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Techniues on how to approach revision and how to create a compelling story She cites xamples of what to do and what to avoid during the revision process She discusses techniues to make a story compelling She also suggests modeling the writing styles of award winning authors Her current knowledge on publishing trends is helpful to any writer HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDVery good book with coherent and cogent xamples and suggestions for writers of very level The structure of this book is xemplary in terms of letting a reader know if the section is relevant and useful allowing anyone to find the Tr A Veritable Goldmine A veritable goldmine information for the writer at that very crucial next step once he gets through the first draft revision Elizabeth Lyon takes step once he gets through the first draft revision Elizabeth Lyon takes from in the begining was the word to in the "END YOU WILL HAVE THE EDITED MS THE UERY "you will have the dited ms the uery and the synopsis All the how to s are very clearly laid out with good summary notes at the nd of very chapterI took one of my unpublished novellas through some of her recommended xercises and decidedly saw the uptick in its vibrance I shall be repeating this xercise with other pieces of writing from my never published and never to be published pilesThe only downer with reading this book is that you begin to wonder if A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, everything you have written before is crapMy suggestion for the writer working along with this guide is to take her manuscript throughach of the chapter topics one at a timeSo on one go around check for sentence compositions in the next check for viewpoint inconsistencies in the next look for timing and pace The Shadow Reader etc Otherwise revision a la Lyon may becomextremely frustrating That said reading this book only confirmed to me what a daunting mission it is to be a writer a good one that is Probably an art never to be mastered. Tch the prose style and structure of specific genres Correct grammar punctuation spelling and style Strategies to strengthen story beginnings and ndings Methods for increasing plot stakes creating movement and adjusting pace for maximum suspense. .

Couldn t wait to finish this book to write a reviewManuscript Makeover is simply the best book on fiction revision I have ver seen Filled with practical tools to get to grips with all the challenges that xist in first drafts Novelists would be wise to buy it immediately and keep it beside their keyboardsJust brilliant 45s My copy of Manuscript Makeover is well highlighted and flagged As I read along I made copious notes for revising my second and subseuent drafts of my current manuscript I ve read Self Editing for Fiction Writers How to Edit Yourself Into Print Revising Fiction and Revision Self Editing Techniues for transforming your first draft into a finished novel They ach have their own strengths and weaknesses AND I LEARNED SOMETHING FROM EACH I learned something from ach But if I was to recommend just one book "it would be manuscript makeover if i could "would be Manuscript Makeover If I could title this book I d call it Manuscript Makeover Revision Checklists for Fiction Writers Truly the checklists at the nds of the chapters are the superstars here The rest of it feels very textbooky which does not make for an ngaging cover to cover read Each chapter offers descriptions of various lements of storytelling reflects upon different approaches you may have taken and notes possible advantages and disadvantages of ach Then follows a checklist summarizing all those things So I think the word techniues in the title here is a bit deceiving Considerations maybe but techniues no It doesn t word techniues in the title here is a bit deceiving Considerations maybe but techniues no It doesn t xercises or anything other than the checklists as a way of looking at your draft The beginning of The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right each chapte Tremendously helpful book It has a lot of information that otherditing books contain but it also has new information as well as a new perspective that gave me a better understanding on things I needed to learn Excell. Professional Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling editor and author Elizabeth Lyon offers aspiring novelists the guidance and instruction they need to write anddit well crafted and compelling stories that will stand out from the competition and attract the attention of agents and. Ent book Filled with good xamples from a vast
*variety of *
of real from John Steinbeck to Danielle Steel to students work before it was published The xamples showed both what to do as well as what to do The book was structured really well and there were good xercises at the nd of ach chapter for those who look for that kind of thing I really liked that there was a summary of ach chapter at the nd as well For those chapters about things I feel I do well in my writing I was Able To Just Read to just read summary and see if I missed anything or was completely off base There were some pet peeves I see in writing all the time that were addressed here such as constantly changing POV If you have that issue please read this book I highly recommend this for a newer writer If you re having trouble getting published I think this would really help a lot This book is SO USEFUL I ve read a lot of writing books I like them But most of them are helpful for beginners than for people who have been writing for several years This one by an ditor gets into detail than other writing books I ve read covering Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. everything from style to structuredits at story level and sentence level ideas for Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 enriching plots and characters submission format and also how to write a uery letter and synopsis It s a guide for revisingxisting work but I believe it will be valuable for planning new stories and novels as well Thorough and well written advice This is my first choice and then her A Writer s Guide to Fiction for consulting what I wantneed to know as I work on my MS revision Also whenever I take my writing with me travelling this book comes with me I picked up this writer s craft book as a recommendation from a fellow writer This will be an on going read Lyons gives very writer practical. Publishers including Stand out style techniues from accessing an authentic voice to applying techniues of wordsmithing that transform prose How to rewrite characterization for dimensionality a universal need and theme Adjustment suggestions to ma. .
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Manuscript Makeover Revision Techniues No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore