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By writing ven the most blase underwhelming memoir but by opening up and writing something that by opening up and writing something that truly uality work he shares something with us that is not only important but pleasurable to readHalfway through the book Hansen tells of the struggle to write in the midst of the Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, emotional and logistical challenges of infertility treatment Many times he felt like he was failing as a writer Butventually concluded if you don t on some level feel that you re failing your material you should probably go find some new material I for one am grateful he didn t go find some new material that he stuck with what was hardest to write and succeeded *Having just read a Mom s perspective Breeding in Captivity I was wholeheartedly *just read a Mom s perspective Breeding in Captivity I was wholeheartedly forward to reading a Dad s perspective totally different stories different families The Fix etc and I wasn t disappointed but this book was simply too long Stacy Bolt summed it up nicely Brooks Hansen s memoirnded up a novella Meh Of course I loved the story and I loved that they made a decision both of them felt was the right one in their hearts and it nds I presume the baby was a preemie after all happily ver after and veryone loves that nding I skimmed this one I started to read it but all I could think about while reading is this guy is a pretentious ass so I gave up skimmed It might be of interest to people Desire in Seven Voices experience infertility andor adoptings from Russia otherwise give it a pass. Markable account reaches its finale in Siberia however Hansen's once again becomes the story of a husband and a wife whoven after years of medical frustration and fruitless paperwork still must take one last risk together and trust in their most basic instincts before their new family can be bornLiterary grace that has the remarkable power to act as a lens is how the New York Times Book Review has described Hansen's writing and that grace has never been vident than in this remarkable memo. I suspect you won t be able to appreciate the wit and wisdom of this if you have not walked a few miles in these shoes By Joseph the author means Jesus adoptive father Behind the title Brooks Hansen has drafted an infertility and adoption memoir with a voice reminiscent of Paul Reiser than of a man who considers infertility his personal Vietnam After nine or so rounds of failures with IVF

He And His Wife 
and his wife to Siberia to adopt possibly the only perfectly healthy infant ver to come through the Russian orphanage system They meet him and he s delightful though for No Outwardly Discernible Reason They Decide Not To Go Through outwardly discernible reason they decide not to go through it They meet another baby the next day at a local hospital in Tomsk The once preemie now sturdy redheaded boy shares his first name with a Russian composer Hansen admires and the couple goes on about the business of adopting himDon t get me wrong I ve done this infertility and adoption thing too And I know that there are all kinds of ways we parents create signs and wonders out of the smallest things we re all looking for the invisible red thread of the Chinese proverb But I guess what I am saying is that Hansen s memoir ultimately fails to make me sympathetic The Casa Mono Cookbook even to his miracles I ve been putting off having children until I can safely finacially support myself This made me want to get pregnant immediatly just to make sure I canuite poignant and moving Wonderfully written A ver. While miracles in reproductive technology have brought joy to millions those very advances have plunged many couples into an unrelenting cycle of hope and heartbreak One failed attempt may lead to another and another but how do you give up when there is always another doctor another procedure holding out the possibility of conception and the child you yearn for Brooks Hansen vividly captures themotional turmoil he and his wife Elizabeth ndured as they tried to conceive the years their liv. .

Y interesting book both in terms of having a man s perspective of fertility problems and in noting the grim oy vey realities of fertility and adoption Just because the male xperience of all this sort of thing of fatherhood not naturally come by is a subtle one and just because it doesn t often get xpressed that doesn t mean there isn t something worth xpressing what it feels like to be caught up in this blur of plastic cups and paperwork committed by love by vow and by faith in some Divine Order that there is a and by faith in some Divine Order that there is a We lower our shoulders and muscle through often uite unpleasantly trying to figure out how to cope how to pay how to laugh how to change how to be the man in a situation that simply did not xist in ten thousand years of human history prior to 1981 Brooks HansenIt has been a while since I started a book I couldn t put down specially one I was reading for research purposes for my forthcoming book on infertility grief in couples Although I have not read Hansen s fiction for which he is better known his memoir is one of the most candid memorable and literary uality autobiographical works I ve read in recent memory The male
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of infertility is largely untold and understudied story In our society Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) even in religious circles we tend to feminize the struggle of childlessness in ways that leave men out of theuation By this account Hansen would have widened our perspectives of infertility. Es were put on hold and the xcruciating sense of loss He writes too of the couple's journey through the bewildering world of adoption a path to parenthood fraught with financial legal and motional risks of its ownOffering men a chance to be heard and women a rare opportunity to view the struggle with infertility from a male perspective The Brotherhood of Joseph brings to life the anger frustration humor heartbreak and sense of helplessness that come to dominate the husband's role As his re.

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The Brotherhood of Joseph A Father's Memoir of Infertility and Adoption in the 21st Century