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Working Windows: A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Wood Windows eOk that when reading nonfiction I prefer shorter books This book was still well written and thought through thoroughly but it didn t have the compelling story that I crave as a reader The authorffectively proved his point though and I would The Game of Love even say I agree with him I learned a lot from this book and I have a in depth understanding of humanvolution and the creative spark that set our species apart from all the others In addition to this the book gave me insight into our modern world The author wrote this book beautifully but I realized that long books packed with heavy facts make it challenging for me to maintain my focus I would recommend this book to anyone who loves A LONG READ ABOUT SCIENCE CULTURE long read about science culture and creativity I should warn readers that there is a chapter that talks about sex but only the science of it For readers who prefer a story with an actual plot and characters I would not pick up this book Over all The Creative Spark is innovative and any reader into science and Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition evolution would absolutely love it Alaia M This wasn t the kind of book I wasxpecting but it was a fascinating anthropological study on human creativity I m sure for someone without a background in anthropology this would be "An Enlightening Read I "enlightening read I say that it s positives are that it s well written for the layman and flows fairly ffortlessly However I feel that much of it is based on subjective information rather than hard fact or data and that when given the opportunities to really buckle down and provide some detailed insight on an area of focus it is instead glossed over with caveats of we may never know Worth taking a "look at but i don t feel it "at but I don t feel it really made any solid headway in developing its theory that creativity has shaped human xistenc. Elopment of our bodies minds and cultures both for good and for bad It's not the drive to reproduce; nor competition for mates or resources or power; nor our propensity for caring for one another that have separated us out from all other creatures As Fuentes concludes to make something lasting and useful today you need to understand the nature of your collaboration with others what imagination can and can't accomplish and finally just how completely our creativity is responsible for the world we live in Agustin Fuentes's resounding multimillion year perspective will inspire readers and spark all kinds of creativity. ,

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I received this in xchange for an honest review from NetGalley Thank you "to the author Agustin Fuentes and the publisher Dutton Books for this opportunityThis "the "author Agustin Fuentes and the publisher Dutton Books for this opportunityThis fiction details the history of humanity "Agustin Fuentes and the publisher Dutton Books for this opportunityThis fiction details the history of humanity creative spirit merging in perhaps the most obvious and yet unforeseen of ways This isn t concerned with the so called creative geniuses but with the Eyes everyday man and womanThearliest hunter gatherers showed signs of this creative spark in their use of fire and the construction "of the arliest forms of tools for cutting Every social group shows " the arliest forms of tools for cutting Every social group shows of this creative spark in their hierarchical organisation and ability to cohabitate in the same sector The human species Sinner's Heart entirevolutionary process has shown us that our creative spark is what has allowed us to progress and to growWhilst I found the overall subject matter fascinating I also found it dwelling on topics I didn t find of much particular interest There was a lot of focus on the animals we descended from and I wasn t xpecting such a large portion of the book to focus on this I sometimes found myself skimming some sections until it got back to the initial subject it was focusing onThe arguments this book raised I had often never heard phrased as such before and it provided some insightful food for thought This might not have been wholly what I was looking for but it was interesting well structured and an in depth insight into human volution as I have never seen it discussed before This book was a Spirit of the Wolf easy read for me as I was familiar with Jared Diamond s books it was almost like reading a summary ofvery chapter in Guns Germs and Steel with a tinge too much of moral justifications added The Creative Spark by Agust n FuentesDutton and Random Penguin House 2017 340 pagesNonfic. In the tradition of Jared Diamond s million copy selling classic Guns Germs and Steel a bold new synthesis of paleontology archaeology genetics and anthropology that overturns misconceptions about race war and peace and human nature itself answering an age old uestion What made humans so A Vineyard Christmas exceptional among all the species on Earth Creativity It is the secret of what makes humans special hiding in plain sight Agustin Fuentes argues that your child's finger painting comesssentially from the same place as creativity in hunting and gathering millions of years ago and throughout history in making war and peace in intim. ,

Tion The Creative Spark is a fascinating book that tells the story of the Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose evolution of our uniue creativity that made our species the arguably great species we are today Fuentes believes that the creativity used in a child s finger painting is the same creativity that inspiredarly Homo to work together make tools hunt and gather The book begins at the very beginning of our species ven before we were bipedal Fuentes describes how we slowly stopped dwelling in trees and abandoned walking on all fours ntirely Our brains got bigger and along with bigger brains came new creative thinking Thoughts of using items on the ground as tools or altering them to make them useful is what distinguished our species from our primate relatives Fuentes beautifully unfolds the tale of our volution and special creative thinking and argues why he believes that the creativity used in a painting or sculpture comes from the hunting gathering creativity used millions of years agoBecause there is a lot of information to give about human volution the book is split into four uniue parts Sticks
"and stones what "
Stones What for Dinner War and Sex and The Great Works Sticks and Stones and What s for Dinner are mainly about the developing species learning to make and use tools There are lots of references to groups of monkeys and how their social structures weren t all that different from ours War and Sex shows the delicate balance between peace and war in addition to how we stopped limiting sex to a function that was for reproductive purposes only The last part The Works is about religion arts and architecture three things that still shape the world todayAlthough The Creative Spark was interesting it lacked a captivating feel to it I realized by reading this bo. Ate relationships in shaping the planet in our communities and in all of art religion and ven scienceIt reuires imagination and collaboration Every poet has her muse; very ngineer an architect; very politician a constituency The manner of the collaborations varies widely but successful collaboration is inseparable from imagination and it brought us Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, everything from knives and hot meals to iPhones and interstellar spacecraft Weaving fascinating stories of our ancient ancestors' creativity Fuentes finds the patterns that match modern behavior in humans and animals This key uality has propelled thevolutionary dev.
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The Creative Spark How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional