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D the Navy and became a neurosurgeon at a Navy hospital with the rank of captain She excels at her ob But there is so much Navy hospital With The Rank Of Captain the rank of captain excels at her ob But there is so much doesn t know about lifeShe bought a beautiful home that needed to be renovated and hired local contractor Kane to do the renovations Education wise Kane is at a much lower level than Julia In fact he doesn t have any of the ualities that Julia believes she would like in a man But he offers to help her find the perfect date I enjoyed this book a lot It was a good story and had a lesson to learn Super sweet dorky and cute special edition romantic comedy Cute and fun Miniseries Sugar Falls IdahoJulia is such an interesting character I loved her complete inability to deal with electronics when she is such a capable person It is too cute Her social awkwardness is heart touching and I think her work associates missed out on getting to know a fun and entertaining person Kane is perfect for her especially with his uirks Mr Donut was a wonderful addition to their story Loved it Kim. Have any of the ualities Julia believes she needs in a man But when he offers to help her find the perfect date she reluctantly agrees And as Julia gets schooled in the fine art of love she realizes that Kane might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Of the mold after He Parents Died Unexpectedly parents died Unexpectedly A Neurosurgeon Signed Up For The Military And Is a neurosurgeon signed up for the military and is a medical doctor She s moved to a small town to be near her only living Relative Aunt Freckles I Know Stupid Name Aunt Freckles I know stupid name would definitely be annoying if she appeared in the bookJulia hires a contractor Kane at her aunt s recommendation to fix up the ramshackle home she bought Turns out Kane is actually a former star pitcher but Julia has no idea I like how these two loners come to be friends and eventually lovers I also appreciate that the big misunderstanding that we know is going to come all along plays out very uickly and doesn t cause a big breakupAbout the only thing that kept this from being a DIK for me is I found the heroine s inability to use her smart phone and pretty much any other technical device overplayed That being said I m definitely going to look for of the author s backlist Julia graduated high school when she was ust fourteen after college she excelled in medical school She oine. Lp her find a date or understand what men really want When handsome as heck contractor Kane Chatterson begins renovating Julia's house she finds himdistracting Is it his strong tanned forearms His uiet confident manner Mr Sexy Flannel Shirt doesn't. .

The Makeover Prescription by Christy Jeffries Sugar Falls Series Neurosurgeon Julia Fitzgerald graduated from high school at age 14 Very smart It all came easy to her She moved to a small town to be near her aunt She has no other family Julia hires contractor Kane Chatterson to remodel her house She didn t know he was a star pitcher in the major league rebuilds old cars and remodels older homes He has lots of money but Julia doesn t know this cause he drive an old truck when he goes to her place to work Another baseball player hit Kane in the shoulder with a bat and He Had To Have A had to have a on with a bat and he had to have a operation on shoulder and will never pitch again The player was mad because Kane walked him This is a very good story I really enjoyed this and would give it a B so 4 12 stars here While it took place in a small town it was nothing like so many of the small town filled with meddlers romances I ve read before The heroine Julia is a uirky child genius raised by strict parents focused entirely on her success To break free. REVIVING THE DOCTOR'S LOVE LIFE Neurosurgeon Julia Fitzgerald graduated high school at fourteen whizzed through med school and even became a successful navy captain Alas when the subject is romance she's and even became a successful navy captain Alas when the subject is romance she's dunce No amount of textbook learning can he.

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The Makeover Prescription Sugar Falls Idaho #5