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To some of the lingo I preferred Evan than I Did Logan I Think This Should Have Been A Standalone Logan I think this should have been a standalone I read this as a standalone Thank goodness It didn t confuse me It was hot and I had a great time When it comes to alpha males I guess I m easy to please #As long as he s not an ahole On the one handThe dom sub interplay of the characters the #long as he s not an ahole On the one handThe dom sub interplay of the characters the the relationship actually grows between Logan and Merchant to the extent allowed in a story like this and of course the so hot it makes our eyeballs sweat sex is all extremely satisfying making for a fun and steamy read Not to mention I like that the author has created a fuller picture for what were initially just supporting characters in the previous Evan s Alphas booksOn the other hand I m not uite sure I particularly like the author s version of the Omegaverse While it supports the BDSM play found in all three books so far I m thinking there s scope for Heart s interpretation of Alpha and Omega and even Beta behavior is very much animalistic than even in those novels where actual animals shifters werebeasts whatever ou wish to call them are featured

It S Uite Violent 
s uite violent not a little bit disturbing especially the casual way the society Heart built accepts that violence It s not that I m sueamish believe me all the true crime shows I watch would uickly convince ou otherwise it s just not an interpretation of the Omegaverse setup I particularly care for35 stars Favorite of the seriesAbsolute favorite of the series Merchant has been my favorite through these and through chad s stories and I m so glad I got to see of him in his own book Pretty part for the course with heart as far as the writing grammar plot lines etc Very hot sex scenes Very interesting story Very enjoyable overall Wish there was though I can t get enough merchant in my life I didn t start the book let alone finish Third person present tense writing sounds horribl. From the Omega series but can be read as a standalone It contains grown up themes such as domination spanking knotting and bondage The story has a HEA ending and no cliff hangerOmega Book 1 dpB00ZJ6UF6OEvan's Alphas Book 2 dpB013PZCCZC This is the second edition of this book only minor revisions have been made. .

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D book and its still the sameI get the intensity of the sex and mating which is high on the erotic scalebut there needed to be besides thatI was really looking forward to this one after meeting Logan in the previous story I was intrigued why he was rather skittish with Chad in the last bookthought maybe there was going to a story behind it to #make him interesting but unfortunately this t developed and he falls all lustful in a matter of pages and #him interesting but unfortunately this isn t developed and he falls all lustful in a matter of pages and a matter of days they are matedit s really that dull and simple I wanted to see conflict from Logan and development between them I wanted to see Marchent have to work for itbut despite it saying this was around 200pagesI am not sure I believe this There were blank pages in between viewpoints and the whole thing was rushed and not as exciting as I d hopedIt also didn t help my liking of this book when one of the things that turns me off in MM genre is when a guy cums on his lovers facedoes absolutely nothing for me and et this happens twiceonce on their first real sexual encounter I also am not a fan of the whole shoving Logan off him in the middle of the sexual act so he stumbles and doesn t know what s happeningit s like the alpha doesn t care and the guy on the floor is left humiliatedthis goes against the concept I do love in these booksin terms of the alpha desiring to protect and care for their mateBut those are personal opinion and I understand that s not the same for everyone I was disappointed when there is really nothing resolved when Logan discovers what Marchent really doesit was a fantastic build up and emotional scene but then nothing happens to resolve it and I m supposed to believe that Logan just smiles and says it s all ok It didn t sit well with me at all and wasn t believable I m just starting to read books in this genre So this series was a good start I liked the storyline and I m still trying to get used. Career out of intimidation blackmail and murder and if Logan knew the truth about him he'd run screaming in the other direction But Merchant doesn't care Logan is everything he never knew he wanted in a mate and he'll be damned if he lets the man of his dreams get away This 55000 word novel features characters. ,

It was a good one Now I m interested to read the next books in the series if any Great StoryThis is the 2nd DJ Hart story I ve read I fell for the Tank Security guy s and girls in my first book and can t get enough of them now The uirky sense of humor he has is great in the books I ve gotten so far it and the characters are amazing Merchant has been my favorite #his self confidence and pushing buttons of the people he likes #self confidence and pushing buttons of the people he likes doesn t like I ve caught myself laughing or smiling through out the story His character development moving him to being a fun and sensitive guy but still a Alpha Love the UberAlpha mentality and macho violent attitudes I m not into mushy soft romances 45 stars maybe I think I may liked this one just a smidge than the previous two books There was room for humor the editing was tighter though still not what it ought to be I do feel that the last 20% or so was rushed That could have been better When a Beta needs to be taken like an OmegaA shortish smutty work with enough of a plot and characters to pump up the Alphabeta heat by a notch or two Best for fans of the author s previous Omega serial the following Omega series and those who like scene focused Dominant but consensual AlphaBetaOmega knotting My guilty pleasuresThis series has become my guilty pleasurethey re not perfect by any meansthis one being my least favourite but they are very hot an steamy I have to say that the world building in this series is rather odd in that all I feel I know is it seems to be a world of alphas betas and omegas But there s no mention of a shifter element so I m unsure Of The Full Structure the full structure this world And that brings me to my biggest bug bare with this seriesthe descriptionor lack of Because I don t feel I got enough information about what people looked like setting a scene or really in depth emotions and plot It s all a bit shallowespecially when ou get to the thir. Logan Barnes is a beta and an omega rights worker When his offices are attacked his friend and coworker Chad Brand sends a bodyguard from his mate's company to protect him The bodyguard is cocky brash and every inch the alpha and Logan is reluctantly charmedMerchant knows that he's not a good person He's made .
Logans Alpha Evans Alphas #3