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Shortlisted for Man Booker prize 201635An interesting collection of short stories about men probably better appreciated by blokes After Bibi Blocksberg - Bibi total verknallt reading about half of the stories I thought that if this is All Man Is then we are all doomed What I mean is that most of the men in the stories were annoying some even despicable Now after finishing all of the stories I have a better opinion and understanding of what the author tried to do with this book The book consists of nine stories which present a glimpse in the everyday life of 9 men of different ages starting from 17 to 70 coming from different social backgrounds The characters live in various European cities and each story involves travelling to different places The author is trying to create a portrait of the universal European Man to convey the message that in the end man is all the same There are some common themes that link the stories among them is the way the charactersegard time At the beginning when they are young the characters Goin' To The Zoo/Vamos Al Zoologico regard time with indifference obsessing about sex money fame career Later in life they start toegret the missed opportunities the mistakes they made with their choices they stress there is no time to change In the end there is the fear of death All the men are flawed individuals some of them made me angry other made me feel pity for them I have to praise the author s talent for making me The Obituary react to each character even though my feelings were not positive One thing that I liked about this book was the setting I am a keen traveler and I enjoyed that each story was set in at least one European city It was nice toevisit some of the places that I ve been to although I felt that the author did not try to make the places come alive There were a few aspects of the book that diminished the enjoyment of the book In the first place although as said above there are common themes I could not Selbstbewußt auftreten read this as a novel Also the uality of the stories is uneven Is felt that the uality of the stories progressed the first stories were uite boring and the last two were the best I wonder if this was the intention of the author As one grows he becomes sager and life has meaning etc Finally I did not like how the women wereepresented The women in these stories have no personality they are mainly an accessory for men Is this what men are looking for I understand this is a novel about self absorbed men but it still felt uncomfortable I am torn between 3 and 4 stars as I can see the talent of the author and I appreciate his intentions However something is missing to make this a great The Poetry Of William VII, Count Of Poitiers, IX Duke Of Aquitaine read for me Thank to David Szalay Random House UKVintage and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honesteview Just finished and thought but didn t say aloud what a great fucking book Now it s first thing the next and I ll try to collect my thoughts it s first thing the next and I ll try to collect my thoughts text my mother started A History of Early Modern Southeast Asia, 1400-1830 recommending this in the fall but I was in the middle of The Sleepwalkers and wasn teading so many pages a day meaning it would be months until I Ferdinand, der Mann mit dem freundlichen Herzen read something else plus the title seemed unrememberable and maybe excessively manly it s ultimately sort of ironic timeeduces all that man is to nothing She kept saying I Alcora - O Acordo Secreto do Colonialismo really needed toead it and so I asked for it for Xmas since I pretty much always heed such insistence she s previously insistently ecommended DFW s A Supposedly Fun Thing I ll Never Do Again Helen Dewitt s The Last Samurai Muriel Barbery s The Elegance of the Hedgehog and most ecently KOK s My Struggle Book One So I eceived it for Xmas and soon after was diagnosed with walking pneumonia which kept me from work for the last days of 2016 and placed me in bed under the covers propped up with pillows shades wide open to let in dark gray daylight eading this in two day long extended sessions something I can never do these days So this is a novel composed of nine very subtly linked stories seuenced by each male protagonist s age from 17 to 73 Like the last book I Before Copernicus read Seiobo There Below this is a novel composed of thematically and stylistically linked stories Each story could easily stand on its own but it felt like a novel in that it s held together by a consistent perspective close third similar tone steady yet not totally conventionalestrained yet not spare descriptive but not lyrical and ecurring bits like the appearance of lagers football clubs on the telly kebobs love triangles or at least situations with two men and one woman tarot cards the phallic ace of wands and the tower sentence fragments and occasional epetitions of phrases the grandson of the final protagonist a knighted former British ambassador in Italy is the uiet literary kid from the first story traveling in Prague Health and Wellbeing in Childhood reading Henry James s The Ambassadors which made me wonder if I d missed other associations among the stories Each story for the most part took about six pages to coalesce for the magic eye poster thing to kick in where I was deeply imagining the characters always white male hetero Europeans and settings always European in Prague the Croatian coast Cyprus Italy London Germany Slovenia The book description says that these men are striving to figure out what life is about something like that but so theye not particularly ambitious and life is imposing itself on them life is Child Support, for the Non-Custodial Parent, Alabama Edition (Series 1, for the Non-Custodial Parent) revealing itself to them theye not particularly active characters other than the journalist it s life itself that s active in this and the major catharsis in each story is L. Munatius Plancus: Serving and Surviving in the Roman Revolution recognition for the most part that. LONGLISTED FOR THE 2016 MAN BOOKER PRIZENine men Each of them at a different stage of life each of them away from home and each of them striving – in the suburbs of Prague beside a Belgian motorway in a cheap Cypriot ho. This is their life this is what life is for example the kid in his early twenties swimming in the sea in the morning with warm sun on his skin after insatiableomping with a dramatically obese daughter and the next night with her not uite as large mother Only one of these stories is sort of deliciously humorous although it s a dark almost silent laugh the one about Murray the guy in his mid fifties exiled to a pathetic life with a Dutchman he doesn t like lusting after an unattractive bartender he doesn t pull a climate change denier totally isolated from humanity who can only eally talk about the S class Mercedes he used to have At times toward the beginning I wondered if the author was condescending a little to his characters mostly lower class gents as inarticulate as they are introspective But I ve ated this five stars because after a few pages each story came alive each character seemed alive the scenes seemed effortlessly The Organization Man real the scenarios seemed to carry aeal dramatic charge and the clever structure of a seuence of stories about men from various classes between the ages of 17 to 73 gave way as did the craft conventions loved how each story unfolded how essential information about what the characters were doing for example was withheld for a few pages to pull you along or how action was interrupted by a white space break and then summarized later pulling you along to see what happened and the always clear controlled evocative precise fluid language and ultimately it felt true to life or just true conveying the truth about life that the only eternal thing in life is the passing of time The passing of time That is what is eternal that is what has no end And it shows itself only in the affect it has on everything else so that everything else embodies in its own impermanence the one thing that never ends If you come to this expecting a statement on the modern European male you won t come away with something neat and Krebszellen mögen keine Sonne. Vitamin D - der Schutzschild gegen Krebs, Diabetes und Herzerkrankungen: Ärztlicher Rat für Betroffene. Mit Vitamin-D-Barometer ... reductive It demonstrates the complexity of humanity instead ofeducing it to demographicsidentity politics A globalized Europe is in the background The Ufa Story: A History of Germany's Greatest Film Company, 1918-1945 replete with American fast food KFC Starbucks etc but the essence of this one is the texture of time that s theeal star of the show the eal focus It s a totally successful experiment I d say and although a few minor unconventional dalliances with creative spacing including a page that s blank except for only the words The music when the two 17 years olds in Prague attend a Mozart concert irritated me a little in the end the next morning all the stories are so vivid so clear so poignant for the most part I ve decided to ate it five stars although it s probably like 45 stars The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives: A Student Introduction rounded up for my immersive sick in bedeading experience all The United States and Peru: Cooperation -- At a Cost ratingseally Information Security Governance reflect one seading experience anyway not the book itself Something else not necessarily about the book that occurred to me and seemed somewhat disturbing was that this was published in the US by Graywolf Press although it was originally published in the UK by an imprint of VintagePenguin Random House which makes it seem like all those Penguin Random House imprints in the US Knopf particularly passed on this It s possible that there was some other eason that Graywolf a totally venerable independent published it instead of one of the Penguin Random House imprints but halfway through as I became entirely on its side the thought occurred now and again something like how the hell did all those major US presses pass on this I was also worried when I looked at the author photo and it seemed like his neck had been photoshopped clear I wasn t sure what I thought about that just that no man in his early forties has such a pristine neck Anyway a great eading experience for me and an author Atala / René regardless of what his neckeally looks like or how you pronounce his name sol LOY apparently who I ll definitely keep Widow of Dartmoor reading Will soonead Virginia Woolf s The Waves which tracks characters from childhood to old age to see if I can maybe eek out some similarities If you Dark Calling re interested ineading this collection of thematically linked stories then you ve likely ead the publisher s blurb We Get Nine Stories Of nine stories of 89ths straight European men who are traveling to destinations across Europe that are not home to them Whether it is a holiday or business that puts them in planes trains and automobiles their temporary displacement affords them a moment here or there to ponder Life The men seem to portray a universal European Every Man We see the progression from idealistic puppy love to lazy hedonistic appreciation for life When a former soldier begins to fall for but ultimately loses a girl who too might be seen as unacceptable as the omantic partners in Stories One and Two his disappointment doesn t last but a moment He is on the next pretty face behind a fast food counter I did laugh out loud in Story Three during a carpet cleaning scene but that was the last smile I had for probably four chapters These first three young men pleasure themselves Prinzipien Der Gemeinschaftlichen Kosten- Und Schadenstragung Im Seerecht Und Au�ergew�hnliche Formen Der Haverei Im 18. Jahrhundert regularly and don t appear to be headed for aelationship any time soonAs our Every Man ages we see him become intensely focused on his career and note his soonAs our Every Man ages we see
him become intensely 
become intensely on his career and note his for big boy toys cars True love means little but intercourse does Whether it is an academic a philologist or the O Sabor dos Caroços de Maçã ruthless editor of a jackal like tabloid magazine these men might not be interested in love but theeader has none for them eitherMan Six ages into a decent fellow one with a dr. Tel – to understand just what it means to be alive here and now Tracing an arc from the spring of youth to the winter of old age All That Man Is brings these separate lives together to show us men as they are – ludicr. ,

Eam of cutting loose from the big firm he is with and taking on isk in developing vacation homes in the Alps Like the man before him he is a father of two and while likely a better Edgar Cayce's Hidden History of Jesus role model than shown in the story before him the kids are not his focus Okay so you get the trendight The kid in his teens is decent but basically from age 20 to about 50 Universal Man is mostly interested in sex and then powercareersocial standing And then he is finally a nice human being again There is a cute little tie in you ll find near the end of the book that might be the very carrot to keep a Women and Disability: The Double Handicap reader goingI noted some oddepeated objects that popped up in multiple stories a woman s dressing gown and a Tarot card ace of wands super phallic and perhaps somebody smarter than me can explain the author s intent with these things I also saw a theme where the men were pursued by women they did not want Is this a common fantasy for men and did including it mean something I don t knowOne thing that felt Hostile and Malignant Prejudice: Psychoanalytic Approaches ridiculously heavy handed was the commentary one character had as he passed a brilliantly lit stadium while driving through Spain Instead of a football match it was a bull fight He notes how incongruous it was to see giant klieg lights fancy cars state of the art servicesconcessions etcight there at such a The Devil's Playground: A Century of Pleasure and Profit in Times Square ridiculously barbaric event UGH the blatant irony is this See our guy is in process of eviscerating a Danish politician twice in one day bringing the man to tears and is about to plaster it all over the world via his tabloid magazine Our Every Man the tabloid editor is going to gut this man s life just like the bull and will use the technology of the internet and cellphone tapping to tell the world I m sorry but this one little thing was so overtly and crappily done that I don t know how the Man Booker judges let it slideFriends I generally love books that have ugly awful protagonists so the fact that half of the nine men were jerks didn t bother me Maybe if I d spent time with them say five men instead of nine I would have cared a tiny bit about them There are other collection of short stories thateally were outstanding novels Nine Lives Death and Life in New Orleans and The Tsar of Love and Techno instantly come to mind and that s The Culture Chamber rather what I expected from these nineIndeed I was not theight audience an American woman All it left me wondering was is that all there is Having finished Whispering Coves reading this year s Man Booker shortlist I decided to go back to the one that eluded me last year Iecall that at the time much of the debate was about whether such a disconnected set of stories should be Bees: An Up-Close Look at Pollinators Around the World regarded as a novel and havingead it now I am not entirely convinced It does have some thematic unity each of the nine parts focuses on a different man in a different part of Europe struggling with a crisis of confidence and they do get progressively older as the book goes on but apart from that the stories have nothing in commonFor me the later stories were interesting Szalay is clearly a versatile writer and creates some memorable situations and the stories are funny at times but he doesn t spare his characters much sympathy I hope the title was intended to be ironic otherwise Szalay has a very bleak view of his fellow manAn interesting ead possibly worthy of its shortlist place but I didn t see it deserving than that In a iff on the Ages of Man four five or seven depending on which classical source you turn to Szalay gives nine vignettes of men trying to figure out what life is all about His antiheroes Self-Esteem for a Lifetime range from age 17 to 73 Each section has several chapters and follows a similar pattern a man from one European country travels to another European country there are lots of scenes set at airports or otherwise in transit and part of the overall atmosphere of dislocation is simply the effort of having to adjust to foreignnessThese trips are made for variouseasons feckless French twentysomething B Word and Image: An Introduction to Early Medieval Art rnard has been fired by his uncle so goes ahead with a vacation to Cyprus tabloid journalist Kristian flies from Denmark to Spain to confirmumors of a government minister s involvement in a scandal former oligarch Aleksandr takes his yacht for a farewell Adriatic cruise as he The Compact Guide to World Religions reflects on where his millions went Predictably sex is a major themeeluctant hook ups fantasy lovers affairs The Nudist on the Late Shift: And Other True Tales of Silicon Valley regretted wild oats never sown At times especially during 2 I waseady to follow up the title phrase in my best Cockney accent with All That Man Isis a bloody wanker As individual stories there s nothing particularly wrong with these Inevitably though some are interesting than others and they don t uite succeed in feeding into an overarching message unless to confirm a mood of hedonism and angst Life is short and pointless enjoy its moments while you can eh My favorite protagonists were Interrailing teenager Simon 1 and Kristian 5 several of the ones in the middle I ve now forgottenI did like how the final story offered a slightly different sexual dynamic and an unforeseen connection back with the first story But offered a slightly different sexual dynamic and an unforeseen connection back with the first story But I Didn T Find This To Be The Philosophical And Elegiac t find this to be the philosophical and elegiac I might have expected The prose is great though I d certainly ead a straightforward novel by SzalayFavorite lines There s this feeling he sometimes has that he s a long way from home That nobody s there for him if it all goes wrong How little we understand about life as it is actually happening The moments fly past like trackside pylons seen from a train windo. Ous and inarticulate shocking and despicable; vital pitiable hilarious and full of heartfelt longing And as the years chase them down the stakes become bewilderingly high in this piercing portrayal of 21st century manhood.