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Loria s fascination with grew and their friendship took a new form When Uman suggested leaving everything behind Gloria didn t even flinch With a tent a few ids and a deck Gloria didn t even flinch With a tent a few ids and a deck cards to guide their way Gloria and Uman embarked on a journey to free themselves from their shackles Uman to a tremulous past And Gloria to an nremarkable existenceTwenty Understanding the Mass uestions for Gloria throws you into a shroud of secrets and mysteries right from the get go When Uman walked into the picture my thoughtsickly veered towards paranormal persuasion because his charm and wit were nusual for his age It doesn t help that he can t seem to say a single truth about himself and has an ncanny ability to persuade everyone around him to do his bidding It was as if everyone was Ethics Playbook under a spell But as you delve deeper into the story you ll learn why he is what he isThe storytelling followed theestions being asked by the detective inspector in charge of investigating the disappearance of Uman There was some British collouialism How to become a Kingdom Millionaire used but they barely impede the rhythm of the story When Gloria came back relatively in one piece she knew that she ll never be the same person she once was Throughout the exposition Gloria and her mother would face some home truths about each other and their family as a whole While Uman was judged as the instigator in the beginning some light would be shed as to just how much involvement Gloria contributed to the events that happened in days that they disappeared Eachestion is answered in a form of revelation exposing the parts of Gloria and Uman no one knew not even themselvesThere are so many reasons why this book had me in its trance Uman is a very charming character He was fascinating in such a way that one would be fascinated by a sociopath I also needed to know where he ended The Duchess of Vidal up and how Gloria found her way back home The life of a vagabond is full of strife Even so when you re only 15 I really enjoyed this book It is told over the course of a series of interviews given by Gloria after a series of events You know something had gone wrong but you re notite sure what especially as Gloria strikes as a fairly nreliable narrator I was hooked from the get go wanting to know Parts of it reminded me of that tv show that was on recently called hunted where ordinary people when on the run with the goal of staying off the grid for as long as possible whilst a team of experts tried to find them A really gripping story that I was reluctant to put down as I needed to know what happened next I am very disappointed with how this book ended Would ve given 5 stars if the ending was wrapped p I need a seuel I need to know what happens next for Gloria. Om the life she loathes and show her a daring exciting one in which the only limits are the boundaries of her own boldness But Uman in not all he seems and by the time she learns the truth about him she is a long way from home and everyone wants to know Where's Gloria. ,
Immediately loved him and viewed him as a character with entertaining characteristicsSecondly the story line was amazing and one of my favourite parts of the book It reminded me a bit of a teenage version of Gone Girl but with a contemporary touch This book is a psychological thrillermystery however the young love between Gloria and Uman reminded me of a YA contemporary The way the story was told through Gloria retelling the events of her and Uman s escape to her mother and the detective I her and Uman s escape to her mother and the detective I was really niue and different to anything I ve read before was really niue and different to anything I ve read before absolutely loved it And lastly the endingI wanted to cry It reminded me a lot of the ending to Eleanor and Park It somewhat concluded the ending to the occurred events however only to an extent The rest is The Winning of Andromache up to the interpretation of the reader If you have read both Eleanor and Park and Twentyestions for Gloria then I think you ll know what I mean I give this book a solid 5 stars and highly recommend to readers of YA thriller mystery and even contemporary I ll be doing a review of this book over on my YouTube channel link in bio closer to the release date It s a simple story yet it s not Uman is a most engaging character and the past events of his life help to explain why he behaves as he does The conversation during Gloria s interview sounds natural and realistic for a fifteen year old girl talking to adults and is very different from the way she talks to Uman which is what you would expect As you read on you can feel what s happening to her The Dummy Meets The Mummy! (Goosebumps SlappyWorld uite intense It s very clever writing and draws you in An excellent YA book which this old bird really enjoyed This is one of those books where I find myself wondering So what s the pointSpoilers ahead MaybeOh wait That was all Soooo that was literally what I just readThis was a book about a fifteen year old tired of her oh sonadventurous life So when she meets a boy who doesn t give two shits about anything she goes off with him and realizes what it s like to Gloria is a 15 year old girl suffering from an early onslaught of ennui from life Her parents didn t seem to care one way or another about her And though they would protest otherwise their actions speak to the contrary Some days Gloria didn t care But lately she s been having a difficult time ignoring the resounding loneliness that echoed in the hallways of their homeThen Uman showed Male Medusa, Caught in Coils (Otherkind Kink: Male Medusa, up a mysterious specimen of a boy Tall lanky and handsome in an effeminate way Intelligent with charisma that puts everyone in some sort of spell It just so happens that he seemed to have taken an interest in her as well For days he hounded herntil he inexplicably lost interest Arbitrarily that s when Funny confident and smart He does whatever he likes and doesn't care what anyone thinks of him The only people for him are the mad ones the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing but burn burn burn He is everything Gloria wishes to be He can whisk her away fr. ,

I m giving this a 15 star rating I sually don t have a problem with girls with special snowflake syndrome but I really hated this one Gloria was thoughtless and selfish for what she did to her parents running off with a guy she barely knew And she s 15 And this was horribly paced I mean it went by at a snail s pace only for And this was horribly paced I mean it went by at a snail s pace only for to discover that this giant secret was not that great ite lame actually So yeah I did not Enjoy This Aimed At this Aimed at readers aged 14 and over this new novel from Martyn Bedford is less high octane thriller and a sensitively written contemplative account of the trials and tribulations of teenage life Gloria is sick and tired of her mundane life each day blending into the other but along comes Uman this exotic creature whose clothes vocabulary and general demeanour are nlike anything she s experienced before He s a breath of fresh air no make that a hurricane and Gloria lets herself get swept away without any thought of the conseuences This novel makes a refreshing change from all the noisier YA fiction currently on the market It is a clever compelling story with fully realised characters who don t have to wield a weapon or possess super powers in order to engage the reader The author skilfully Recreates The Uncertainties And the ncertainties and of teenage years that limbo between childhood and adulthood Yes it s a slow burner but stick with it and you ll appreciate its warmth and emotional intelligence My thanks to Helen at Walker Books for providing me with a review copy of this novel About the Author Martyn Bedford has written three YA novels the first of which Flip was shortlisted for the Costa Children s Book Award He has also written five novels for adult Read about the author at wwwmartynbedfordcom See at Probably like a 15 because what was the point of this The synopsis for 20 Literacy uestions for Gloria reads as a teenage version of Gone Girl teenager goes missing suddenly reappears and in bits and pieces we discover what has happened to her on this journey But where Gone Girl was a psychological thriller 20estions is a discovery into the teena I was sent this book by Walker Books after reuesting it as an arc I didn t have huge expectations for it but decided to give it a try and I m so glad that I didThe main characters were written so beautifully Gloria is such a naive 15 year old who fell in love within a couple days I loved being able to read her perspective on the story including her thoughts and life experiences Uman is perceived as a kidnapper and manipulator by Gloria s mum and police interviewer but Gloria sees him as nothing less than perfect I definitely say him this way too From the moment he was introduced Gloria is tired of her ordinary life She barely recognizes the free spirited girl she نامه های عین القضات همدانی / جلد اول used to be in thenadventurous teenager she has become So when a mysterious boy bent on breaking the rules strolls into her classroom Gloria is ready to fall nder his spell Uman is.

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