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Brillant Une r profonde sur tous les "totalitarismes en particulier la stalinisme ean fran ois "en particulier la Jean Fran ois pose la uestion et expliue pouruoi dans les soci t s libres il y a tant de gens ui ha ssent la libert et veulent absolument vivre en soci t totalitaire Il y a aussi dans cet ouvrage une analyse intelligente de l anti am ricanisme en Europe This is the first book I read by Revel and The inhabitants of the Iron Curtain countries have no love for the totalitarian systems under which they live The enormous number of defectors to the West is proof enough of this Then why do many socialist and other liberal minded men in the countries of Western Europe and indeed in Africa South East Asia and Latin America lend ,

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La Tentation TotalitaireThe early to mid 1970 s it is as relevant today as when it was first written Revel is a standing tower of intellectual virtue and integrity on the left willing to say it like it is even when it impugns the left s own ideas sadly something you truly rarely see in neo left wing circles My only wish is that his heirs will bring this book back into print in The world needs it now 2017 then ever. Cialist system they hope to see established How can "The Spread All Over "spread all over world of communist regimes imbued as they are as well as the Western democracies with the idea of the nation state be averted Can the capitalist democracies so reform themselves that they can survive the Trojan Horse tactics now being employed against the. T made me a raving fan of all his works In this book he takes up the issue of the Lefts Totalitarian Temptation and uncovers the issues and contradictions inherent in supporting strongmen and tyrants who share the same ideological views It made the French intellectual left wince when it first came out and garnered no awards for Revel It is hard hitting fast paced and in depth though dated for. Heir support to communist activities all over the world This is the uestion posed and "Answered In This Brilliantly "in this brilliantly new book by the author of Without Marx or Jesus The answer M Revel maintains is that well meaning but misguided people out of their hatred for the existing capitalist system euate true communism with the so.
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