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The Economics of Agricultural Development dOf uotes and ideas to help you realize your power and makes changes The power playbook Good insight LaLaid a great job talking about Power from her perspective It s cool to see how someone one who has a lot can still be It s cool to see how someone one who has a lot can still be Good read It took me some time to come back and finish this Audio Book but it was worth it I on t know much about La La Anthony because I m not much into Basketball andor reality TV however after listening to her book I have a new respect for her Hustle and advice Her "book is very short and insightful and it also relates to women "is very short and insightful and it also relates to women men alike Girl power indeed Lala wonderfully escribes her power moves subtly laden in girl chat It encourages and inspires without sounding braggy Many key points to those that wish to listen and follow 35 Stars He who fails to plan plans to fail A ProverbYou can t be friends with someone who wants your life Oprah WinfreyTeamwork The Pocket Guide to Action divides the task and multiplies the succes Unknown More of an autobiography than self help category book Felt scattered and unorganized There were also a few typos throughout the book so I wonder if thisidn t go through a full editing process Did make good points you just had to find them Last couple go through a full editing process Did make good points you just had to find them Last couple of the book were all about girl power and finding your starting 5 of supporters in your life These were the best chapters in the book I was really hoping for I admire LaLa s hustle but I felt like this book read like a Algorithms for Clustering Data (Prentice Hall Advanced Reference Series : Computer Science) diary in some chapters How she would give insight and then completely change her mind set and or thought on the advice she was giving I admire her work ethic and her strive to focus on her brand and judge everything in comparison if it is good for her brand I love LaLa and her positive energy This book was a little hard for me to read it was just to cliche and painted everything so picture perfect. Ever you set out tooPerfect for those setting out for the first time or for established professionals looking to reevaluate their goals The Power Playbook has an inspiring message for women of all agesIllustrated by personal stories of her own professional triumphs and challenges La La reveals her secrets to finding success on your own terms and reminds us that big reams reuire hard work resilience and an undying belief in yourse.

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The Power PlaybookThe Power Playbook Rules For Independence Money and Success by La La Anthony is an excellent book for any woman that esires to maximize her talents potential and strengths on a professional levelUsing her years of experience in radio and television La La shares many valuable lessons in this empowering book I found myself totally invested from beginning to end Her message is Introduction to African American Studies delivered in a straightforward and relatable way She providesirect and sharp insight with just the right precision which never allows the reader to become bored With practical and easy to follow advice she offers great tips on how never allows the reader to become bored With practical and easy to follow advice she offers great tips on how slay in the business worldThis book ranges in topics from The Power of Fear and The Power of Your Brand to Learning to Reinvent Yourself Each chapter address a My Lover different yet very important topicesigned to help women excel in life Just to give an example in a chapter titled Salary Cap Don t Chase Money Chase Your Purpose La La states The problem with making money your focus is that you will never feel satisfied It will never be enough At some point you ll realize that the money chase is unfulfilling You ll always need You will look up one ay with
perhaps all of 
all of money in the world and ask yourself Why id I Mobilizing New York do this Here she makes a great point that is often forgotten in our uest for successI believe this book serves as an excellent roadmap for any woman on the journey to being her best self It should be read by all women For not only is it filled with great information but it is also entertaining I recommend reading this book with a pen and a pad so that you may take notes If you are a boss lady this isefinitely a must have for your library This book blew me away I have read countless other books such as Lean In GirlBoss and The Woman Code This book stood out and in my opinion is better than all of. The Power Playbook is the empowering guide to forging professional success establishing financial independence and finding balance for a truly satisfying lifeThe author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Love Playbook La La Anthony is again opening up her playbook to share her no nonsense advice La La is a self made entrepreneur with a successful fashion line a cosmetics company a reality show and a budding acting career to her. .
Them by far I grew up watching MTV after school and TRL I remember La La and idn t think much of at the time "or since really I idn t realize how much of a she has become and "since really I idn t realize how much of a success she has become and of the things she realize how much of a success she has become and all of the things she managed to accomplish since her ays on MTV I am amazed at La La s ability to give advice and not sound pretentious she tells her story with humility but also with confidence Reading this book I felt like I had gained La La as a mentor or a big sister If you have struggled to find a mentor or are currently looking for one pick up this book We often think of mentor relationships as personal and few things can replace having that personal connection with a mentor but this book comes as close as I have ever seen I listened to this book in audio book form on my Social Media in Academia drive into work in the morning It worked out perfectly since the chapters were about 20 30 min long the same amount of time as my commute and they put me in a great mood ready to tackle theay This feels Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream dreadfully cliche to say but every woman should read this bookWhat set La La s book apart from the rest La La mentions a lot of things that aren t new and will probably be familiar to you as well What sifferent is obviously her personal story but also how she marries together the Orality in Igbo (African) Literature drive to be successful with the ability to be admiredrespectedliked She spends the majority of her time talking about integrity earning respect creating your brand and how to reinvent your brand if you need too that as well as how to build others up and make others successful with you Her story has a healthy Modern English in Action (Level 12) dose of humility and La La emphasizes the importance of having a good heart and just being an overall good person throughout your success that is what made me love La La s book and why it stands out from other similar books that I have read uick read with tons. Credit From humble beginnings she created a career that she loves through sheeretermination and hard work and now she shares her hard won wisdom on how her readers can Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms do the sameWith her unparalleledrive and enterprising attitude La La knows what it takes to follow a The Alchemical Mandala A Survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions dreamefine goals and work relentlessly to achieve them In The Power Playbook she will share her tried and true advice for reaching new levels of success in what. .