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This is a collection of short stories That All Have Ghostly Or Supernatural Connotations all have ghostly or supernatural connotations them I picked up the book to read the first story which was a novella from the In Death "series by JD Robb and it was very interesting While it won t kill the series if "by JD Robb and it was very interesting While it won t kill the series if miss it it is entertaining Most of the stories were entertaining but I just wasn t that into them It took me forever to finally read all the stories in the book as I kept picking up other books that were interesting If ou have nothing else to read this selection will fill Nam your time but ifou cherish our reading timefind something else I only read Ritual in Death It was good Not great Satanic theme again Very rushed Like all of the anthologies in this series by J D Robb Mary Blayney Ruth Ryan Langan and Mary Kay McComas the Robb and McComas stories are the best and the chief reason I buy these books Robb because I m a long time fan and McComas because she has a wo This collection of four stories was entertaining I m not a fan of anthologies in general since they are too short but every so often I still give them a chance Do not like J D Robb at all but this book was saved by the three other contributing authors who saved this book I read this because I am addicted to the Eve Dallas series by J D Robb That story was good but limited by the short 85 pages I ve never read the other authors before and I realize they too were dealing with space limitations But Mary Blayney s story actually managed to be extremely boring and tedious in a mere 79 Pages Ruth Ryan Langan pages Ruth Ryan Langan story was plain awful The main character is supposedly the best homicide detective specializing in closing cold cases that his department has ever seen And et he is steadfastly clueless through the entire story and when it finally wraps up he doesn t close the case The final story by Mary Kay McComas was better but barely Her similes kept pulling me out of the story Seconds crawled by like so many snails in a gastropod parade one after another and they began to sense he d move on undetected And Like the practiced thieves that they weren t the three of them slipped around the immaculate little kitchen like eels at the bottom of the sea skirting the old woman as if she were a rock snagging bread and little cakes and a jar of plum preserves that threatened to send Nester into a visual orgasm on the spot Give me a break I only recommend this for the J D Robb story Don t bother with the others Ritual in Death JD RobbLieutenant Eve Dallas plunges into the violent aftermath of a ritualistic murder and into the mind of an alleged witness who can't remember a thing to save his lifeLove Endures Mary BlayneyInvesti.

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Suite 606Ow in the heck do I rate Suite 606 This is a collection of four paranormal romantic suspense stories by four different authors and I had four very different reactionsFirst up and collection of four paranormal romantic suspense stories by four different authors and I had four very different reactionsFirst up and overwhelming reason to buy this sucker is jd robb to buy this sucker is JD Robb Ritual in Death Here we re treated to the latest doings of Eve and Roarke When the glittering society party Roarke and Eve are attending is interrupted by the appearance of a very nude very bloody man with a knife Eve thanks Whatever God Is Watching Out For Her And Kicks Into god is watching out for her and kicks into The corpse appears to have been a victim of a ritual sacrifice of some sort and Eve may have to resort to some extremely unorthodox techniues to catch this killerLove Endures by Mary Blayney is a historical about love betrayed and love regainedwith the help of a not so helpful ghostCold Case by Ruth Ryan Langan tells of a modern burned out bummed out cop and his arresting and haunting vacationAnd the book closes with Wayward Wizard by Mary Kay McComas another contemporary story about an estranged mother and child and the wizard whose unexpected appearance helps bridge their gapAs expected I LOVED Robb s story and for Eve Roarke fans this one alone makes shelling out the cash for the book woth every penny Next best for me was a tie between Mary Blayney s story and Wayward Wizard even though both heroines took a bit of warming up to As for Langan s story it didn t particularly sit well with me and the ending was a bit jarring Like many if not most who read this I pretty much got it for the Eve Dallas story that leads it off I m a huge fan of the series and the characters and enjoy that world enough to stop by for a shorter visit Eve gets rescued from a dinner party when a very naked man shows up with a bloody knife than enough to get the attention of the bored kick ass detective The case leads to a ritual murder and elements of the supernatural Lippenbekenntnisse you don t generally find in the In Death series The second story Love Endures seems to be related to another short I read in a different anthology with a magic coin playing a big part in the paranormal romance story There s a ghost and some kind of deal with a powerful entity as well Cold Case is about a burned out cop haunted by his partner s death He goes away to heal and gets into an accident because of a storm seeking shelter in a strange place with odd inhabitants shades of Rocky Horror It s fairly predictable Batting clean up Wayward Wizard features a woman trying. Gates the connection between a ghost a magic coin and a deliberate deception that has kept two lovers apart forearsCold Case Ruth Ryan LanganBrings a lost man out of a pounding storm and into the arms of a welcoming To mend her relationship with her son a not entirely competent wizard and sort of cameos by the other three stories It was all right but not great The JD Robb was the best of them and I d say Wayward Wizard was second Probably only recommend to JD Robb fans and completists I only read the story by JD Robb I glanced at the other three but they re primarily romance stories which do NOT interest meThe whole point of these little anthologies is to introduce readers who enjoy an established author s work to other similar authors right I know that JD Robb is a pen name for Nora Roberts I know that
"the stories she "
stories she as NR are romances If I saw an anthology anchored by an NR story I d expect it to be full of romancesHowever I don t read the NR stuff I only read her JDR books which have a little romantic spice about the main character Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke with occasional glimpses into Eve s partner Peabody s relationship with her guy McNab That s it though Neither of those sets of relationships are the focal point of the plots The mysterycrime is the main thing and while they re set in the future with the advantages of technology we don t et have they re essentially police procedurals I don t consider them SF uite because all the tech seems to be extrapolated from what we have now and uite uite because all the tech seems to be extrapolated from what we have now and uite And of course the tech isn t the point of the stories eitherSo why not put similar stories in an anthology anchored by a JDR story Why why why Misleading and disappointing readers is NOT the way to garner any positive buzz for the lesser known authors and the backlash can lead to less enthusiasm from established readers like me for the established author s work Barely readable The only story I was able to finish was Ritual in Death by JD Robb and even then I felt short changed Eve was just surly well than usual and poor Roarke was reduced to sillinessI found the writing of Love Endures by Mary Blayney very poor and the characters were all unlikeable If this story is representative of her writing I will not pick up any Cold Case by Ruth Ryan Langan was somewhat better and the story was interesting but I found the emotional development of the leading chracters totally ridiculous I got fed up halfway through and skimmed pages to the endDidn t even try the Mary Kay McComas selectionBottom lineIf ou want to read it borrow it from Impossible Things your library My copy is going to my nearest secondhand store the first chance I get. Oman for a breathtaking twist of fateWayward Wizard Mary Kay McComasFollows a mother and son lost in the threads of history and an impaired wizard who must return them to their own world to fulfill his own destiny in ti.