(E–pub) Games Women Play BY Zaire Crown

Games Women PlayMy irst impulse was to not If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song finish it but I decided to continue Iound that if you could get past the graphic sexual contentviolencestrong language and the hard to read slang the characters and plot were well developed and entertaining There definitely a lot of plot twists I didn t anticipate and was uite surprised by the outcome Although this is a novel I probably would have not chosen Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford for myselfit is well written and suspenseful Disclaimer I received an ARC of this nook in exchange of a review so here it isI don t particularly like this hood sub genre mostly because theew I read have always been pretty awful Games Women Play has a lot of problematic parts most of them being the over sexualization bordering on etishization of its of them being the over sexualization bordering on etishization of its characters the ad nauseam references of the Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech female lead and otheremale characters thick in all the right places bodies with tiny tiny waists and some deep underlying colorism one secondary character being basically said to be pretty A coerência textual for a dark skinned girl while the much overpraised light skinned heroine s stereotypical green gray eyes are described over and over and over again BUT I managed toinish reading this one book thanks to the somehow good writing and tight plot I suspected the end reveal but the execution was entertaining I think the end of the story was a bit too much too neat though And think the end of the story was a bit too much too neat though And am not still buying that THAT guy would Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller fallor or even just settle or the *heroine I understand what it supposedly came to is that game recognized game or something like that But no *I understand what it supposedly came to is that game recognized game or something like that But no how supposedly banging hot and smart and big badass green eyed she was supposed to be I just didn t see the connection And I never really connected with her and even thought she gained some points or me at the end I wasn t especially rooting First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There for her I ended up being wayascinated by the KS like hero. S Sebastian Caine But the risky move just might cause her to break her #1 rule don’t catch Revenge of the Land: A Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm feelings Because things are not what they seem and neither is Sebastian Now Tuesday may have to choose between theuture she’s always wanted the team she swore loyalty to and the money she desperately needs to save her own lif. .

Chains of Command (Independent,
Ut none of them were ever as suspenseful exciting and thrilling as this novel was This is a MUST READ April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers for those who enjoy reading Urban Fiction as I do However due to a common trend I have noticed while reading Urban Fiction novels I must ask a uestion A BIT OF A SPOILER ALERT Why is it that even though the protagonist of these Urban Novels like this one lacks morals integrity and liveslived up to the phrase lying cheating and stealing there is always a happy endingor that particular protagonist
"Does This Send The Wrong "
this send the wrong to those who are reading these novels Nonetheless this was a well written novel that is well deserving of a 5 star rating I received a copy of this book rom NetGalley or an honest review Tuesday Knight was an ex stripper that now owned her own club But she made her real money setting up pulling off licks Money was still low so she was than ready to pull off a million dollar lick by setting up the infamous Sebastian Caine Instead she meets Marcus KingEveryone in this book was lying through their teeth but I never guessed it would turnout the way it did Zaire Crown is an author I ll read again or sure Wow The twist and turns in this book were everything I got over the explicit sex and just became engrossed in the story What I thought I knew I didn t That s hard to pull off on an avid reader Even though I know the end this book can easily be a reread and to me that s a 4 star book Fast moving plot with lots of unexpected twists The reader does a good job with the different characters His tone and pacing had me on *The Edge Of My Seat *edge of my seat Tuesday and her GIRLS ARE ALWAYS SETTING MEN UP TO TRICK AND are always setting men up to trick and them This is truly a disk changer page turner as the tables get turned on Tuesday and she becomes the mark I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway to review I started to read this book and. Ct seduce and rob wealthy men But in addition to being sueezed by a corrupt cop an unfortunate incident has put Tuesday deep in debt to a ruthless gun dealer and is creating dangerous dissent behind the scenes   Tuesday only sees one option She’ll have to go undercover playing girlfriend to legendary Detroit crime bos. ,

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Held my attention rom beginning to end *funny drama illed a little romance all in one I enjoyed reading it look The Habitat Guide to Birding forward touture *drama Space Kid filled a little romance all in one I enjoyed reading it lookorward to Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town future by this author 35 stars I received this book through a goodreads giveaway in exchangeor an honest review This book was ast paced and exciting It was hard to put down and would make an excellent movie There were several twists that kept the story interesting rom cover to cover I
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have rated it higher I Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water found a lot of it hard to understand It contained a lot of slang that I didn t know so it was hard go get into at the beginning Once I got used to that it was uite enjoyable I received an advanced copy of Games Women Play by Zaire Crownrom NetGalleyThis book pulled me in Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus from theirst page Each character provided an element of mystery romance grit and true crime This debut novel definitely deserves a seuel I would recommend this boo I received this book Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse from the author in exchangeor an honest review 25 stars It s not you it s me Overall it was an okay read Troubled Waters for me It was well written and descriptive explicit as well but I couldn t connect with any of the characters I believe that is of a me problem then the authorsault I would still recommend it to someone if I believed it was something they d like as I said before it s well written and entertaining Just wasn t The Allergy-Fighting Garden: Stop Asthma and Allergies with Smart Landscaping for me I haven t updated my reading hereor a while but I elt as though I really needed to after reading this novel I have just completed my irst year in college and due to me having to adjust to a new school setting I had to neglect my love or reading or a while I made a vow that during my summer break I would not do so Anyways lately my guilty pleasure has been reading Urban Fiction novels and I came across this one at Walmart the other day and let me tell you guys I have read a plethora of novels alike In this Shadower fast moving gritty debut novel one woman learns that even the strictest rules are made to be broken   At thirty seven Tuesday is eageror a better way of life That means getting out of the game her gentleman’s club has been Owls: Birds of the Night fronting Her allemale “business” team has made a ortune using the club to attra. .