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While it lies somewhere in the back end of my bookshelves I end up discovering it time and again when I am looking up a new poem translationI think the book by refusing to print the Urdu script looses a certain charm and romance also undone by bad production values What is this love of Urdu That the taste of words dissolves on the tongueThis book is a very good introduction to the Urdu poetry for people like me who never got the chance to learn it formally Raza Mir has chosen 2 3 ghazals per Shayar from some 50 Shayars with their rhythmical translation I for one was looking for the literal translation of the poems He also gives a brief summary of the Shayar s life as well as provides cultural and political context to The PoemsAlso I Would Have Preferred If poemsAlso I would have preferred if Mir also included the poems in Devnagri Script as well I find it much easier to read compared to the current Hinglish format of the book You can find the Devnagri version of almost all the poems on rekhtaAll in all if you re interested in reading Urdu poetry do give this book a all if you re interested in reading Urdu poetry do give this book a I hope I eep this journey going and learn Urdu in the next year Mirza Ghalib Loved the introduction and the translations were decent too In his foreword to Raza Mir s The Taste of Words An Introduction to Urdu Poetry Gulzar writes Ajab hai yeh zubaan UrduKabhi yoonhi safar arteAgar oi musaafir sher padh de Mir Ghalib John Ormond, Emyr Humphreys, John Tripp (Penguin Modern Poets, kaWoh chaahe ajnabi hoYahi lagta hai woh mere vatana haiTelling proof of the beauty of this language its ability and in particular the ability of its best poetry to evoke a sense of belonging to create instant friendships It is this language and especially its poetry that Mir introduces so effectively in this book He begins with an introduction to Urdu its origins and development all very briefly discussed before moving on to an introduction to its poetry In this section he explains each type of poem and its main technicalities the difference between say a ghazal and a nazm a ataa and a marsiya Pertinent examples are provided and it s a good user friendly guide to understanding the basics of these forms Even if you really don t now UrduThe bulk of the book consists of the poems themselves divided by poet in chronological order Beginning with Amir The Taste of Words An Introduction to Urdu Poetry edited and translated by Raza Mir is a collection of some of the most beautiful pieces of Urdu poetrySummary of the BookIf you are one of those who always get delighted by the spoken rhythm of an Urdu couplet and desired to completely comprehend and appreciate its nuances if you ever wanted to connect with a ghazal profoundly but were unsettled by its puzzling. ,

The Taste of Words

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OpenedChal saath e hasrat dil e mahroom se nikleAashi a janaaza hai zara dhoom se nikleWalk along with that heartbroken procession awhileIts the funeral of a lover bury him in hai zara dhoom se nikleWalk along with that heartbroken procession awhileIts the funeral of a lover bury him in 35 rounded up to 4 A book that claims to be an Introduction to Urdu Poetry should at least have meanings of Urdu words given alongside each piece In addition one has to turn the page repeatedly to read the English translation which is annoying The collection though one has to turn the page repeatedly to read the English translation to turn the page repeatedly to read the English translation is annoying The collection though uite good Has a very informative and engaging introduction about the evolution of the north Indian languages Some snippets of history and biographies of poets thrown in as well Though a couple of names could be missing however this is a good starting point for all newbies And although would have been very useful to have a glossary of words at the end still it serves its purpose of spurning interest in the reader Enjoyable read if done slowlyRekhtaHindaviHindustaniHindiUrdu whatever you call it it offers a whole world of great language imagery and themes The collection was nice Translations not so much The book starts with the lines Urdu is a nation unto itself Wherever it travels it creates its own world It was born in India but does not belong to India alone It is the official language of Pakistan but does not belong to Pakistan alone When it reached Oslo Norway it settled there It went to Great Britain and created its own home It reached Canada and a community emerged It reached the United States and became a native tongue The truth is that instead of embraced if we could use a different metaphor we would say adopted by lips Wherever Urdu goes it clasps people in a bear hug It becomes a tradition unto itself For Urdu is after all the lingua franca of a cultureI am a native speaker of Urdu and a lover of Urdu poetry but there is a classification in the Urdu poetry that I did not now earlier or accurately I did not now the exact meaning of these categories earlierFirst fifty pages tell the different categories of Urdu poetry and what is the grammatical and interpretational differences in all of these of categoriesIn rest of the book Mir assembled a collection of 47 famous Urdu Poets and their famous couplets with some biographical account of there lives. Ke Gulzar and Javed Akhtar Raza Mir’s translation not only draws out the passion and pathos from these ageless verses but also offers sharp perceptions and interesting triviaAbout Raza MirRaza Mir is the co author of Anthems of Resistance A Celebration of Progressive Urdu Poetry His translated works from Urdu to English based on his expertise and proficiency over both the languages have been widely commende. Husro and ending with Zeeshan Sahil each poet is introduced through a brief biography followed by anywhere between one to three poems Ghalib is the exception with five pieces of poetry Some are complete poems some are excerpts of longer works Each is first transliterated in English then followed by a translation The range of subjects and styles is impressive there s everything here from scathingly socialistic poetry Sahir Ludhianvi s Taj Mahal is here to deeply romantic from religious verses extolling Ali and the martyrdom at Karbala to humour Almost all the most popular poems pieces that have been sung and recited in cinema or by famous singers are here With just about every poet and sometimes every poem Mir provides notes on other works about the poet the significance of certain motifs or words in the poetry and these are freuent good recorded performances of poetry and where they can be accessed on the net Not that it s flawless I found the freuent inconsistencies in transliteration irritating a and aa are used in about eual measure to denote and thi and thhi are used interchangeably for example A lot of the poems have been translated in such a way as to make the English lines rhyme as well and this doesn t always work it ends up being somewhat clumsy at times in contrast I found the translations of the azaad nazm the free verse often non rhyming better Plus there are errors now and then Sadhana and not the actual Mala Sinha is mentioned as the female lead of Gumraah Dosti is mentioned as having been made in 1946 not the actual 1964 and the translation of Javed Akhtar s Yeh hel ya hai could cause confusion among Westerners since Mir translates wazir the chessman euivalent to the ueen as minister and pyaada the pawn as foot soldier But I m nitpicking These can be overlooked and the end result really is a very useful very enjoyable book Educational highly readable and a fine compilation of some of the very best is a very useful very enjoyable book Educational highly readable and a fine compilation of some of the very best poetry to be found on the planet Its a good book especially for readers who are just getting introduced to Urdu Its a handy catalogue of prominent Urdu Poets And Their Poets and their couplets It can be read in any mood from any page the following lines are again just picked up from the page which. Treaties if you are confused between a rubaai and a ataa or a musaddas and a marsiya here is a book for you The Taste of Words provides a fresh peculiar and reachable entry point for beginners looking for enhancing their nowledge of this beautiful language The vibrant collection of poetry includes poems written by legends like Mir Tai Mir and Mirza Ghalib to the poems penned by contemporary game changers li.
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