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N the situations that were completely out of her leaguethe pace did slow a bit at leagueThe pace did slow a bit at but it was not a huge deal for me as it gave me time to process everything that had happened until that point and just enjoy the ride Calmly Otherwise I found myself going through chapter after chapter without taking notice of the time which was incredibleThe ending was the absolute cherry on top for me and if I hadn t been in love with this story by then I was when it was finished The only negative aspect of it is that I felt like I needed to read about Nessa and the gang And I just don t know if there ll be WeregirlI highly recommend this book especially if ou re a Teen Wolf fan which it reminds me so much of This features a teenage girl going through a werewolf transformation and a best friend to join her in her search for the truth Humor action and the tiniest bit of romance make it a winning choice in my opinion Weregirl by CD BallI ve been looking for a uality shifter story this was before I checked out Hair In All the Wrong Places and Blood and Rain which is a ridiculously different style of story than Weregirl and there was initially a lot to like about this book There wasn t a lot of horror and the small town vibe fit with this type of story It has a bit of a cozy mystery vibe early on which worked well for a YA werewolf book Nessa s initial transformation is tied to her track running and emotions That was interesting and reminded me of Ginger Snaps a bit but without the boat loads of blood shame I loved Nessa as a high school athlete trying to get a college scholarship to leave her hometown I really related to that and I love stories about female athletes Her character and her struggles around life are vivid and real and Nessa s desires to run kept me hooked on this book even though there were parts I didn t likeThere s no real romance with Nessa and anyone which I suspected might happen later in the book and while there was a direction I think it might have gone there s enough obscuring of the romantic interest to allow focus on Nessa s internal struggles An athletic female protagonist draws me into stories so I liked Nessa and some of the other characters felt developed too The romance plot was interesting in that Nessa doesn t fall into anyone s arms immediately and the story stays friendly and never delves into romance plots which is abnormal in paranormal stories I always have mixed feelings with romance plotlines so Weregirl going light on the romance angles didn t #BOTHER ME THERE S DEFINITELY A TEASE AT WHO #me There s definitely a tease at who other real werewolf isAnd now to the rant section HOLD ON Weregirl was interesting and original novel I liked the main character Nessa who wanted to get is a scholarship with her running but I found her a bit annoying I think all in all I had a bit higher expectations for this bookHowever it was a good read I really liked the covers of Weregirl and the artwork inside the book was beautiful as well Thank ou Chooseco and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I can t get enough of werewolf stories if they re done right To me Weregirl by CD Bell isn t one of those stories It had a strong solid start that kept me wanting but after Nessa changed for the first time is when the story starts to fizzle out for me then it started to dragand then NOTHING I mostly stuck with it because I wanted to know who the gray wolf was but I m still not even sure if I read it correctly There were some aspects and characters Bree Chayton and Nate that I really did like and wished they were given attentionARC provided via NetGalley Chooseco in exchange for an honest review. Ssa must navigate the challenges of high school while coming face to face with true human darkness as she tries to make peace with her new wild natur. With a couple of the other kids at her school Did one of them bite her Is there a love interest or is she going to be a superhero ass kicker What about the environmental issues Do they play a part in this or any of the other research stuffDefinite cliffhanger Wasn t expecting the book to end when it did but I am looking forward to see where the author takes the story Overall 35 rating ARC was graciously provided by the author and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank ou to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me an ARC in return for an honest review25 starsUnfortunately I did not enjoy this book very much especially towards the end of it The novel is The Piper in the Wind your basic werewolf story though I would say this had very little to do with the kind of lycans one would usually read about There were no alphas or hunters or anything like that Plus the book deals with a lot of sports which I m not a huge fan ofThe MC Nessa isour average teen girl who gets bitten by a wolf and notices her body going through these weird changes The whole story was very cliched There was nothing new brought to the table I enjoyed reading about her relationships with her family and her best friend Bree But that was to the table I enjoyed reading about her relationships with her family and her best friend Bree But that was I didn t find anything about Nessa s character that made her memorable Plus I feel that this book was geared to a much The Proposal younger demographic as even her tr Reading the full version nowThankou to Netgalley and Chooseco for a free digital copy of this bookUnfortunately this was just a preview of maybe a third of the real book I was really caught up in it and then realized this can t be a full copy Nessa is determined to win a scholarship with her running so she invests a lot of time and energy into it When she gets bitten by a wolf out in the woods on one of her runs she realizes changes in her body good ones and slightly disturbing onesI really loved the start of the book the descriptions of the heroine running were so vivid and wonderful it made my feet itch to go for a run myself Towards the end of the preview it went into a slightly boring phase and I was missing a love story so far but other than that it was a really promising start and I am waiting for the full book which was a really promising start and I am waiting for the full book which supposed to come out in November 2016After reading the full versionUnfortunately the pretty great impression the sample about 13 had made on me didn t last until the end now that I got the full version via Netgalley again It dragged a bit and the building chemistry between the heroine and her love interest was coming to a halt over most of the rest of the book So I can only give 3 stars in the end after I had originally given good 4 stars after the sample I read an advance reader copy of this book so I suppose there is a very slight chance that the issues I noted will be fixed before publication but ARCs are generally very very close to the published versions so I don t hold out much hope The worst thing about this Full review at Blame ChocolateI was provided with an advanced reader copy of Weregirl by NetGalley for an honest review Thank ou to Chooseco for the opportunityOverall I thought this book was amazing It had all the things I look for in a female protagonist and storyline and was such a breeze to read Plus it had wolves What could I possibly ask forThere were some things that confused and bothered me though For instance there was a parental figure relationship that creeped me out a little and some decisions Nessa made and adventures she got herself into that seemed a little stupid on her part and could have been handled differently Of course she s a teenager and maybe I m just expecting too much from her give. Counter with a trapped wolf while out on a run leads to powerful and frightening changes and one day Nessa is transformed into a full werewolf Now Ne. ,

One of these days Nessa ou re going to stop running for no reason and start chasing after something fun Wow Just wowI reuested Weregirl on and start chasing after something fun Wow Just wowI reuested Weregirl on long time ago just because of its beautiful cover I didn t have high expectations and maybe that s why I didn t read it earlier But now I regret that I ve been waiting so long Weregirl is a story about Nessa talented runner who s bitten by a wolf on one of her running session After that she s starting to feel different Her vision is clearer She can hear her mother whispering to the phone on the other side of their house She improves dramatically her running time Animals around her freak outAnd then during a new moon she s turning into a wolf It was like watching a movie and I really hope there will be a movie based on this story someday This book has around 400 pages and I have to say that is the perfect number Everything came with a ideal pace nothing was rushed I really don t like when a character gets any power or ability and five pages he knows how to use them and control them Nessa needed to learn how to control her shifting into her wolf form and that made her story believable I loved the slow transformation process the mostBut this wolf thing is secondary to a story about a mystery medical studytreatment of kids with different kind of deseases When one patient of this study die Nessa feels like something is wrong And she is right Suddenly appears a lot of uestions without answers and Nessa is determined to find out what s going onWith every page I had million new theories and unanswered uestions But it s okay because there will be second and third bookBut I need to know now Is Luc the gray wolf Weregirl reminds me one of my favorite TV Show Teen Wolf so if ou like it too give this book a try CD Bell is an excellent writerI received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Nessa was determined to get out of her small town and a cross country running scholarship was her only hope It was just Nessa her mom her sister and her autistic brother so every chance she got she ran and ran until the night she ran straight into trouble of the wolfish variety Her thanks for rescuing a trapped wolf was a bite that would into trouble of the wolfish variety Her thanks for rescuing a trapped wolf was a bite that would traversing the trials and tribulations of high school seem like a walk in the parkWEREGIRL by CD Bell is a wonderful oung adult fantasy with a main character and her uirky best friend who never seem caught up in the teen angst The first thing that the reader notices about this book is the cover The cover image sparks immediate interest and one of the main reasons that I chose it I find the cover of Weregirl mesmerizing This is the first book I m reading by CD Bell and I found that the writing to be very good Weregirl is interesting and pulls the reader in Nessa wants out of her small town and if she can accomplish this by winning a college scholarship for cross country then she is going to put all she has into it So as the reader off ou go with this character as she runs her way to college or maybe that would have been in her future if she hadn t stopped to help a trapped wolf then was attacked by another wolf then started to sprout little white dog hairs all over then got perfect vision then got bionic hearing and was freaking out every animal she comes across Though its a good story I feel that as the reader I didn t get to know the leader character too much The secondary characters are virtually unknown as wellI like Weregirl because it captured my interest and I want to know what s really going on I need to know what s so special about the heroine Would like to know what s going. Eager to escape her small hometown high school junior Nessa Kurland is focused on winning a college scholarship for cross country running A chance en.

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