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To embark on a house swapping adventure in Paris However the apartment they stay in is nothing like advertised dark dingy abandoned in Paris However the apartment they stay in is nothing like advertised dark dingy abandoned full of secrets When Mark and Steph come early from their vacation it seems as if a dark force still lingers with them and when Mark starts behaving strangely Steph seems as if a dark force still lingers with them and when Mark starts behaving strangely Steph figure out what has happened to her husband What did they bring home with them from Paris and most importantly how do they get rid of itThis novel was gripping and addictive in every way Similar to Andrew Pyper or Stephen King in its dark macabre style The Apartment was disturbing and creepy in all the good ways SL Grey writes a satisfying thriller that pulled me in from page one Each chapter alternates perspectives telling the story from both Steph and Mark s point of view leaving the reader with a complete picture of the events as they each recollect them The writing is spot on and the action never stops each chapter pulling you farther and farther into the terrifying world of grief and possession The ending is one hell of a shocker too and completely unexpected This novel plays out like a Hollywood movie with its dark scenes of gore and terror and is definitely not to be missed SL Grey must write another novel immediately I will wait on the edge of my seat in gripping suspense until then Another book that failed to live up to the hypeBeing peddled as a terrifying tour de force of horror leads one to have certain expectations And frankly this story didn t even come close to hitting that mark for this reader Dull dreary and mundane is the best way I can describe this so called high concept psychological chiller I have to give the author credit though for hooking me in with the opening of the story In the back of my mind I was all set for a dark and sinister version of The Holiday You know the movie where Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz switch houses for a much needed break Forget it Erase that thought I was mistakenNeeding a breather but low on cash Mark and Steph turn to a house swapping website They make plans with a couple to swap their Cape Town home for what appears to be a charming place in the heart of Paris Sounds perfect right I mean what couple wouldn t enjoy a week in the city of love Add a horror twist and you ust might have a great story on your hands but wait hold that thoughtThere were so many things that had me scratching my head Things that didn t add up If you can spend money fixing up your own place new sheets towels and high end groceries for the guests why not ust spend the money and get a hotel I know house swapping is a legit thing but it wasn t realistic to me that this couple would put their trust in the hands of strangers Not after what they ust went throughAdmittedly the apartment is a shit show when they show up It s basically an abandoned and decrepit building You can t help but to wonder why this couple would swindle Mark and Steph What s their end game There s no denying the setting lends an eerie feeling to the story but that s where it stopped for me For The Majority Of Their Trip I Was Desperate For the majority of their trip I was desperate for big to happen something scary suspenseful or even a tiny bit interesting As the ending approached the story took a dive into bizarre territory but I can t say I was scared or even shocked by what was going down Honestly this scenario has been done many times before and I have to say I ve seen it executed in a much interesting way I m sorry it had to be you From the beginning I thought this story had a ton of potential but I feel like it missed the mark Big time I m utterly confused about the horror classification and the notion that this was supposed to come across as terrifying Of course take this review for what it is ust the opinion of an admittedly picky reader A miss for me might turn out to be a winner for you Thank you to Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Aris they uickly realize that nothing is as advertised As their perfect holiday takes a deadly turn the cracks in their relationship grow ever wider and dark secrets from Mark’s past begin to emergeDeftly alternating between two complex and compelling narrators The Apartment is a terrifying tour de force of horror of psychological thrills and of chilling suspen. E opportunity to read it *From NetGalley And The Publisher *NetGalley and the publisher THE APARTMENT by S L GreyThis story is non stop horror I seem not to have breathed through the duration of the read and I m sure its themes will manage to infest my dreams The author does a marvelous ob of balancing on a knife edge not only the protagonists two a married couple alternating well written first person narrative but also the reader We remain on tenterhooks as we constantly endeavor to determine Whether The Causes Are Supernatural the causes are supernatural origin or simply a run of bad circumstances exacerbating the psychological decline of a grieving troubled mind Most of my problems with this book originated with this statement in the book s synopsis The Apartment is a terrifying and tour de force of horror of psychological thrills and of haunting suspense I m sorry to report that for me it was NOT any of these thingsA South African couple survives a home invasionrobbery physically unscathed but emotionally beaten and drained At the suggestion of a friend they decided to do an apartment swap with another couple from Paris They have basically no money since the robbery and this is a good way for them to get out of their house on the cheap Instead of being the romantic vacation they had hoped for they arrive in Paris to find a nearly abandoned building and a disgusting filthy apartment My issues start right here at the beginning of the story After having their home invaded and robbed by strangers why oh why would they want to turn it over to another set of strangers That made no sense to me There are a few other things that bothered me about this as well for example the couple buying the swappers fancy sheets and whatnot before they leave when they have NO moneyUp to this point I was engaged with the story and I figured the good stuff you know the aforementioned tour de force of horror would happen once they got settled into the Paris apartment but no Paris turns into a nightmare for them financially due to credit card problems and they have an ugly run in with the only other resident of the building Mireille There are also a few unsettling incidents in the apartment but again nothing really horrific When they returned home early from their trip I couldn t figure out where the story was going but once it finally got there I WAS satisfied I liked how the story was related with alternating chapters between Mark and Stephanie and I admit To Enjoying The Denouement Very Much However enjoying the denouement very much However took way too long in getting there and again I know I m harping it was not a tour de force of anything except maybe for boring Without that tagline raising my expectations I might have enjoyed this novel but I was expecting to be WOWED and it never happened By the time things DID happen I was so bored their impact was severely diminished Of course all of this is ust my opinion your mileage may varyThanks to Edelweiss Blumhouse Books and the author for the free ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review This is it If you are suffering from the loss of a loved one who may have died through your negligence please don t take this apartment There is something inside that feeds on your sorrow and wants to twist the knife in even deeper This is a twisted tale about how the destructive force of grief is manipulated by a spirit who feeds on it and needs to unhinge your mind even for its own diabolical needs The Apartment by SL Grey is not for the faint of heart It is definitely a horror novel filled with paranormal activity hauntings suicide and things that go bump in the night For these reasons and many others I LOVED it Steph and Mark haven t been the same since the day their apartment was burglarized by three young men in masks Although no one was hurt Mark can t keep replaying the incident and Steph can t stop blaming Mark for not doing to protect her and their daughter To escape their haunted memories Steph and Mark decide. When a friend suggests they take a restorative vacation abroad via a popular house swapping website it sounds like the perfect plan They find a nice artistic couple with a charming apartment in Paris who would love to come to Cape Town How could Mark and Steph resist the idyllic light strewn pictures and the promise of a romantic getaway But once they arrive in ,

This is a tough one to rate I didn t really enjoy reading this book but it was really well done as far as creating AN UNSETTLING TONE I GUESS THAT unsettling tone I guess that how I d describe this book it s unrelentingly unsettling This is the story of one family s dissolution and because of that it s not easy to read Bad things ust keep happening and happening and happening And lurking behind all this human misery is something that might possibly be supernaturalI had a hard time connecting with the characters both of the main characters were pretty unlikeable But I still managed to feel sorry for themI can definitely see Sarah Lotz s influence here she s a coauthor she seems to have a knack for spooky dark reads Mark and Steph recently went through a trauma and now they ust need to get away With a low budget there s little the couple can afford making the possible vacation seem unlikely when a friend suggests house swapping It worked out great for their friend There seems to be unlimited destinations Paris sounds nice Why not It appears to be the opportunity of a lifetime So when Steph posts looking for inuiries and hears back from a nice Parisian couple interested in the swap it s too sweet to resist When they arrive and things aren t uite as advertised it becomes clear that this is not the getaway they were hoping forThe story alternates between Mark and Steph s POV making for an interesting reading experience as you never uite know all that is going on or if you can fully trust either as a narrator There are numerous odd creepy things that occur throughout I kept waiting for something big to happen something explosive where all those creepy moments that occurred throughout finally amount to somethinganything really The ending felt like it came out of left field and didn t match up with the plot That s fine I guess Only I thought I was getting a horror version of the movie The Holiday and was ultimately let downThis is one of those books where the premise is everything yet the execution fails to measure up Well I ll beThis book surprised me and surpassed my expectations throughout While not a classic type horror or thriller the out of the box plot and twists and turns as the story developed had me hooked Find all of my reviews at night the unthinkable happened I m left with a book I read over a week ago that I won t remember reading given another couple to review and really only one thing on my mind to say to anyone reading this Dear America And also to Hillary Clinton YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT RIGGING ELECTIONS Alright so The Apartment has been categorized as Horror but for most fans of that genre you re probably going to find it bigly not horrifying The plot of the story is Mark and Steph were victims of a terrifying break in and have had a hard time getting back to normal ever since The couple decides a vacation from their problems might fix what ails them and uses an airbnb sort of house swapping site Confession time This one kind of lost me immediately because even when I m not reading a horror novel my mind immediately thinks this type of house swap would really end up being this when I reached my destination It doesn t take long for Mark and Steph to realize something is off about the apartment and from there you end up with a typical storyline of My friend Char has written an actual review that pretty much sums up all of the problems I had with this story My only word for this one at the given moment is MEH Unfortunately this one didn t uite live up to expectations for me This was marketed as horror a supposedly chilling and terrifying read that ended up being of a slow building suspense that didn t uite work for me in the end I can see how this is a hard one suspense that didn t uite work for me in the end I can see how this is a hard one place in a specific genre it wasn t uite horror psychological suspense or a thriller but it did have elements of each of those bent into one mash up I think I was ust not the right reader for this one grateful for th. A high concept psychological chiller about a troubled married couple on a house swap from hell An Anchor OriginalMark and Steph live an idyllic life with their young daughter in sunny Cape Town until one day when three men in masks violently break in Traumatized but physically unharmed Mark and Steph are unable to return to normal and are living in constant fear. The Apartment