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Er I had grown up imbibing the values of freedom and opportunity with my mother s milkShe helped a lot of opportunity with my mother s milkShe helped a of apartheid activists during the struggle The ANC has never really given her recognition for any of this They don t like her because she has never taken a bribe and never stopped striving to build an all inclusive non racial country sometimes at great costs to her personal lifeBut she never bore grudges Like she said I don t have nough space on my Gender Justice emotional hard drive to store grudges or hard feelings The task at hand to make South Africa a better place was her life s work For her people are not defined by creed dogma orthnic origin but by kindred spirits and shared valuesThe way she wrote about her mother and her last days *touched me deeply during all her responsibilities she *me deeply During all her responsibilities she took time to write letters to her mother Behind the facade of a woman of steel is a woman that loves her family deeplyIn her own words If the purpose of life is to find a maningful purpose I had found mine Building a party that overcome historical barriers of race Generations and Collective Memory ethnicity culture and prejudice to bring together a new majority based on values principles and policiesLike her namesake Helen Suzman Zille is brave she is tenacious and she is magnificent She will not give up on South Africa Not without a fight Didn t think I would be gripped by political memoir but I was Reuired reading for all students of South African politics A woman with an iron will who made a profound contribution to building a democratic opposition to an increasingly undemocratic ANC I was a bit averse about getting down reading this bookspecially after the debacle about her tweet re colonialism It turned out to be a very readable book The main thing about Helen Zille is that she has been unwaveri. Hen the party was locked in a no holds barred factional conflict And she chronicles the intense political battles to become mayor of Cape Town leader of the DA and premier of the Western Cape in the face of dirty tricks from the ANC and infighting within her own partyThis is a story about political intrigue and treachery floor crossing and unlikely coalitions phone tapping and intimidation false criminal charges and judicia. ,

I really njoyed this bio It DELVES INTO THE WORLD OF LOCAL into the world of local national politics in South Africa giving the delves into the world of local and national politics in South Africa giving the an idea of what the DA is up against It is balanced with some personal and intimate details of Ms Zille Everyone in SA should read this book Immensely readable insightful page turner Never thought I d use those words to comment on a political autobiographyI found myself reading into the wee hours very night and it those words to comment on a political autobiographyI found myself reading into the wee hours From Notes to Narrative every night and it something of a ritual whereach morning upon waking up I d discuss the I am not one that is into non fiction books or biographies of any kind so when I got this book as a present from someone who knew I am a fan of Helen Zille I was not really impressed And when I picked up the book with the intention to read one chapter at a time inbetween reading other books I was totally prepared to be boredWell I couldn t stop reading Her story just fascinated me from the first chapter She has an honest and open way of writing Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America even about the mistakes she made that made me admire herven I knew politics are a dirty business I just never realised how dirty The fact that Zille built the DA to what it is today is nothing short of a miracle So many things go on behind the scenes that the man in the street knows nothing about Sometimes it was like a mafia story than an autobiography And what is the most scary is that it is all trueI never knew much about Helen s husband and in the book one gets to know much about the man behind the woman He is a remarkable man to support her all these years And it was for sure not always God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School easy for him In the book she writes about her Jewish family of which many died in concentration camps during World War 2 Thatxplains a lot about how she was raised and to always strive for fairness and Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) euality for all people I uote Helen Zille’s long awaited autobiography is one of the most fascinating political stories of our timeZille takes the reader back to her humble family origins her struggle with anorexia as a young woman herarly career as a journalist for the Rand Daily Mail and her involvement with the End Conscription Campaign and the Black Sash She documents her arly days in the Democratic Party and the Democratic Alliance at a time ,

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