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Am enjoying the different takes the authors are writing to modernize these classics She sets Othello in a grade school in Washington DC and the story takes place all in a day The students are now in sixth grade have known each other for years statuses clearly defined top of the heap before moving onto Middle schhol and starting at the bottom White and privileged and inot this grouping comes a new student a black boy called OA interesting concept and certainly one can see why this would be an enticing setting I found though the concept almost two obvious one can see where this is headed all the way I felt this became about racial prejudice especially from the teachers who have very preconceived notions of the trouble this student will cause than a recounting or reformatting of Othello Though the author does throw in some familiar bits to keep the connection alive strawberries for one and the mention of Ian playing Puck in the students production of Midsummers night dream Ian of course being the bully of the piece as far as the children go but this also presented a problem In my experience bullies at that age terrorize pick on and steal from those younger than themselves what I uestion is Ian s ability to plan and manipulate as he does here So as a story I liked this but as a connection to Othello felt it was tenuous at best and maybe had its own agenda Tracy Chevalier s New Boy is a bravely re imagined work of Hogarth Shakespearean fiction Reset in the 1970s on an elementary school playground Othello s racial tensions and treachery are re imagined here in a uniue new format When Osei arrives at his fourth school in as many cities he is suarely familiar with not only the sensation of being the new boy but of being the only black boy as well A product of an educated diplomatic Ghanaian family he is bright and sharply intelligent He knows what to expect in this all white atmosphere that he has once again been implanted into but to his surprise becomes friends with the Golden Girl of the sixth grade class on his very first day Yet when ealousies and tempers flare the prejudice toward the school s lone black student propelling hateful words and malicious deeds forward the students lives are forever changed in this one day at schoolAdmittedly this is a highly imaginative setting for these characters yet I can t really imagine this novel as an adult read With that being said I am grading it as high brow YA in the similar vein of vocabulary and maturity as Ransom Riggs Peculiar Children series Here I enjoyed the witty wink toward the original with Chevalier s use of derivatives of the original characters names Othello became Osei Desdemona became Dee Iago became Ian and so forth William Shakespeare s Othello has long been one of my absolute favorites of his works what can I say I m partial to his tragedies Tracy Chevalier s adaptation of it is a work of short literary form under 200 pages that read uickly but not necessarily immersively For the majority of the read I felt that I was sitting on the surface of it all the contrived situations and melodramatic plot fitting for YA I suppose but wasn t immersive for me as an adult reader until the last fifth or so of the novel There the plot picked up speed and the threads of action began to pull together As a YA read Tracy Chevalier s New Boy functions as a relatable lesson teaching book with easily identifiable characters the new kid the mean kid the popular boy the skanky girl the sidekick and the weird girl All of the typical players you d need for a playground drama exist here and that makes this a great read for middle schoolers and early high schoolers Also the subject matter and the way that Chevalier tackles it here is also expertly handled for that age group where it will read as not only relatable but shocking simultaneouslyHoweverI definitely had some issues with this read which is part of the reason why I ust can t label it as adult fiction and why I could not give it a higher ratingview spoiler1 The drama turned to melodrama pretty uickly because of turned to melodrama pretty uickly because of unlikeliness of this plot line Of course we can argue that Shakespeare often gravitated toward the melodramatic his plays were for theater after all but New Boy was often delivered as a string of events that all culminated into the ending rather than a plausible story line that I could get behind hide spoiler This is the modern reimagining in the Hogarth Shakespeare series of the dark psychological play Othello It is transferred to the 1970s and set amongst 6th graders and teachers in a elementary school in a the 1970s and set amongst 6th graders and teachers in a elementary school in a of Washington DC It works surprisingly well and the action takes place over the period of a day The heavy and raw emotions of an incendiary ealousy bent on destruction rage envy insecurity and resentment fits well into the school playground where the smallest of incidents gets blown up into mammoth proportions The importance attached to in crowds and popularity resonate with school kids and underline its insidious malevolence in the school milieuOsei is black a Ghanian diplomat s son and the eponymous new boy who understands the need for friends to fit in into the all white school There is blatant presence of a casual racism coming from teachers and children Rising above all that and seeking to understand is the bright pretty and popular Dee who befriends Osei along with Casper This puts the cat among the pigeons as the old social order perceives itself to be threatened personified by the manipulative and ealous Ian chief ruler of the playground using fear and bullying as his means to establish his top dog position Ian has no intention of letting things stand as they are between the star crossed lovers Unlike Othello we get glimpses of the sweet and tender relationship between Osei and Dee Ian is reduced to a vindictive petty and smaller character in the greater scheme of things than the central larger than life Iago envisioned in Othello We all know where the action is inexorably heading lending dread to the narrative for the readerThis novel speaks volumes with regards to the issue of race in contemporary politics and society Osei is the outsider whose treatment bears distinctly uncomfortable parallels with the experience of black people and migrants today The schoolyard is but A Micro Stage Of The micro stage of the national and international stage inhabited by adults Tracy Chevalier s reworking of Othello does not by any means work perfectly Nevertheless the setting is a success the time frame perhaps less so I found this a uick absorbing compelling and entertaining read Highly recommended and a great way to get young people into Shakespeare Thanks to Random House Vintage for an AR. Schoolyard where kids fall in and out of love with each other before lunchtime and practice a casual racism picked up from their parents and teachers Peeking over the shoulders of four 11 year olds Osei Dee Ian and his reluctant girlfriend Mimi Tracy Chevalier's powerful drama of friends torn apart by ealousy bullying and betrayal will leave you reeling. Ense for OseiOthello DeeDesdemona and IanIago means we follow Tracy Chevalier s developments through the day with trepidation these are children after all so their confusion and anger and distress and suffering all the weigh on our conscience especially driven as they are by parental and social forces imposed on these childrenIn less than 200 pages Chevalier gives us a wealth of backstory for Osei Dee Ian and MimiEmilia In some ways I was amazed at how uickly Chevalier could push the story into its downward spiral and yet these adolescents were not mere stand ins for their Shakespearean counterparts Osei s double isolation as the only black boy and new boy at school is mirrored in his home life disconnected from his parents no longer having a real relationship with his once beloved sister constant relocation due to his father s many postings various successful and unsuccessful outings at American schools and dealing with the ignorance and casual and overt racism in the world around him Osei is an intelligent boy but one susceptible to the machinations and manipulations of Ian with the growth of his inner rage fear loneliness and pain We may not get uite as much detailed backstory with Dee but we are given enough to see how different Dee is from her peers that she is eager to connect with Osei and seeks to understand him and bridge the gap between their differences a bright happy serene girl worldly and mature than others in her class whose goodness and boldness Ian exploits to drive Osei s suspicion Ian is perhaps most like his original source Iago pure Machiavellian villain clawing at power brutal and uncaring of the feelings of others driven by ealously and coldly delighting in his power to destroy But he too arouses pity and sympathy an adolescent if only we could reach him turn him to a better path And that is the genius of Chevalier s setting and time and characters New Boy keeps the powerful themes of Shakespeare s work but ups the ante and the stakes since it s the lives of children now in the balanceOverall this is a worthy entry to the Hogarth Shakespeare series and though I did find some flaws with it and did not love it nearly as much as the muscular and meta Hag Seed I would definitely recommend it That said I think this one is for readers of contemporary fiction than Shakespeare fans there s little allusion or ode to Othello or the Bard here which means the story and characters stand on their own merits but is a bit untethered from its source material received an ARC of this on edelweiss thanks to Hogarth and Penguin Random House Osei Kokote is a diplomats son who has changed school multiple times and has recently moved again As the new boy in school in a Washington suburb in the 1970s and the only black student he is unsure of his place at the beginning of the story Many of the students are unsure of how to behave around him except Dee who is immediately drawn to him Dee is one of the most popular girls in school and all the other kids take note of the budding relationship between Dee and Osei Osei further cements his new status by doing well in a softball game which makes him friends with another popular kid Ian the schoolyard bully doesn t like how uickly Osei is accepted and resents the respect Osei gets and sets out to ruin his relationship with DeeI haven t read Othello and I only have a vague idea about what happens in it so I can t really compare this to the original I ve seen a lot of people s reviews saying it s not as good and so maybe I enjoyed the book much because I haven t read Othello I also want to say I m not black so I don t think I can really say how accurate the portrayal of racism was There were some things I could relate to because I Am Still Considered am still considered minority but each minority comes with its own sets of stereotypes and which leads to difference in the way you re treated so I don t want to speak over anyone who wants to say it isn t consistent with their experience I did think some of it matched up with my own experience though especially the roundabout ways in which people went about expressing their prejudice I think the biggest problem with the book is that all the events are supposed to happen in one day and so it felt a little unbelievable that so much would change in the course of a school day Personally when I went to school most of the day was spent in class so I don t see how so much could happen but the kids in the book do seem to get free time outside of their lunch period Also I think the maturity attributed to the kids was a little iffy because they are 11 and I don t think 11 year olds can plan ahead in such a calculated manner as Ian did Children tend not to be as good with plan and executive function so I had a hard time believing he was so calculating and self aware of his manipulation If it had seemed like he was ust doing things without really thinking through it in such a logical way because of reinforcement from the past for his manipulation then I might have found it believable I also don t know about the sexual aspect of Ian pressing himself up against Mimi I do get that around this age kids start to become sexualized but I don t think they ve left the kissing phase to Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived jump to other things yet I also thought that the ending was a little rushed especially when view spoiler Osei calls her a whore and Dee runs home Itust felt slightly out of character from the way Osei was presented as being for him to ust take Ian s word and not even ask Dee about it hide spoiler My third in this series of Shakespearean rewrites but sadly I did not enjoy it as much as either Hag Seed or Vinegar GirlNew Boy is based on Othello and many of the similarities were obvious but I thought the author s idea of placing the action in a 1970 s elementary school in the USA was problematic at least for me I really feel that eleven year old children in 1970 were not so USA was problematic at least for me I really feel that eleven year old children in 1970 were not so smart or so sexualised I am sure they may have ostracised the single non white child in the school but the havoc this child wreaks in one simple six hour school day is nonsensicalThe idea was good the writing is good but the setting is wrong and the time span far too short Even for a Young Adult audience the age group of the characters is too youngOops Sorry did not mean to be so critical Let s ust say this book did not do it for me but I notice that many OTHER PEOPLE LIKED IT VERY MUCH I WILL BE people liked it very much I will be here and say that while I knew the rough story of Othello I have never read it or seen it so I chose to read this book from the synopsis rather than the Shakespearean con Chevalier takes on Othello in this latest entry from the Hogarth Shakespeare series The third I have read and. Dee the most popular girl in school But one student can't stand to witness this budding relationship Ian decides to destroy the friendship between the black boy and the golden girl By the end of the day the school and its key players teachers and pupils alike will never be the same again The tragedy of Othello is transposed to a 1970's suburban Washington. This is a powerful and poignant retelling of Shakespeare s Othello I read the original and its modern predecessor back to back and in my humble opinion thought Chevalier did The League for the Suppression of Celery justice to this timeless story from the renowned bardIt was a bold and interesting option to transmute the original from an epic tragedy to the experiences of a handful of children duringust one school day on a playground This truncated time period and microcosm community is used as a stage for the wider modern political and social world If Shakespeare wrote of the conspiracies of man then Chevalier drew insight to the pettiness of it Her young cast of characters are every bit as scheming intuitive and pack minded as their ancient counter parts and this proved that the same prejudices are sadly every bit as prevalent centuries laterI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author Tracy Chevalier and the publisher Hogarth for this opportunity Received an ARC from Penguin Random House Canada in exchange for a fair reviewTracy Chevalier hit the right notes in this retelling of Othello New Boy is a perfect depiction of how a day or two in the life of a child can feel like an eternity This story was beautifully told and it reinvigorated some of that painful nostalgia inside me that I had forgotten about Chevalier remembers exactly what it was like to be a child trying to navigate the playgroundNew Boy is a story about an elementary school aged black boy named Osei who attends a new school with only a month remaining in the school year He is the only black student at this schoolChevalier hit the nail on the head regarding childhood politics There are social hierarchies among children political mind games sabotage love anger oy and all the real emotions children feel The most profound aspect of this novel for me was the accurate depiction of adult versus child paradigms and how they clash especially with regard to race I found that if you were to strip away the adults in this novel and have only children remaining race would not have been a factor at all Really the only people who took issue with a black boy in an all white school were the adults certain teachers and parents alike And if there is a child on the playground that showed racist tendencies it was correctly shown that those attitudes were learned Children learn racism from adults it is not an innate concept I also really enjoyed the roller coaster ride that was the romantic drama Within the course of a day or two relationships between the children can be built and destroyed and vice versa We all experience the political mind games of childhood romance the secret sabotage by someone who wants to date the person you re dating the feeling that your love will last forever only to be torn away a few hours later Hours feel like years when you re that youngThis story was at times heartening but than anything it was heartbreaking I don t often truly cry when I m reading but this book made me cry I felt like I was right there in Osei s shows reliving childhood all over again We can all relate to being the centre of attention as a child It s especially painful because as a child we want to blend in we do not want to stand out This is made particularly true for Osei who stands out simply because of the colour of his skin He often times overhears adults speaking about being afraid even to touch his skin Although I know what it feels to be different I do not know truly how it feels to be different because of my skin colour But good fiction can help us to empathise and realise a closer understanding and this is what Chevalier achieved here This book reaffirms my belief that we don t listen enough to children Children see the world with a clarity that adults often forget they also once enjoyed Children have not yet been hardened and beaten into believing this or that and are therefore freer and open minded They see people not for the colour of their skin but for how that person respects them I think the greatest tragedy in life is an adult forgetting what it was like to be a child i would recommend to be a child I would recommend book It s a perfect example of how powerful literature can be because it transports you to a place you ve already been yet still teaches you something entirely new The Hogarth Shakespeare series has brought us a mixed bunch of novelisations to date some excellent My Name is Shylock Hag Seed some so so Vinegar Girl and this which ust didn t work for me at all Chevalier transfers Othello to an American elementary school in 1970s Washington and makes all the characters 11 year olds yep 11 In some ways this sticks uite closely to the play in terms of the plot and characters details O is Othello Dee is Desdemona the racist teacher Mr Brabant is Brabantio the school bully Ian is Iago the handk New Boy is a very tightly wound compact retelling of Othello that retains the original s exploration of love and betrayal racism strength and weakness but transforms the situation to an elementary school and setting the conflict between adolescents which heightens the tension and pathos for the reader Tracy Chevalier does a fine ob turning the classic passionate tragedy into a character drama in which the children s thoughts and deeds are a reflection of the some of the worst or most insidious ills and nastiness of American society and though set in the 1970s I felt a dull ache of discomfort of how relevant the same sentiments and issues and ills are in today s world I would rate this 35 stars overall it s perhaps a bit short for my liking especially considering Othello is one of Shakespeare s longer plays somewhat unbelievable in the is one of Shakespeare s longer plays somewhat unbelievable in the of escalation of events arrival and love and betrayal and conseuences all in a single school day the ending which has a dark but unsettled feeling and it didn t do much to engage with the source material beyond its adaptation to this new narrative which felt like a bit of a missed opportunity But I rounded up to 4 stars for the very solid craft and execution the well developed versions of Othello Desdemona and Iago who uickly captured my interest and aroused my sympathy and the consistently tense and foreboding atmosphere Chevalier created in the most seemingly unassuming of locations and placesOsei is the titular new boy a Ghanaian diplomat s son whose arrival on the playground of an all white school in the Washington DC upends the established array of alliances and status to the delight of Dee who immediately connects with Osei and to the displeasure of Ian who prefers the previous pecking order and wants to destabilize O s fledgling relationship with Dee and social currency Knowing what s in store in a general From the New York Times bestselling author of Girl with a Pearl Earring comes the fifth installment in the Hogarth Shakespeare series a modern retelling of Othello set in a suburban schoolyardArriving at his fifth school in as many years a diplomat's son Osei Kokote knows he needs an ally if he is to survive his first day so he's lucky to hit it off with. New Boy Author Tracy Chevalier