Biker Bad Boys in Big Trouble Book 1 (DOWNLOAD)

Happy Halloween from the Montgomerys (With Me in Seattle, uSHERAUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEWBiker by Fiona Roarke is a red hot read you cannot miss I fell in love with bad boy Biker Zak immediatelyIf I have any issue with the story it s Kaitlin She s an inexperienced young woman who has always been timid and allowed everyone to walk all over her So why suddenly does she have backbone enough to follow our hero to a shady barBeyond that single issue I loved it Every hot wild minute of it And Zak s inner turmoil about his feelings for Kaitlin felt spot onI give it 4 stars Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official For information regarding our reviews please visit our Fan Site wwwfacebookcomNerdGirlNG Biker is the first book of Bad Boys in Big Trouble series I didn t have high hopes for this book so I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it You make me forget myself You make me so crazy that I m always going to want Our heroine is not only single and can cook but she s also a virgin Kaitlin knows her mean stepsister is coming to visit soon so she wants to get rid of her V card When she was younger she wanted to save herself for someone special before wakingp to the reality She has eyes on her bad boy neighbor Instead of giving Prince Henery Sinclair up when Zac ignores her she decides to follow him to a barKaitlin s whole family sounds awful I mean if she has t So I have read book three first in this series and now back to book one These books can be read out of order but be aware that there are some spoilers to be had it you go back For example Zak and Kaitlin in book three has anpdate on them But don t get me wrong it is well worth the going back to the start and reading about their story and getting all The Juicy Details Zak juicy details Zak off onto another Tobacco, alcohol and drugs: Choosing health, high school (Choosing health high school) undercover assignment for The Organization he is move to a small town work as a mechanic and setup a buy with a guy that a coworker can get him in with No problem get it down and move on to the next case or at least that is what Zak thinksntil he meets his neighbor Kaitlin The mission goes to hell in a hand basket because not only is she pulled into the mission Zak needs to retain his cover from both the guy he is to meet and his cronies and Kaitlin This is a well from both the guy he is to meet and his cronies and Kaitlin This is a well ick and easy read that will to meet and his cronies and Kaitlin This is a well ick and easy read that will you wondering what is p for the next Langston brother Hint there are five of these hunky men that need to find their HEA I cannot waitI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. N only dream of So Kaitlin has never been with a man So what So what So maybe the sexy bad boy next door would be willing to help her with thatGunfire gangsters and a kidnapping weren’t part of her Deflower Kaitlin plan Good thing for her bad boy Zak is very very good At everything. Biker Bad Boys in Big Trouble Book 1The premise for this romance is a bit absurd Kaitlin wants to lose her virginity just so her stepsister Will Stop Bugging Her About stop bugging her about When she sees Zak there is a strong physical attraction and she sets her sights on him being the one to relieve her of the burden Any woman looking to lose her virginity to one p someone really isn t mature enough to be having sex or striving for a relationshipIt turns out Zak isn t who he seems to be Rather than the bad boy biker mechanic he portrays he is actually an The Elvis Enigma (Vegan Vamp, undercover operative for a private organization that works to bring criminals to justiceTaking advantage of coincidences and relying heavily on the steam factor this story doesn t create any significant depth to the characters relationship It does have an HEA so readers looking for that happy ending will be satisfied This was pretty boring and fairlynlikely Zak s neighbor is a peeping tom Her name is Kaitlin and she s a blushing virgin After gathering the courage to ask him to deflower her she tumbles headfirst into his complicated bad boy lifestyle Unbeknownst to her he s actually an Honorable Cat undercover agent and not the criminal all his sneakyndertakings seem to imply Zak is fine I don t have anything to say about him He s just not very memorable Kaitlin is much the same but she s notably clingy Very very clingy She loves him within the first 48 hours of them having sex Also everything she says about her sister is negative I get that she s an asshole but I mean chill out Despite all that Zak constantly describes her as adorable so I guess shoot your shotTheir romance is kinda tame but both partners are very eager to get it on They have sex most of the time they re together Kaitlin is forever worried about Zak and their future and blah blah blah while Zak is worried about busting criminals and Kaitlin finding out and blah blah blah They re two little love birds right I m not keeping this on my shelf because it kinda bored me But this is for someone who s into very very light bad boy romances Read at your own discretion Great book it kept me on the edge of my seat I obtained this free e book from and I am voluntarily writing a review Kaitlyn is an accountant for the town s library even from and I am voluntarily writing a review Kaitlyn is an accountant for the town s library even she never goes to work in the book Zac is the hot bad boy biker that just moved in next door that is actually working تاريخ جهنم undercover for a private agency that takes out the bad guys Kaitlyn s character is disgustingly clingy insecure and needy. Despite the danger there are some definite pluses tondercover agent Zak Langston’s current alias as a mechanic slash low life criminal He doesn’t have to shave regularly or keep his hair military short He gets to ride a damn fine Harley And then there’s the sweet sexy lady ne.