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Njoy Dismas and Frannie and all their *Family Melodrama And Maybe Not BoyyyyyyyyyyyThe Wife *melodrama And maybe not BoyyyyyyyyyyyThe wife Dismas Hardy was STRAIGHT TRIPPIN in this book JUST WILDIN I won t spoil it for you but be prepared for
your anger and 
anger and of teeth to be VERY prevalent emotions as the story progresses It kept me engaged though soooo job wellBuy it read it and enjoy yes i am a fan i hope eventually to read all the books in this series this one goes back to before abe glitsky was remarried it was great as sual but i started getting a little bogged down in the legal part toward the end dismas hardy s wife frannie comes off being rather strange at times especially when she battles the judge and lands in jail for several days still it is terrific to see the team dismas and abe working together I listened to this as an audio book It was long and involved but I think I was able to Smitten understand it much better in a spoken format than reading it and following all the convolutionsInterestingly the tone of voice the readersed for Frannie Hardy made me dislike her uite a bit She came across as whiny and insincere The overreaction to her four days in a bit She came across as whiny and insincere The overreaction to her four days in by her husband and everybody else seemed a bit much I got to the point I wanted to just slap them all silly for the lack of sleeping and eating going on Do people really go four days without eating and sleeping in real lifeI m sure that a lot of research into the law went into the writing of this book and legal minds have a lot to bite into when reading it I found that while a good book I just wanted it to be over as I felt I wanted to move on when it was only halfway finishedI gave it four stars because it was well done in its entirety However if you re listening to this one plan on a long visit Interesting for Hardy s legal grandstanding at the end and his family difficulties John Lescroart weaves taut legal thrillers and this book is particularly good It starts off wit. To her husband Frannie has just appeared before a grand jury and refused to share a crucial piece of information about her friend Ron who's accused of killing his wife Now it's p to Dismas to race the clo. ,
This was a great courtroom mystery action whodunit love make you think *Funny And Suspenseful Story *and suspenseful story was great and it appears I stepped into series so I am going to have to read of these I recommend it if you like stuff like this Another winner by John Lescroart Lots of interaction between Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitzky which is always entertaining This one had a lot going on a few surprises and lots of generally good reading or in my case listening By the way the narrator of these audiobooks is very good in my opinion so if you want to try AN AUDIOBOOK YOU CAN T GO WRONG WITH ONE audiobook you can t go wrong with one this seriesSometimes I feel a bit guilty reading his books because so far they all seem to have a happy ending The good guys win the bad guys lose It makes things a little predictable but I don t know if that s really a bad thing if the story is entertaining It doesn t matter I m going to keep reading his books and enjoying them even if they aren t fine literature whatever that is I really have been enjoying this series so far The writing is straightforward and there s a good balance of well thought out plots and believable engaging characters The author is obviously familiar with the intricacies of bureaucratic BS he integrates it so well into his stories That being said I thought that this sixth entry in the series was not as satisfying as the first five it had a very strong beginning and conclusion but got a little overcomplicated and wordy in between While I did not like this book as well as the others I ve read in the series it s still in my opinion a cut above many of the books available for crimecourtroom drama fans There was a lot to like in this book There were twists and turns that kept me guessing ntil the end And best of all I loved the Perry Mason moment at the end The only thing that bothered me was the angst between Hardy and his wife Maybe by the time I get the to end of the series I will When San Francisco attorney Dismas Hardy gets a call saying his wife never picked the kids 1898 up from school he's worried Frannie's a great mother Turns out there's a good explanation she's in jail Unbeknownst. H the disappearance of Dismas Hardy s wife Frannie She doesn t pick the kidsp from school and the worrying begins In turns out she was subpoenaed to appear in front of the grand jury and is being held in contempt for refusing to reveal a conversation she had with her friend Ron whose wife Brea was just murdered Frannie also angers the judge who adds time to her contempt sentence Dismas an attorney must find Brea s killer before the grand jury reconvenes on Tuesday becasue Frannie still refuses to reveal her conve There are some prolific authors that fail to engage me because of the perceived style of writing Lescroart s oeuvre seemed to consist of lengthy books that seemed overly predictable If my first *experience with his writing is any indication boy *with his writing is any indication boy I get a wrong number Nothing But The Truth is both a criminal trial novel about an attorney something I very much enjoy when it is done well and despise when it is done poorly and a mystery thriller It starts off with the *attorney s very responsible wife going missing and it finishes with *s very responsible wife going missing and it finishes with wild flourish of conspiratorial activity It is a combination political potboiler crime thriller and courtroom maneuvering tour de force I can t believe I ve passed this author p in my previous efforts at escapism The novel is longer than most thrillers but it reads like a typical novel I read it in one round trip train ride to Chicago plus a couple of hours at home that evening Rarely do one round trip train ride to Chicago plus a couple of hours at home that evening Rarely do finish my train reading at home It was that good I know that this is a book in a series and I know this review isn t very helpful when I touch on a book out of seuence but I just couldn t help recommending it If you like Michael Connelly s attorney who works out of his limousine or some of the exciting trial work of John Grisham s protagonists you shouldn t pass this one p The crooked situations remind me of Chicago than San Francisco but politics is of course politics. Ck and find a culprit all the while wondering Why would his wife go to jail to protect another man Who really killed Bree Beaumont and why He's looking for the truth But he's not Lay My Burden Down uite sure he wants to find.