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Acedia Me A Marriage Monks and a Writer's LifeAre refreshed each day like dew laden grass that is renewed in the morning Psalms 905 Or in personal and also theological terms Our inner nature is being renewed every day 2 Corinthians 416 In this light the apparently ludicrous attention to detail in Leviticus where God is involved in the minutiae of daily life right down to cooking and cleaning might be seen instead as the love of a God who desires to be present to s in everything we do everyday he made a new beginning 260 Our Lord tells Hey Diddle Diddle Leveled Text us to pray for today and so he preventss from tormenting ourselves about tomorrow This is not an easy prayer when I am tempted to give p on both today and tomorrow Oh this latest from K Norris is her best yet at least to my brain A little known to the modern world wave of thoughtbehavior called Acedia is its focus Here Norris has spared no effort during the book s incubation over the last 20 years at yanking Acedia out from its sly hiding places in her own life and subjecting it to a lasery investigation This investigation includes the testimonies of men and women who fled the cities in the early Christian era for the purpose of creating labs out of their own body minds What they found was the 8 classic bad thoughts which when allowed to fester and grow can and will derail the basic sanity and goodness in any human being Turns out Acedia is the slipperiest of the sual suspects This one s a keeper for anyone s crucial collection of First Aid texts both psychologically sophisticated and eminently practical Norris says in the introduction to this book that she s been working on it for a long long time gathering materials reading and writing I suspect that what she was waiting for consciously or intuitively was an organizing structure She never found itAcedia Me is full of lots of wisdom and reflection on the spiritual problem of depressionapathyboredomdistraction as well as a smattering of wonderful The Mangrove Tree uotes and stories from church literature that has been largely forgotten by the church and stories about her husband s illnesses and her own battles with depression etc andotes from modern authors about society s ills and anything else that managed to fall into her file marked Acedia over the yearsThe problem is that it s barely organized at all And at 327 pages it s an awful lot of Guided Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Coding + ICD-10-CM/PCs Coding unorganized notes and thoughts Some things repeat almost verbatim often variations on the same theme are twenty pages apart It gets kind of hard to keep plugging through after the first hundred pages or so while new stuff does turnp now and then maintaining a sense of progression through the book is almost impossibleThere is an awful lot of great stuff here Norris has diagnosed a problem in society and written some excellent words of insight and reflection about itToo bad she never found that organizing structure An erudite if rambling book that tries to combine the writer s life with meditations on the concept of Acedia Acedia Understanding Yandere Lovers unfortunately seems to be hard for her to define it s a habit of mind that combines a sort of fatalistic resentment of things with laziness and that affects people who are drawn to the monastic life I don t want to do anything and I don t careMixed in with this are biographical snapshots of her life Her husbands slow hidden sink into depression her life as a young woman going back to a schoolnion These are little moments of beauty because Norris is an elegant masterful poet When she concentrates on these the book shinesHowever the bulk of it is wrestling with the noonday demon the ghost of Acedia and it is too transparent to pin down Even as a concept as she mentions several times it disappears from Kings of Paradise (Ash and Sand usage and from dictionaries as a word That drags the book down If it had been a slim biography it would be fascinating butnfortunately it feels like an aimless ramble Or a wrestling match trying to se words to banish the demon at her heels However I still enjoyed it and The Cloister Walk is also excellent I was disappointed with this book It was just too neven of a book with moments when it really picked The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions up my interest and passages that spoke to my heart only to fade in a few pages to the repetitious descriptions of acedia At times I just wanted to scream at her go back and rewrite it all as essays I really wanted to hear about her experience as a teenager about marriage death and spiritual growth But she insisted on linking it allnder the theme of acedia and too often it felt manufactured To add to it she seemed very intended in Leaders Eat Last using every single reference ever made about acedia over the past 1500 years Now some of theotations were fitting and very interesting Dante s Inferno for instance but the overabundance thinned their impact However I am still going to give her 3 stars because when I look back at the book it has so many dog eared pages and La muralla verde underlinedotes yes I do deconsecrate books this way I have to admit that it did convey many snippets of truth and wisdom It is too bad that they seemed misplaced though Since so many people are reading this now I thought I would pull my old blog reviews out of storage and place it here Post 1 Acedia Me A Marriage Monks and a Writer s LifeDante s Inferno Canto 7Once we were grimAnd sullen in the sweet air above that tookA further gladness from the play of the sun Inside s we bore acedia s dismal smokeWe have this black mire now to be sullen in I have never read Kathleen Norris before and I am pretty sure I would not have enjoyed reading her in the past but people change and circumstances change and I found "myself very much needing this Reread pp 1 80David enjoyed a passage I had found in Louise Bogan s memoirs in "very much needing this Reread pp 1 80David

Enjoyed A Passage I 
a passage I found in Louise Bogan s memoirs in she writes of seeing out the window of a psychiatric ward a woman hanging clothes and of wishing that I too could hang out clothes in a happy normal way When she walked with other patients at the hour when children begin to scent supper she observed an air of despondency came over the group The women knew the hour in their bones It was no hour to be out taking an aimless walk 81I am so glad that the therapists of my maturity and the saints of my childhood agree Sept 2014After re reading this bookI would move this book p to a 4 12 star so am rounding p Very worthwhileJuly 20102010 Review This is another of am rounding p Very worthwhileJuly 20102010 Review This is another of Norris books published in 2008 so the most recent of the books she s written I read The otidian Mysteries fi. S “noonday demon” so familiar to those in the early and medieval Church Norris read intensively and knew she must restore this forgotten but tterly relevant and important concept to the modern world’s vernacular Like Norris’s The Cloister Walk Acedia me is part memoir and part meditation As in her Amazing Grace here Norris explicates and demystifies a spiritual concept exploring acedia through the geography of her life as a writer; her marriage and the challenges of commitment in the After digesting this book for a couple weeks I realize the analogy is that like the Slow Food movement this book is meant to be read slowly in small doses and savored inbetween The title for that matter gives no real clue as to what it contains especially the word AcediaSo what does it mean Acedia a tendency a demonic attack a spiritual manifestation a temptation a sin that tends to cause apathy in the face of a call to action bitterness in the face of conditions that call for thankfulness a withdrawal when the person or others need connection boredom instead of appreciation for a routine etc etc The author Kathleen Norris seems to spend half of the book circling the term describing what it is not what is similar how the early church monastics viewed and dealt with it and how today s psychotherapists psychiatrists and pharmacologists have touched pon it She circles describes retreats then returns If the tracing of this phenomenon was the only theme of the book I would have lost interest but Norris weaves her search and reflections with much practical aspects of her life of writing and all its challenges and an even personal reflection on her marriage commitment and grace given through its many decades Her relationship with her husband becomes poignant as he eventually dies from illness after a number of health crises Her insights through his slow decline complete with the ps and downs of gratefulness and depression are rich and demanding And she ties in life s trials and our responses with the challenge of acedia The book is dogeared in so many places a book that really should be read again but two examples give a flavor Pg 42 in nurturing a marriage over the span of 30 years and in keeping to the discipline of writing and revising for even longer I have often found myself watering dead wood with tears and very little hope I have also been astonished by how those tears have allowed life to emerge out of what had seemed dead Page 245 referring to Oregon poet Stafford Writing is like fishing Stafford would say A nibble will always come but all too often we dismiss the little nudge as not worthy of the great works we vaingloriously imagine we will write In a similar way we block our spiritual progress The message of salvation that begins as a whisper is easily missed in the noise of passions such as envy pride anger and acedia FABULOUS I d forgotten how much I d enjoyed Kathleen Norris before I found this book in a thrift store Then it turned out the local library had the audiobook version with a cd that included a pdf of many of the The Oswald Reflection uotes This book helped me think through some topics Here are some of my favoriteotesmaking your bed is a form of showing hospitatlity to yourselfphysical work is the best way to fight acediaYou struggle with apathy because you have a great capacity for zealonly worry about fighting it acedia specifically but any problem today and NOT tomorrow alsoa refusal to suffer pain is also a refusal to love It may be that people were created to care but that does not mean it comes naturallycaring can seem like weakness Kathleen NorrisWhat is integrity Abba Poeman replied Always to accuse oneself Kathleen NorrisIt is not sincerity it is Truth which frees The Rabbit Who Wants to Go to Harvard us because it transformss It tears s away from our inmost slavery To seek sincerity above all things is perhaps at bottom not to want to be transformed Henri de Lubac Page 130 We appear to be anything but slothful yet that is exactly what we are as we do and care less and feel pressured to do still We may well ask If we are "ALWAYS IN MOTION CONSTANTLY ENGAGED IN "in motion constantly engaged in improvement and even trying to do good for others how can we be considered ncaring or slothful Wendy Wasserstein When you achieve true slothdom you have no desire for the world to change True sloths are not revolutionaries but the lazy guardians at the gate of the status oAre these hyperscheduled overactive individuals really creating anything new Are they guilty of passion in any way Do they have a new vision for their government For their community Or for themselves She Suspects That Their Purpose suspects that their purpose to keep themselves so bus so entrenched in their active lives that their spirit reaches a permanent state of lethargiosis Whatever you do repeatedly has the power to shape you has the power to make you over into a different person even if you re not totally engaged in every minutepage 272 While we are tempted to think sadness is a mood an emotion he told them in truth it is a passion which easily leads to sin Merton s admonition that the causes of our sadness are not to be soughtin other people but in ourselves is an essential for surviving in the rock tumbler of relationship whether one is within a place of business a monastery or a marriage It takes real courage Merton insists to recognize that we ourselves are the cause of our own nhappiness The trick is to maintain a nuanced view as we attempt to discern what trouble we have caused and are responsible for and what is truly beyond our controlin dishwashing I approach the moral realm there are days when it seems a miracle to be able to make dirty things cleanI may intellectually assent to the notion that such Perilous Love (Sinful Souls MC utilitarian chores can open my heart to the world and appreciate Gerard Manley Hopkins s observation that it is not only prayer that gives God glory but work Smiting on an anvil sawing a beam whitewashing a wall driving horses sweeping scouringTo go to communion worthily gives God great glory but to take food in thankfulness and temperance gives Him glory too To liftp the hands in prayer gives God glory but a man with a dung fork in his hand a woman with a slop pail give Him glory too He is so great that all things give Him glory if you mean they
Should It Is All 
It is all the glory of God and how we perform those often dispiriting duties from the changing of a baby s diaper to the bathing of an aged parent reveals what kind of God we worship That faith and love operate best through the humble means of boring everyday occupations is a thoroughly biblical perspective for its stories repeatedly remind Children of Blood and Bone us that God s attention is fixed on what we regard asnimportant and Laird of Shadows (MacDougall Legacy Book 1) unworthy The Scriptures depict God not as a Great Cosmic Cop eager to catchs in minor transgressions but as a creator who loves Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - Selected: An Interlinear Translation us enough to seeks in the most mundane circumstances of our lives We are asked to remember that we. Kathleen Norris had written several books yet she couldn’t drag herself out of bed in the morning couldn’t summon the energy for daily tasks Even as she struggled Norris recognized her familiar battle with acedia She had discovered the word in an early Church text when she was in her thirties Having endured times of deep soul weariness since she was a teenager she immediately recognized that this passage described her affliction sinking into a state of being nable to care Fascinated by thi. .
Rst then this book then her others in random order The text of The otidian Mysteries is actually about a chapters worth of material in Acedia and Me so you see some of the same material over againAs I mentioned before reading Kathleen Norris books is rather like peeling an onion She discusses many of the same issues in her books but from slightly different perspectives While I have read her other books with interest Acedia and Me is a very sober book that brings many of the issues she has discussed elsewhere into stark focus The subtitle is A Marriage Monks and A Writer s Life This is where the onion layers all peel back and we cry with her over the very open and honest journey she takes with her husband that The Syntactic Licensing of Ellipsis ultimately ends in his death after years and years of illness and depression and discouragement While she talks of illness and depression in her other books here she delves deeply into them and studies and examines them in light of the struggles of her own marriage her husband s illnesses and eventual death her difficulties in writing and the struggles of her own search for God s truthAcedia from the title is defined by the author as at its Greek root it means the absence of care The person afflicted with acedia refuses to care or is incapable of doing so When life becomes too challenging and engagement with others too demanding acedia offers a kind of spiritual morphine you know the pain is there yet can t rouse yourself to give a damn Acedia and depression at first sound synonymous but again the author offersp her distinction I would suggest that while depression is an illness treatable by counseling and medication acedia is a vice that is best countered by spiritual practice and the discipline of prayerKathleen has the temperament that tends toward melancholy and depression She married a man who also had this personality trait David her husband grew p in a devout Roman Catholic family but became disenchanted with the emotional non rational faith of his Roman Catholic mother and left Roman Catholic church to delve into mathematics and rational sciences after his mother s death A poet with scientific leanings he also began to bear in his body the results of his depression and melancholy Kathleen became interested in her Christian faith as she rediscovered the words and poetry of the Bible She began pursuing the spiritual practice of the Liturgy of the Hours as practiced by Benedictines A Presbyterian Christian poet married to a lapsed Roman Catholic poet they began years of grindingly difficult cycles of illness depression recovery David was off put by Kathleen s returning Christian faith yet he was genuinely thankful for her faith in Christ Woven all through this book is the spiritual remedy for Kathleen s spiritual struggle with acedia It is reading the Bible regularly and aloud primarily through the practice of the Liturgy of the Hours and prayer Her struggles are real and she writes very powerfully about them Her tenacity to cling to the words of the Bible is also very powerful The Desert Fathers and Mothers believed the words of the Bible were and are true and thus they had the power to change you Kathleen believes this also and demonstrates that while her remedies do not remove the thorn in the flesh they are effective in allowing her to have a marriage she and her husband considered to be a blessing work that she delighted in and confidence that she was working towards an eternal goal worth attainingI recommend this book It was encouraging for me to read not BECAUSE I READ IT AND FELT I read it and felt at the end because everything ended p so tidily and nice it was encouraging because tidily and nice It was encouraging because is messy and life is hard and while Christ does redeem and save O que é o quê us we still have to live each day of our lives in often difficult circumstances that do not cleanp well For her to have fought for so many years with her depression to have struggled and worked and wept and rejoiced with her husband through all the years of illness and disease and to come out on the other side and say I am thankful to God for his blessings that is true testimony that the remedy of spiritual practice and the discipline of prayer does indeed wor Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegallyChristian author Kathleen Norris has long been fascinated by the ancient psychological condition known to monks as acedia and which was actually one of the original Seven Deadly Sins back when they were known at the beginning of Christianity as the Eight Bad Thoughts But what exactly is it Long thought as the pre Enlightenment version of depression combined with sloth Norris book length analysis of the term along with a detailed memoir of her personal experience with the subject shows that it s actually a much complicated thing an emotional state that we would do good in our modern secular times to once again start to identify and treat a sort of apathy about the world combined with restlessness which then outwardly manifests itself not only in ways similar to clinical depression but also with a marked increase of boredom and desire for escapism and a greater fear than normal of commitment Although she goes out of her way to assure nervous readers that she doesn t mean for acedia to completely replace modern clinical depression as a concept she does make a compelling argument for the idea that many modern people are getting misdiagnosed these days as clinically depressed when in fact they re acedic reuiring a whole different treatment than simply mood altering drugs like those with legitimate chemical imbalances and ironically this treatment tends to mirror many of the daily routines of the ancient monks who first identified and battled with this intellectual s disease including such activities as contemplation and meditation regular periods of silence and solitude and a forced concentration on small daily rituals whether you feel like completing them or not all of which are not coincidentally missing and from most modern lives It s a dense book but a "Highly Rewarding One That "rewarding one that have you thinking in a completely different way about mental illnesses versus simple maladjustments and it comes highly recommended to anyone interested in contemplating issues purely of the mindOut of 10 92. Idst of grave illness; and her keen interest in the monastic tradition Unlike her earlier books this one features a poignant narrative throughout of Norris’s and her husband’s bouts with acedia and its clinical cousin depression Moreover her analysis of acedia reveals its burden not just on individuals but on whole societies and that the “restless boredom frantic escapism commitment phobia and enervating despair that we struggle with today are the ancient demon of acedia in modern dress?. .