[E–pub] Alpha Star Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides #1; Intergalactic Dating Agency #3 BY Elsa Jade

Alpha Star Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides #1; Intergalactic Dating Agency #3A different sort of aliencyborg type of story that I haven t read before It held my attention but something felt a little off to me that I can t ut my but something felt a little off to me that I can t The Hiding Place put my on what that is The flow was smooth The world building was alright could have been a little better There were a fewlaces I felt like D j vu or like I read snippets from another book at some oint in the ast year I know I haven t read this before though I did like the Hero Sinn he was interesting in need of some humbling with dealing with Earther women or atleast Zoe But the heroine Zoe was a bit off utting to me not because of her roblems recovering from a brain injury It was worth a read even if it could have used some smoothing out I The Elephants Journey picked up this book asart of an anthology and loved it so much I immediately Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' put the other three books in the series on my wishlist Sin wascomplicated The galaxy he lived in was complex I was already onboard with those two things and then he startedI don t know what you call it He was fric I m uite impressed with this book First time author for me and I ll be sure to read I found it by looking into the Intergalactic Dating Agency seriesthis is book 3 but the 1st one by Elsa JadeLoved the concept of the mating rings and Sin s spaceship crew was reminiscent of Guardians of the Galaxy Zoe was not a typical heroineshe s got some substance to her and somehysical injuries that still lague her Just okayThis story is well written but I found that I didn t like the heroine much and because of that I found her unworthy of the hero Aside from sex and being true mates I am not sure the hero could and being true mates I am not sure the hero could likeable ualities in her There just wasn t time Only my opinion of course free on on ibooks today of course FREE on on iBooks today In an engaging mashup Elsa Jade weaves in shifters and cyborgs two other hugely opular tropes The result is the LOL antics of the couples Changing Face of the Hero paired by the Intergalactic Dating Agency where Tinder and MatchCom meet spaceships and blastersWith space opera esue good vs evil to leaven the romance these books are fastaced and relatively short at 150 170 ages To borrow from fellow author. He will be lord of his own solar system but he can’t claim the homeworld until he takes a bride He needs the right mate to win his mating rings but choosi. Rachel Chanticleer these types of books are cotton candy reads Sweet and satisfying but not It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life particularly substantial All the fun for being a guiltyleasureNote my original review was meant for particularly substantial All the fun for being a guilty Lignin Biodegradation pleasureNote my original review was meant for Burn the covers are similar Three and a half My first book by this author but I can see that she clearly has a good imagination and stories to tell This took an unexpected turn as when Sin turned up collect his bride she had absolutely no idea what on Earth he was talking about Turns out someone else has applied to find theirerfect match which leaves Sin in rather a uandary Zoe is someone who has been through a lot and Pure Chance physically she is still having issues but that doesn t stop her from standing up to Sin I liked this juxtaposition as even when fragile Zoe could be strong So if I liked it why not a higher rating Well actually in spite of obvious andhysical differences at times Sin just didn t strike me as The Lady and the Lionheart particularly alien He sossibly a lot nicer than I wanted his manner is sweet and even his crew whilst admittedly hysically very different to humans just felt very ordinary I think I must refer the dominant types that often appear in alien romance but I do hasten to reassure my fellow readers that this was an entertaining book and one I would recommend Loved it My heart fluttered with the way they showed love rogression The matriarch of the clan has beueathed Sin the fifth son of a fourth son of an eighth son a solar system The only condition to claim said solar system is that he gets a bride And the easiest way to get a bride is to ask the Intergalactic Dating Agency for helpEven before they reach Earth Sin gets the good news They found his match And she S PERFECT FOR HIMBUT WHEN HE perfect for himBut when he to meet her and take her with him onto his spaceship he realizes Zoe has no idea what he s talking about And she has no intention of being his bride She has no intention of even dating him least of all mating himSo Sin does the gentleman y thing robably for the first time in his life and leaves But there s one eculiar thing about a fated match you don t mess with FateI loved thi. Ng one female from among the neighboring systems while slighting the others could start an interstellar incident and this ex mercenary starship captain has. ,
S story Loved it to bits It had it all Sexy hunk of a hero a spunky heroine sweet and hot romance alien tech fraternal rivalry and a little bit of suspense driven damsel in distress ingThere weren t as many faux as due to cultural differences and language barriers as in the revious two stories and I must say it worked very well without that unnecessary repetition The two leads were awesome their first encounter funny and it worked very well without that unnecessary repetition The two leads were Awesome Their First Encounter Funny their first encounter funny budding romance cute and sweet as heck until it went hot Really hot Sin was a sweetheart with a merc mentality but a heart of gold and a code of honor that knocked that merc mentality out cold when the moment called for it Zoe was your typical non believer Earthling but with a solid head on her shoulders and a sharp mind that didn t let her be blind or in denial for too long She had her issues thanks to the brick to the head incident that held her back for the duration of the story but it didn t make her whiny or idiotic She actually came through as ragmatic and a realist which is a breath of fresh air in a romance Especially one involving drop dead gorgeous aliens The supporting cast didn t have much of a role except to ropel the story forward with nicely timed explanations The supporting cast didn t have much of a role except to ropel the story forward with nicely timed explanations expository scenes I still loved Sin s two crew mates Honey and Ivan though I hope their stories are the two remaining ones in this mini series because I d love to see of themI loved the narrative style and voice the acing was spot on maybe the whole thing dragged a little in the second half during the suspense art but I didn t mind since I knew the ending was near the characters were rather well fleshed out and the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 premise worked well Overall a great story I really liked the Hero his alien ness was so interesting in that he absorbs the metals of his homeworld into his body And when he finds his fated mated he gets metal rings as a manifestation of the match I didn t like the heroine so much but I guess I understood her reluctance to go right away with the Hero as she didn t sign up for a dating agency and she had no idea what he was talking about I wanted smexy times too. Finally had enough of war Where in the universe can a runaway cyborgrince find a naïve female willing to risk her life on the dangerous frontiers of spac. ,