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Flashes of EmotionLy can t ask than thatMy reaction to many POEMS WAS DISBELIEF IN HOW LIVES COULD GO SO was disbelief in how lives could go so as if the poet s world is peopled by borderline personalities those who think in black and white and can turn on you for hiccupping wrong and evil forces Not much nuance of a blunt instrument Then there is the obfuscation It was obvious from the beginning this vision was differentIts sheer force stripped myths of their mythical refinementsLike a satire pillaging the embellishments of tyranny was not obvious to me Too often too much work to uncover edificationIf you are a poetry fan you may love this collection If not maybe not I m not a great reader of poetry but in my humble opinion this is an exceptional collection which I recommend to all readers especially poetry readers and lovers of romance The imagery is so fresh and vivid it paints pictures in the mind and as a reader I was able to recognise those fleeting emotions that are so hard to capture I started to note my favourites as I read but the list became too long I did particularly like the Hermitage and cough cough I feel a need to mention Sonnet to a Dame Over FiftyI m afraid I don t now the technical terms but the poems had the structure and rhythm of the poetry I was tortured by at school only with fresh modern sentiments I was able to relate to them in a way I couldn t during my school days I hope it is okay to include a short segment from one of them Any errors are my own as I was unable to copy paste from my indle I stand in captivating solitude and watchAs life in its omnipotence swirls around meDaring its audience to decipher it magnificence and

Its DoomIn The Amphitheatre 
doomIn the amphitheatre lifeVery enjoyable a collection to savour and re visit this book to savour and re visit This book me realize many things but the first is that it s been too long since I ve allowed great poetry to grace the folds of my mind It does something to our subconscious Takes hold of us in powerful ways And Sam s work will have this effect on readers Poetry is often written without the type of consideration for flow that Sam uses in his creations I really found myself lost as I read through the passages And now after finishing this book I feel a huge surge of inspiration That s what great poetry does It inspires It makes it so you look at a sunset differently You look at everything differently With focus and of an introspective approach A few of the hundreds of great linesThe fury of his existence was like a veritable derision of life itself yet life clung to himShe lives in the water where fishermen abhor the fish Never encountering bigotry on her way for she loved to live on the fringes of paltry chauvinism Poetry is arguably the genre of writing where reader responses are most likely to vary The large number of five star reviews of this collection may suggest that my rather different response may say as much about me as it does about the poems The positive reviews prompted me to stay with the collection rather longer than I might otherwise have done and to reach a poem that led me to re evaluateI was than half way through the collection when I reached The Greatest Gift an absolute gem It appears to be about a visit to Florence with a lover who though still young is terminally ill It beautifully balances the bittersweet pleasures of the here and now with the foreknowledge of what must soon happen while vividly evoking the beautiful city in which it is set The use of the changing seasons as a metaphor for the stages of life has many antecedents but the clich is cleverly used here the repetition of It is autumn in Florence giving a sonorous frame like the tolling of a passing bell for one who paradoxically seems doomed to die without reaching the autumn of her own lifeThere are a number of other pieces in the collection that also work very well I particularly enjoyed Prejudice about a white woman who gets on the wrong train and finds herself in an all black carriage an interesting reversal of the usual stereotypical race relations poemHowever I found many of the poems in the first half of the collection uite hard going I don t now what was going on in the author s life when he wrote them but they appear to me to be the work of a rather depressed man Although other people appear in the poems they leave little impression be. Into a wide variety of topics from life and love to death and drudgery a collection that showcases Augustine Sam'.

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Cause they are always refracted through the author s self obsession That leaves us with far too many pages of the author s thoughts about himself unleavened by any trace of humour or much empathy with the lived experience of others I found the level of narcissism hard to take which may reflect a cultural difference The writing may have been therapeutic for the author but this British reviewer felt that what he really needed were a few cheerful mates to
Take Him Down The 
him down the British reviewer felt that what he really needed were a few cheerful mates to take him down the pub stop him spending so much time writing gloomy poetry The poems that he did then write would perhaps have been betterOther reviews have praised the craftsmanship of the poems A large and diverse vocabulary gives the author a vivid palette with which to draw his word pictures there are certainly some arresting images and some of the poems are cleverly structured with intelligent use of repeated refrains and occasional rhymes to give a sense of rhythm and structure However there are also examples of tired language speaking volumes and of images that don t uite work visions swarmed like grape seeds and of statements that appear profound at first hearing but which become meaningless armic rage his mind was their judgement seat or banal the you think you now him the less you really now judgement seat or banal the you think you now him the less you really The Shadow Reader know or just plain wrong when you subject them to a bit of thought the brave yearns to die not just wrong but dangerously so in this age of terrorists in love with martyrdomSome of the earliest poems are the weakest melodramas about cuckolded loversilling themselves the wine writer or exacting gruesome revenge the human shock absorber They are untypical of much of the rest of the collection less subtle and less well crafted Placing them together at the start of the anthology certainly influenced me unfavourably and perhaps made me less receptive to what followedI love Coleridge s definition of the difference between poetry and prose prose words in their best order poetry the best words in their best order In his best pieces Sam s poems come close to this exacting ideal but there are too many pieces that read like careless streams of consciousness that should have been discarded or re worked before appearing here This is a large anthology for a work by a single poet It contains within it a slim volume of poems to treasure but the reader has to wade through a lot of others to reach them and I fear that many will not persevere which is a pity Flashes of Emotion is a poetry collection which explores emotions such as love and hate isolation and prejudice The writer takes us on both an emotional and physical journey around the world to cities including Florence London and New York The precise use of language and metaphor immerses the reader in the drama of the moment A well crafted poem like a good screenplay uses as few words as possible to convey meaning and this is a notion that this writer has clearly understood The poem Images perfectly demonstrates this as well as an understanding of poetic structure using words sparingly for maximum impact It was difficult to choose the stand out poems as they are all beautifully written But if I had to it would be Elegy for the Captive and Poetry in Motion The first because it perfectly revealed the isolation of imprisonment and the latter as it is a beguiling love poem I received a free copy of this book Book Readers ReviewFlashes of Emotion is a book of poems written to reflect life love death pain joy and many inds of emotion The author is elouent and has a subtle use of language The poems are reasonably short and easy to read conveying meanings that may be interpreted by the reader It is definitely a book of poems to be savored and returned to on many occasions Augustine has captured the essence of an emotion and relayed this in beautiful language If you are a poetry lover you will cherish this book and experience I have read most of the poems twice and still marvel at the range of feelings elicited by these wonderful wordsThe author provided me with a copy in return for an unbiased review My rating is a five plus stars and recommend those who love poetry to have a copy in their library If you are not a freuent reader of poetry Augustine s poems will change your view This is a rare collectionhttpbookread mumswritingsblogspot. S lively refreshing and innovative style A 'must have' for anyone who has ever experienced love pain defeat or joy. ,
Beautifully crafted poetry fill pages with sensual love The first part of the book shows us the anguish of longing sensual love The first part of the book shows us the anguish of longing masculine psyche experiences the power of the feminine and storms against it What is the use of love lust unsatisfied Life circles with its armic package its religious judgments against lovelust that cannot be denied This isn t entirely a man thing as women can experience lust but understanding isn t what bridges the gap And so the uest for satisfaction explores the unusual As we advance through the book love takes on a mature VIEW UNDERSTANDING DOES REACH ACROSS THE MALEFEMALE DIVIDE LOVE Understanding does reach across the malefemale divide Love on satisfaction in small or large measure We sense the love in marriage ripened to near perfection At times we sense a love perhaps frustrated by separation or divorce or even death These poems may speak of masculine sensuality but they also can find identity in the feminine They touch circumstances in various erotic or not so erotic settings There is nothing vulgar in these lovelust poems They are a dirge or a celebration of love in its ugliness or its beauty Among these pages you may pick a few favorites Flashes of Emotion by Augustine Sam is an eclectic collection of poems that will make readers feel think and reflect on the nature and meaning of a human life Separated into 4 sections each set of poems within the book touches on the writer s different experiences in the world and many deal with the complexities of love Sam had some fun with the text as well with words being scattered in different forms throughout the page which will shape readers experience with the poems in a uniue way The language within the poems themselves is highly intellectual the metaphors rich and the descriptions sensual I particularly enjoyed the 2nd and 3rd sections titled Musings and Palpitation the poems in them have a dreamy romantic uality that allows a reader to imagine beyond the page Within Sam s poetic musings there are also many moments of solitude and it is from these that I found the most space for reflection as in his poems a solitary observer and my last chance both of which are beautifully written Perhaps my favorite poems in the collection directly follow these two poetic waltz and passions words both highly romantic sensual and musical poems celebrating dreams love connection beauty in the arts Flashes of Emotion is a collection of poetry that will appeal to many poetry readers but will also be enjoyable to readers of other genres romantic and literary fiction or those interested in philosophy psychology and art of other genres romantic and literary fiction or those interested in philosophy psychology and art essence it does what poetry should do it makes us feel and wonder at our own uniue humanity and gives readers an experience guided by both sense and experienceI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review At first I didn t like the poems as much until I reach The Misunderstood Lunatic and I completely relate to it in someway And then The Human Shock Absorber just continues the flow It just eeps on getting better For a long time I didn t read poems that make me feel so much emotions all at once dealing with various themes and in the end I find myself with a profound introspection That s when you now it is good poetry Augustine Sam delivers a great writing filled with challenging themes and emotions In fall time reading this over a some hot chocolate in a big sofa with a beautiful view outside is the perfect picture for me This collection encourages us to reflect takes time to admire the flow and rhythm that each word each meaning has to offer I enjoyed this collection of poems that looked deeply at different aspects of life They were very sobering exploring many different emotions from happy to sad and in between My favorite poem was Sonnet to a Dame Over 50 I haven t uite reached that age yet but it still made me smile I recommend this book of poems to people who like to think deeply about things and read poetry that help them do that The best word to describe the poetry in Flashes of Emotion is edgy The second best word is obfuscation Third would be sobering Poetry is hard to write well and this collection like most collections was uneven The good ones were very good and the not so good were not so good Overall I liked the collection Many poems said what should be said and did so artful. Flashes of Emotion is a book of romantic poetry a selection that allows the reader to tap into the poet's insights. .