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Steve Hely s THE WONDER TRAIL Is Like Taking A is like taking a trip with your older brother assuming your older brother is anything like my older brother even though you love him to death the entire time he s driving you slightly insane because he s not taking anything seriously even though you begrudgingly admit he s probably having a better time than everyone else And then he makes you burst out laughing at the most absurd moments and you just think God damn it this uy You spend the entire trip rolling your eyes and raising your eyebrows and sighing at his antics and then you reach the end of the trip and you re suddenly just beyond sad it s over because you didn t appreciate what you had when you had it This book has That Effect Hely S Writing Is Hilarious effect Hely s writing is hilarious I m sure won t come as a surprise to anyone who watches any of the sitcoms he s written for And admittedly as someone who has visited almost all of the countries Hely describes in THE WONDER TRAIL he does take you on the trip with him completely He meets the kind of people you meet on the road and does the kind of un romanticized things real people actually do while visiting wonders of the world All in all a solid story The Wonder Trail True Stories from Los Angeles to the End of the World follows Steve Hely from his home in Los Angeles to the southernmost city in the world Puetro Williams in Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of Chile Hely a television writer The Office Veep follows up his literary debut How I Became a Famous Novelist with a book that hooks readers with its infectious enthusiasm for life and rewards them with insightful stories about fascinating people and places The stories are punctuated with historical context which Hely weaves into the narrative with his signature style and whimsyAt its best The Wonder Trail ives the reader a sense of a place by painting intimate portraits of people and their pasts It s an adventure that makes for reat summer reading and anybody with a keen sense of humor or adventure will be happy for the author s voice and wit While the author wrote like a young person writes on social media I really enjoyed his candidness and experiences He visited many places I am interested in visiting although I would never do the Inca Trail by bus oops spoiler so I loved to read about some new places I hadn t heard of before to add to future trips A funny smart book by a funny smart uy who travels from LA all the way South like to the end of the continent not like Orange County There s of course some interesting travel tidbits but mostly it s just his particular story of traveling around some pretty cool places and talking to people Makes me hella miss LA tho and wanna reread the Savage Detectives Like if Simon Rich tried to write a Bill Bryson book IDK Epito. Steve Hely writer for The Office and American Dad and recipient of the Thurber Prize for American Humor presents a travel book about his journey through Central and South America Part travel book part pop history part comic memoir Hely's writing will make readers want to reach for their backpack and hiking boots The Wonder Trail is the story of Steve's trip from Los Angeles to the bottom of South The Wonder Trail

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Ust about any experience has no particular axe to rind and feels no need to either eat pray or love to excess He also makes no pretense of having written an actual travel Communism guide this is not Lonely Planet with jokes So you don tet Rick Steves insider secrets but you also don t How to Read the American City Close Up get tedious Tripadvisor styleripes about how rude the hotel receptionist
#was or about #
or about stains on the pillowcasesHely s on a fun adventure and we re welcome to join him Sure there are and we re welcome to join him Sure there are fine insights and there is even a mild occasional educational aspect to the voyage but this is mostly really high end after dinner tale telling by an excellent and funny tale teller You ll learn a little bit about the history of some places you ve never been in a fractured and short hand sort of way you ll meet some interesting traveling companions and locals and you ll see some stuff Maybe you ll even end up wanting to o somewhere But if not well we ll always have Machu PicchuPlease note that I received a free advance will self destruct in x days Adobe Digital pdf copy of this book in exchange for a candid review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book This book was excellent in parts and lousy in others I listen for enjoyment while driving and I found some parts captivating and other parts were down right boring It also felt a bit scatterbrained I wasn t sure in some cases how we went from one place to the next like we were just jumping through an abridged version of a longer story Hely comes off a bit egotistical in a Bill Bryson kind of way but also a Bit Funny In A Not So Bill funny in a not so Bill kind of way I can t decide if I would like him or hate him if I met him I have only listened to a few books on South America and of those this is definitely fun to listen to than Bolivar but not as ood as River of Doubt If you Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet go looking for horrible things to seeyou can find them I m not a journalist I decline to take that on as my job I m an entertainment writer weekend library historian and amateur explorer My job s to discover wonderful things I love this book I love this writer Both intelligent AND hilarious I sometimes feel like travel writing is over and done with that there is little else to say about a place or describing it will never be asood as being there But this book makes me rethink all that He makes me laugh out loud His anecdotes are relatable His descriptions make me want to BE there even when it s scary drug cartel riddled Mexico Or make me want to find the best chocolate churros on the streets of Toronto as the next best thing Now THATs powerful writing So sad to see it end If I ever wrote a travel book I could only hope that it be as brilliant as this one Not as engrossing as his other book but still a fun travelogue. O the jagged and wind worn land of Patagonia at the very end of the Western Hemisphere Steve's plan was to discover the weird wonderful and absurd in Central and South America to seek and find the incredible delightful people and experiences that came his way And the book that resulted is just as fun A blend of travel writing history and comic memoir The Wonder Trail will inspire inform and delight. Me of a light hearted perfect for flights book Abrupt ending I wanted a little I enjoyed the brief histories interwoven with his experiences I am a little divided about how to feel about this book Parts of it are uite funny in a self ironic Bill Bryson kind of way while other parts it are uite funny in a self ironic Bill Bryson kind of way while other parts tremendously boring especially when Steve Hely sets out to recount the history of whatever region or city he has landed in Some of them work out okay but the worst are when he also wants to show off his research of the main literary about that particular time or place making those parts seem like a bibliographical review in the most academic and boring sense of that type of literatureI laughed out laugh on several occasions and those parts of the book Flew By With Supersonic Speed Perhaps Also by with supersonic speed perhaps also Hely s chapters are super short many just one full page or lessAt other times my thoughts started to wander and I had to force my eyes over the pages to et on with itSteve Hely never reaches the level of Bill Bryson unless when Bryson is a little boring as in his Shakespeare The World as Stage book so if you are into funny travel accounts look up Bryson s books on whatever eographical area that interests you to my knowledge he hasn t written about South America so if you want to read about that region you re stuck with HelyAn advance reading copy of this book was enerously provided by the First to Read program Pour Yourself an After Dinner Drink and Settle InI was drawn to this book because I very much enjoyed Steve Hely s How I Became A Famous Novelist the tongue in cheek tale of how a callow youngster sets out to write a best seller I figured that the same cheerful sneakily youngster sets out to write a best seller I figured that the same cheerful sneakily perceptive approach would be an excellent fit for an improvisational travel memoir I was right This book isn t and doesn t appear to be intended to be inspirational educational culturally profound or deeply observant It is rather a flippant entertainment that occasionally sidles up to an arresting aside or a bracing note but often oes for the casual personal funny throwaway lineA disclaimer I really enjoy travel books of a certain type I was disappointed by how Theroux morphed into just rumping about how everything now isn t as ood as it used to be Bryson headed that way before Contested Reproduction: Genetic Technologies, Religion, and Public Debate getting arip I like the romantic perception of Jan Morris and Bruce Chatwin and the knockabout adventuring of people like Eric Newby I enjoy classical derring do in the Wilfred Thesiger and Richard Halliburton style I absolutely avoid travel books that are really just tedious confessionals about Cop Knowledge: Police Power and Cultural Narrative in Twentieth-Century America girlfriends daddy issues mommy issuesender confusion career stagnation or otherwise finding oneself I mention this not to be a sourpuss really but to emphasize that Hely doesn t share any personal issues is open to Merica presented in 102 short chapters  The trip was ambitious Steve traveled through Mexico City ancient Mayan ruins the jungles and coffee plantations and remote beaches of Central America across the Panama Canal by sea to Colombia to the wild Easter celebration of Popayán to the rainforest the Inca sites of Cuzco and Machu Picchu to the Galápagos Islands the Atacama Desert of Chile and down ,