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LOL I d love to have been a fly on the wall while they were cooking up some of the scenes I read Just hope they don t have a fly swatterI m crossing my fingers some aspiring film maker spots these stories and makes Onyx Webb into a series How cool that would beI received this book for my honest review Onyx s web is getting biggerIn this 4th installment of the Onyx Webb series authors Fenton and Waltz deliver the most exciting and emotional series of episodes to date And if I said that about another installment scratch that Because this one takes the cake The about another installment scratch that Because this one takes the cake The is getting tighter and and small *DETAILS ARE PROVIDED PAINTING A CLEARER *are provided painting a clearer of how exactly Onyx Webb is connected to so many people through so many decades In this set of episodes the pivotal characters sagas are continuing while some previously introduced characters made return visits after being absent for several episodes As I ve stated before one of my favorite aspects of this series how the authors eep going back to each character While there is a set of central characters their stories aren t any important than the characters who remain uietly in the background Each and every one of them has a story to tell and each and every one has some sort of connection to the namesake to tell and each and every one has some sort of connection to the namesake this series Ms Onyx Webb The episodes contained in this installment have been the most emotional yet While most of the stories thus far have had a bit of a creep factor the authors really laid it on thick this time around by adding in even ghosts and the subseuent goosebumps that go along with hauntings Add to that there was plenty of heartbreak with the reunion involving someone from Onyx s past One thing I find interesting and something I hope is answered in future installments is what differentiates the types of ghosts in this series some of them are corporeal and essentially still appearing human while others are the spirits and poltergeists that one thinks of when they hear ghost It s certainly an interesting element and one I look forward to in the episodes to come Bottom line this series has uickly grown to become one of my favorites It s weird it s spooky it s creepy and exciting and above all it s so dang interesting I honestly don t even have enough positive words to give the authors the credit they deserve for coming up with a story that is truly one of the most uniue and entertaining series I ve ever had the pleasure of reading I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something weird spooky heartbreaking excitingreally just anyone who likes good stories I m hooked and I can t wait to see what comes next in the world of Onyx Webb Many thanks to the authors for providing a copy in exchange for my honest opinionCliterary Genius 2016 A to Z book challenge letter Nrelated and yet episode by episode the connections will become clearer Like being an inch away from a spider web with each book the web will move further and further away revealing the full story of every character and most importantly the stunning conclusion for Onyx Webb herse. .
Onyx WebbThe web is closing in stories getting complex What a ride on to book 5 I am just in love I cannot get enough of these charactersIt really does feel like a television show and now seeing all the connections that are being made are blowing my mind Reading an Onyx Webb book is like unwrapping a favorite truffle You don t want to bite into it At least not right away You want to savor it for a while before biting through that outer layer to get to the creamy yummy Goodness Inside No I inside No I not Forest Gump No life is NOT like a box of chocolates And yes I was comparing Book Four episodes 10 11 12 in the Onyx Webb series to a Lindt truffle makes note to buy chocolateIf you haven t read any of this series yet where have you been If you need to be brought up to speed check out my other reviews of the series thus far You ll find it tells you very little about the series itself other than to expect the unexpected Oh yea and you re in for a treat See Does the truffle analogy make sense nowI read a lot of books As in many Wide range of genres So few surprise me with the elouence of language the detailed characters the abject pleasure in tapping that right arrow on my Kindle as I rapidly move from page to page devouring everything in front of me like a ravenous PMSing chocoholic eager to Conjure In African American Society know what happens next and always pleased to find out the answerI love this series I love it s eccentric characters the settings the language All of it Many thanks to Andrea for gifting me with a copy It s always appreciated and rapidly consumed Onxy Webb is filled with death murder horror ghosts and lots of suspense and evilSo beware Check your Karma and see if you dare to enter because your actions can have repercussions far beyond your wildest imaginationOnyx Webb is a fabulous mystical character thateeps surprising those around her and rightly so in my *Book She Is Complex *She is complex misunderstood and so not deserving of what is happening I love that she takes her life into her own hands not leaving her fate up to others to decideMany of the characters are good people Sometimes it was hard to Womens Political Activism in Palestine know who was human and who was a ghost and I loved the surprise of learning who was who or whatI try to be alert waiting for the next shoe to drop the next accident to happen the next person to dieThe tension and suspense is stretchedeeping me waiting anticipating fearing for my favorite charactersBe careful how much of your heart you give to these characters because some may not survive I love when the author is not afraid to ill someone off regardless of whether I like it or notWhat s going to happen next and who is responsible Many lives are tainted by the evil that touches them Of course there are those whose misfortunes I revel in as they get their just. A multi genre mash up that combines elements of supernatural suspense crime horror romance and The Onyx Webb series follows the unusual life of Onyx Webb along with a central group of characters in various locations and times The billionaire Mulvaney family piano prodigy Juniper. ,

DessertsOnyx Webb eeps pulling on me drawing me in deeper and deeper as I struggle to accept the tragedies heaped on the characters There is so much going on so many characters and so much action that the story calls to me demanding I read on read and I voluntarily reviewed a copy of Onyx Webb Book IV by Richard Fenton Andrea WaltzTo see visit fundinmental This series eeps getting better betterThe agony in waiting for the next book is surrealWhy isnt this an HBO series I m just loving this series so many threads all slowly coming together the we read the it all makes senseThis book starts with the trial of Onyx Webb for the murder of her husband Ulrich Schr derKoda Mulvaney is the murder of her husband Ulrich Schr derKoda Mulvaney is searching for his ghost in the mirror andThere s so much but I don t want to spoil this for youI have to say that I don t give 5 often or easily but I just couldn t give less I am now tearing through these at a speed where its getting difficult to eep them separate in my head They continue to be excellent and the way the episodes are formatted causes one book to flow seamlessly into the next so I have to say I m not even aware any of what is happening in a specific episode or book because the narrative is all flowing together so seamlessly I can say the series remains excellent and somewhat surprising The connections continue to deepen and the story being told from Stan Lee s perspective in some episodes of this book opens up a narrative I was not expecting I have no complaints and am enjoying it thoroughly and have already started the next book I have just finished the fourth installment of Onyx Webb Once again I devoured it in one sitting The only thing that confuses me about this series is why it hasn t made it to tv yet Once again the authors masterfully weave a wide variety of characters into one complex story seamlessly There are no ill thought out characters even supporting characters are well developed even if they appear only briefly I can not praise this series enough I m anxiously awaiting the release of book 5 Thank you to the authors for providing a copy of this book for review With each new book I think the same thing This is the best one yet And it s trueWhat I loved most ABOUT THESE NEXT EPISODES WERE THE these next episodes were the There were plenty and all were so different Oh how I wish I could tell you all about themAnd I d also love to tell you what s happening with the characters Their stories are getting louder with even minor characters becoming larger and important to the series After reading so many horror stories and watching all of those horror movies it s nothing new to me for authors to ill off their characters or put them through some hellacious ordeals These two authors should feel lucky their characters can t retaliate. Cole and her brother uinn paranormal show hosts Cryer and Fudge and a few others make up the core of the series Written like a book version of a supernatural soap opera each character’s story moves forward with most every episode It may appear that the characters are entirely ,