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R than feeling better and for #PARENTS TO FIND GREATER STABILITY IN #to find greater stability in house by being emotionally stable themselves not berating themselves for failures but aiming for the #best possible example to set for their children For those readers who like me are not #possible example to set for their children For those readers who like me are not parents the book is an encouragement to work as much as possible on our own lives as we prepare for marriage and family and for those in the midst of family it is a call for improvement and for moral and emotional development and if necessary for repentance and hopefully improvement1 See for example2 See for exampleSo as ou read the pages that follow know that my heart is to remove the judgment and instead for us to come together as parents in our local coffee shops communities and churches to encourage and support one another as we all strive toward the same goal raising kids who live love and lead well I think The America We Deserve you ll be surprised that achieving this goal though not easy is much simpler than we might think iiThe biggest big business in America is not steel automobiles or television It is the manufacture refinement and distribution of anxiety 13 Eric SevareidOur kids answer to the uestion Am I safe is buried in their unconscious implicit memory My friend instinctively stood up to fight me without giving it any thought His immediate reaction was I am not safe His story at the time was not understood as a coherent narrativeThe uestion Am I safe can be broken down into two uestions that form our core beliefs about how relationships work 1 Am I worthy of lvoe 2 Are others capable of loving me 30 I think of discipline as the continual everyday process of helping a child learn self discipline 110 Fred Rogers The subtitle how emotional safety is the key to raising kids who live love and lead well sums up most of the book It was so hard to wade through all of the statistics they throw out about the benefits of kids who feel emotionally safe but they are vague about what that even means or how to do it I have NO idea how to have deep conversations with my kids or how to help them feel like I m a safe person to share their struggles or fears with but this book brought me no closer to that goal I forced myself to finish the book but I wish I had dropped it Joshua Straub has outlined the process of parenting extremely well His balance of discipline natural conseuences room to explore and most importantly emotional safety in the home is right on We have parented four children eight troubledouth and contributed in large measure to seven grandchildren and have worked to accomplish the same goals as outlined in this bookMy personal catch phrase is that It is our job as parents to bring an infant who is 100 percent dependent on us parents to a oung adult who is as close to 100 percent independent and able to make correct decisions for themselves by the time they leave our houseThis is the first book that I have read that aligns so closely with my parenting philosophy The two things that Joshua points out that I believe but now have a clearer understanding are that discipline is not the same as punishment The second is what I have believed but not been able to put into words and that is emotional safety that is the key to maintaining a relationship with our children which will foster the above move toward independence I was given a free audio version of this book for my agreement to review it but this has not influenced my personal impressions of the book. S Discipline in a way that builds relationship Understand how the culture is affecting our child and what Corinna, A-Maying the Apocalypse you can do about it Cultivate responsible self regulating behavior inour kids Establish an unshakeable sense of faith morality and values in Programmable Microcontrollers with Applications your home Feel confident and peaceful as a parent Find a greater perspective on parenting than whatou might see on a daily basis     Also includes a Safe House Parenting Assessment. .
Ous resource that I recommend to parents of kids whatever the age also to child less couples engaged couples or even those not The Big Book of Losers: Pathetic but True Tales of the World's Most Titanic Failures! (Factoid Books) yet married as a bookou can use to maybe help The Thing About Alice you understandourself and Un lieu incertain your own past how it affectsou and help Starman The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin you see whatou want our own Safe House to look like I received this #book from Blogging "for Books WaterBrook Press in return for my honest review Note This "Books WaterBrook Press in return for my honest review Note This was provided free #from Blogging for Books WaterBrook Press in return for my honest review Note This book was provided free charge by Blogging For BooksMultnomah WaterBrook Press in exchange for an honest reviewAlthough this book which focuses on emotional safety and how parents can provide an atmosphere that blends protection and exploration truth and grace can be painful to read the author has a savvy approach on how not to make it too painful for those of us whose family backgrounds are deeply problematic The approach of the author to minimizing though by no means eliminating the discomfort for some people in reading this book is to praise those who read this book as having shown their seriousness in providing an emotionally stable home for their little ones This praise of the reader which shows through uite often in the author s conversational tone is combined with the author s own candid comments about his own disastrous upbringing his statements of his own struggles as a father and generous praise of his own wife which combine to make this book as comfortable a book as it can be given the immense awkwardness and discomfort of the book As is often the case with my reading especially about parenthood 1 this is not a book that is immediately applicable to me as a reader but it is certainly good reading as someone who wishes to overcome some very bad family patterns and who tends to approach problems by reading about them long before I plan on needing a solution for those difficulties as a way of training the mind so that the patterns of behavior can followIn terms of its contents this book straddles the line between humanistic psychology and a book on the theology of parenting from a biblical perspective Clearly the author works from a Christian counseling approach and readers who appreciate that approach will find much to offer the book clearly demonstrates the statistical case for improved attachment coming from a family of faith The first part of the book after the introduction and acknowledgements deals with the importance of emotional safety and for the parent to understand his or her own life story in order to be a understanding parent The second part of the book gives tips for a parent to build a safe home exploration protection grace and truth being the four metaphorical walls of the house as well as the importance of safe discipline and nurturing the development of the brain including higher regulatory functions from infancy through adolescence The third and final part of the book which comes up just about to 200 pages of core material examines how to build a safe village by parenting with biblical understanding encouraging a safe marriage for parents and establishing faith as well as a community of supportive and encouraging friends and family membersAlthough readers who are neither Christian nor have any interest whatsoever in matters of psychology or counseling will likely not find this book an enjoyable read the author has crafted a very uotable 2 and short book that provides a useful way for parents to think about the issue of emotional safety with the concern for loving better rathe. R factor is scientifically linked to raising kids who live love and lead well Learn how to use emotional safety as a foundation from which ou parent and make a cultural impact that could change the world   In Safe House Dr Straub draws from his extensive research and personal experience to help ou   Foster healthy identity and social development in children of any age Win the war without getting overwhelmed in the daily battle. ,
This book was great It is one that would be worth reading multiple times to get new perspective at each stage of a child s growth to adulthood This book is hands down the best book I ve read regarding parenting and how we affect our children Bible based so great for any Christian parent I liked his overall message but disagreed that people are so simplistic that they can fall into 4 types of parents I didn t align to any of his 4 categoriesI also found his religious angle to be distracting Nothing in the cover or description notes that this is a Christian writer and or that he would freuently refer to his religion or refer to scripture As a non religious person I found this to be distracting and to take away from the message I felt like he was preaching to me which I personally don t appreciate Emotional safety than any other factor is scientifically linked to raising kids who live love and lead well But if ou are involved in the day to day raising of children Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou you know how big their emotions are and how hard and exhausting it is to deal with them Ifou re ever left wondering Did I handle that right or feel guilty about either indulging or shutting down The Summer I Wasn't Me your kids feelings read this Fantastic book that gives parents a very easy visual on how to cover all the bases of parenting without making them feel overwhelmed I listened to this on Audible twice but really wanted to dig into the uestions at the end of each chapter so I purchased a hard copy It is going into my top five recommendations for all parents to read I plan to read it every otherear or so as I still have many ears of parenting to go and want to remember these concepts and principles I also loved that I ended the book knowing I had areas to

*work on in *
on in own parenting but felt encouraged that I was doing a good job in spite of my flaws I think I was looking for practical but overall the book was helpful I will read again to process some Safe House by Joshua Straub is absolutely fantastic I chose this as an ARC to review because in my own life I am striving to provide emotional safety for my children With struggles like anxiety selective mutism and many moves internationally and across the US I they have been through many challenges together Also with the premature loss of my parents I sometimes wonder if the experiences I have faced in connection to that have affected the way I now parent Split into 3 sections Emotional Safety Building a Safe House A Safe Village it helps break down our reasons behind our behavior and then applying strategies for improving the emotional spiritual safety back into our families I think I was expecting answers for helping my children become less anxious or build up their self esteem what I did not expect was how much of it came down to me and my spouse how we relate and our own history and experiences There is guidance at the end of each chapter to write down our thoughts on very specific things connected to the chapter Scientific information regarding the brain for example was enlightening for me I have learned so much and intend to work on putting this into practice in my life The final part connects all of this to God and in particular brings in sections from the Bible to illustrate meaning You could easily break down one chapter #and spend time working through the suggestions and increase our efficiency as #spend time working through the suggestions and increase our efficiency as parent and likely help في الانفصال your children out immensely just from doing that one part A fabul. Parenting isn't rocket science it's just brain surgery And Dr Joshua Straub has good news forou You can do it   You don’t need to do all the “right” things as a parent Both science and the Bible show us that the most important thing we can provide for our kids is a place of emotional safety In other words the posture from which we parent matters infinitely than the techniues of parenting   Emotional safety than any othe.

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