doctrine attling book by Mr Heiser A great follow up to his The Unseen Realm which it is probably best to have already under your belt before tackling this writing Though don t consider that a discouragement as I guess to this book alone would still provide a wealth of information it just may be most beneficial to have ead his foundation forming positions that this books tends to build upon This whole system of study the Divine Council and Second Temple Judaism writings and beliefs have been not only an eye opening study but an major paradigm shift in my theology The deeper I study the sense the Scriptures make both New and Old Testaments This book especially brings this missing story line to light and shows why much is often misunderstood becaus I have to admit this is the first book I ve L. Munatius Plancus read by Dr Michael Heiser and I wasn t sure what to expect Frankly I wasn t sure I even wanted toead this book that is until pursuing CC Fenn s Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality review on For sure one of the besteviews I ve ead in a long timeIn any case I purchased Reversing Hermon Enoch The Watchers the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ and eally appreciated seeing the subject through Dr Heiser s eyes In this book Dr Heiser elevated the discussion of Genesis 6 from the oft sensationalist speculation to a historical and Biblical grounding which provides answers to several of the Bible s challenging passagesMore importantly Dr Heiser looked at the subject in light of the Spirit of Prophecy that is as it The Pink Pearl relates to YHWH sedemptive plan through Yeshua YHWH s Salvation In short Dr Heiser makes the case that Yeshua s messianic mission included not only the Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe rectification of Adam and Eve s sin but also the evil wrought by those of the angelic host who left their intended estate and sowed theirebellious evil on this earthIn terms of scholarship Dr Heiser did something in this book which is The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi ratherare today Dr Heiser looked at this complex subject in light of its 2nd temple era context The 2nd temple era and it influence on Biblical history and Bible prophecy in my opinion is far too often ignored when trying to understand some of the Bible s most important prophetic passagesThe book is organized into four parts PART I Genesis 61 4 in its Original Ancient Contexts Chapter 1 The Sons of God and Nephilim Chapter 2 The Sin of the Watchers in 1 Enoch and Other Enochian Tests Chapter 3 The Mesopotamian Apkallu the Watchers and the Nephilim PART II Reversing Hermon in the Gospels Chapter 4 The Sin of the Watchers and the Birth of Jesus Chapter 5 The Sin of the Watchers and the Genealogy of Jesus Chapter 6 The Sin of the Watchers and the Ministry of Jesus PART III Reversing Hermon in the Epistles Chapter 7 The Sin of the Watchers and Human Depravity Chapter 8 The Sin of the Watchers and the Head Covering of 1 Corrintians 11 Chapter 9 The Sin of the Watchers and Baptism PART IV Reversing Hermon in the Book of Revelation Chapter 10 The Sin of the Watchers the Nephilim and the Antichrist Chapter 11 The Sin of the Watchers and the ApocalypseOf these chapters 2 5 7 9 Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela really stood to me I especially appreciated learning about the congruency of the Enochian narrative in Biblical and the historicalecord I frankly had no idea the subject was as well testified to in ancient historyDr Heisers discussion of the Mosaic law in Chapter 7 was especially interesting It provided a new and intriguing angle from which to view the Torah and its purpose This subject provided me with much food for future thought and Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction reflection The weakest part of the book in my opinion were the authors speculationegarding Revelation 12 as an astronomical sign which dates the birth of Yeshua to the 1st of Tishri in 3 BC I admit up front I don t know enough about astronomical signs to test Dr Heiser s theory but Biblical and historically speaking Tishri 1 3 BC as the birth of the Messiah is problematic for several Dying to Be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception reasons First the prophecy of Daniel 9 dates the coming of the Messiah to 5 4 BC A 4 BC date for the Birth of Yeshua also best fits the chronological evidence of Matthew Luke and JosephusThe most unsettling aspect of the book was the Dr Heiser s exploration of 1 Cor 11 and the subject of a woman s head covering and its 2nd temple historical context Not that it couldn t be true but it is certainly outside my comfort zone By far my favorite part of the book was the Dr Heiser s exploration of the lineage of Jesus in Matthew 1 Dr Heiser opens Chapter 5 with the following uote Admit it You think genealogies are boring While I wouldn t claim that all biblical genealogies are filled with theological insights I can promise you that the genealogy of Jesus is different As we ll see it has some amazing features that link it with the expectation of a messianiceversal of sin of the Watchers You have to admit that his is a pretty bold statement But Dr Heiser goes on to explain based upon the work of New Testament scholar Amy Richter that the four women mentioned or implied in Matthew 1 are connected to Yeshua Octavio's Journey redemptive purpose as itelates to Philosophy in Social Work reversing the evil brought into this world by the fallen angelic host He further explains that these women by their inclusion would emphasis in the Jewisheaders mind the events of Genesis 6 events and their implications which are only understood within the context of the 2nd temple era Jewish Americana: The Kinks, the Riff, the Road: The Story readerThis Enochian angle of Yeshua lineage did indeed seem a bit farfetched to me at first glance but after someeflection I ealized Dr Heiser may have of a point than even he may ealize This Organizing Power relates to a statement Dr Heiser made earlier in chapter 4egarding astral prophecy I uote In briefest terms and with Bipedal, By Pedal: Confidential Mad Libs respect to a biblical perspective as opposed to pagan polytheism s conception astral theology was the idea that the One who made the celestial objects in the heavens sun moon stars to be for signs and seasons and to mark time Genesis 114 could use those object to communicate You see as Dr Heiser notesepeatedly in this book the New Testament must be understood with the context of the 2nd temple No place in the Bible better illustrates this fact than the lineage of Yeshua in Matthew 1 Indeed Matthew s genealogy of Yeshua is far from boring I ll get back to the four women in Yeshua lineage in a moment but to Lost Treasure really understand their importance you must see the lineage of Yeshua from a 2nd temple perspective that the Jewisheader would have intuitively graspFirst if you list the names as given by Matthew you will find there are 41 generation between Abraham and Yeshua Now arrange them into the three generation groupings described by Matthew in verse 17 What you will find is that while Matthew implied that Yeshua was the 14th generation he is actually the 13th as given Matthew cleverly shows that Yeshua is both the 13th and 14th generationTo a Jewish Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive, 965 Illustrations reader they would have immediately made the connection to the Bible s calendar as described in Gen 114 You see the lunar side of the Biblical calendar which orders the divine appointment or signs and seasons of Genesis 114 as described by Dr Heiser are governed by two internal lunar cycles of 13 or 14 days of waxing and waning light each month Further during the 7 sacred Biblical festival s each year 13 or 14 sacrifices are commanded to be offered That the apostle Paul understood this messianic symbolism is shown in Ephesian s 213 14 where he describes the middle wall of partition between Jews and Gentiles which Yeshua s death andesurrection abolished This wall during the 2nd temple era which prevented Gentiles from accessing the temple proper and by implication the presence of YHWH was accessed by 14 steps and entry to the temple granted by one of 13 gatesWhat this demonstrates is that indeed Matthew had a Jack and the Beanstalk: Ladybird First Favourite Tales redemptive message woven into the lineage of Yeshua in Matthew 1 which supports in a fascinating way Dr Heiser position that the women of Matthew 1 may also fit into thisedemptive matrix Further to Dr Heiser s point is the fact that the 41 generations between Abraham and Yeshua and the 3 generational groupings of Yeshua s ancestors has a larger chronological context that some of his Jewish Captain Corellis Mandolin readers would have likely understood You see aeasonable case could be made that there were 41 jubilee cycles between Abraham and Yeshua as Landscapes of the Chinese Soul represent by the 41 generations But importantly using the chronology of the MT text of the Old Testament there were in fact 41 jubilee cycles between Adam and Abraham For those who appreciate a bit of irony its worth noting that we are living in the 41st jubilee from YeshuaSo Matthew by arranging Yeshua s lineage into 41 generations he left out four kings to do this linked the Messianicedemptive symbolism of the sacrificial system with the Old Testament chronology between Adam and Abraham But here is the intriguing part which I hadn t Landscapes of the Chinese Soul: The Enduring Presence of the Cultural Revolution realized untileading Dr Heiser s bookIf we take the three generational groupings of Yeshua s ancestors As Representative Of The 3 Biblical Ages representative of the 3 Biblical ages 41 jubilee cycles each you ll find that the offspring of the women mentioned in Matthew 1 have a direct connection to the Enochian events and thus prove beyond easonable doubt that there is a connection between these women and the events Enoch the fallen angel s and YHWH s edemptive planThe four offspring of the women mentioned in Matthew 1 are as follows Phares the 5th generation Booz Boaz the 11th generation Obed the 12th generation Solomon "The 15th Generation 1st "15th generation 1st the 2nd generational groupingIf each of the three 14 generational groupings Media, Mobilization and the Umbrella Movement represent 41 jubilee cycles in a larger chronological context then the each generation in the three groups of 14 is eual to 2928 jubilee cycles Pares falls in the 5th generation whichepresents the 12th 13th and 14th jubilee cycle from Adam It was during the 13th jubilee cycle from Adam the 623rd yr that Enoch was taken to heaven Boaz was the 11th generation Getting a Life with Asperger's: Lessons Learned on the Bumpy Road to Adulthood representing the 29th 30th and 31st jubilee cycles from Adam It was during the 29th jubilee cycle form Adam in the 365th year of Noah s life that Jared died As Dr Heiser explains according to the book of Enoch it was during the days of Jared that the fallen angel s on Mt Hermon made their agreement to defile the women of earth Obed was the 12th generationepresenting the 33rd 34th and 35 jubilee cycles from Adam It was during this period of time that Shem was born during the 32nd jubilee cycle form Adam It was through Shem the son of Noah that YHWH s would work out His Wie ich Brad Pitt entführte redemptive plan for mankind by bringing forth Yeshua the promisedighteous seed Then during the 34th jubilee in the 600th year
#Of Abraham S Life #
Abraham s life Deluge took place cleansing the earth of evil which the fallen angles had wrought Solomon was the 15th generation from Abraham or the 1st generation in Matthew 2nd grouping of 14 This 15th generation Encyclopedia of Management Development Methods represented the 42nd 43rd and 44th jubilee cycle from Adam It was during this period of time that YHWH made all of His covenants with Abraham which promised that through his seed all nations of the earth would be blessed Further it was in the 100th year of Abraham s life exactly on the 43rd jubilee cycle from Adam that Isaac was born It was also during the 44th jubilee cycle from Adam that YHWH honored Abraham s faith in his willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac by swearing shaba the first oath He the living God of the Bible swore with any man in the Bible It was this oath that Moses mentions in Due 79 Daniel mentions in Daniel 94 and Zechariah mentions in Luke 1So there you have it As Amy Richter and Dr Heiser claim and incredible as their claims may sound Matthew did indeed have the story of the Enoch the fallen angels the flood and YHWH sedemptive plan of Reversing Hermon in mind when he penned that inspired list nearly two thousand years ago Who said genealogies were boring This The Heart of Coaching Supervision: Working with Reflection and Self-Care review has gone on far too long but in closing for those who would like to see confirmation for another one of Dr Heiser s points in Chapter 9egarding Baptism its France is a Feast: The Photographic Journey of Paul and Julia Child redemptive context and itselationship to the events of Flood you ll find it in Daniel 926 where it describes the Messiah as cut off This cutting off or karath would have harkened the Jewish Kandinsky reader back to the first occurrence of this word where it is used to described the waters of the flood which karath mankind from the face of the earth Thus one again showing that it was the promised messiah the seed of Adam Shem and Abraham thateversed the effects of not only the sin of Adam and Even but also the corrupting evil wrought by the fallen angelic hoard in the days leading up to the flood In summary I can t say that I agree with all of Dr Heiser s points but he sure has given me food for thought I started the book skeptical but finished it convinced that there is far to the Genesis 6 than I ever understood Dr Heiser has made a compelling case that part of Yeshua s Blood Orange redemptive purpose was in fact to combat. Tions back intoelationship with the true God by defeating the principalities and powers that governed them Jews also believed that the messiah would Trial by Fire (All We Hold Dear (Sequel) Book 2) rescue humanity from self destruction the catalyst for which was the sin of the Watchers and the influence of what they had taught humankind Theole of Enoch's A Sudden Dawn retelling of Genesis 61 4 in how New Testament writers wrote of Jesus and the cross has been largely lost to a modern audience Reversing Hermonectifies that situation Topics include understanding Genesis 61 4 and the Sin of the Watchers in Their Original Context; how the an.
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The angelic evil which has been corrupting mankind since the flood After you ead this book I d encourage you to open your Bible s and see if these things be so A lot to chew on here There were several areas where I would have liked a thorough case but all in all he presents some very convincing evidence I would definitely ecommend eading The Unseen Realm first This is Heiser s book about 1 Enoch its elation to Genesis 61 4 the connection to Mesopotamian stories and that influence on the New Testament Heiser says that biblical theology does not derive from the church fathers It derives from the biblical text Biblical theology and in context must be two different things He later saysNo interpretation of Genesis 6 1 4 that does not carefully observe and interact with the original Mesopotamian context can hope to be even emotely correctHeiser Michael S Reversing Hermon Enoch the Watchers and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ Kindle Locations 919 920 There is no mention of the apostolic teaching tradition The biblical writers took a supernaturalist approach He doesn t explain if this is a belief in fanciful myths or something else Reversing Hermon means the eturn of the Edenic kingdom of God to earth the estoration of the divine order of heaven and earth so that the presence of God could Bayou Country Bloodsport return to earth in all its immediacy and fullnessHeiser Michael S Reversing Hermon Enoch the Watchers and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ Kindle Locations 934 936Heiser presumes what I would call a millennial view of an earthly kingdomI would probablyate this book higher if Heiser didn t adopt what seems to me a nonsensical interpretation of Revelation 12 He follows the astronomical or astrological interpretation of Worldwide Church of God theologian Dr Ernest L Martin He says that the man child is clearly Jesus In Rev 12 the baby never leaves heaven for earth as do the woman and the dragon Rev 121 uses symbolism similar to Genesis 379 yet no astrological claim is made for that passage and Sarah was already deceased Gen 231 2 Heiser claims the woman is Israel It isn t explained in what sense the baby epresents Jesus but some in the early church interpreted it in a less materialistic fashion61 By the woman then clothed with the sun he meant most manifestly the Church endued with the Father s word whose brightness is above the sun And by the moon under her feet he eferred to her being adorned like the moon with heavenly glory And the words upon her head a crown of twelve stars efer to the twelve apostles by whom the Church was founded And those she being with child cries travailing in birth and pained to be delivered mean that the Church will not cease to bear from her heart the Word that is persecuted by the unbelieving in the world And she brought forth he says a man child who is to ule all the nations by which is meant that the Church always bringing forth Christ the perfect man child of God who is declared to be God and man becomes the instructor of all the nations Treatise on Christ and Antichrist HippolytusMartyr Born 170 AD Died 235 AD Full of good information but it seemed less like a book than his previous unseen Esperanza renace realm It felt like I waseading his collection of notes for a book and not a finished product Still lots of good info here Though 1 Enoch is not in either Jewish or Christian canons its ideas were highly influential in the first century In fact in Reversing Hermon Michael Heiser argues that many of the details in the New Testament can only be traced to 1 Enoch p2 Though Heiser is not alone in this claim it will be a new idea to many and Reversing Hermon is an accessible presentation from an expert in the field of all things weird in the BibleREVERSING HERMONChapter one convincingly defends the supernatural and traditional interpretation of Gen 61 4 In this view heavenly beings the sons of God had sexual elations with human women The second chapter introduces 1 Enoch and its commentary on the Gen 6 event It is seen that the Watchers served as a catalyst to spread wickedness among humanity p32 Chapter three finds close parallels to both Gen 61 4 and 1 Enoch in ancient Mesopotamian beliefsTHE WATCHERS AND THE GOSPELSChapter four argues that astral prophecy a conservative astrology of sorts predicted the coming of Christ Reading Rev 121 7 as presenting historical astrological signs esults in dating Christ s birthday as Tishri 1 This is the same birthday as Noah s To Heiser this communicates that Christ is a new Noah and bringer of judgment upon the Watchers That Rev 121 7 American Masters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast: George Ohr, Dusti Bonge, Walter Anderson, Richmond Barthe refers to star signs is fascinating and worthy of further consideration Chapter five interprets the four Gentile women in Jesus genealogy in light of the sins of the Watchers Thisesults in a divine irony that they would spawn the Messiah Heiser holds that these connections are both thematic and textualwhich can hardly be a coincidence p86 To my eyes these connections were tenuous at best Chapter six explores the ministry of Jesus the importance of Hermon the origin and defeat of demons the transfiguration and the gates of hell I found many persuasive and illuminating insights hereTHE WATCHERS AND THE EPISTLESChapter seven suggests that the Law was given due to the transgressions of the Watchers In Gal 319 since Paul efers to plural transgressions and not merely Adam s Fall he must be thinking of the Watchers p117 I find this logic mind boggling There is no mention of the Watchers in this text so it must be imported from elsewhere What s it is better to see the transgressions as Israel s John Sailhamer ightly observes that the Torah itself bears this out where law units Sitzungs-Berichte Der Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde Zu Berlin: Jahrgang 1893 (Classic Reprint) regularly follow narratives of Israel s sinChapter eight draws on first century medical texts to explain Paul s teaching on head covering 1 Cor 112 16 Put simply Paul followed the science of his day that believed women s hair was considered genitalia As modesty waseuired in a worship context Ex 2026 2843 women ought to cover their hair This also explains 1 Cor 1110 since the Watchers fell due to their lusting after women This chapter is another highlight The genitalia suggestion surprisingly makes sense However I m not yet sure if it makes the best sense of the context such as 1 Cor 113 Chapter nine explains the connections between baptism salvation Enoch the spirits in prison and the flood in 1 Peter 314 22THE WATCHERS AND REVELATIONChapter ten shows that ancient Jews believed the Antichrist had clear conceptual links to the sin of the Watchers and the giants p147 Perhaps the eaders of Revelation already held connections with fallen Watchers the classical Titans and the giants p162 Perhaps The suggestions in this chapter are a mixed bagChapter eleven examines Enochic connections with Revelation itself The unlocking of the Abyss Rev 91 10 is the elease of the Watchers The 144000 are counterpoints to the adulterous Watchers p167 Finally the lake of fire Rev 2010 Matt 2541 finds its origin in 1 Enoch 109 15 and 211 10 Some of the connections to 1 Enoch are inescapable the Abyss and lake of fire but others are uncertain 144000 DanENOCH IN THE NTHeiser is ight that the church has neglected the import of Gen 61 4 to the NT and first century thought However due to the high degree of speculation in Reversing Hermon I ironically finished the book feeling less convinced of Enoch s influence That said there is a ecent swell of scholarship comparing 1 Enoch with the NT I suspect the issue then is either the choice of themes or the popular level approach not allowing for thorough argumentation and evidence As to the former I find textual allusions to be objective than supposed thematic similaritiesAs to the latter perhaps one should not be too pedantic due to the audience for this book It s true that this book is grounded on peer Resonance of Suffering: Countertransference in Non-Neurotic Structures reviewed scholarship In fact chapters or sections are highly dependent upon individual scholars For example chapter three draws liberally from Amar Annus s article Chapter five is based primarily p294 on Amy Richter s dissertation The main suggestion of chapter seven is from Tyler Stewart s paper Chapter eight s argument is largely the work of Troy Martin Even chapters one six and nine are heavily drawn from Heiser s own Unseen Realm Block uotes abound Reversing Hermon often feels likeeading a summary of other worksCONCLUSIONHeiser claimed that This is not a book filled with speculation p4 but I am skeptical Yes Heiser elied upon peer eviewed scholarship and his own expertise in ancient languages and culture Reversing Hermon is utterly unlike the ampant speculations of virtually all popular level books on such topics This should not be uickly "overlooked However as a serious student of the Bible I found "However as a serious student of the Bible I found biblical connections to be freuently spurious That and the heavy copying from other works are my most significant complaints This critiue pains me as I am a tremendous fan of Heiser s work and hope that all eaders of this Lord Byron at Harrow School: Speaking Out, Talking Back, Acting Up, Bowing Out review would go buy the fantastic Unseen Realmight nowI Teaching Machines: Learning from the Intersection of Education and Technology recommend Reversing Hermon to those particularly interested in 1 Enoch but not ineading scholarly works For most I would suggest the far superior Unseen Realm Sisi: Empress on Her Own review here and Naked Bible podcast Despite my critiue of Reversing Hermon this is a book that will serve as an introduction to Heiser and for that I am delightedMany thanks to Defender Publishing for providing aeview copy It s hard to describe this book s elation to Unseen Realm True Unseen Realm is in a class by itself and few books are as good as it I guess you could say that Reversing Hermon is an update to Unseen Realm Should you ead this book if you have The Art of Slow Writing: Reflections on Time, Craft, and Creativity read the other Absolutely Some of the scholarship is updated though it was never out of date And it covers new materialHe advances his now familiar argument on why Genesis 61 4 must have a supernaturalist explanation on that below When Heiser comes to New Testament material he conclusively shows that the New Testament writers understood the Enochian worldview and echoed it ategular intervals Assuming that the text of 1 Enoch probably didn t come from pre flood times and granting that it is not Scripture why is it important It s important because it was part of the worldview of the apostles and indeed at least two apostles uoted it as authentic literature Further Enoch has material in it while absent from the OT is present in Jude and 2 Peter eg imprisoned angels etcHeiser argues that The Enochian version of the events of Genesis 61 4 preserves and transmits the original Mesopotamian context for the first four verses of the Flood account Heiser loc 84Heiser notes the links between the Mesopotamian apkallu and the Fallen WatchersThe Enochic TemplateDrawing upon the scholarship of Amy Richter Heiser notes anti Watcher themes in the genealogy of Jesus loc 1244 Each of the women in Jesus s genealogy deal with some sort of illicit arts and beautification Tamar and Ruth sexual sin Bathsheba and Nephilim echoes RahabWith Tamar we see echoes of 1 Enoch and Gen 61 4 Judah sawhe took her and went into her Indeed Judah s first born son was named Er Hebrew The Life of Samuel Johnson r Aramaic irWith Rahab she is in the land of the Nephilim she marries Boaz was was a Gibbor Ruth 21 Of course Boaz wasn t a giant but given that gibbor is often translated as gigas Matthew is creating mental links between the two loc 1377 But there are links according to James 225 Rahabeceived messengers angelousBathsheba was married To Uriah A Gibbor 2 Uriah a gibbor 2 2339 Of course she is also called Bath shua 1 Chr 35 therefore echoing the Enochic template of that sceneAn Analysis of Psalm 68A surface eading of Eph 48 and Psalm 6818 eveals a problem Jesus is giving gifts and the Psalm says God A Wizard in Love receives gifts Heiser suggests we canemove some of the confusion by not eading this as Jesus leading captives free which would be true in other contexts but ather taking captives per his storming of Bashan loc 1691 Reversing Hermon is just as much of an eye opening book as Heiser s previous book The Unseen Realm In fact Reversing Hermon seemed to be like a sort of seuel to The Unseen Realm in that while Heiser talks about the Nephillim in The Unseen Realm as one part of the Old Testament Divine Council Worldview this book is 100% dedicated to the Nephillim and their origin The book is organized into four parts PART I Genesis 61 4 in its Original Ancient Contexts Chapter 1 The Sons of God and Nephilim Chapter 2 The Sin of the Watchers in 1 Enoch and Other Enochian Tests Chapter 3 The Mesopotamian Apkallu the Watchers and the Nephilim PART II Reversing Hermon in the Gospels Chapter 4 The Sin of the Watchers and the Birth of Jesus Chapter 5 The Sin of the Watchers and the Genealogy of Jesus Chapter 6 The Sin of the Watchers and the Ministry of Jesus PART III Reversing Hermon in the Epistles Chapter 7 The Sin of the Watchers and Human Depravity Chapter 8 The Sin of the Watchers and the Head Covering of 1 Corrintians 11 Chapter 9 The Sin of the Watchers and Baptism PART IV Reversing Hermon in the Book of Revelation Chapter 10 The Sin of the Watchers the Nephilim and the Antichrist Chapter 11 The Sin of the Watchers and the ApocalypseDefinitely Tigers in Normandy recommendeading this boo. Cient Mesopotamian story of the apkallu aligns with Gen 61 4 was preserved in 1 Enoch and sets the stage for the theme of eversing the evil of the Watchers; how the theme of eversing the transgression of the Watchers colors the gospel accounts of the birth of Jesus his genealogy and his ministry; how the writings of Peter and Paul allude to the sin of the Watchers and present Jesus as overturning the disastrous effects of their sins against humanity; and how the descriptions of the antichrist the end times Day of the Lord and the final judgment connect to Genesis 6 and the nephil.