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Vers several messages neatly it s OK for girls *TO BE SMART A BUL I LOVE SLED DOG *be smart a bul I love Sled Dog and so do my students That s the very best review I can give Getting a book in the hands of youngsters and they enjoy it is the best They re looking for from Terry Lynn Johnson The book brought about many discussions about starting a business and running it friendship caring for animal and so much Thanks to Goodreads First Reads for my first copy of Sled Dog School Due to the popularity of this book I needed to purchase copies for my classroom Still an amazing book This was a reread AND I ENJOYED IT EVEN THE SECOND TIME I I enjoyed it even the second time I probably read this story view spoilerabout Matt who while giving dog sled lessons makes a couple new friends hide spoiler Mixing business sled dogs bullies and an eleven year old boy who is struggling in school sounds like a lot to cover in one book yet this high action adventure story accomplishes just that Living in the country in Michigan Matt s family raises sled dogs doesn t use electricity and his father is a potter This proves to be very unconventional when it comes to fitting in to Matt s school environment so he eeps his home life as private as possible When he begins to fail his math tests his teacher gives him a way to improve his grades Along with other students in the class Matt must come up with a business plan The project includes finding at least three clients using formulas to track their expenses and salary run an actual business for 6 weeks and make weekly reports This assignment proves daunting for Matt until he comes up with a subject he loves and realizes he has the nowledge to take a chance with it Matt starts a sled dog training school his supportive nature loving parents let him take full responsibility for the project offering just a minimum of guidance this turns into a minimum of guidance This turns into a adventure tale as Matt attempts dangerous tasks for his new pupil All of the background information about sled dog racing is skillfully intertwined in the story This is a suspenseful adventure tale with plenty of dangerous moments that eep the pages flying I highly recommend it but have a couple of suggestions The cover looks too cute and young I think the age range could easily span 8 12 years old While I appreciate fantasy this was a refreshing read with real characters faults and all Our readers need fantasy but they also need real issues characters and situations they can relate to I think I want to try dog sledding after reading this Terry Lynn Johnson does an amazing job of writing about mushing in such a way that the reader says Wow I want to do that Definitely could be motivational for pre teens who feel as though they have little control over what they can be successful at doing Matt the protagonist Tubbs and Alex all have obstacles that they must overcome in order to become successful dog sleddersMemorable uotesPg184 The bes. Easy right But people just like dogs can be unpredictable And sometimes the bravest thing a person can do is admit they need help. .

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Through the air when she gets thrown from the sled Children can easily relate to Matt s struggles over asking for help from his parents or to Matt s struggles over asking for help from his parents or and that in the end it takes courage to ask for help Matt also learned how to be a better sled dog teacher and that there is a big difference between doing something he loves like dog sledding using his rote memory skills and needing to break things down into steps in order to be able to teach it to Tubbs and Alex Matt s parents were also wonderful I really enjoyed how Matt s mom emphasized with him that it wasn t the grade on his schoolwork *that she was most worried about but what he learned from it *she was most worried about but what he learned from it education is about much than going to school It s about learning from experiences Included at the back of the book are a glossary of terms and a detailed picture identifying the different parts of the sled and positioning of the sled dog team With themes of friendship and overcoming struggles at school I would recommend Sled Dog School to Special Agent kids who enjoy animal stories reading about sled dogs and mushing In exchange for an honest review a review copy was received from the author I was attracted to the title and cover of this book It did not disappoint I have a husky They are exuberant joyful dogs who are smart and so much fun to be around The uniue personalities of the dogs were so well described as the dogs became major characters in this fun to read bookMatt and his younger sister are being raised by atypical but very loving parents They live simply and off the grid Matt had some struggles in school especially in math The math teacher offered an extra credit assignment Matt needed the extra points so he started his own sled dog schoolMatt s first two customers were strangers but not for very long I loved how theids who came from such different styles of parenting formed unlikely but authentic and tight bonds of friendship As "the friendships grew the ids became creative problem solvers and developed "friendships grew the ids became creative problem solvers and developed teamwork skillsBy taking on his unusual math assignment Matt learned that being different was problematic at times but was also a reason to celebrate and be thankful This book was filled with humor and tender moments A worthwhile and enjoyable read I m giddy to announce that my uirky little story Sled Dog School is a Junior Library Guild Selection for fall 2017 Matt is failing math so for extra credit he decides to offer dog sledding lessons the only thing he The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History knows how to do well since his family already owns several sleds and 22 sledding dogs After putting up posters he gains first one student Tubby who comes with his out of control dog and then another Alex who thinks shenows everything Matt learns in a hurry that just because you now how to do something doesn t mean it s easy to teach it It s even harder to puzzle out the magic numbers that his teacher is bugging him for every weekJohnson deli. En good at The only thing he truly loves is his team of dogs and so Matt’s Sled Dog School is born Teaching dogsledding should be. This was a pretty simple read and really cute over all I really liked the ending and felt it was perfect for the story I felt that the characters were all pretty solid to start out but that they all showed growth really nicely The main characters changed over the course of the book The supporting characters may not have changed so much but there was still some reveal to their personalities The plot was good and I liked the premise It was also well executed and well paced It felt at no point rushed or as if it were being dragged out Over all a really good book and I d be likely to recommend it to others Originally posted at Log Cabin Library11 year *old Matt s family lives the simpler life off the grid *Matt s family lives the simpler life off the grid have an outhouse don t use gas or electricity and the only phone is a landline for emergencies Matt is pretty responsible for his age helping take care of his younger sister while his father sells his pottery and his mom is doing research The family also raises and runs sled dogs which Matt is pretty adept at Recently Matt has been having difficulties with his math at school and with Jacob a id who s been bullying him and calling him smoky because of his families lifestyle He s also been reluctant to ask for help from his parents or his teacher and dreads the idea that he #might be placed in remedial math When Matt s teacher Mr Moffat assigns an extra credit project to design # be placed in remedial math When Matt s teacher Mr Moffat assigns an extra credit project to design business plan and run it Matt A World on Fire knows that it s his only hope of raising his grade From this the Sled Dog School is born The first step advertising the lessons to find at least three customers The first to apply is Tubbs who was hoping Matt could train his willy dog Flute to behave like the sled dogs Then there is Alex who on her first day exudes confidence but with the skills to back it up Business seems to be getting off to a great start now if Matt could only figure out how toeep track of his operating costs use formulas to show salaries and eep things running for at least six weeks he just might pass his math class The last story I read by Terry Lynn Johnson was Ice Dogs it was a wonderful action packed adventure story set during the harsh winter conditions of Alaska where a girl gets lost while out dog sledding and then stumbles upon an injured boy who she tries to rescue a riveting story you shouldn t miss this one either In Sled Dog School Johnson continues to a riveting story you shouldn t miss this one either In Sled Dog School Johnson continues to from her experiences of running Alaskan huskies and writes a story geared this time toward younger children There s plenty of action alternating with chapters of Matt s and his classmate s progress on their assignment at school The dangers the ids face while learning to dog sled seemed to match the age of the intended audience while eeping the action moving being informative and adding just the right amount of humor There are these funny scenes where Tubbs is trying to avoid the poop spray and Alex is flying. Eleven year old Matt is struggling in school and he has to set up his own business to save his failing math grade But what is he ev. Sled Dog School