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T times a conservative rebel However yet again from a Hindi writer I was disappointed at not being able to take a good thing to a higher level somewhere the writer holds back his story and then resets to trite ness both of Hindi literature in general as well as of the books itself Also a good part of story appears contrived when barely an adolescent talks with a Socratic wisdom as well as imposes that in his surrounding as well I finished part one but couldn t gather the courage to start second one partly because I somehow know writer has already xhausted all that he had to stay in first half of first book and he could go no further There is a very good reason why Indic authors haven t gained large publicity despite of being decently good in trade this book perhaps shows why Shekhar Ek Jeevani by Sachidanand Hirananda Vatsyayan Agyeya Sachidanand Hirananda Vatsyayan Agyeya was born in 1911 to Mr Hirananda Vatsyayan who was an officer in the Arechological Survey of India His father s job wass transferable thus he lived in Gorakhpur Lucknow Nalanda Udipi Madras Jalandhar Jammu and Srinagar He was tutored in Persian Bangla Tamil and Sanskrit languages He completed his BSc degree from Foreman Christian College Lahore in 1929 He was associated with underground Indian Independence movement and was arrested In jail he wrote the above book in three volumes The third volume was not returned by jail authorities First part of the Book is titled Uthan Progress In the above background the book #needs to be judged A book by a young man who has just completed his teens but has traveled round #to be judged A book by a young man who has just completed his teens but has traveled round country and has strong feelings about removing the yoke of slavery from the country Shekhar is the male character while Shekhar s mother Shashi Saraswati Shanti Savitri and Sharada are the main female characters Shekhar does not love his mother much As a revolutionary Shekhar gets arrested and in this situation on the canvas of his mind the pages of the book move one by one In the book the mind of a young man has been described well The Books revolves round three instincts go fear and sex First is Shashi his cousin a bit less than his age As young children they play and study at home Shekhar seriously keeps reading and writing while Shashi looks at him at intervals and is impressed by his serious study She has a feeling of love for Shekhar but Shekhar rubs it aside As the story progresses Shekhar meets friends who are planning to take action against the British for the arly declaration of independence of the country Shekhar comes in contact with other women Saraswati Shanti Savitri and Sharada Shekhar wants that these women should xpress their love for him but he should remain uncommitted Shashi stays with him for a night Later when her husband refuses to live with her Shekhar meets and reuests her husband to accept her Such concepts Are Not Accepted In not accepted in society It is shown that he is and inexperienced young man Sh. वे कहते हैं कि 'आत्म घटित’ ही आत्मानुभूति नहीं होता पर घटित भी आत्मानुभूत हो सकता है यदि हममें सामथ्र्य है कि हम उसके प्रति खुले रह सकें।शेखर में मेरापन कुछ अधिक है।’ लेकिन यह कथा ऐसी नहीं है कि इसे 'एक आदमी की निजू बात’ कहकर उड़ाया जा सके। अज्ञेय इसे अपने युग और समाज का प्रतिबिम्ब मानते हैं। इसमें 'मेरा समाज और मेरा युग बोलता हैवह मेरे और शेखर के युग का प्रतीक है।’ बहुआयामी और संश्लिष्ट चरित्रों के साथ अपने समय A beautiful book about a complex personality and his xperiences One of the best in hindi literature Pity that 3rd part wasn t published Agyeya is comparable to an xtent with Miller regarding fascination of human sexualitywith Woolf when seen in context of stream of consciousnessCortazar if #we want to read randomly starting from middle #want to read randomly starting from middle the workBut inspite of that there is a tinge of naturalism in his worksespecially in this one in which protagonist strives to be in unity with the nature in a cosmic mannerThere is a reflection of person s inner contradictions when he is seen with respect to his social milieuthere is lement of rebellion of the protagonist along with a wholehearted feeling of contentness in himBut along with *ALL THESE SHADES HE DOESNT FAILS *these shades he doesnt fails paint a picture of rebel that is inside himinside us and inside this whole society itself which continously propels to strive towards a subjective perfection that in itself is indescribable One of the best books that hindi literature has ver produced The courage and the honesty in which this book reveals the layers of human mind finds few parallels in World literature This was the book through which I got a proper introduction of him Agyeya was one of the giants of Hindi literature and this book is an autobiographical novel broadly covering his own life The book covers this book is an autobiographical novel broadly covering his own life The book covers own uest for knowledge and ncapsulates his struggle to become a free man It is a difficult book and Agyeya here attempts to unwrap the workings of an individual s mind the pointlessness of life itself and finally comes to conclusion that love is the only anchor on which human life can be based Rest all is a big muddy pool the you go into it the you struggle against it the deeper you go into the cesspool Hardly anybody in West knows about Agyeya but I wish people read him His sutras for living life of which some are captured in this book are precious gift to humanity It s a pity that Noble Committee overlooked him otherwise he would have been famous and people would have read him had he got the award Review later But this is a masterpiece of Human Psyche Sometimes you don t feel like taking about something when it impresses you beyond all bounds You feel that talking about it will limit it s grandeur that you don t want to contain the feel of the book within mere words I don t want to talk about this book coz this biography of Shekhar Ajneya s alter A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, ego is simple deepmotionally charged raw philosophical and it brings back so many memories a perpetual sense of deja vu it seems There s just one word if at all I ll describe the book INTENSE About to start the second part Shekhar The Shadow Reader ek jeevani restored my belief in contemporary Hindi literature with its rich content deep understanding of human turmoils and spiritual vacuous ness of human being Through the life story of Shekhar writer portrays the differentmotions of ham at different stages of life so as a rebel and शेखर एक जीवनी’ अज्ञेय का सबसे अधिक पढ़ा गया उपन्यास; हिन्दी की एक ऐसी कथा कृति जिसे हर पीढ़ी का पाठक जरूरी समझता आया है और जिससे गुजरने के बाद वह जीवन की एक भरी पूरी छलछलाती नदी में डूबकर निकल आने जैसा अनुभव करता है। उपन्यास का नायक शेखर स्वयं अज्ञेय हैं अथवा कोई और व्यक्ति यह हमेशा कौतूहल का विषय रहा है। कुछ लोग इसे पूरी तरह उनकी आत्मकथात्मक कृति मानते हैं लेकिन स्वयं अज्ञेय का कहना है कि यह 'आत्म जीवनी’ नहीं है।. .

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Ekhar is a loner rebellious but is not abe to take strong decisions Shashi s character as a strong woman has not be portrayed well In the absence of the third part of the book the reader is Shekhar Ek Jivani Shekhar A Life is a novel written by Agyeya a prominent name in the modern Hindi literature Born at Kushinagar UP in 1911 Agyeya published three novels Shekhar Ek Jivani Nadi ke Dweep and Apne Apne Ajnabi Shekhar had taken the Hindi world by storm when it appeared in 1941 It brought a revolution in the way novelistic characters would be created henceforth There was also a the way novelistic characters would be created henceforth There was also a around Shekhar as it was announced as a novel in three parts But after the publication of the second part readers were made to wait Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies eternally for the third It was therefore always read as a yet to be completed novel The two published volumes titled Uthan Rise and Sangarsh Struggle respectivelyxplore the volving notion of individuality in a society grappling with the uestions of caste religion and sexuality To confront these barriers one must be a rebel and Shekhar the protagonist is a rebel in many ways On the night before he is to be hanged as a political prisoner Shekhar finds himself drawn into a vortex of scattered memories flashes of childhood angst and youthful love amidst days of high idealism and constant struggle against the colonial rule He tries to navigate his path in the world musing on the philosophical uestions of life and death despair and hope success and failure love and hatred creativity and self destructiveness subjectivity and objectivity In the prologue to the first book Agyeya writes we are rebels against homogeneity against conformity we want to change verything ours is a
Revolution Driven By Our 
driven by our to religion to politics to The Power Of A Choice economics and in thend ven against our personalities and this is what he xplores in the first book while contemplating on his childhood his relation with the different institutions like family school religion and society at large With a lot of focus on self and I it delves deep into the psyche of an individual Agyeya in the prologue justifies his decision There is not a single character in Shekhar who is not by and large a composite character although my xperiences and my pain are irrigating Shekhar And the irrigation is such that saying ultimately all literary fiction is at its root autobiographical if not a sketch of one s own life then a projection the story of one s own possibility will not free it from the charge There is too much of me in Shekhar I was unable to follow Eliot s xample whose importance I concede Shekhar is doubtlessly one individual s record of personal suffering although it is simultaneously a reflection of that individual s life struggles But overall it is a powerful narrative and a must read If Indian author would have been properly rated Agyeya would have received Nobel Prize for his contribution by writing such a wonderful book. ?माज और उनके बीच अपनी अस्मिता को आकार देते व्यक्ति की वेदना को तीव्र और आवेगमयी भावात्मकता के साथ अंकित करते इस उपन्यास के नायक शेखर के बारे में अज्ञेय की टिप्पणी है 'शेखर कोई बड़ा आदमी नहीं है वह अच्छा भी आदमी नहीं है। लेकिन वह मानवता के संचित अनुभव के प्रकाश में ईमानदारी से अपने को पहचानने की कोशिश कर रहा है।उसके साथ चलकर आप पाएँगे कि आपके भीतर भी कहीं पर एक शेखर है जोजागरूक स्वतंत्र और ईमानदार है घोर ईमानदार।?. Shekhar Ek Jeevani 1