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With overtones of William Peter Blatty s humorous dialogue style Hallow Mass is irreverent self deprecating and Amusing A Novel With a paranormal novel with personalityI ve stumbled another enjoyable indie read and the most polished I ve read to date you can tell it s been passed by the professional eyes of an editor or two Hallow Mass is set in world slightly off centre to ours one in which wizards and spells exist but in a humorous twist are treated like

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hokum reduced to the of the Antiuity Section of the fictional ultra PC Miskatonic University The University itself appeared in Lovecraft s The Dunwich Horror and Hallow Mass follows the occult theme by exposing the horrors of Dunwich and the terror they wish to expose to the worldThe rest Having read the description on the back cover of this book I felt that it had all the ingredients to make this an exciting read with many genre of adventure styles However having attempted to read this not ust once but twice I had to give up It wasn t to my taste after all even though I attempted to make the effort to continue with it A little too complicated intense and grotesue for me sorry Imagine HP Lovecraft s horrors played out in modern day America with woke social ustice warriors on college campuses and in the mediaThat s what you get with Hallow Mass part comedy part horror part satire and all well written The main characters are distinct and interesting all of them consistent and reasonable within their character and perspectiveThe main character Mercy is a complex person who grows considerably through the book maturing to face her problems in a reasonable organic way The horrors are well crafted with suspense and mood that creates a dread feeling but also wrapped with a wry wink at the reader as its sh. Party loving grad student Mercy O'Connor must choose to set down the mimosas and follow in her family's footsteps by learning powerful magic the only weapon that can check the diabolical warlocks of Dunwich Massachusetts and their scheme to .

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Own through the eyes of modern peopleGreat Work Very Recommended And Very very recommended and very part of a possible future series Read this book on kindle It s not my genre but it s really good The writing and editing is top notch The story flows well and maintains interest and excitement The euphemisms were hilarious I would like to know the characters a bit better my favorite being the security guard If you like monsters symbols incantations and the scrambles of interesting people trying to stop an end of the world scenario You ll like this A Lovecraftian horrorcomedy story where evil doers seek to bring monsters into our realm that would destroy all life Facing them is a young female administrator in the Antiuities section of Miskatonic University who guards the Necronomicon book from their grasp and her black country music loving security guard side kick The book has all sorts of fun with special snowflakes and nutty college departments Fun characters and very good story enjoyed it a lot What a blast Hallow Mass is bitingly funny and action packed It s a twist on the grrl power urban fantasy genre set in an ultra politically correct college I highly recommend it I m only passingly familiar with Lovecraft I ve read in an ultra politically correct college I highly recommend it I m only passingly familiar with Lovecraft I ve read stories that have borrowed from Lovecraft s universe but I haven t read The Dunwich Horror It wasn t reuired to enjoy this book but if you have you might get inside okes than I didJP Mac s books tend to be immersive whatever the genre he s all in This tale a satiric mashup of eldritch supernatural horror and the modern horrors of hyper PC college campus politics succeeds as both humor and genuine horror The hero s ourney is told plausibly Mercy O Connor levels up enough in the course of the story to survive but with plenty of room to improve as the story. Ummon monstrous beings to annihilate all earthly life Mercy must confront her own skepticism as well as a college administration scornful of her efforts along with indifferent family and friends who think the horrors of Dunwich are only a ser. Hallow MassEndsThis was a fun uick read There are some likable characters some redeemable characters and some you ust want to see suffer and the author doesn t disappoint This isn t a young adult book but the adult themes are treated with a deft hand there s no explicit sex to speak of and even the gruesome deaths are described with a sensitivity that keeps the barf response at bayEven if Lovecraft isn t your cup of tea there s plenty to like Recommended Old Ones New Values Evil is not a social constructI loved the premise of this book that ancient like Recommended Old Ones New Values Evil is not a social constructI loved the premise of this book that ancient from Lovecraft s The Dunwich Horror returns to haunt the present day world of safe spaces and special snowflakes It isn t necessary to have read HP Lovecraft to appreciate this book but some familiarity with his work will increase your enjoymentThis is a familiarity with his work will increase your enjoymentThis is a grade satire of political correctness and Social Justice Warriors and the author does it exceedingly well As long as the satire is prominent the book is a solid five stars Alas the satire wanes during so The perfect read for the TrumpeningA playful exploration of the implications of moral relativism manages madcap and horrible elements with an almost straight faced insoucianceI laughed I shuddered I threw up in my mouth Hallow Mass follows several characters including Mercy a grad student who along with several others at the university try to keep the Necronomion out of the hands of men who want to unleash monsters on the world It had an evil dead vibe to it comedyhorror elements and I enjoyed reading it It was told in different styles beginning with a kind of monologue newspaper stories and first hand accounts from the characters An unusual style but it worked Mercy was an interesting character with obvious faults but she was relatable I would definitely recommend Ies of folktales Aided by a country western loving Zulu security guard Mercy must dig deep to discover the confidence then the skill and then the courage to battle her terrifying foes and stop the earth from being dragged into another dimensi.