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O when they stood face to face Erik only talked Talked about what he was going to do And his father already broke not sed to any comment any reply and out of fear Whether the fight really occurred the book doesn t describe For me this was a happy ending enough No need to go on any futher since the point was made he won finally At least 6 stars Didn t know Swedish
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could be good I m shooketh You re evil incarnate and you need to be destroyedErik Ponti just wants to leave all the violence and criminality behind He wants to get away from his sadistic devil of a father his dreary school and the so called friends who let him down When he is transferred to a new boarding school Stj rnberg he thinks it might just be the saving grace he has been waiting for He can finally start over nobody knows him on Stj rnberg Instead of Erik the violent gang leader he can be Erik the A Walk Across France uiet boy with the goofy haircutUnfortunately that s not what happensStj rnberg turns out to be a melting pot of violence and insanity In Stj rnberg it sp to the older students to educate their younger peers in proper behaviour and the teachers are not allowed to interfere They call it comrade rearing In actuality the last year students dominate the younger ones through call it comrade rearing In actuality the last year students dominate the younger ones through harassments and beatings In Stj rnberg the rules of the real world don t applyErik doesn t fit into this world At all But thanks to his indomitable personality and skills as a fighter he is most certainly not helplessWhat worked So much First of all the prose Jan Guillou doesn t care about proper grammar or pretentious formulations or shit like that He writes honestly and fluently sets the mood of every scene perfectly by choosing his words carefully and slowing down or speeding perfectly by choosing his words carefully and slowing down or speeding the rhythm when it s needed He is no doubt Nicademus up there with Stephen King when it comes to good prose I read this book in Swedish the original language but I m aware that many of the readers on this site might have to read a copy in another language All I can hope is that the translation holdsp to the original It s a shame to miss itSecond the characters There are some characters in this book that aren t nearly well developed enough which is mostly why I did not give it five stars but those that are developed are wonderful Erik is a manipulative violent young man with issues as large as Australia But he is also incredibly intelligent vulnerable and painfully sympathetic He s the best fighter you will ever see not because he s the biggest or strongest or fastest but because he knows how to play his opponent He knows how people work He knows how to make them scared And as Erik himself states fear is really much worse than pain Over and over again we see him Gone til November use his amazing intellect to manipulate people into givingp before they ever realize it It s often times satisfying sometimes frightening but rarely Turning The Professor Into A Crossdressing, Sissified and Feminized Pet - A Tale of Forced Feminization! unenjoyablePierre Tanguy Erik s best friend is another wonderful character They re as different as night and day but balance each other perfectly I deeply enjoyed their friendship the scenes where they interacted casually or worked together were some of my favourites and without giving away too many spoilers view spoilerit was heart wrenching to se. R relegerad på grund av sitt brutalappträdande och hamnar på internatskola Det är en värld fylld av pennalism och Erik drivs in i sökandet efter motståndets villkor Men hans försök att hävda. .
L ttl st never lives p to the original was easy to Read And Interesting Enough and interesting enough make me want to read the original version and watch the movie a story of pain Sweden in the late 1950s At home teenager Erik Ponti is beaten by his sadistic step father At school he is a gang leader who steal audio disks and resell them ntil he is caught and expelled As a result Erik Ponti is sent to a boarding school meant for the male elite of the Swedish society were discipline is managed by the students themselvesBullying and corporal punishment by older students are part of everyday life at the Stj rnsberg school Except that Erik Ponti won t let himself be bullied and fights back Definitely one of Jan Guillou s best books By reading it you ponder over the meaning of resistance in an nfair establishment While some argue of the value of peaceful demonstrations Guillou enlightens about the virtue of radical actions Great book This is not the first book of Guillou that I have read but it was by far the best While I as well as about everyone in Sweden already was familiar to Ondskan and its plot through seeing the movie I had never read the book before The book was better although I think the movie holds p wellOndskan is a very strong depiction of violence in many different forms oppression and wickedness Once I started reading it I did not want to stop Usually I am not a fan of too much realistic violence and Ondskan is riddled with that I could not help but enjoying the way in which violence was sed by the main character Erik Ponti in Ondskan It was raw gritty and dark view spoilerBut damn I loved it when he smacked those silver spoon feed assholes noses And the final scene when he deals with his father Daaaaamn that SOB s gonna get his ass handed to him hide spoiler I Must Admit That I Like Guillou must admit that I like Guillou general before I start writing my reviewThis book has not changed my mind at all On the contrary This was a book that cought me from page one Not only the story but also the ease it seems to be written with The author ses every day language no decorations he just tells what he has to tellThe story of a boy that is severely beaten by his father and how he survives that Simultaneously that same boy is part of a group that terrorizes others at school and commits criminal actsWhen all comes out he is sent to bording school He looks forward to it being away from his father and the never stopping beatings Until he finds that boarding school is even worse there s not only one but there is a whole counsil that tries to break himHow he fights the system stands p to it and faces the conseuenses it cought me Despite what happened in the past and what he is going through now he finds a friend there They have long conversations stand up for each other and almost ntill the end of their time at boarding school they are together He takes revenge for each other and almost Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie untill the end of their time at boarding school they are together He takes revenge what the board did to his friend but in a way that noone can pin it down to him Only on his last day he admits his deeds just before walking out for goodBut the best scene I found the final confrontation with his father When coming home his father thought to go on with him in the old way He forgot or didn t want to admit that his son grewp got stronger I Jan Guillous Ondskan beskrivs våldet i den svenska vardagen Vi får följa huvudpersonen Eriks fostran i ondska från hemmet med den sadistiske fadern till skolgården med dess gängbildningarErik bli.
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E the turn their relationship took hide spoiler My mothertongue being Swedish I ve heard a lot of hype about this book over the years And by the creed no one is a prophet in his own hometown I never took it seriously despite not even being of the same nationality as the author But I ve now read it for school and it far exceeded my expectations It s a bit teenage angsty but if you like me delight in reading about suffering and those who power through it you will love this book The main character is portrayed in a way that I at times was taken aback by The way he knew himself to be steered by his emotions and knew he couldn t avoid it That acceptance he had of his own emotional self It felt refreshing I don t think a woman could have written a book like this Or rather I don t think a woman would have written this book like this And well truth is no one could have written this book but Guillou He doesn t advertise it anywhere on or in the book but it is a autobiografi which is both horrifying and amazing And it makes me wonder how much of it is true Even as fiction it is gruesome and it makes me ache to think that Guillou has lived through this Perhaps there is a reason for the macho you can t do shit to me way he carries himself that same confidence that has made me sort of take a dislike to him whenever I see him on the telly Definitely a book worth reading Not entirely sure about the rating Should probably have read it rather than listened to it Jan Guillou s reading didn t bring much to the experience I m a big fan of the movie adaption and having read the book now I d say I prefer the movie over the book I read this as part of a project we re about to write at ni The project is about evil so this book is certainly fitting When I bought it the sales person told me That s a really good book And he was right It s brilliant The danish translation is a bit icky at times but the story itself is incredible And it s a violent book at the centre of it you find abuse and degradation But it s also intelligent Something that comes through in Erik s internal dialogue and in the conversations between Pierre and Erik It s a book that explores its own themes and does it really well there s a lot to analyse well There s a lot to analyse this case I ll go for the title What does Evil refer to Erik His dad His school tormentors His mother and the teachers who turn a blind eye I BELIEVE IT S ALL OF THEM THIS IS NOT it s all of them This is not book about The Evil it s about the many different kinds we encounter every dayAnd then it asks the age old estion of whether violence is ever justified as a means of fighting back This book never really answers that A Letter To Pakistan uestion all it tellss is that sometimes violence works It mirrors a lot of my own thoughts and observations too Most notably how anxiety angst and fear work much better as defence or offence tools than any pain you could ever inflict on someone Once read it s not a book or a story that s likely to leave you It forces you to think to consider where you stand and to form an opinion of the things that take place And as a result to examine yourself What s the right thing to do What would YOU have doneIt has much the same effect the movie does it shocks it horrifies and it stays with you forever. Sig mot de äldre kamraternas förtryck leder in i en spiral av våld och motvåld som han i längden inte kan bemästra Det leder till öppet krig Till slut är Erik beredd att ta den avgörande hämnde. ,