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The Sceptics of the Old Testament yHorten it So let me explain why I gave it 3 stars rather than 2 or less At its core the story is an ode to books about the love of books and reading really a celebration of obsessive bookishness in a world with a diminishing readership And for that reason alone I persevered and didn t toss The Readers of Broken Wheel Sara travels from Sweden to Broken Wheel Iowa to spend a two month vacation with pen pal Amy Their common interest is an obsession with books and reading But when Sara arrives she finds that Amy who was uite elderly has recently died Rather than run away Sarah stays in Broken a Wheel gets to know the uirky locals develops a love interest opens a bookstore and brings some renewed energy to Broken Wheel The plot is uite meandering but essentially focuses on a few characters and their various lives struggles and loves The thread running throughout is Sara s love of books and her optimism in opening a bookstore on a dying Main Street in a town of non readers This book is a translation from Swedish It s a challenge for an author to set a book in a country that is not her own and at times it does feel like the author casts an oddly sentimental lopsided eye on middle America I am sure this book will find an audience amongst readers of what is often referred to a chick lit but it s not a particularly strong entry in the genre ironically Sara is a fan of Bridget Jones and Marian Keyes describing them as her favourites amongst feel good books with happy ending Again my reading experience was somewhat saved by the ode to books and readers and the underlying optimism about the redeeming power of reading Thankou to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy There s a lot to love in this novel of Sara a oung rather plain Swedish bookworm who takes a trip to the small US town of Broken Wheel to visit her older pen pal and fellow book lover Amy When Sara arrives she finds that Amy has died while Sara was en route but the townspeople urge her to stay in Amy s home anyway and visit with them for the couple of months she had planned In many ways the town is as broken as its nameBroken Wheel was a complete waste of brick asphalt and concrete The buildings were low because there had never been any need for than two stories Nowadays there wasn t even the need for one There was something sad about the town as though generations of problems and disappointments had rubbed off onto its bricks and its roadsBut soon Sara realizes the worth of the uirky inhabitants of Broken Wheel and as she brings changes to the hearts and minds of Broken Wheel with a used bookstore that she starts up they begin to change the introverted Sara as wellParts of this novel were completely charming I particularly loved the bookstore plot with its discussions of books and how they affect our livesNew books always had the strongest aroma Sara assumed the printing smells just lingered and somehow logically disappeared once a book had been opened read and leafed through That was what she thought on a purely intellectual level anyway but she didn t uite believe it She still believed that what she could smell were all the new adventures and reading experiences awaiting herSara s love for all types of literature really comes awaiting herSara s love for all types of literature really comes and will warm the heart of any book lover Warning Bivald spoils a few well known books so beware of unwanted spoilersOther parts were lover Warning Bivald spoils a few well known books so beware of unwanted spoilersOther parts were for example the names and the comparisons between Broken Wheel and its rival town Hope were too obvious for me to really appreciate The inhabitants of Broken Wheel are offbeat and enjoyable but for the most part stock characters I was a little disappointed when this novel took a turn and started focusing on a couple of romances The main love story with Sara had its moments but I wasn t really feeling it I thought the secondary relationship between a bisexual ounger man and an older repressed lady was interesting In the end it all plays out in a predictable but nevertheless heartwarming way The writing is often insightful the translator did a wonderful job with the English text I completely forgot that I was reading a book that had originally been written in Swedish I can t vouch for the accuracy of the translation itself but the writing style was very smooth and fit well with the subject matter of the bookContent advisory the sexual content is pretty mild but I don t recommend this one for clean reads only readers Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this free ebook for review There was a TV series in the early 1990 s called Northern Exposure set in Cicely Alaska a small town so off the grid it almost didn t exist The town was populated by oddballs and eccentrics who used the local bar as a gathering place Long before Tivo and Netflix entered the picture I tuned in each week to be a part of their crazy funny worldThis book is set in Broken Wheel Iowa another little town off the grid populated with oddballs and eccentrics with no place else to go Along comes a Swedish tourist who wants to visit her penpal friend Amy only to find she s just in time for her funeral Sara is a oung woman who has lived her life in books and leaving Sweden is the most daring thing she s ever done She moves into Amy s house uses her thousands of books TO OPEN A BOOKSHOP AND GETS open a bookshop and gets in the lives of the townspeople none of whom read Chaos ensuesOf course anyone who loves books will love this one Sara s attempts to get the perfect book in the hands of people who need them are touching and familiar and their acceptance of her and their attempts to get her nose out of a book and into their lives are funny and real I entered the pages of this book just like I waited patiently for Northern Exposure 25 ears ago I couldn t wait to get back into the world of Broken Wheel and the people I grew to love This one was comfort food for the soul. Ta a primeira na história de Broken Wheel Sara decide retribuir a bondade iniciando os no prazer da leitura Porue rapidamente percebe ue Broken Wheel precisa de um pouco de aventura uma dose de auto ajuda e talvez um pouco de romance Em suma esta é uma cidade ue precisa de uma livraria E Sara ue sempre preferiu os livros às pessoas nauela aldeia de poucas gente mas de grande coração encontrará amizade amor e emoções para viver E finalmente será a verdadeira protagonista da sua vi. Hem giving them all a renewed sense of optimism and hope Soon they all begin to wish Sara could stay with them on a permanent basis But will she be able to extend her Visa I love offbeat and uirky characters unconventional love stories and books that imbibe charm and wit and add just a touch of whimsy to top it all off But as a book nerd a book that features characters who love to read who love to share good books with others is always going to get top marks from me So it goes without saying this book was simply delightful It s uirky funny sweet touching I enjoyed watching the town wake up as if from a long slumber and it was wonderful to feel Amy s spirit moving through the town as Sara finds an unexpected purpose for her life doing exactly what she loves most If Anxiety Between Desire and the Body you love small towns stories about friendship and books this book hasour name on it 4 stars I am always a pushover for books about books and this one certainly fit the bill What was even better was that the books mentioned throughout the text were mostly all books we know and love Harry Potter was in there and Mr Darcy and even Bridget Jones amongst many othersOn the other hand I have a low uirkiness rating and this story was certainly uirky and full of odd characters Luckily for me it managed to stay just the right side of uirk and never became just silly I loved the book shop to bits Wouldn t we all like to have a sunshine ellow room full of every sort of book and two comfy old armchairs to sit in and read all day Who needs customers They would just get in the way of reading time If ou enjoy a good book about books then read this one In fact پرسش های نخستین پاسخ های بی پایان you might want to read it just for that excellent title This book should have come with the big note on its cover that says WARNING SPOILERS INSIDE You see this book is a book written by a book lover for other bookloversAnd doou know what book lovers like to do Talk about books Discuss plot developmets They often compare one story to another wondering why the certain character chose one path over the otherOur main character Sara is a true bookworm so it is no wonder that this book is full of references to other books which often ends up spoileryWhen I say she is a bookworm I mean she reads lives and BREATHES books You see only a true book lover would know the difference between the smell of paperback and the one of hardback bookThe story follows Sara who came to a small town Broken Wheel Iowa to spend her summer with her pan pel friend who s a booklover herself Things get complicated when Amy the woman Sara should have stayed with ends up being deathTown citizens decide it would only be fair for Sara to stay in Amy s house like she would have in the first place because that is what Amy would have wantedDays pass and Sara opens a little bookstore in which she sells books that once belonged to AmyThis book is originally written in Swedish and it is already a bestseller in many countries Croatia included Although I have read a copy translated into English if I didn t know I was reading a translation I wouldn t have guessed That is how great the translation wasWhat I liked about this book the most was the atmosphere in it I really like everything about The Broken Wheel it s rezidents and their lifestyle I couldn t help but think about Hart of Dixie the TV showThis book has everything ou need in a book it is fun it has a great love story that takes time when it comes to love development it has interesting side stories diverse characters and important issues that were discussed in the storyAfter finishing this book I understand why this book is an international bookseller It deserves all the hype that S Around ItIf You Are around itIf ou are booklover I am sure The Gods Themselves you will appreciate this story I surely do Note I got this book for free via Netgalley in an exchange for an honest review Thankou Sourcebooks LandmarkBefore readingThat awkward moment when Becoming Project Five Fifteen you realize that the bookou reuested for a review and got approved is already sitting on our shelf in a bautiful paperback only translated in Croatian I guess I ll read it in English thenRead this and other reviews on my blog Although the premise seems a bit odd stranger things have happened in real life so I just Accepted That A Young that a oung from Sweden would travel to a tiny town in Iowa called Broken Wheel to stay with a woman that she only knew from exchanging letters and books These letters at least the ones from from Amy Harris of Broken Wheel to Sara are interspersed throughout and we learn about the town and the people who live there as well as about Amy and Sara Sara loves books how can I not like her I couldn t help but feel sorry for her as she arrived Seems like she s a lonely girl hiding in her books without any friends except a few coworkers It was a bit much for me even as much as I love books that there was discussion about whether one loved books than people It s a town of uirky characters concerned about how to entertain their tourist The town is falling apart really Some people had jobs and money and those who didn t were taken care of and paid back by helping fix things when needed They all wanted to take care of Sara paying for her food and drinks driving her around She decides she has to do something to pay them back and of course this involves books It s light which is just what I was looking for but it was a little chick lity pretty contrived and the ending was definitely predictable However I m giving it 3 stars because I grew to like some of the characters in this uirky little place and though predictable it was uplifting as Sara and the people in this town find a way to change each other s livesThanks to SOURCEBOOKS Landmark and NetGalley The Readers of Broken Wheel is ridiculously predictable superficial full of improbabilities at times painfully sentimental and definitely a book that could have used a ruthless editor to Ho Broken Wheel A remetente é uma tal Amy uma americana de 65 anos ue lhe envia um livro E assim começa entre as duas uma correspondência afetuosa e sincera Depois de uma intensa troca de cartas e livros Sara consegue juntar o dinheiro para atravessar o oceano e encontrar a sua uerida amiga No entanto Amy não está à sua espera o seu final infelizmente veio mais cedo do ue o esperado E enuanto os excêntricos habitantes de uem Amy tanto lhe tinha falado tomam conta da assustada turis. Jen immediately took a photo of Sara sitting in the window with her bookWho the hell wants to watch someone reading Grace asked from the doorway of her dinerEXACTLY Who the hell wants to read a book about someone reading booksYou could spend the exact same time it takes to read this book on Bookstagram or GR and have the same result It s all about how great books are and the glory of reading Who wants to read 394 pages of thatThis book falls into the same category as The Storied Life of AJ Fikry and that is NOT a compliment This book is one of the most boring books I ve ever had the displeasure reading A boring book filled with boring peopleSara is a book nerd with no life She comes from Sweden to Iowa because of her pen pal only to find her pen pal has just died She lives in the dead woman s house and opens up a book storeI could take issue with the portrayal of Iowans here but I decided not to go into a rant but I was likeWhat elseAll the characters in this book are SO one dimensional In fact for a small town full of uirky characters I was having a heck of a time being able to tell any of them apart since Bivald is highly confused about what counts as creating a character Listen the gay one the gay handsome one the fat one who smokes a lot and the depressed older black man are NOT fully developed characters instead they are thin bland watery standins for actual character development and storylines And each of these characters who should be radically different are SO alike and SO undifferentiated that each time they appeared on page I was wracking my brain trying to remember who they were and what their alleged side plot was Utter fail on the part of Bivald this couldn t be bland and soupyThe only part that slightly interested me was the budding romance between Sara and Tom Mildly interesting didn t really start until page 228 228 I was also very mildly interested in the romance between view spoilerCaroline and Josh hide spoiler What s better than books and a good love story Let s seeoh Kiffe Kiffe Demain yeah nothingSeriously I m a sucker when it comes to feel good love stories and ifou ve been following me or this blog for any length of time then Sanzoku Ou King of Bandits Vol 9 you know full and well that books are my absolute weakness Ever wonder whether I m at a hopping party on a Friday night Well don t because I ll go ahead and tellou I m curled up with my dog and a blanket on the couch with a good bookThe Readers Of Broken Wheel Recommend was this week s big hit in terms of things that I read and I seriously cannot recommend it enough Obviously a story written by a book lover for other book lovers this author will definitely be going down as one of my favorite The story is about a Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Artbook officiel young girl Sara who arrives in the small town of Broken Wheel to visit a pen pal that she has had for severalears But when she arrives and realizes that things are not going to play out uite as she and her friend had planned she does what anyone would doStart a book store of courseOkay so maybe not anyone would start a book store but that s precisely what makes this book so charming Not only does NO ONE in Broken Wheel seem to understand the pleasures of getting lost in a good book but they can t for the life of the understand why she would want to actually get them to read in the first place So between selling books and realizing that maybe love and the law can go hand in hand ou ll see trust me Sara learns about what s really important in lifeAs for how I personally came to read this book is pretty funny in itself I was seeking out books to spotlight on this site and this came as a reuest Not that I didn t have high hopes for The Readers Of BROKEN WHEEL RECOMMEND BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU Wheel Recommend but I have to tell ou was blown away by how much I ended up loving this story It was truly one of those books that I wanted to read very slowly so that it could go on forever and Jim Hensons Labyrinth yet I couldn t put it downVery rarely do I feel like I come across a book where the characters feel so real The people of Broken Wheel however could easily be my neighbors my friends those around me They feel THAT real and when that s the case it makes it so so easy to feel likeou re just another inhabitant of this cozy little town where the story is taking placeIf ou re a lover of books reading or just charming town where the story is taking placeIf ou re a lover of books reading or just charming of what life holds in terms of love I cannot recommend this one enough I know it s not summer Gambling for Dummies yet but ifou re thinking of jetting off to the beach in order to make it through this winter PLEASE make this the book Dancing with Ben Hall and Other Yarns you take withouI was provided with a free copy of this book in order to conduct this reviewThe Readers Of Broken Wheel RecommendWEBSITE TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM This BOOK WAS ABSOLUTE RUBBISH 394 PAGES OF STUPID OBSERVATIONS was absolute rubbish 394 pages of stupid observations in a clumsy and somewhat childish language combined with unbelievable characters It does mention uite a few books that I would love to read but since it also reveals the ending of most of these novels the name dropping just ended up annoying me What an utter waste of time The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommends by Katarina Bivald is a 2016 Sourcebooks Landmark publication What a wonderful feel good story If BUG DEATH you love books about booksou will want to try this one Amy from Broken Wheel Iowa and Sara from Sweden are pen pals who share a love of books When Sara loses her bookstore job she decides to take Amy up on her invitation to visit Broken Wheel if she ever got the chance However when Sara arrives she is stunned to learn that Amy has died But the town goes out of their way to make their only tourist s stay in Broken Wheel comfortable and pleasant Overwhelmed by the resident s generosity Sara works to pay it forward and honor Amy and her love of books by opening a bookshop in Broken Wheel The longer Sara stays the attached she becomes to the small little town that has all but dried up and the residents love her just as much as she does Se a vida fosse um romance o da Sara certamente não seria um livro de aventuras Em vinte e oito anos nunca saiu da Suécia e nenhum encontro do destino desarrumou a sua existência Tímida e insegura só se sente à vontade na companhia de um bom livro e os seus melhores amigos são as personagens criadas pela imaginação dos escritores ue a fazem viver sonhos viagens e paixões Mas tudo muda no dia em ue recebe uma carta de uma peuena cidade perdida no meio do Iowa e com um nome estran.

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Läsarna i Broken Wheel rekommenderar