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In the era of the audacity hope I made case for the Audacity Of Despair of despair This the view of the other America from flyover country the places and people often ignored This is the view from flyover country where the The Forever Court (Knights of the Borrowed Dark rich are lessich and the the poor are poor and everyone has fewer things to loseThis book The View From Flyover Country Dispatches from the Forgotten America by Sarah Kendzior is a collection of essays which she wrote between 2012 2014 for Al Jazeera Sarah Kendzior an anthropologist turned writer makes her home in St Louis Missouri a state positioned in what is eferred to as America s heartland or flyover country Ms Kendzior who had been studying authoritarian egimes which have been emerging in central Asia began to notice disturbing similarities between what was happening in other parts of the world and what was occurring in the United States She knew that countries with huge economic ineuality like the United States authoritarian leaders were Ola Shakes It Up rising to power Making her home in St Louis provided her with an opportunity to write about the challenges which have been facing people in towns and cities across middle America and how these challenges left unaddressed by government and elected officials for decades could create a vacuum which could then be filled by a demagogue speaking the language of populism I was curious about the term flyover country It s a term I ve been hearing a lot over the last decade or so This term is a description which has been used freuently in the media especially at election time Flyover country is defined as the parts of the United States that some Americans see only from the air and never actually see at ground level When used by the media or politicians flyover country insteadefers to the parts of the country which are mainly ignored or forgotten until their votes are needed of courseThe essays in this book cover a number of broad themes the implications of continued high levels of economic and The Glass Arrow racial ineuality and the indifference shown shown by those with power toward those suffering the crisis occurring in higher education especially in terms of the 15 trillion of crushing student loan debt coupled with the lack of livable wage jobs available to students upon graduation the increasing widespread practice of universities hiring low paid adjunct professors despite the large increase in college tuition and the problems being created by what Ms Kendzior calls hipster economics the gentrification of neighborhoods which is pushing long term pooresidents out of their own neighborhoods and often into homelessness I found all of the essays in this book thoughtful straightforward and full of empathy and compassion An essay I found particularly compelling was the essay Sarah Kendzior wrote about her hometown of St Louis Missouri The essay is written with the affection understanding and compassion that only a person familiar with the history of a place and in touch with the people and their struggles could write St Louis with its magnificent arch framing the sky ad known as the gateway to the west was built in the late 19th century and in the years of the early 20th century was known as the Future Great City of the world st louis attracted all manner the World St Louis attracted all manner explorers and companies which made it one of the great industrial cities of the midwest Now than 100 years later St Louis is instead charac I have been following the work of Sarah Kendzior for uite a long time now and Einatmen, Ausatmen regularlyead her essays on Aljazeera and elsewhere She s one of the are individuals who is at once a scholar an intellectual a journalist an activist and a great writer so I was very thrilled to have so much of her work compiled in one place The essays touch upon various social economic and political issues but always in the context of larger systemic failures so despite the diversity of the themes the book eads like a comprehensive manifesto against a Lightfoot the Historian: The Nature and Role of History in the Life and Thought of J.B. Lightfoot (1828-1884) as Churchman and Scholar rotten system I ve been following Sarah Kendzior s writing for a while possibly since Ferguson first made it into mainstream news I bought her book because I wanted to support her work This book is strictly a collection thatepublishes essays and articles she s written before with some minimal organization into certain topicsWhen I evisited the book in November 2016 I wanted to understand how the United States elected Trump and what history predicts for our near future I found that the essays were less thoroughly supported than I emembered and that the book wasn t that focused in terms of understanding modern day America It s definitely still valuable but maybe not the most urgent thing to Gideon's Ride readI think the most critical essays toevisit are the ones about flyover country and about the Ira war Here are a few excerpts that stood out to meIra showed us that the conseuences for gross negligence were less than anyone had imagined This gaping disconnect between people and power and the public s Dahmer Detective: The Interrogation and Investigation That Shocked The World resignation to adjusting to injusticesather than challenging them has shaped the pos. In this collection of essays St Louis journalist Sarah Kendzior tackles issues including labor exploitation acism gentrification media bias and other aspects of the post employment economy Sample titles The Peril. T war era We lost in Ira than a war We lost accountability and faith in our institutions and most of all we lost the outrage that accompanies that loss because we came to expect it and accept it as normal This uiet acuiescence is
in the end 
the end damaging as any lie we were told The absence of complaining should be taken as a sign that something is otting in a society Complaining is beautiful Complaining should be encouraged Complaining means you have a chance A fantastic essay collection by the woman often credited for first predicting Trump s ise to power With intelligence and concision Sarah Kendzior examines labor exploitation gentrification acism the elitism within American higher education and One central theme of this collection includes how our current economy privileges a select wealthy few while castigating the poor even when their poverty emerges from an unfair system as opposed to a lack of individual willpower One *UOTE OF MANY THAT EXEMPLIFIES THIS THEME ABOUT DISADVANTAGED *of many that exemplifies this theme about disadvantaged Careers in this economy are not about choices They are about structural constraints masuerading as choice Being a mother is a structural constraint The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space, Volume 2 regardless of your economic position Mothers pay a higher price in a collapsed economy but that does not mean they should demand change in both institutions and perceptions The irony of American motherhood is that the politicians and corporations who hold power do have a choice in how they treat mothers and their children Yet they act as if they are held hostage to intractable policies and market forces excusing the incompetence and corporate malfeasance that drain our households dry Mothers can emulate them and treat choice as an individual burden or we can work together and push for accountability andeform This option is not easy But we are used to thatAnother consistent theme of The View from Flyover Country speaking up against oppression even when people hate you for it Though Kendzior focuses on economic exploitation she has a broad Mise En Sc�ne: Cin�ma Et Lecture reach in this collection examining how people of color form online communities toesist the Deathless racism in movements like feminism how we dehumanize people of color in the media internationally how gentrification hurts creativity and Her tone is both confident and compassionate such that she makes the brilliant point that through listening to people s complaints we can betterespond with caring and kindness instead of invalidation This passage on complaining speaks to this idea The surest way to keep a problem from being solved is to deny that problem exists Telling people not to complain is a way of keeping social issues from being addressed It trivializes the grievances of the vulnerable making the burdened feel like burdens Telling people not to complain is an act of power a way of asserting that one s position is important than another one s pain People who say stop complaining always have the ight to stop listening But those who complain have often been denied the ight to speakOverall a great essay collection that will esonate with fans of Evicted and Our Kids While I wish some of the essays were longer andor went a bit in depth by offering concrete steps for improvement I appreciated how Kendzior gathered her writing from years past into a single binding I also liked how she discussed how we are almost all victims of economic exploitation while still holding acists accountable for their prejudice and discrimination I look forward to The Third Lynx (Quadrail, reading of Kendzior s work in the future Note to new visitors this is aeview of the self published 2015 edition of The View from Flyover Country I haven t Mixed Doubles read the edition from Flatiron Books which may contain different materialSarah Theesults of the 2016 presidential election left many stunned Over the course of the day and into the evening political pundits continued to predict Clinton would prevail even as the Trump campaign gained significant leads and the election ended in a Trump victory But there was at least one person who was not surprised Sarah Kendzior an academic esearcher and St Louis based journalist could see the writing on the wall that others missed and became one of the first credited With Predicting The Outcome Between 2012 2014 Kendzior Wrote A predicting the outcome Between 2012 2014 Kendzior wrote a of essays originally published by Al Jazeera about the broken promise of the American Dream for the people living in between the coasts otherwise known as flyover country Now a selection of those essays has been collected for the first time in print The View From Flyover Country Dispatches from the Forgotten America and it is a searing heartbreaking and unforgettable eadKendzior had been studying authoritarian states in Eastern Asia for years and began to Von Dr. Jakobsen bestraft - SM Krimi (Teil 3) recognize signs in the US that she had seen in the countries she examined She then began to write about those observations through the lens of her life in St Louis She touches on varying subjects including theise of adjunct faculty along with the corresponding decrease in tenured faculty at US colleges. Of Hipster Economics The Wrong Kind of Caucasian Survival is Not an Aspiration Mothers Are Not 'Opting Out' They Are Out of Options Academia's Indentured Servants Meritocracy for Sale The Immorality of College Ad. And universities How students at those same institutions of higher learning are facing Raja Smurf (Smurf, rising tuition costs often going into debt to pay them and finding upon graduation that the only pathway to a job in their chosen fieldeuires them to work unpaid internships She also noted the Zwanzig Männer sind genug rise in bigotry in the US whetherelated to Dying Light raceeligion gender sexual orientation or possibly most importantly in our current climate and economic status Kendzior unflinchingly conveyed the Yaşayan Kur'an Meal-Tefsir results of decades of ineualities enacted on those whose protests have not been heard It is easy when people feel frightened and abandoned for a demagogue to those feelings despair for political gain It is easy feelings of despair political gain It is easy that demagogue to translate fear into fanaticism to shift extremism into the mainstream and market it under the guise of populism By the time buyer semorse hits a new and brutal political culture has arisen A gaslit nation becomes engulfed in flamesWhile Kendzior may have been one of the first to aise these issues she is clearly not the last Many of the topics addressed in her book are now part of our continuing national discourse and egularly talked about on television The Frankenstein Teacher (Corgi Pups) radio in print and on the web which makes The View From Flyover Country all the essential a book toead The Case of the General's Thumb right nowReading The View From Flyover Country may be difficult It is made easier because most of the collected essays are only a few less than 5 pages longesulting in a series of thoughtful and thought provoking short forays into incredibly difficult subjects What the essays possibly lack in enjoyment than makes up for in insight and information articulating the fear and isolation many living between the coasts have felt for far too long And these are feelings that are now shared by a great many people across the US In the preface to the book Kendzior states that while she never meant to write a depressing book she also admits that it very well may be one She also claims that One cannot solve a problem until one acknowledges a problem existsReviewed by Daryl M Librarian West Valley Regional Branch Library I just listened to this audio for a second time This is an extremely important book I highly ecommend Sarah s with Andrea Chalupa podcast It s called Gaslit Nation I listen weekly I also follow Sarah on Twitter She s awesomeSarah Kendzior s collection of essays is a must if you want to understand how this country ended up with Trump Highly highly ecommended I ve not been on Goodreads for awhile I should have ecommended this book and Sarah s podcast long ago If you haven t ead it check it out Originally published in 2015 and An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles republished in 2018 with a new forward and an epilogye by the author this collection of essays focuses on topics faced by the majority of Americans in the early 2010s poverty and economic disparity theising cost of education the diminishing value of that education Echoes from the Past racism who decides whose humanity matters and I found them a bitepetitive because they were almost all essays that had been previously published in different places so the author was following similar themes in multiple settings She lives in St Louis and speaks to the topics from a personal place too not just a journalist but someone whose children attend school here who experiences the same kind of legislation etc That added a layer that made the essays much The Master Strategist: Power, Purpose and Principle in Action realA lot of attention has been given to Hillbilly Elegy A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis to understand Trump voters I think this book is steeped in facts and numbers doesn t stereotype all Trump voters or everyone in flyover country to the most extremeacist white guys who lost their manufacturing jobs Kendzior exhibits far nuance than that and is probably a better picture of what has been going on for normal people trying to make it in America and overall eally not making it Thanks to the publisher for providing access to this title It came out in updated form on April 17 2018 I have some eservations about this essay collection She has a clear eye for current issues and can articulate her arguments well I felt however that a lot of her focus was coming from the place of intellectual elites who are suffering under the current economy but whose lives are still very different from the majority I had thought this book would look at the average worker As this was not composed as a collection originally but is a gathering of her work over a period of a few years there is some epetition Nevertheless there is a lot of value and elevance in this collection After The Oathbreaker's Shadow reading two essays I got your point Repeating it 33 times did not make it any convincing I agree that the poor and powerless need a much bigger voice and that changes need to be done I don t want to blame the victim any than the author but I did not see much of a movement for them to vote in 2016 Protest marches and complaining are poor substitutes for an organized political and labor movements Power can only be changed by other power and organization is power. Missions Expensive Cities Are Killing Creativity A former columnist for Al Jazeera English Kendzior has spent years chronicling an America of diminishing opportunities This collection contains the best of her work.