[PDF KINDLE] Sons and Other Flammable Objects by Porochista Khakpour

I have to give this

Book 5 Stars Because 
5 stars because is my hag but it s also a really REALLY good book I m really inspired and impressed It took me a while to get into her narrative style but once it clicked it was like Porochista was reading to me making me laugh with her wisecracks hilarious asides and turns of phrase Hers is uite a uniue voice Apart from what you ve probably read in other reviews the thing that touched me most about this book was the way Porochista so sensetively and with great insight portrayed the fragility and complexity of the father son relationship Not an asy thing to do but father son relationship Not an asy thing to do but hit it absolutely on the nail Nuff respec I couldn t get into this book and ventually gave up I had a really hard time getting into this book because of the author s WRITING STYLE AND ON TOP OF IT I JUST style And on top of it I just t really like any of the characters very much This was a random used bookstore find which can be great or still I mean I hate hate hate the hype machine I hate manufactured buzz I hate the assumption that large print runs large fan base a necessarily superior book But sometimes The books that don t get the buzz and the fame really just aren t as good And this is one of themThe book started out very impressive Porochista s got a lovely way with words with long twisty metaphor heavy sentences She creates a very good sense of place There are only a few characters and they re very developed It s mainly just a family husband wife kid Iranian refugees in LA Everything that happens has a lot of gravitas all these background and foreground stories where you know she worked really hard to sculpt and craft them so they would be complex and shiny and resonant Bu. Compared by Danzy Senna to the young Philip Roth for her lashing dark humor tinged with deep melancholy Porochista Khakpour is one of her generation's most outrageously gifted new talents  Sons and Other Flammable Objects is at once a comedy and a tragedy a family history and a modern coming of age story with a distinctly timeless resonanceGrowing up Xerxes Adam is painfully aware tha. ROkay But before I continue bashing poor Porochista I HAVE TO SAY ANOTHER THING THAT I M SURPRISED to say another thing that I m surprised hear myself admit this is the very first literary treatment of September 11th that has not made me A Bride for McCain enraged Let me see if I canxplain why that is First of all it s not screamed about on the back cover nor is it at treated like it s the main focus of the book nor is it lazily inserted as a shorthand for a certain time and place and all the feelings that go along with that nor is it a bid for sympathy or seriousness on the part of an author who deserves neither Instead it is seamlessly and RELEVANTLY woven into the story a story let me say again of a by this point twenty something Iranian born guy living in New York whose life is shitty and uncertain and miserable and who has not spoken to his father who lives in California still in like five years or his mother in over a year So this is an important plot device because of course only the most heartless kid would not call his parents to tell them that he s alive on the afternoon of September 11th which of course allows the story to move on from talking and thinking about not talking into thinking about and actually talking again So props for that But all the same meh This is not a terrific book It s too long it s too wordy and despite all the over description I still never really s too long it s too wordy and despite all the over description I still never really like I understood the characters who all did a lot of strange and wrong THINGS THAT I WOULD NOT HAVE EXPECTED NONE OF that I would not have Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven expected None of are really very sympathetic or likable Things are not resolved for all that they arexhaustively describedOh and I just now noticed that the cover ndorsement is from Joshua Ferris I should have fucking known. Help their son make sense of the terrifying violent last moments in a homeland he barely remembers As he grows into manhood and moves to New York his major goal in life is to completely separate from his parents but when he meets a beautiful half Iranian girl on the roof of his building after New York's own terrifying and violent catastrophe strikes it seems Iran will not let Xerxes go. ,

Summary Sons and Other Flammable Objects

T um and this is a criticism I would not have xpected from myself that shit becomes really tiresome after a couple hundred pages The sentences just get longer and longer and less and less comprehensible if you re not giving 100% concentration And the dramatic buildup is just way overdone after a while specially because she does this really weird thing where she overexplains and overexpositions all this buildup to a mini climax detailing veryone s mental processes before and during a conversation going on and on about the symbolism and People S Histories And s histories and led them to the point where they are sitting in this specific place having this specific conversation where verything is about to go horribly wrong it s coming the horribly wrong thing the conversation is given in snippets interspersed with yet xposition and thought and history wait we re almost to the point where the Bad Thing gets said and lots bad things will happen as a result of this and let me tell you something about them and that no but really they re opening their mouths the Bad Thing is coming in just like a microsecondAnd then a section break and we are in a different city watching someone lse do something totally different Which I guess is a tactic for *like suspense writers But this is literary fiction and the Bad Thing is like a two minute xchange *suspense writers But this is literary fiction and the Bad Thing is like a two minute A Love To Remember exchange a father and a son and it s going to be fifty pages until I find out what was actually said That is so fucking annoying And on some of those mini climaxes she doesn t actuallyver detail the Bad Thing or she kind of hints at it but then it s hard for me to Her Stolen Past (Family Reunions even get why the Bad Thing is so bad actually Shit I have to leave More late. T he is different¡ªwith an understanding of his Iranian heritage that vacillates from typical teenagembarrassment to something so tragic it can barely be spoken His father Darius obsesses over his sense of xile and fantasizes about a nonexistent daughter he can relate to better than his living son; Xerxes' mother changes her name and tries to make friends; but neither of them can. Sons and Other Flammable Objects