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Aliens Genocide Aliens dDo was bat her eyes or smile her special smile and all would be forgiven She rebels against her femininity yet at the same time uses it to get her way She was selfish manipulative impulsive and never learned from her mistakes Her need too what she wanted to prove her worth on the battlefield often placed her Signs and Symbols: African Images in African-American Quilts directly under the blade of the knife and of course she had to be saved by someone Every Single TimeFor example Katia lies to her family when she takes aetour from a summer vacation to go spy in enemy territory She is convinced her father has no idea people are plotting war with him Only SHE can find the enemy s plans and save her people She takes her best friend with her and they pose as serving girls not thinking that in this era serving girls were almost always viewed as prostitutes and the victims of multiple rapes in less than stellar households Only when she almost falls victim to an overzealous soldier who refuses to take no for an answer Person in the Memory does it hit her that she and her bff could be raped and murdered and no one will ever know what happened to them Luckily Lothair and his friends appear and rescue her and her friend but her overzealous actions continue to place them all inanger Her moment of clarity finally arrives but only at the very end of the storyfacepalmThe romance has a strong foothold in the story blending well with the various subplots as Katia and Lothair bicker and exchange barbed uips on their way to true love Similar to Katia s parent s story except in here the groom is the reluctant one this couple has to work hard to find any common ground Easier said than Stealing the Gila: The Pima Agricultural Economy and Water Deprivation, 1848-1921 done when oneenies their attraction and one keeps running off to save the world I loved that Lothair sees right through her manipulations and called her on them He tries to teach her the art of listening and and called her on them He tries to teach her the art of listening and but it never seems to take Political intrigue and Literature and Dictatorship in Africa and Latin America 1958-1987 deception back the tension fraught action scenes and bloody battles helping to take my attention from Katia and her increasingly irritating actionsA familiar set of faces make up a solid secondary cast of characters along with some new ones Jerl Marcus and his wife try to reign Katia in explaining over and over and over just howangerous her actions are Katia s grandmother spout random uotes at odd times while Lothair s friends offer humor and advice to try to help him Academic Advising Approaches deal with her feelings for KatiaWhile I enjoy the historical background of this particular series intriguing arc and the vibrant characters and subplots that inhabit it I found this one took heroine too farown the rabbit hole and wasn t able to redeem her in my eyesRATING C The iron princess literally ran straight to wherever the trouble was at every turn So that provided for a lot of action and fighting The romance was cute although it wasn t until after than half the book was one

That Lothair Finally Realized He 
Lothair finally realized he true feelings for Katia The sex scenes were hot but idn t happen until towards the end Katia s need to be a hero and save everyone made me want to smack her silly than a few times but overall a good book I would like to thank Netgalley and PENGUIN GROUP for an ARC of this book First off I love the cover of this book I think it s just beautiful The beginning OF THE BOOK WAS GREAT WITH KATIA THE PRINCESS the book was great with Katia the princess up as a boy and fighting in the Agricultural Science for CSEC Examinations duels they had at the castle I thought this was going to be a story about another strong woman Her stepfather the King Jarl Magnusidn t have a problem with her learning sword fighting and he and her mom Alphas Abused Mate didn t plan on pawning her off to the best man to marry they were going to let her make thisecision I thought her family were really cool in this regard for back in those Twas the Night B'Fore Christmas: An African-American Version days And the King treated her like his ownaughter She had I think 5 brothers I lost count as they weren t Climate Smart Agriculture (Natural Resource Management and Policy Book 52) dominate characters in the book Now even though the Kingidn t mind her learning the sword he Academic Body did not want her participating in anyuels etc She had a sword master named Rikard She had al. Re of mistrust and eceit he rejects the concept of husbandry and wants a life of purpose and sacrifice in the pursuit of security for the Baltic SeaAnd when fate brings the Iron Princess and reluctant baron together Katia and Lothair iscover they are kindred spirits with fiery temperaments and insatiable esires to mat. .
The Iron Princess Sons of the North #2I enjoyed reading It was not as good as the first one She was an irritating character but loved the story over all Amazing Not as good as the first but still very cute I sometimes all Amazing Not as good as the first but still very cute I sometimes confused by the change in perspective Sometimes there was a to show the change but sometimes it changed from one paragraph to the next Wonderful storyI read several books a week and usually it is a so so book One I never cars to read again This is full of adventure Read Her mothers book first Brilliant and Creative Writing Adventurous and Love InspiringWow this has to be the best Viking Romances I have ever read I am blown away This author has efinitely got talent with weaving a story I was so enthralled with the story I couldn t put it Haylee down It was so visually enhanced and emotionally thrilling The character building is so addicting that you actually become enad of all the action adventures and unenying love between the main characters Katia and LothairI loved the first story in the series and recommend you read it The Warlords Wife before reading this one in order to get a full understanding of Katia s background Though it is not necessary because it works great as a stand alone but you will get a etail Though it is not necessary because it works great as a stand alone but you will get a etail her family and origins The love scenes were sweet and tender but got the point across 1 flameIn my opinion this is a BEST SELLING AUTHOR and I put her right up there with Diana Gabaldon Brilliant and Creative WriterI highly recommend this to all Historical Romance Readers and I look forward with Diana Gabaldon Brilliant and Creative WriterI highly recommend this to all Historical Romance Readers and I look forward reading of Sandra Lakes s writing Excellent Read I can safely say that I enjoyed the first book than the second book Our heroine the first time round was a sensible young woman and in the first chapters our heroine this time round Katia seemed like a likable heroine as well But unfortunately everything went Hijacking the Brain downhill from there on By the time I reached the final pages I was very certain that Katia was a very spoiled brat even if she was 19 and should be considered an adult by that time s standards and I wouldn t want anything too with her EverThe second flaw I had with this book had to 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 do with historical accuracy While I m no expert on Swedish Danish or German history Io know when something s off with Estonian historical The Path to Gay Rights details I wouldn t even rant here if it weren t for the fact that these errors were mentioned not once not twice but several times throughout the entire book First of all Estonia s now capital Tallinn was NOT called Tallinn in the 1160 s especially in Scandinavia It was called Lindan s and surely one couldiscover this fact by using a simple Google search The second grave mistake in my eyes was calling Estonia Estonia Estonia was not a unified country back then We had several counties and we were not united by a single banner And the third mistake was calling an Estonian Bercik Bercik is in no way an Estonian name and that mistake could be rectified by using a Google search engine or any other if you Karen vs Alien don t like GoogleMy rant continues HERE Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalleyThis is a DNF reviewDamn and blast I loved the first book in the Sons of the North series The Warlord s Wife so much that I thought for sure I love this one Although I still love this author s writing this particular book wasn t for meI guess my main overall issue with this book was that I was bored to tears reading it I have no interest in Anglo SaxonViking history and politics and I would say that the majority of was I read in this book was focused on those topics I got to the 36% mark and almost all of that was the main characters espousing their views politics explanations of politics and political alliances what those alliances might mean and fears about an upcoming war Most of it was probably supposed to look like character building but I had no enjoyment of it Plus there was little to no romance as far as what I readAnother issues I had although much minor was that Katia the heroine who is the Gendered Citizenships daughter of the aforementioned Warlord s A Sons of the North Romance novel from Sandra Lake author of The Warlord’s Wife who takes readers to 12th century Scandinavia where two hearts clash in furious passionTheaughter of a Northern warlord Katia is known as the Iron Princess for her mettle in battle Headstrong and efiant she instigates sword uels on a wh. ,
Ife was just a little girl in Book 1 And I loved her character But here at the start of this book she s 16 years old I Singing the Law don t care for such huge time jumps between books Also Ion t want to read about the esires and crushes of a teenaged girl tomboy OR NOT I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT BACK IN THE not I totally understand that back in the this book was set 16 years old was efinitely old enough to be married and to have a kid but not in THIS We Sell Drugs day and I have noesire to read about a 16 year old as if she were an adultI Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ didn t find the hero very likable but I have nooubt that he would have been better as the book progressed But at least he was 18 years old at the start of The Iron Princess Of course I actively Literature of Africa dislike Young Adult and New Adult books so it wouldn t have helped with my liking of this book in any caseThis book just wasn t for me I think readers who like politics and spy games might enjoy this book To be totally honest I had noesire to even read Katia s story She was one of the great things about Book 1 but she just wasn t uite interesting enough to hold my attention for an entire book I was hoping for Hok s book but it looks like that won t happen if the author has skipped ahead 10 years or so from the time of Book 1 I hate to say it but I was just entirely too bored to continue on and finish this book But I still love this author s writing and will absolutely check out whatever she Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change does next Originally posted at Smexy Bookshttpsmexybookscom201506review I enjoyed book one of this series The Warlord s Wife A witty antagonistic based romance that pits a strong willed heroine against an eually strong willed and grumpy hero Their journey to happily ever after is filled with bickeringithering Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature drama a few misunderstandings some very lovely groveling and steamy make up sex I fully expected book two to hold a similar appeal for me Well written action packed and expertly revealed as book one I had high hopes that this installment would also leave me fully satisfiedUnfortunately the heroine Katia made it very hard for me to enjoy I m all for a character experiencing growing pains as they follow their path to theirestiny but this heroine never learns from her mistakes And these are life threatening mistakes From the beginning to the very end she leaps from pot to fire over and over and over againWe first met Katia in book one as a child She is Lida s Rebuilding daughter from another marriage and was the key factor in Lida agreeing to marry the Jerl The Jerl grows to love Katia unconditionally and she becomes his princess Now years later Katia is all grown up and looking for some adventure of her own Strong willful and resourceful Katia is fully trained as a shield maiden and wants the same rights as the warriors under her father When she isenied this she takes matters into her own hands Joining in a show of strength at a local fair she comes close to losing her head when she pits herself against a much stronger opponentHer opponent Baron Lothair the illegitimate son of the Duke of Saxony is not amused by Katia s eception and proceeds to artfully put her in her place When Katia begins to make cow eyes at him Lothair knows he s in trouble Raised in a household where his birth but not his mother was held high esteem Lothair has no use for marriage All he wants is to the Baltic Sea and keep it safe from marauders and enemy Katia is a istraction he has no need forIn the beginning I enjoyed Katia s independence and snarky nature She was given every opportunity any male would have been given to an extent so her strength skill and intelligence is to be expected However as time went on I grew to loathe her While I could understand her Therapy of Love desires whooesn t want to be in charge of their own Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism destiny and strive to become than an ornament toecorate t want to be in charge of their own Museum Activism destiny and strive to become than an ornament toecorate man s arm and bed her youth and upbringing is a flaw She runs roughshod over everyone never thinking of the Narcissistic Mothers danger to herself or those tasked with keeping her safe Her overly privileged life had her truly believing all she had to. Im with little regard for her own safety Katia would ratherie on her feet as a warrior than live as a token wife and child bearer for a husband who keeps her castled as if she were a prisonerLothair is the illegitimate son of the Duke of Saxony who was granted the title of baron a castle and lands Raised in an atmosphe.