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Crown of Stars (Crown of Stars, eBreak offers a natural divide in Anne s life when she transformed from a simple woman into a dynastic member of history Some may argue that it was less Anne than Henry s decision to part ways with Rome but it came about because of her and for this reason I feel Weir slongated narrative about the lead up is indicative to a great importance in the Anne Boleyn storyWith the dust still settling and the ink not yet dry on the new Royal Decrees Anne agreed to marry Henry VIII with this impediment removed and soon bore him an heir though it was not the son that had been sought Still Princess Elizabeth would be the apple of her father s ye at least until a son was forthcoming Like Katherine Anne s attempts to have a son were troublesome as ach subseuent birth was ither a stillborn or miscarriage Fraught with concern Anne was forced to battle with the others who held some confusing sway over Henry VIII including his counsellors and Princess Mary his daughter from Katherine Anne was yet again forced to remain in the shadows with the princess acting as pious as her mother in regards to the true ueen of England Add to this the strain of the ongoing attempts to turn away from Rome and Henry VIII s temper was much shorter which left Anne to face his wrath over minute concerns at court After numerous failed attempts to bring forth a son Anne s allure lessened in the yes of King Henry and he sought pleasure This Forsaken Earth elsewhere With rumours swirling Anne was forced to live in the shadow of these others the new mistresses of Henry VIII It was only when Anne pushed back and refused to allow other women to share Henry s affections that she found herself on the wrong side of a charge of treason Weir supports this latter part of the narrative well as Anne struggles to understand why she has been subjected to this charge and the apparent false accusations of her unions with the likes of the aforementioned Sir Henry Norris and her own brother George surface Anne struggles to pronounce her innocence and lives in the shadow of the Tower of London herventual home as she awaits a verdict of beheading Struggling throughout Anne was forced to accept her fate which came about through a set of purported lies and scandalous behaviour All this because she upset a man that she likely did not love passionately A powerful second book in the series Weir does a masterful job at bringing Anne Boleyn to life as well as adding depth to some of the struggles that are peppered throughout the history books A must read or Tudor fans who The Summer Palace: A Captive Prince Short Story (Captive Prince Short Stories Book 2) enjoy the intricacies of that time period but would also be of interest to those who love history and all things royal I will admit that I have been significantly influenced in my views on Anne Boleyn by Natalie Dormer s portrayal of her during the television programme THE TUDORS Her beauty her air andven the general conniving nature of the young lady in waiting lweft me with a strong sentiment of a less than lovely Anne Reading this book has given me a new outlook on Anne and has helped me piece together a better understanding of things at court during that time It is impossible to understand the true story of Anne Boleyn without an understanding of numerous other actors who played various roles Weir develops these characters so well and tied them together wonderfully allowing the reader to bask in a richer and complete narrative While there are surely historical inaccuracies that I know my buddy read companion will be able to recite the story flows so seamlessly as Anne ages and changes from a naive girl into a woman who seeks to hold her own Weir offers up a slow but consistent transformation of Anne throughout the piece which is further xemplified by chapters whose focus is a particular period in time As I mentioned above I feel that the only thing pushing this novel into the realm of fiction would be its use of dialogue which could not have been substantiated with complete accuracy Still the reader can get the sense that they are right in the middle of these historical vents and conversations which is surely a positive aspect of Weir s writing The story is so rich and Anne has so much to offer the reader will surely want to pace themselves or at least pay special attention to the story so as not to miss anything Then the Campfire eager reader of which I admit I will not be one can cross reference things from the first novel andven into the third when it is released to see how Anne is portrayed as a minor figure there The only major downside to the novel in my humble opinion is that the reader rides such a high when in the middle of it that the crash thereafter and knowing that there is a waiting period stings ven And don t get me started on trying to get the two SHORT STORIES THAT ACCOMPANY THIS SERIES TO DATE UK stories that accompany this series to date UK should rejoice that they can asily be acuiredKudos Madam Weir for bringing a key Tudor character to light in this novel I am Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars eager to see whatlse you have in store for us in the coming yearsLikehate the review An Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life ever growing collection of others appears at Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend Anne Boleyn isleven years old when she leaves her noble English family s Crazy Love estate to serve at the royal court of the Netherlands She is shuffled from onestate to another before her ambitious father arranges for Anne to work as a maiden to ueen Katherine wife of Henry VIII Before long Anne inadvertently catches Henry s ye who begs her to be his mistress Though she initially spurns his advances he remains persistent and Anne soon realizes his affections could be worked to improve her status and that of her family Anne decides to play along unaware that her machinations will be the cause of her undoing Anne Boleyn A King s Obsession is the second book in the Six Tudor ueens series in which ach book is dedicated to recounting the life of one of King Henry VIII s wives Spanning from 1512 to 1536 Anne s life is xamined from the time when she is leven years of age living in her family s Hever Castle to the moment when the light of life leaves her yes forever Because Henry VIII courts Anne Boleyn while he s still married to ueen Katherine some of Anne s story overlaps with vents from the first book in the series Katherine of Aragon The True ueen Having read books one and two back to back the intermittent overlap was Black Heart, Red Ruby evident but caused minimal irritation due in large part to the intrigue of thevents being recounted from Anne s perspective Based on decades of xtensive research Weir gives one interpretation of Anne Boleyn s life charting her transformation from a demure and obedient girl to an mpowered free thinking adult woman When Anne sets off for the Netherlands at the age of New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood eleven she is imbued with the understanding that her life will always be ruled by men Anne and her brothers and sister had been brought up to render unconditional obedience to their father When she and her sister married their husbands would take over this role It had been drummed into them both that women were weak creatures and should always be subject to the wise dominion of men However while working in the Netherlands and later in France Anne is influenced by her progressive femalemployers Encouraged to think for herself and given access to literature penned by feminist author Christine de Pizan Anne adopts unconventional attitudes about the roles of men and women It was wrong surely that men had the right to make women take husbands against their will She would never let anyone force her into marriage No she would never let a man take advantage of her No man would have the chance In fact she was resolved never to have anything to do with the perfidious dangerous bestial creatures In due time Anne grows to be a sophisticated Young Woman She Becomes woman She becomes of her budding figure and the admiring glances of the young men and learns how to flash her dark Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey eyes swish her skirt or sway her hips toffect As her body becomes womanly Anne is delighted to realize that she can njoy mastery over the opposite sex by shrewdly mploying her own sexual prowess to her advantage Nonetheless she carefully guards her virtue determined to never allow a man to make a fool of her Try as she might to retain a sense of autonomy Anne falls in love and in giving her heart to another inadvertently weakens her a sense of autonomy Anne falls in love and in giving her heart to another inadvertently weakens her When her affections are twisted by another for the purpose of political gain Anne s heart is shattered and she is permanently hardened by the ЯED experience She wished how she wished that she had given a better account of herself put view spoilerthe Cardinal hide spoiler I cried myyes out. F courtly loveBut when the King commands nothing is ver a gameAnne has a spirit worthy of a crown and the crown is what she seeks At any priceANNE BOLEYN The second of Henry's ueens Her story History tells us why she died This powerful novel shows her as she livedSIX TUDOR UEENS SIX NOVELS SIX YEARS. When kingdoms are at stake human feelings count for nothing This is the story of Anne Boleyn the much talked about second wife of Henry VIII from her childhood up to her xecutionWritten from Anne s perspective this The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs excellent piece of work is a mixture of historical fiction and biography If you have an insatiable obsession with Henry VIII and his wives and are curious about the goings on at the court and can t be bothered with a dry and boring history lesson then pick up Alison Weir s books They are well researched and well written vivid and brilliant Five Amazing StarsI must admit that I love reading about historical ueens This one was AMAZINGThis is the second book in the six tudor ueens series of 6 and I intend to read all of them The ueens were all wives of Henry VIII If you love historical fiction I would highly recommend this book I got totally immersed in the story and was taken back in historyIt begins when Anne Boleyn was a young girl and follows her life and how she became the obsession of the king I was totally absorbed in this book by Alison Weir Thank you to netgalley for an advanced copyBook to be published in May 2017 I have read many many books about the Tudorra It s an obsession on my part Henry VIII Moreno even almost 500 years after his death is still larger than life A bad king obsessed with the continuation of the Tudor line he made poor decision after poor decision and left England almost bankrupt But when the dust settled after his death and his other children died Elizabeth was on the throne and ruled for 44 years At least history got than scandalous stories out of Henry s years on the throne Elizabeth was one of the greatest monarchs in English history All is well thatnds well MaybeBut I digressAnne BoleynA King s Obsession is part of Alison Weir s Six Tudor ueens series My thanks to NetGalley for a complimentary copy of this bookNo better source than the author herself can perfectly describe the content of this historical novel and the story of Anne Boleyn I have tried to reconcile conflicting views of her and to portray her as a flawed but very human heroine a woman of great ambition idealism and courage who found herself in an increasingly frightening situation I believe that Alison Weir successfully achieved this goalThis second book in the Six Tudor ueens series is an insightful study of Anne Boleyn the young girl who would see the path she could take and Monsieur Pain eventually become the ueen of England Ms Weir s historical depiction of Henry VIII s court provides anducational background and her depiction of Henry s second wife fits with my previous knowledge of Anne Boleyn As there is little in Boleyn s own words that has survived the character traits Ms Weir has wrapped around Anne seem appropriate The Author s Note at the A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author end of the book should not be skipped Ms Weir describes how the novel came together identifying the issues that might arise in this sort of undertaking Wherevidence is lacking and there are scant clues to indicate what happened the author informs us of the times when she interpreted facts or statements and inserted what she thinks happened in the book This balance of being both an author and a good historian at the same time is delicate specially since an author has leeway to stretch truth into fiction However I feel Ms Weir has performed admirably adding only items that could be supported by what we do know to be factualThose readers who haven t read the first book need not worry Even though Katherine of Aragon is mentioned in this book she is treated as a minor character as the focus is on Anne Boleyn It will not matter if you read about Henry s second wife before returning to the first Ms Weir paints Anne Boleyn with fairness xposing both her good and bad ualities Her ruthless ambition and sometimes reckless behavior might be damaging character traits or may be viewed as merely a reflection of the times she lived in Highly recommended Five stars This review and others can be found on BW Book ReviewsDNF at pg 155I have no idea where I want to start this review Generally I love Alison Weir If people want books fiction or non fiction about Tudor history which is the The Exhaustion Breakthrough era I m personally interested in I will recommend her to them I trust her history Based on other books that I ve read about thisra she does a good job and interprets facts generally fairlyHowever let her bias be known Alison Weir has a strong dislike for Anne Boleyn Which is why I have no clue why she wrote this book I m sure it s a part of the book deal she has She gets six books where she can write about the six wives One book for The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good each wife so Anne is one of them Here is proof of this whole thing In her book The Six Wives of Henry VIII she calls Anne an ambitious adventuress with a penchant for vengeance pg3 in my paperbackdition Alison seems to believe that Anne wanted to kill Katherine of Aragon and Princess Mary Those are two things that were xplored in this book yet have no historical veracity to themI highly suggest you read these reviews as well of people who read the whole book or most of the book Charlie s review is detailed And She Read The Whole she read the whole for a book review She has also written a fiction novel about Anne and cares about history Adrienne on the other hand did not read the whole book and did not leave a review or rating however I suggest that you read the comments for it because she does go into depth in some comments She has also done tons of research into this ra because she s written books about Catherine Carey Mary Boleyn s daughter and Jane Boleyn the wife of George Boleyn These are two people I personally trust a lot and their opinions matter to me So when they say a book is bad I believe it They know about these authors and history than meNow onto the review I read less than 200 pages of this book but I was horrified Weir makes so many claims in this book and it s horribly done First she alleges that Henry VIII is a rapist I m not saying that he s a good man He wasn t At all He was a murderer megalomaniac narcissist and likely had a few other mental disorders in there from whatever cause For all he was he was not a rapist There are No Historical Allegations Of historical allegations of so therefore there s no point in actually making that theory Weir posits it her book about Mary Boleyn then carries it into hereGeorge Boleyn is also framed as a rapist This is something that Charlie and Adrienne go into detail in for their reviews I didn t get far Hark! The Herald Angels Scream enough to read that part but it was hinted at Again George has no historical claims to being a rapist The only place he s called that is in a poem by Cavendish No historical writing This link can give information than I can And it basically tells you why Weir is completely wrongWeir also talks about Anne Boleyn and Henry Norris For those who don t know Henry Norris is a man who wasxecuted for treason and adultery with Anne This comes about because Henry Norris was going to try to marry someone in Anne s train as a lady in waiting but he hadn t proposed yet Anne told him that he was looking for dead man s shoes Aka when Henry died Norris would want to marry her instead Anne also in her last confession said that she had never offended with her body against the King pg 536 in this bookWeir says that this means that she offended him cheated on him with her thoughts Not her body but in her mind she committed adultery Apparently this means that Norris is the one who she put her affections on There is no veracity for this whatsoever Again this is a theory that Weir cooked up and put in here And it seems as if Weir is basing it off of a retracted confession Norris made after his arrest and the fact that he hung around her rooms a lot to flirt with a woman he was interested inWeir falls into the trap of going with the unfavorable opinions of Anne Not just trying to kill people but her looks as well Sallow skin and some tiny hint of a sixth finger I believe because both Anne s supporters and Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners enemies wrote about that But Weir talked about her terrible moles and on and on Both sides never talked about that No paintings of her show it She was a beautiful woman albeit unconventionally so Otherwise she wouldn t have caught Henry syeSo we already have terrible history on the part of a historian This is also awfully written as if Weir just wanted to get this shit over with It s so mind numbingly boring that I couldn t concentrate on the words And this is one of my favorite historical figures Hell I have Anne Boleyn s signature or one of her reported signatures since we don t know for sure tattooed on my armI know that people will probably comment on Anne Boleyn A King's Obsession by bestselling historian Alison Weir author of Katherine of Aragon The True ueen is the second captivating novel in the Six Tudor ueens series An unforgettable portrait of the ambitious woman whose fate we know all too well but whose true motivations may surprise you Es.

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His review if it gets nough attention and shout at me about how this is fiction It s historical fiction Authors are allowed to make their own things They re allowed to take facts and wiggle them around Change them And I agree with you Yes authors can take liberties They should They should have some pet theory and toy with itHowever these pet theories should be based on facts If there is no historical grounding or vidence for them the theories are unsupported and should be dropped Alison Weir has made a living off being called a historian This is not acceptable Bidadari yang Mengembara even for fictionSkip this book Just skip it Read some actual historical books about Anne instead And if you do decide to read it actually keep in mind that Weir is incredibly biased and you shouldn t take her work as fact Research if you find the topic interesting rather than blindly believe her This is a very long and detailed fictional retelling of the life of Anne Boleyn it sasy reading but at the same time is attentive to the historical sources The problem is that Weir is not a natural fiction writer she tends to the pedestrian whenever the Regent praised Anne s dancing skills the songs she composed or her skill with a lute her cup ran over the simplistic she had given very appearance of being smitten with him and sometimes the hilariously mundane Madame Louise gave him a piece of her mind that s Louise de Savoy and her son King Francois I Alongside that is an obsession with rape poor Mary Boleyn is raped not once but twice by two separate kings and murder both of which would be positively libelous The backbone of the story in term of vents and the re use of sources such as Henry VIII s actual letters to Anne Boleyn seem to be somewhat at odds with the fictionalised characters relationships and dialogue there s a lot of Mills and Boon La strada delle croci esue descriptions pouting lips and fair skin a tendril of flaming red hair and while bodices are not actually ripped all those rapes imply something similar On top of that we have a fictionalised calf love between Anne and one of her courtiers where both of them gaze adoringly atach other for years and we re xpected to believe that during Henry s protracted courtship of Anne not just does he not have sex with her but he doesn t have sex with anyone lse The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth either You realise I have not bedded with a woman in years He looked at her in anguish longing in hisyes But then on the other hand another famous historical personage is a sex addict It s as if I want to devour women it s all I think about day and night I m out of control and powerless to change I ve I ve ven forced widows and deflowered maidens As Weir says in her afterword Anne Boleyn remains a historical nigma we have few direct historical sources and many of those are themselves politically biased Pretty Reckless (All Saints High, eg from Imperial ambassadors supporting Katherine of Aragon the Emperor s aunt Weir does at least know the sources and uses them in full and also creates a young Anne Boleyn beingducated at the courts of Margaret of Austria and the French courtUltimately this fails to convince me that this is Anne she s too petulant with her shrieking and her screaming and crying from what we know Anne was far intelligent than this Henry too is a weakened masculated figure admiring her taste in furnishings and crying when she s mean to him Really you could be a little kinder Katherine never in her life used such ill words to me There were tears in his yes For all my giggles and misgivings I romped through this in a couple of days commuting it may borrow imaginatively from chick lit and romance but the underlying bones of the story are based on the sources I just wish the characters had had stature and conviction about them 35 starsReview from an ARC from Vine and NetGalley This is the second book in Alison Weir s new fiction series following the stories of the Six Wives of Henry VIII The first novel looked at Katherine of Aragon concentrating on her as a young woman and wife Of course in this book Katherine of Aragon appears too as we are now looking at the story of Anne Boleyn the woman who replaced Katherine not as a mistress but as a wifeLike the previous novel this is also very much a straightforward fictional biography There is a real sense that Alison Weir is a master of her craft and so knowledgeable of the time period that she The West Transformed easily makes you feel that you there at Court with the characters This could bring new readers to historical fiction in the way that The Other Boleyn Girl did when I first discovered the Tudors as a much younger reader Of all Henry s wives I personally find Anne Boleyn the most interesting This takes her from a young girl ofleven years old up to the nd of her life To many Anne Boleyn is a feminist icon to others she is a scheming ambitious woman and many concentrate on her learning intelligence and her religious reforms I would say that Weir attempts To Be Fair In Her Writing Whether She Is Speaking be fair in her writing whether she is speaking Katherine or Anne She tells ach novel from the point
*of view of *
view of central character she is writing about and so gives us a fairly sympathetic portrayal of both This is a difficult balance but Weir is adept at balancing different characters and storylines We begin with Anne going to the court in the Netherlands as a young girl and later France before returning to England She is always in competition with her sister Mary and closest to her youngest brother George This book is full of xcellent characters from George s wife Jane Rochford to Wolsey Cromwell and the Boleyn family adept at advancing their place at King Henry s court Then of course there is Henry capricious difficult to read changeable motional and unstable The spider at the centre of a web that he knows he has ultimate control of Of course you may not agree with all of Weir s takes on Paper Chasers events Whether it is herarly love for Henry Percy her battles with Wolsey the demands of her father and uncle or her feelings for Henry and Elizabeth However this is a fascinating historical story and Weir tells it with flair If you have not read the story of Anne Boleyn before you are sure to learn a lot about a woman who gambled and ultimately lost I look forward to reading the later books in this series and always The Complete Polly and the Wolf enjoy Weir s storytelling I have long been a fan of things Tudor and the work of Alison Weir That she can create such masterful biographies and historical pieces is one thing but to transform all that research into a piece deemed fictional likely because of the dialogue and allow a larger reader base tonjoy and discuss her work adds to the awe surrounding her In this the second book in her newest series Weir takes the reader into the life of Anne Boleyn whose short life offered much to Tudor and English history Anne appears to have lived much of her life in the shadow of others as Weir VOYAGES DE GRANDE CROISIERE exemplifies throughout In thearly chapters the reader seems Anne casting her gaze towards her older sister Mary who held her parents favour and made a name for herself at court While following in her sister s footsteps Anne served in two continental courts before she was called home to spend time as a lady in waiting to ueen Katherine While Weir purports that Anne paled in comparison to her sister s beauty there were a few men who sought the younger Boleyn sister s affections including Sir Henry Norris and the King of England Henry VIII Dismissing the affectionate advances of both while serving at court Anne tried to serve her ueen as A Riesling to Die effectively as possible The latter Henry would not desist in his approaches as history has helped us see seemed to be his modus operandi throughout his reign While Anne stood firm she was counselled not to rebuff the king for too long andventually Pookie-Pie: A Sweet Bedtime Story entered into an agreement with him serving as his mistress but would notngage carnally until there was a dissolution of his marriage to Katherine Weir spends much time weaving together the narrative of the multi year journey during which time Henry VIII tried to divorce the pious Katherine finding roadblocks to success within both Canon Law and the Catholic Church However Anne never seems to have that passionate magnetism to Henry VIII that history presented and television purported fuelled her desire to betray ueen Katherine which might be one of the largest surprises to me in the ntire novel Weir portrays Anne as living in the shadow of ueen Katherine during this time as Henry VIII could be seen to cower when it came to confronting his first wife The ventual ruling by the Vatican led Henry VIII to create the Great Schism and birth of the Church of England known as the Anglican or Episcopal Church This. Sential reading for fans of Philippa Gregory and Elizabeth Chadwick'Weir is xcellent on the little details that bring a world to life' GuardianThe young woman who changed the course of historyFresh from the palaces of Burgundy and France Anne draws attention at the English court mbracing the play
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