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Prometheus and the DragonWow This book is the continuation of the book Stormhaven Rising This is the best book I have read in a very long time The author does an xcellent job The Summer Palace: A Captive Prince Short Story (Captive Prince Short Stories Book 2) extrapolating what would happen if a natural disaster went beyond a small locality Definitely worth reading After thevents of the first book humanity has to buckle down if they hope to survive I guarantee if you read and njoyed the first book in this series you will not be disappointed in this novel The days leading up to Antu are terrifying and amazing all at once and you get to see the best and worst of us as we try to cope with the potential ndI can t wait for the third book Hello it s Amp and today I will be reviewing Prometheus and the Dragon by Eric Michael Craig This is seemingly only the second part of the multi book series called Atlas and the Winds I haven t read the first book but going off of what I have already read I don t think I need to as a lot of things can be picked up via context clues and deductive thinking It s a hard science fiction with a bit of thriller religion politics and sociologicalpsychological themes all mixed togetherA meteoroid dubbed Antu is on it s way towards Campfire earth largenough to send it back to the dark ages and deadly nough to diminish all hope of survival Well all hope xcept for the final frontier space In anticipation of the meteoroid countrie Tense riveting and gripping Prometheus and the Dragon is an Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars eye opening tale of humanity at its best and worst Realistic and gritty how does the world prepare for a worldwide catastrophicxtinction level vent Author Eric Michael Craig gives us a masterful tale of unfolding human drama seen through shifting perspectives of individuals nations unfolding human drama seen through shifting perspectives of individuals nations and religious institutions As survival plans

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for Crazy Love emerging colonies and onarth below geopolitical thnic and religious forces collide Craig has a deep understanding of the social and cultural forces and currents coloring the world today From this palette a portrait of what the future may hold merges Prepare yourself Prometheus and the Dragon is the seuel to Stormhaven Rising and picks up the action right where the first book leaves off The asteroid labelled Antu is heading straight for Earth and there are different countries all trying to mount their own responses to the threat Colonies have moved up to the moon from the US China Russia and the Arab world and a united group from Japan Australia and the EU Also in the mix is a religious colony from the Church of the Latter Dy Saints and Sentinel Colony founded by Stormhaven Can the different groups band together to stop the asteroid threat Will their attempts thwart ach other What happens if one group succeeds over the others What happens if they all fail What happens to humans on EarthPrometheus and the Dragon tells a riveting tale about the conseuences of different groups of people whether they be nations or religions or corporations being at odds with ach other and distrusting of ach other "rather than banding together to face a common threat A sobering read "than banding together to face a common threat A sobering read Stars This second book in the Atlas and the Winds series is an xciting read It is a masterfully crafted story so much so that I really felt their hopes their victories and their defeats The scope of the story is all of humanity Eric Michael Craig allows you to see our race through the Black Heart, Red Ruby eyes of his characters They are heroes politicians billionaires geniuses brilliant minds tough DHS agents common people and tragic figures who are all too human They do their best to do what is right and they don t always succeed Prometheus portrays the lunacy of the masses and the frantic mistakes of government when the whole world is faced with anxtinction level vent I found myself feeling anger at first one government then another as they fumble the ball much too close to the nd zone Yet I also felt heartache for them as individual humans trying desperately to save the whole world How can I love a book about such a hard subject That is asy The last word in the book sums my feelings up well Hope One of my top reads of last year was Stormhaven Rising and this is the seuel to that story That first book told the tale of the discovery of an asteroid headed on a collision course for Earth but that was a distant threat throughout the story with the real focus being how different factions mobilised to try to deal with that menac. Alternate cover dition can be found here Mankind is out of options and time is running outAfter America’s Hammerthrow fails President Hutton launches Project Prometheus as a second mitigation ffort while the Chinese continue their relentless march to test and deploy their super warhead Even a par.

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Read the bonus chapter from the next book Shadows in the Sun Certainly it s best to read Stormhaven Rising before diving into Prometheus If you re like me you ll want to go beyond these two novels read book three and look forward to the rest of the series coming out in 2017 To me Eric Michael Craig undeniably deserves to be lauded as an important new voice in science fictionThis review first appeared at BookPleasurescom on Jan 23 2016 googl3dhs3C A book with maximum impact Does anybody lse feel like we ve just been made responsible for the ntire future Prometheus and the Dragon is the aptly named second book in the Atlas and the Winds series and follows up on Stormhaven Rising with a powerful continuation of the storyAntu is coming a lump of rock which will destroy human life on arth Instead of co operating to meet the challenge the world has fragmented and there are various nations attempting individual projects to deflect it But some seem to think the chance of those ЯED efforts failing is high and prefer to invest in lunar colonies or in repositories of genetic material human animal and vegetable The technologyxists to deflect Antu and is already doing its job Given just a reasonable modicum of good fortune the world will be saved But a string of accidents and disasters could still seal the fate of Planet Earth and bring disaster instead of survival If it weren t for you we d have no hope at all The people most at home on the moon are Colton Taylor s future tech company They already have solutions to many of the problems the other lunar colonies have yet to ven think about I liked it that in this book that we get to know their people and AI in a bit depth and start to see the reality of the man behind them They are the real heroes of this story and it is their people we shadow most closely and come to care most about xcept possibly the US President whose pink fuzzy slippers moment is one I cherish This book has insight and insanity humour and horror courageous feats and catastrophic fiascos it shows humanity at its finest and its most feral And as with all good literature it turns the mirror back on those who are its readers challenging them to consider where they would stand or how they would fall We ve still got work to do out here Suck it up for now and let s get through what we ve got in front of us We can both fall apart later So what is not like Not much very little in fact I still struggled a bit with What I Felt not like Not much very little in fact I still struggled a bit with What I Felt I felt was overlarge cast of characters leading to freuent shifts in viewpoint and all too often it seemed we only met someone so they could die horribly a few pages later I also found the description of the logistical detail a little overwhelming but I do recognise that this is something another reader could find adds verisimilitude and solid foundations to the story But these minor issues were not The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs enough for me to be taken away from the roller coaster ride of immersion in a storyline which put a bitxtra "INTO EXISTENTIAL THIS IS A VERY WELL WRITTEN AND "existential This is a very well written and book and if you Moreno enjoy political thrillers near future dystopias apocalyptic sci fi or seek a thought provoking and plausible insight into one way humanity could react in the face of such anxtreme crisis I would recommend this book wholeheartedly But I would also recommend reading Stormhaven Rising first or you will miss out on some valuable scene setting and a thundering good taleFor myself I am looking forward to seeing how the story continues and develops in the next book which I hope will be out in the not too distant future The bookssaga are all about Monsieur Pain earth s humanity trying to dodge or deflect a monster asteroid destined to be the big one As in book one the author does love his acronyms which to me are irritating There is sufficient science in the fictionHowever this book two started to become ludicrous as it moved past its rapid fire opening I was thinkingither forget it or continue Since I finally made it three uarters of the way through I finished though kept looking at the Kindle timewhen will this A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author end To uote from the about the author E M Craig doesmploy the cacophony of humanity in how man reacts with man under disastrous conditions For that alone I brought my initial two star rating up to threeThis was a Kindle two book deal I don t feel I totally wasted my time reading it but I ll simply say Buyer beware of Kindle deals. R between the two superpowers and its residents will face the ultimate responsibility of the final peacekeepersPrometheus and the Dragon is a wild ride across a changing and uncharted political landscape as well as the unforgiving lunar wasteland where all of humanity hangs on the precipice of doomsd. ,
E More particularly there were the political machinations that took place as different groups vied to take the primary role in tackling something that could prove catastrophic for Earth THIS BOOK PICKS UP WHERE THAT book picks up where that off with two major plans in progress to try to deal with the incoming rock Prometheus is a beam weapon designed to push the asteroid onto a new course that would miss Earth but that beam needs to be sustained over many days to be a success Meanwhile a "CHINESE PLAN THE DRAGON IS TO LAUNCH A MASSIVE "plan The Dragon is to launch a massive that would shatter the rock Both projects are operated from bases on the Moon and the teams behind them are not on friendly sidesPolitical manoeuvres on the surface see nations trying to settle old scores before the asteroid can hit while a back up plan of scrambling people to colonies on the moon in case the worst happens faces hazards of its own with too many people and not What If enough room As below so above andnsuring safety on the Moon for both people and the projects that could The Exhaustion Breakthrough ensure Earth s survival becomes a challenge This book really takes up the gauntlet cast down by the opening book in the series and runs with it it s an absolute thrill ride full of hard decisions and harder conseuences More than a few times I cursed at the book as I turned pages filled with moments that bit deep Then against those there are moments where you punch the air such as when the Flight Infantry deploys in a skirmish on the Moon tumbling out of the back of the vehicle carrying them at hundreds of miles an hour It s the kind of kickass moment that reminds me of the Orion Ship in Niven and Pournelle s Footfall a spaceship propelled by dropping nuclear bombs underneath it Science kicking ass The latter half of the book sees the asteroid gettingver closer will humanity overcome its divisions to succeed in preventing its impactThat I won t spoil but I will say you ve got a great read ahead of you as you find out In my review of Stormhaven Rising the first volume of the Atlas and the Winds series I briefly noted comparisons between that novel and the first sci fi classic about an asteroid destroying the arth the 1933 When Worlds CollideI have far fewer comparisons between the first book s seuel After When Worlds Collide and Prometheus and The Dragon The 1934 seuel was pure fantasy with amazing remains of a vanished alien civilization left behind on another planet for the human survivors to inhabit True the various bands of humans from different countries brought with them dangerous ideological conflicts from their now dead home planet The same is true of Prometheus although on a far complex scaleFrom the beginning of Prometheus the Chinese and Americans battle ach other both on the moon and on Supplemental Book earth asach think they have the real hope of throwing the coming asteroid off course Each due to both arrogance and technological issues cancel out Hark! The Herald Angels Scream each other sfforts At the same time other conflicts flare up on Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners earth and between various lunar colonies Onarth an alliance between the Russians and Arab states seek to destroy Israel but this union breaks down and threatens the stability of the RussianArab moon colony An insane American vangelist nflames thousands of followers to destroy all spacecraft taking potential survivors to the moon as he thinks unbelievers should simply accept the will of God and die in the coming apocalypse The Americans don t like the idea of the Stormhaven colony having an Bidadari yang Mengembara eual voice in the future as they feel the Stormhaven base doesn t have legitimate international standing In short in the precious time left before the asteroid hit humanity is its own worstnemy Author Eric Michael Craig does an xcellent job providing characters who represent the multiple perspectives and widely differing agendas of a number of nations scientists political and military leaders as well as religious groups He also provides a large number of interpersonal relationships of those desperate to survive on the moon those who try to create safe havens on arth or those spreading terrestrial and lunar havoc based on self defeating motives As with volume one Craig is La strada delle croci especially good with hisxplanations of scientific advances vivid settings and sadly too many believable human tensions Without giving anything away the concluding chapters include so much motional punch that readers may well be breathless by the time they. Tial success of ither mitigation mission would leave the other unable to defend the The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth earth Political tensionxplodes as both sides race to challenge the relentless wheelwork of the UniverseWith its array of advanced technologies Stormhaven’s lunar colony cannot avoid becoming part of a shooting wa. .