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Ernational Standard VersionI would probably consider this to be a bridge novella spanning the gap somewhere between the shores of novel and to be a bridge novella spanning the gap somewhere between the shores of novel and a scandal with gravity perhaps It weighs in at just a uinternion over 200 pages in a 575 x 75 format For Mi ville this book is a surprise as much as book is a surprise as much as thing new with Mi ville is ever REALLY a surprise It has the tone and feel of his earlier novels but this one is uite Spartan and eserved A couple stories in Three Moments of an Explosion hinted at this styleHe has The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity really dialed back his normal complexity his labyrinthian plots and prose This is a guy who knows he can dervish dance and dive with his prose and now KNOWS you know but is comfortable just sitting there like a jaguar all potential energyeady to pounce You can feel that confidence and almost elaxed alertness in his prose and almost elaxed alertness in his prose in this story Anyway I expect I will be pointing to this novel in the future and saying this marks the beginning of a mature Mi ville He isn t content to just dazzle us with his brain and unleashed torrents He s good now He will now slowly unsettle us with his art his craft the fog at the edge of our field of view and the cracks in caves that hold dark storiesI think part of this is due to time spent at the MacDowell colony eading John Hawkes and perhaps hanging with Denis Johnson I knew that by whatever means he d killed it it was not to eat I wanted to cry I stood still He had it by the neck Its brown body was bigger than a baby s Its shovel head lolled and its nasty hook beak twitched open and closed to snap faintly with each of my father s steps The bird s broad feet dangled on the ground and bounced on stones as if it were trying to claw itself incompetently to a stop There have been wa. D his uestions Is he friend Enemy Or something else altogetherA novella filled with beauty terror and strangeness This Census Taker by China Miéville is a poignant and iveting exploration of memory and identity.

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Gotten over my disappointment It just seemed so promising Disclaimer I may be unnecessarily hard on this book but that is only because of its lost potential and my belief that the author is one of the most essential writers of this era There s no denying China Mi ville is an extraordinary challenging writer I ve personally had a slightly mixed bag experience with his books beginning with the beguiling and utterly bonkers Railsea before falling utterly head over heels with the language of Embassytown The City the City was incredible but difficult slow going while Un Lun Dun was a perfectly adeuate disappointment feeling ather too derivative a younger Neverwhere perhaps but still fun The least of his books for me was Kraken which still felt somewhat too familiar and not nearly fun enough for its conceptHis best works are exceptional his 4ish stars For a horror novella there s not much horror At least not that we get any explicit glimpses of Just lots of creepinessThis is brilliantly written as the memoir of sorts of well this guy Who s writing different books or something And maybe he s being guarded And he writes about his experiences as a kid I guess And his dad may or may not have killed his mom And there are like these magic keys And then this mysterious dude comesSo basically it s hard to know what actually happens when our narrator isn t uite sure himself He s emembering his experiences as a child what actually happens when our narrator isn t uite sure himself He s emembering his experiences as a child not only are his memories Bound To Have Grown to have grown over the years but it s hard for us to kn You ll write it not because there s no possibility it ll be found but because it costs too much to not write it China Mi ville This Census Taker LORD if you were to ecord iniuities Lord who could Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe remain standing Psalms 1303 Int. Low of escapeWhen at last a stranger knocks at his door the boy senses that his days of isolation might be over But by what authority does this man keep the meticulousecords he carries What is the purpose behin. This Census Taker35 starsIt s not the epic novel China Mi ville s eaders have BEEN ANXIOUSLY AWAITING SINCE 2010 S EMBASSYTOWN THAT WILL anxiously awaiting since 2010 s Embassytown That will with 2016 s The Last Days of New Paris But his novella This Census Taker proves that the New Weird superstar has not lost the ability to captivate and unnerve As with all of Mi ville s work it begins with a city sprawling incongruously up the slopes of a pair of steep hills or perhaps small mountain peaks the gap between spanned by a bridge Near the top of one peak in one of the city s less desirable neighborhoods a boy lives with his parents The story that unfolds will be narrated by the man the boy will become looking back on a frightening and formative time in his life still groping for understandingThe boy s mother spends her days gardening and going on sojourns into the lower city where the boy accompanies her while she conducts business that s beyond a child s understanding His father is a keymaker Despite their personal dislike of the man citizens come to him with any number of Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela reuests and he creates a key for them They aren t necessarily for doors The father labors over these for sometimes a whole day or The peak is high and the family s house is too large for their needs and falling into disrepair The boy whiles away his time in a large atticoom where his parents arely go making secret drawings on his time in a large attic oom where his parents Dying to Be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception rarely go making secret drawings on fading wallpaper If there is a city dump it s too far to be convenient and his parents dispose of their trash by pitching it into a deep hole in a nearby cave This will be importantThe father has another aspect to his character that the boy discovers uite by accident continued Wow Ieally seem to be in the minority here people loved this book Me Not so much I ll write why as soon as I ve. In a emote house on a hilltop a lonely boy witnesses a traumatic event He tries and fails to flee Left alone with his increasingly deranged parent he dreams of safety of joining the other children in the town be. ,