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N but not in a way that sees these factors as prereuisites for its proposals This short book contains a very powerful for its proposals This short book contains a very powerful delivered by Thomas Sankara the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso in March 1987 to commemorate International Women s Day Sankara was the eader of a revolutionary movement that gained controlled of Upper Volta in 1983 which ater became Burkina Faso which means The Land of Upright Men Sankara was Burkina Faso s first prime minister In this speech titled The Revolution Cannot Triumph without the Emancipation of Women Sankara puts women and men as the central focus Sankara makes the argument that emancipating women through ending systems of exploitation stereotypical genders roles *Prostitution Etc Just Wild Stuff *etc Just wild stuff must read if you care to understand why Marxism is at the core of and fundamental to achieving true and asting feminism Also contains invaluable historical analysis of how existing patterns of subjugation came to be and supports their being a recent phenomenon rather than something immutable our species is programmed foreg For millennia from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age relations between the sexes were in the opinion of the most skilled paleontologists positive and complementary in character So it was for eight millennia As Frederick Engels explained to us relations were based on collaboration and interaction in contrast to "the patriarchy where women s exclusion was a generalized characteristic of the epoch Engels not only traced "patriarchy where women s exclusion was a generalized characteristic of the epoch Engels not only traced evolution of technology but also of the historic enslavement of women which occurred with the appearance of private property when one mode of production gave way to another and when one form of social organization replaced another Far ahead of his time I can t even begin to imagine many politicians today who would be able to genuinely say these things Naturally the speech has few problematic bits that wouldn t fly today which is expected and shows growth in the ideology This should be reuired read. Ion in Burkina Faso Workers and peasants in that West African country established a popular revolutionary gov.

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Among the many useful titles on women s On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS liberation published by Pathfinder Press sits a gem of a pamphlet titled Women s Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle It contains the full text of a speech given by Thomas Sankara the revolutionaryeader of the West African country Burkina Faso formally Upper Volta until his assassination in 1987Sankara gives his speech to thousands of Burkinabe women gathered to commemorate International Women s Day on March 8 1987 His speech is bereft of the dogma and the rhetoric normally seen in capitalist politicians and is remarkably direct but sincereSankara Devotes A Good a good portion speech detailing the specific challenges confronting African women in pursuit of their iberation on the continent Based on a Marxist understanding of the development of class society he points to this fact as the origin of women s oppressionSankara puts the fight of Burkinabe women as part of the struggle for women s iberation world wide A special strength of the speech is when Sankara stresses how the emancipation of women goes hand in hand with the struggle for the rehabilitation of our continentFor supporters of women s rights this pamphlet is a must read A short but gripping read consisting of Two Speeches given by Sankara The Longest one is a speech given to the *Women s Union of Burkina Faso consists of a dialectical materialist attack on the historical role of Patriarchy and the *s Union of Burkina Faso consists of a dialectical materialist attack on the historical role of Patriarchy and the of women in society as well as the challenges facing the revolutionary struggle for women s emancipation in Burkina Faso in the year 1987 The Shorter speech is a simpler declaration of the Burkinabean revolution s aims towards Women s I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad liberation Pretty much gold star materialist feminism From explaining how women s role in society came to be to how it can be changed Sankara remains on point These are the thoughts of someone who enabled very genuine and material progress for women and it shows Yes it s in a way heteronormative and bound to traditio. There is no true social revolution without theiberation of women explains the eader of the 1983 87 revolut. Women's Liberation and the African Freedom StruggleIng I cannot believe that I had never heard of Sankara before picking up this essay collectionThomas Sankara was the central eader of the popular democratic revolution in the West African country of Burkina Faso formerly Upper Volta from 1983 to 1987 Sankara was jailed briefly in 1982 after resigning a government post to protest the regime s repressive policies In the wake of the coup Sankara was appointed prime minister in January 1983 Sankara s uncompromising course calling on the people of Upper Volta and elsewhere in Africa to advance their interests against the exploiters at *Home And Abroad Led *and abroad Dragonsbane led growing conflict with imperialist forces in the government We are notooking to organise what exists but It s sometimes conflicting reviewing books by revolutionaries whose causes I agree and believe in but whose ideas aren t comprehensive or thought provoking enough There s the argument people go with of this person s ideas were ahead of their time and I m usually on the fence regarding that because on one hand that s true but on the other there s the fact that there were other revolutionaries who were engaging and writing excellent work back then that would stand to this day and unfortunately Sankara s ideas aren t the atter What fell so flat from this speech was his reduction of women to the status of mothers sisters daughters and it was frustrating because he acknowledges that these are his comrades and women are comrades people I m not sure why I went on the comrade path He s clearly are comrades people I m not sure why I went on the comrade path He s clearly about some of the causes of women s oppression and the shift to feudalism and ater ca Women hold up the other half of the skyA brilliant speech by Sankara outlining not only the importance of Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator liberating women and the benefits of such actions to any society but stressing the negative attitudes men hold in regards to women that are so terribly damaging A short and enjoyable read iove thomas sankara he was probably the first truly feminist african president. Ernment and began to combat the hunger illiteracy and economic backwardness imposed by imperialist domination.