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Pet peeve of mine i ove second chance romances except view spoiler "When The Guy Returns "the guy returns a child by some other woman in tow Doesn t sound ike he felt any regret for the way he broke her heart either hide spoiler Mon avis en Fran ais My English reviewI m trying to stay pretty wise about the number of books I reuest but it s true that when I saw the synopsis for this one I knew that I absolutely had to read it Firefighters A second chance in ove A story that seemed full of humor No I definitely could not resistThus we find Jane a young woman working for the 911 resistThus we find Jane a young woman working for the 911 and who continues her ife uietly Yet everything will be turned upside down when her first boyfriend Chance comes back in town and it Rocker Babies Wear Jeans looksike he works as a firefighter at the fire station It is not enough that she must now also work with him to organize a charity gala It is however not easy for the young woman who sees her past catch up and must manage all the feelings and the accumulated resentmentIt was nice to follow this story and to discover Chance and Jane We understand perfectly the mistrust and anger that our heroine has while facing her ex It is not easy to reconnect to see that there are feelings despite the fact that their broke up was a really difficult one But I must also say that Chance is not any man and it s true that it s hard not to fall under his spell Indeed he is determined to regain Jane and is ready of many things for her However this is not an easy challenge and even far from itI enjoyed following this story to see both characters opening to each other slowly and did I mention Josh The son of Chance is a big asset to the novel and he brings a huge plus to the story with his freshness spontaneity and his discussions It is ovely to see how our hero oves his son Well we also meet Katie Chance s sister or his future ex wife many colorful characters that make us have a good time I m curious to see if there will be Sono with Visits from the Seventh later Reallyike this authorI meet Allyson Charles at RT2018 She and her sister were there at an author s event I am so glad I had a chance to meet her and her sister also an author Allison s writing style is fantastic She has a great setting wonderful characters and a story that I want to keep on going Thank goodness there is another story just waiting for me I reuested this on a whim but I ve always been a fan of the blast from the past plot Remarkable Creatures lineI reallyiked Jane and Chance They re both genuinely good people They re friendly and when they re together uite feisty There s a good group of secondary characters and I m interested to see if there are going to be companion novelsThe conflict came from a place I wasn t expecting so the bit of a surprise was nice Thankfully the angst didn t ast too ong I would have Heroes Adrift (Hero, liked a bit at the ending but it was still fairly satisfyingOverall a cute and uick read Il be watching for future stories from this seriesHuge thanks to Lyrical Shine and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review Kitty s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWell Allyson Charles has a new fan I adored Putting Out Old Flames It was interesting definitely fun had strong and uirky characters and had me giggling throughoutI started off not being a huge fan of Jane Talk about holding a grudge Nine years is a ong time to be holding on to a greeting. TOO HOT TO HANDLE   Jane Willoughby has a temper Sure in her day job answering calls for 911 she can keep her head no matter what the emergency But when her ex appears on her doorstep on her first sick day in years expecting her to act happy he’s her co chair for the annual fireman’s bal. Card to remind herself that Chance was an ass Dating "Leon Was Even Pathetic Thank God She Had A Good "was even pathetic Thank God she had a good to finally point out what an ass she has been keeping herself closed off from men Maybe just maybe she has been holding on to the past for a Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old little tooong It s time to face the past ook to the future and trust that to face the past ook to the future and trust that won t break her heart again And while she is at it have an orgasm or three every nightNo Chance had no idea that he moved across the country with his son and straight into the town where the girl he Gray Bishop left behind is nowiving Yes he was a jerk at 18 but he earned a ot during those 9 years and realized that he never really did stop oving his Janey girl But coming off a divorce being a dad to his Josh trying to take care of his sister and being the new man in the Fire Department could eave him with Liar little time to get Jane to finally forgive him and see him for what he has become Co chairing the Fireman s Ball may be his only way of showing her how he really feels Well that and aittle time in his bed showing her what she s missed could be just what he needs to convince herI actually Noir laughed outoud during parts of this book The scene in the bowling alley the scene in the yard with the sprinklers Edith and the girls were just hilarious Josh was just adorable and made this story so much believable I really couldn t stop reading this book because I wanted to see what would have me Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are laughing next There were also some serious parts that made the story complete sinceove can t all be fun and gamesI seriously enjoyed Putting Out Old Flames Granted there wasn t much firefighting going on but what was happening was just so satisfying The characters were very well written and the story just flowed Everyone and everything fit together I was really impressed with this new to me author and really Gaffer look forward to reading from herReview copy provided for an honest review A fantastic second chance romanceJane and Chance were high school sweethearts When she thought they were taking a road trip he instead breaks up with her with a greeting cardeft on her porch It s been almost ten years and Chance is hired as the new assistant fire chief Jane works for dispatch What happens when they first see each other again This book will have you Circumstantial Evidence laughing outoud a Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers lot You will also finishing reading with a smile on your face I recommend this book to anyone thatoves a good small town romance DNF 32% Putting Out Old Flames had all the elements of what should be a nice easy enjoyable read for me second chances a ess than amicable parting a single dad to a cute kid and that small town vibe His teenage heart had oved Jane Jane and Chance s story started out promising Jane s not overly impressed that the new assistant fire chief is her childhood sweetheart but they say the path to true A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping love never runs smooth However I uickly started to become fairly annoyed with how characters were portrayed because they re just childish and when Chance s soon to be ex wife put in an appearance it started a rapid downward spiral Her destiny was to piss me off which wasn t a good thing when the Hh were already doing a fair old job of it with their attitudes A massive bug bear of mine is stories that have characters inserted purely to be walked all over and in this case it comes in the form of the guy Jane L she feels aittle righteous wrath is justified   Chance McGovern broke up with her with a greeting card for crying out Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) loud He doesn’t get to just sprout some washboard abs and put on a uniform and behaveike any other tasty firefighter   Jane has no idea what’s happened to Chance .

Putting Out Old Flames Pineville #1S dating This poor unfortunate chap is the stereotypical dull as dishwater man there to highlight how the woman is having to make do because she had her heart crushed by her first true ove Oh And To Give The Hero Someone To to give the hero someone to a pissing contest with And because of this "and the fact that i m not really "the fact that I m not really to find out if they get their HEA or whether the ex wife gets her comeuppance we parted ways Can t win them all Copy received courtesy of Kensington via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion One of the early unfortunate strike of the month In all fairness I don t have problem with the author s writing But I really had issues with the characters that really put a damper on the whole story If it wasn t for Josh the hero s cute five year old son I might have dropped the book altogether What went wrong with the rom com of second chance in a small town with hunky firefighter as hero and said firefighter had a cute kid to boot For me it was God Said, Ha!: A Memoir lack of conscience Chanceeft Jane for college to pursue his dream breaking up by eaving a card on her front porch While I might put up with that sort of callous behaviour from a teenager Chance s thought when they met again after not very convincing apology I might add that Jane s thrown a tantrum over his past conduct was insulting With that sort of conscience and a ack of proper grovelling involved he expected them to pick up where they had On the Right Side of a Dream left out Really SeriouslyAndet s not forget that he was not yet officially divorced Yet Only egally separated That he already thought on dating woman old high school sweetheart rekindled flame whatever with his not really single status struck me just wrong As for Jane no matter how hotheaded she seemed to be described to me she was still a doormat Yes matters of the heart could not be ruled by ogic But still I was not impressed with the way she handled Chance and their rekindled flameIn short this second chance rom com just felt wrong for me Thank gads for Josh and Cyclops Jane s one eyed orange tabby cat that made it still bearable Advanced copy of this book is kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review It s always fun to try new authors I Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II love small town romances but I m not always a fan of second chance romance Some are done well others spend to much time going over the past andose some of the present story I m happy to say that Allyson Charles did a great job of blending the past and present together Right away you get why Jane is pissed of course now that she s grown she really needed to see it from Chances perceptive Yes he was wrong but it was understandableI totally understand why Chance felt overwhelmed but I think he handled their break up very badly He need to Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq learn to be honest Karma got him in the end I know that soundsike he died but since he has a story we know he did The star of the story is Chances son He is so cute you can t help but Michelin Green Guide Normandy like him I m so glad I gave Putting Out Old Flames I really enjoyed it and can t wait for the next story in the series Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog the Readers Facebook Page received for a honest review The story was great and the characters were so well rounded which made this book a very enjoyable and entertaining read This book was such a joy to read that I ended up reading it in one sittin. N theast nine years and no interest in finding out Not even a teeny tiny spark No matter how hot he is Or how well he remembers the ittle things that make her augh and cry and spontaneously combust   And she’s going to be working with him one on one At east there’s a fireman on call.