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Ls she has trapped Richard into a marriage he didn t want but the time they spend in ach other s company the the marriage feels right to Richard Maddy needs convincing because ven though Richard makes her feel like a treasured wife when they are alone she also feels like the third wheel when Sarah is around When Sarah s husband dies in an I was raised on historical romance novels and it is still my favorite subgenre Give me the ball gowns mansions lords and ladies and I m a happy woman But give me a marriage of convenience between the hero and heroine and I m practically giddyThat s how I felt when I began reading Invitation to Passion by Bronwen Evans and I just got happier and happier as I lost myself in this ngrossing tale of friendship turned to love I could not have asked for from Ms Evans Her tale gave me Date Me everything I would want or need in a romance A heroine head over heels in love with a man who doesn t yet return the love Check A hero who is handsome charming and caring Check A villain you love to hate Check A forced marriage to avoid scandal Check Passion and drama with some suspense as a bonus Check A happy and satisfyingnding Check and double checkOnce I began reading I could not put the book down I found myself sneaking off at work to just get in one chapter I stayed up late reading because the need to find out what would happen next far chapter I stayed up late reading because the need to find out what would happen next far the need for sleep Let me tell you that Comfort And Joy every dark circle under myyes was well worth itMadeline and Richard have been friends ver since Richard rescued a young Maddy from a bunch of bullies They maintained their friendship through a series of letters that are unveiled Throughout The Book Maddy Slowly the book Maddy slowly in love with her white knight but had come to accept that he would never be hers That is until the night that she stepped in to help save him and inadvertently compromised her own reputation forcing the two to get married But what would happen to their friendship now that they were husband and wifeWhile it was no surprise that Richard would ventually fall in love with his beautiful wife I still njoyed the journey that he took to get to that point Though I must confess that I sometimes found myself shaking my head at some of his stupid antics that he resulted from his misplaced notion that he was protecting his wife Ms Evans provided the reader with believable characters that drew my sympathy and respect Despite the times Maddy was not a wishy washy female She was smart and independent and willing to do whatever was necessary to protect the man she loved Richard was a compassionate and caring man who wasn t in the least bit the typical arrogant man that you see in many historicals He wasn t perfect and made many mistakes but only because he cared too much Even the secondary characters were interesting I loved the relationships that Maddy had with her brother and his wife as well as the one between Richard and his twin brother and his wife The friendship between the men as well as the one between Richard and his twin brother and his wife The friendship between the men the one between the women was so authentic and just added another layer of njoyment to the bookAs if all the romance and passion wasn t nough Ms Evans provided us with suspense and drama that kept me turning the pages as fast as I could read I completely lost myself in the world she createdInvitation to Passion is the third book in the My Lord s series I have not read the other books in the series but had no difficulty following along Of course I will have to go back and read those books because I am so intrigued now as to their stories However this is not the first historical by Ms Evans that I have read She has impressed me with her writing ability and I am xc. She could be pregnant with his child Madeline Knight thought she was doing the right thing when she saved Richard Craven from his lover's irate husband Now her silly schoolgirl crush has left her married to a man who's in love with another woman Consumed with guilt over trapping Richard she tries her best to be the perfect wife and win his heart Failur. I am really loving this series One of my favorite things about this book is the Heroine She had to grow up fast in her young life Her Heroine She HAD TO GROW UP FAST IN to grow up fast in young life Her and strength at such a young age helped her get through the difficult things that happened to her in this book I love how Cause Of Fear every book in this series carries on the story withach book To be able to revisit the characters from the other books and see how their lives are going and how their families are growing It is almost like checking in with old friends I can t wait to see what happens in the next book The Honorable Richard John Craven handsome white knight to damsels in distress and rake is watching his life turn upside down He is not sure what true love is and if he is capable of the feelingMadeline Knight sister of Viscount Strath is strong loving compassionate loyal and lonely She has only known life in the country and the censure of society as the daughter of a supposed traitor to the crown Regarding marriage she knows she wants a man to love that loves her totally and completely and wishes that man is RichardRichard and Madeline have a wonderfully uniue relationship they are friends and have been corresponding for six years Because of a shallow manipulation they find themselves married both bringing their insecurities with them Their road to love is filled with murder investigations x lover manipulations fire lies and betrayal danger abductions and a flaming passion neither of them knew their friendship help With her usual style humor and brilliant characters we are on a wonderful journey of motional discovery where the heroine must convince our hero he is worthy of her love We see the white knight rescued by her strong love Ms Evans brings the hero s into the open with grace and leaves you cheering as he comes to believe in himself and his capacity to really love another Throughout the story Madeline is steadfast in her love of Richard but her youth and secluded upbringing add a vulnerability to the journey The characters that support Richard and Madeline love are charming and in depth and add layers of The Game of Love emotion InjoyedThe subplot that pulls the story together has xcellent villains The shallow spoiled and spitefulness of these characters keep you turning the pages to see vil overturned by good and loveI am a fan of Ms Evans writing and was not disappointed I recommend this and her other stories wholeheartedly I missed the book before this in the series but will be going back to read it Once again well done Ms EvansI received a complimentary copy of this book in xchange for my honest review Madeline Knight has been in love with Lord Richard Craven for years but Richard has had his yes set on the now married Sarah and ven though she is married Richard has no ualms about having a liaison with her Madeline and Richard have been best friends since the time the now twenty one year old was thirteen Richard and Rufus Madeline s older brother have been friends and since Rufus was away clearing his father s name of treason he had nothing to say about the odd relationship between his sister and his friendRufus is having a party for his sister It s time for the sheltered Madeline to open up a bit and begin to feel out her prospects While at her party Richard whisks the well married Sarah off to an mpty room with amorous intentions for his The Lady in Pink ex lover When Sarah s cruel husband seeks out the pair knowing they must have an affair going on Madeline jumps in to save Richard from being called out but in turnnds up being compromised publicly Rufus insists on a wedding between his sister and his friend to save face and Madeline s faltering reputation Maddy fee. Consummate rake Richard Craven has his heart broken when the woman he loves is forced into an arranged marriage to a violent brute To make matters worse circumstances force him to marry Lady Madeline Knight a woman he views like a sister only for fate to play the cruelest of tricks Shortly after his wedding his former lover is widowed and Richard learns. ,

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Ited to have a new go to author for when I Need That Historical Romance Fix A Myrt S ReviewInvitation need that historical romance fix A Myrt s ReviewInvitation Passion My Lord s by Bronwen EvansThe Course of True LoveMadeline Knight thought she was helping her long time friend Richard Craven from being found in a compromising situation with married lady Sarah Wrentham only to Eyes end up compromising herself and being uickly married off to Richard in a matter of daysMaddy and Richard have been friends for yearsver since he rescued her at 13 from bullies He has always been her hero and as she grew older her secret crush However she never xpected to actually marry the dashing ladies man Richard thinks of Maddy as a little sister in fact the little sister of one of his closest friends He is Ms Evans does it again whoa I loved this historical romance Maddy and Richard were so asy to fall in love with because Sinner's Heart each had their own set of flaws that made them human in myyes Richard is this wonderful hero who doesn t know his own heart and never discovered what love really meant until Maddy came along and taught him Romance Intrigue and so much 5 stars I can t wait for the next one as this was my first invitation book as well I will need to go back and read the others because I also fell in love with the other characters such as Rufus Anthony Melissa and Rhedda Lord Richard is heartbroken when he loses the woman he loves to an arranged marriage to an vil man Desperate to be with Sarah he finds himself in a compromising position and the only one able to save him is Maddy who has had a crush on him for years Richard is now being forced to marry a girl he views as his sister than a wife I loved this book the story is xciting and fast paced and Spirit of the Wolf even though it takes Richard some time to figure things out I do like him Maddy was a bit na ve but she knew what she wanted Richard Great characters with lots of romance and danger a wonderful read toscape into Enjoy This was the first Invitation To book I ve read I ve read the Disgraced Lords series from this author and am in love with her work So I read this one and fell in love work So I read this one and fell in love seriously need to go back and read the rest This is one crazy powerful suspenseful series This book is fantastic There is a difference between loving me and being in love with me This book is so A Vineyard Christmas emotional It made me smile and I for real cried It was so beautiful and well written Not to mention it was sexy Primal awareness shimmered through Maddy as he began his sensuous assault all over again You ll fan yourself you ll ride the rollercoaster ofmotion It doesn t matter if you haven t read the rest of the series This book can be stand alone and still fill you in I m in love with this author She has uickly risen to my top 10 faves Don t you just LOVE the cover Passionate Love StoryI was soooo xcited to read 10 faves Don t you just LOVE the cover Passionate Love StoryI was soooo xcited to read and it DID not disappoint le sigh I love historical romances for the passion the angst the desires the intensity the Hero and heroine feel you know you are reading a great author when you can FEEL very motion through the pages and Brownwen Evans does xactly that In this 3rd installment in the Invitation to series you are introduced to Richard and Madeline Maddy They have known ach other for many years Circumstances have Maddy saving Richard s arse and that in turn Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) ends them up together As we know how critical and judgemental the ton can be and women cannot be caught in compromising positions without risking ruination I LOVE that word And alas Richard and Maddymbark on uite a journey of passion angst realization and drama of course no good historical romance could be without drama And it was of the delicious wickedest kind We. E is not an option For if she fails she loses Math Basics 6 everything she loves him too much not to set him free While Richard and Madeline confront the reality of their marriage Madeline's life comes under threat A familynemy is set on revenge Will Richard learn the truth of his heart and what is truly precious to him before the unknown nemy destroys their world. ,
Invitation to Passion