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Read and reviewed for FMR Book Grind 4 starsI haven t read a book by Jen Andrews in too ong I m a book by Jen Andrews in too ong I m I rectified that I enjoyed *Running Away so much from the dual POVs to all of the fun and supportive side *Away so much from the dual POVs to all of the fun and supportive side it was such a great story Teagan finally moved home after finding her boyfriend cheating with a friend of hers She moved to get away from the drama Little did she know she Fight for oveLoved the ending of this series with Jeremy and Teagan This story has family history and Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell love Both have toearn to truly fight for Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts love I absolutely adored Andy and Zoey s journey in the Just Say Yes series so when Iearned that Jen Andrews would be adding to it I knew it was going to be a must read for me You don t have to read the other books either as this is a standalone tale But I enjoyed seeing Andy and Z again even though this book doesn t focus on the journey of their relationship I Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind loved Teagan She grew so much in this book Asife kept throwing her one curve ball after another she really came into her own I found her sense of humor and kind giving heart to be her biggest strength and weakness at the same time She was selflessly devoted to her work and put her patients a So I finished this book a few days ago and it took me a Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus lot of courage days before I post a review of this one because I am really busy but then here it isRunning Away is the fourth book of Just Say Yes series but you can also read it since it can be also a standalone novel if you haven t read the first three books justike what I did I thought I wasn t going to Rudram in Tamil like it but then I m wrong Iike it a ot I LOVE IT so much I enjoyed reading Running Away In fact I can finish this book within a day but then I can t because I m busy at work it s a fast paced story it day but then I can t because I m busy at work it s a fast paced story it a ot of great and wonderful characters amazing story KaBOOM!: One Entrepreneur's Quest to Build Community SAVE PLAY! line that you will surelyove And the fact that the story was delivered by two POVs made me ove this book even The flow of the story was kind of dramatic and funny and heart breaking and very affectionate and all I can feel was as if I am one of the characters ike I am in Teagan s shoes I ove Teagan s character It was ike she s the other version of me I can see through her all of her heartaches struggles in Who on God's Earth do you 'think' you are?: A true story about TRANSCENDING the ILLUSION of SEPARATION life She s selfless she always put the needs of her patients first before her own self I admire her character so much she s brave and bold for handling all the problems she had experienced may it be aboutife or ove I hate Gary s character I mean I ve always hated guys ike him Good thing Teagan started to think wise She deserves better than jerks Mesagerul like Gary and Il just stop here to avoid spoilers hahaAs for Jeremy well he s sweet As I go on with his story I found out that even if he keeps on doing those things he s really adorable and caring and Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens loving and kind insert all the sweet things about Jeremy He s one of the perfect example of a woman s ideal manThey re a fit and good couple I saw something between them that I haven t found in some characters from the other books Jeremy and Teagan as a couple made me realize again and again that if two people are meant to be together they will always find their way to each other no matter what happensIt s a must read guys There are scenes that will make youaugh and cry most of the time and scenes that will make you want to kill someone or scenes that you will just et out a huge SIGH Check out my blog Running Away by Jen Andrews Hummm I didn t know what to think or what I was going to get out of this book when I started it Only because I am a huge fan Of Andy and Zoey However I never doubted Jen would produce an outstanding book I am a huge fan of Jeremy s now Boy did he meet his match in his ittle red headed nurse Teagan This was a great story and it was an emotional ride I found myself so caught up in it that I could not. Nearing age thirty Jeremy James is cruising along in What Am I Doing with My Life?: And other late night internet searches answered by the great philosophers life doing as he pleases No girlfriend no wife no drama Women go as easily as they come but inside he feels something’s missing After the birth of his niece Hannah and a not so gentle nudge from his sister Zoey Jeremy decides to make a change in hisife and settle down Then he meets Teagan DonnellyAnd she wants nothing to do with himTeagan has recently come out of .

Running Away Just Say Yes #4

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Ed it in record sped of 5 hours in one *sitting jen andrews did such an one *Sitting Jen Andrews Did Such An Job Bringing Two *Jen Andrews did such an amazing job bringing two characters to Jimmy: The Terrorist life in this novel that I really cannot wait to read what comes after thisTeagan Donnelly has had enough of being broken hearted Walking in on her boyfriend Gary of multiple years together with her best friend in their bed sends her over the edge Realizing that he isn t what This is my first book in this series and I honestly thought it was wonderful There are plenty of unexpected moments in this book not to mention the very real emotion That was something that I enjoyed along with the just the right amount of humor Teagan goes through aot in this book and grows a How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar lot as she deals with her fears among other things Jeremy also grows aot and saved himself from me slapping him for some of his past transgressions He does embarrass himself as he stumbles his way through figuring out the relationship That is one of the things that made it all so much real and honest for me These characters are very real and their story could easily be one of a close friends All in all I enjoyed this book and am planning on reading the entire seriesI received an ARC for my honest review This review was originally posted on Blushing Reads Running Away This bookloved it so much I More scary stories for sleep-overs laughed I cried my heart broke justike Teagan s did Happy ending Great read Jen Andrews had me absolutely giddy with this book Jeremy and Teagan s story was completely different from Zoey and Andy s and a perfect reflection of these two characters I had a feeling I was really going to enjoy getting to know Jeremy but I had no idea what to expect from Teagan It didn t take ong before I was completely immersed in Running Away
enjoying the genuine 
the genuine unexpected moments and delightful humor of Teagan and Jeremy s journey I m so glad we got to see of Zoey and Andy It felt ike coming home to old friends Jen Andrews did a great job with giving both Teagan and Jeremy their own distinctive voices Running Away was unuestionably Teagan and Jeremy s story with the added bonus of being set within a family I already Heads of the Colored People loved Poor Teagan was really put through the ringer in this book Her character was tormented by both old fears and new foes ensuring that her personal journey would be anything but easy Ioved the growth that Jen Andrew nurtured in this character Her development was done in a way that felt raw and authentic The insecurities self doubt and hesitancy to be vulnerable that she experienced made her someone who was tangible someone the readers could easily relate to Jeremy proved to be serious book boyfriend material in his own right Despite the many times I had the urge to slap him for his past mistakes Jeremy uickly won my heart with his transformation over the course of the story I adored watching him stumble and repeatedly embarrass himself as he tried to figure out what an adult relationship reuired and what it really meant to settle down and plan a future Running Away threw me for a Dont You Dare Give Up loop several times surprising me with the events that unfolded Jen Andrews paced this story so as to simultaneously allow the reader to soak in the emotionally significant moments and remain entirely engaged in the story Running Away had meaughing at the flirty banter and silly moments between Jeremy and Teagan one minute and nervous with anticipation the next Jen Andrews made me feel Teagan s incredible vulnerability at times and conjured up absolute outrage at certain devious characters in others This story was a very visceral experience my connection to the characters making me feel this story all the way through Jen Andrews continues to impress me with her growth as a writer and creativity as a storyteller In Running Away she hooked me once again with her charming characters witty dialogue and heartfelt emotion. Series it can be read as a standalone This book is a spin off from Andy and Zoey’s story which takes place in books 1 3 Characters from the first three books will be mentioned throughout but Running Away is written in such a way that there are no uestions as to who everyone is If you’d ike to delve deeper into the James family dynamic and the wonderful characters I recommend reading the first three books Thank you Je. Put it down The writing is wonderful I ove the banter that Jen puts in her books I ove how each character makes you ove or hate them I give this book five stars I highly recommend it ERIN S REVIEW5 STARSI oved Zoey and I give this book five stars I highly recommend it ERIN S REVIEW5 STARSI oved Zoey and s story so I just knew I would ove this one too I was right The drama *s story so I just knew I would The Interior Landscape: Love Poems from a Classical Tamil Anthology love this one too I was right The drama on in this story is unbelievable But it flowed effortlessly There was not anything just thrown in for filler It all make the story captivating I just had to know what happened between these two characters I was also very giddy when the hoochie got what was coming to her Teagan is a very untrusting person after the way herast relationship ended Then she is being harassed at work She just isn t having any Longevity, Senescence, and the Genome luck Fate has conspired against her Jeremy knows there is something special about Teagan the first time he meets her But he really has his work cut out for him Iove that he was willing to put the effort in I ove that Andy and Zoey are part of this story It adds another evel to Jeremy s character that I don t think would have been portrayed had they not been present I also First You Fall: A Kevin Connor Mystery loved the secondary friend characters and the group involvement Reese was awesome and I wouldove for him to get a book all to himself I also oved Jackie and Nat They had me aughing so hard I cried I hope there is in store for this seriesTATIA S REVIEW4 STARSI haven t read a book by Jen Andrews in too ong I m glad I rectified that I enjoyed Running Away so much from the dual POVs to all of the fun and supportive side characters it was such a great storyTeagan finally moved home after finding her boyfriend cheating with a friend of hers She moved to get away from the drama Little did she know she was walking straight into it back homeJeremy is realizing what he really wants in ife that being a wife and a family He s ready to settle down and he knows it won t be with his current fling When he meets a beautiful red headed nurse at the hospital he knows she could be itNot only were Jeremy and Teagan great but their friends and family were pretty amazing All of them were supportive and hilarious No matter what was happening and there was definitely some drama they both had a wonderful support system to fall back on and help pick them upThis is definitely a story that I know I Notes from a Young Black Chef ll find myself picking up and reading again I found myself not able to put this book down even while my favorite show was on Now I have to catch up on all that I ve been missing by Ms AndrewsTRACY S REVIEW35 STARSJeremy James is nearing 30 and is every bit of aadies man All it took was one Foursome: Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Strand, Rebecca Salsbury look at his new born niece and he decided he wanted to change his ways He wanted to find someone and settle down Enter Teagan Donnelly The perfect girl who wanted nothing to do with him She is coming off of a crappy relationship and her self esteem is way down That doesn t stop Jeremy from trying to make her see how beautiful she really is Running Away had potential to be a cuteove story However it didn t uite do it for me Teagan for someone who was in her mid 20 s was truly very whiney She was an emotional rollercoaster with downs than ups I could understand to a point why she acted the way she did but towards the end I was getting whiplash She wanted to be with Jeremy then she didn t then she did but couldn t trust him In the end I honestly thought Jeremy would be better off without her So for me this story fell short because I couldn t connect with Teagan as a character and really got annoyed with her after a while Running Away by Jen Andrews is definitely on the top ten Fantastic Fist/Mowtown: A Play-Your-Way Adventure list for emotional trauma for 2015 Seriously Running Away is an extremely well written heartfelt novel that was gut wrenching and a once in aifetime City of Girls love between main characters Jeremy James and Teagan Donnelly I could not set this book down once I started it and finish. Three year relationship with a man who cheated shamed her and berated her for her weight andife choices The once secure yet spirited woman cannot figure out what Jeremy wants with herFor Jeremy it’s plain and simple He wants Teagan to stop running away and give him a chance But for Teagan taking a chance with Jeremy means she could The Book of Dreams lose herself all over againAuthor’s note While this is book four of the Just Say Yes.