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Y this group is obviously awesome and it is a five star rating all on its own They match dogs with people that truly need them provide training etc They obviously love dogs AND people I just wanted of the dogs and less of the author I agree this was an inspirational book but would be improved with additional editing I was disappointed that none of the areas of the book were covered in any depth I would have liked to learn about the prison training programs the training of the dogs about the dogs in general and maybe a little less about the clients If ou like this book I recommend How Dogs Love Us which goes further into the workings of the canine brain Inside of a Dog is also very good and also one of my favorite jokes attributed to Mark Twain Outside of a dog a book is man s best friend inside of a dog its too dark to read I won this book for free from the Goodreads free book giveaway contest and what a joy this book is My only regret was taking way too long to read it Honestly I was a little worried that it would hit too close to home so I shelved it I would look at it and avoid it knowing from my own experiences how things can affect me As a disabled veteran I know too well the pitfalls so I was scared I had heard of the paws4people organization through my volunteer work at my local animal shelter I ve worked with various organizations on improving shelter animals uality of life especially Dogs Playing For Life or DPFL and that was life changing work I love itSo anyways this book was an absolute joy to read and I thank God I won it If Kiu you can get through this book without letting a few tears flow I d be surprised I appreciate how so many people are working to help others struggling with surviving with every day life challenges And what really captivates me about P4P is it isn t just military centric They incorporate children with disabilities too Which is fantastic So please please please read this book and then go and look up p4p See what they really do See how they positively affect and save lives Ifou can donate anything helps And I m not affiliated in any way with P4P in case ou re wondering But this book does give a great view into this program the lengths it takes to train a service dog and IMO helps to give us the reader a look into something most of us have never thought something most of us have never thought single second about Thank ou Mr Drury A warm and wonderful story of two people who created the wonderful organization Paws4People and have helped so many children and adults with special needs especially veterans with support created the wonderful organization Paws4People and have helped so many children and adults with special needs especially veterans with support Fascinating Great book about Paws4People Providing service dogs to vets PTSD disabled kids etc about the start of organization by Terry Henry and his daughter Kyri. Erry and Kyria have christened the bump where each individual service dog chooses its new owner through an almost mystical connection that ignites the healing process incorporating vivid storytelling insights into canine wisdom history science and moving tales of personal transformation A Dog’s Gift is a story of miracles bound to be embraced by not only the 60 million Americans who own dogs but by anyone with a full heart and a loving sou. ,

And use of not only golden retrievers Bred For The Purpose Of Becoming P4p for the purpose of becoming p4p but also rescue dogs some of whom are former strays from overseas that accompanied the wounded soldiers "home and have already bonded with them This audio book version of Bob Drury s close up examination of "and have already bonded with them This audio book version of Bob Drury s close up examination of non profit paws4people which trains and places service dogs with ptsd and disabled veterans and special needs children is my favorite non fiction book for this Politieke geschiedenis van België sinds 1830 year Simply fascination the book tells story after story of the bonds formed and the transformations achieved between dog and owner From dogs that can read simple written commands to another that would place grocery items on the check out conveyor belt and then take a credit card from his pouch for payment the dogs abilities are just amazing Also amazing is that most of the paws4people dogs are trained by prison inmates and that the dogs end up choosing their own owners is a ceremony called the bump This wonderful organization all come from the dreams of aoung girl Kyria Henry who convinced her dad a former military counterintelligence officer that their golden retriever should visit a local nursing home Now an adult Kyria along with her father are the lifeblood of paws4people I obtained the audio book through Wisconsin Public Library ConsortiumOVERDRIVE and I recommend it for pet loversPosted by Sue W at 259 PM Email ThisBlogThisShare to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest I really enjoyed this book The learning about dogs and their interactions with people was my favorite part An awe inspiring story about paws for people service dogs I would first like to state that my rating has nothing to do with the work done by the charity represented in this book Paws4people It is entirely in the way the book was written and the format that the author has chosen that reflect for me a poor score Firstly putting himself into the story never really worked for me I wanted to know how the dogs interacted with their people and maybe with their previous trainers I wanted to know about their lives together but instead the author puts himself into the story telling it from his point of view and adding his odd commentary It frustrated me especially since the title claims to be the story of Veterans and children healed by Man s best friend I needed of thisI also didn t really see the significance of the birthing seuence constantly cropping up since the pups haven t been bumped with any of the people in the book Internationaal cartoonfestival Knokke-Heist. Cartoons 2003 yet I would have preferred back story on the dogs and the people united with them through the course of the bookNow that I ve gotten the reasons why I didn t like this actual book off my chest I will reiterate that the charity work done Aling including traumatized and wounded war veterans and children living with physical emotional and intellectual disabilitiesIn A Dog’s Gift award winning journalist and author Bob Drury movingly captures the story of aear in the life of paws4people and the broken bodies and souls the organization mends The book follows the journey of pups bred by the organization from their loving if rigorous early training to an emotional event that I wanted to like this book but between the writing about children with horrendous handicaps the paws4people jabs at the way other service dog organizations do things I just wasn t feeling it The writing style seemed too close to the organization to make it feel wide ranging The author profiles a well known serviceassistancetherapy dog program paws4people after being introduced to one of their clients during his previous research on service members who have returned home from the front lines Although #I wasn t familiar with the program I actually did know of one of the families mentioned in the book as #wasn t familiar with the program I actually did know of one of the families mentioned in the book as had read news articles about the separation of the Buckles sisters who were born conjoined and followed their blog including updates on Erin who was left paralyzed as a result of complications from the surgery and has an assistance dog provided by paws4peopleTelling pieces of the paws4people story with each chapter opening with Claire one of paws4people s dogs who is both an assistance dog for a retired servicewoman and a breeding female for the program delivering another puppy in what was her final litter before being retired from that job We learn about the origins of the program which started with oung Kyra Henry wishing to take her family s golden retriever to the local nursing home to cheer up the residents and her father Terry providing retriever to the local nursing home to cheer up the residents and her father Terry providing and uickly evolved into the family adding home to cheer up the residents and her father Terry providing transportation and uickly evolved into the family adding and taking them to special education classrooms in schools too with Terry handling some of the dogs so that people would have a chance to interact with the dogs As Terry and Kyra saw the impact the dogs were having in just short visits they realized the potential dogs could have when paired one on one with humans who needed them From there Drury talks about the training of puppies in women s prisons before bump day when the dogs choose their humans many programs do the opposite or simply assign a dog to a human but the Henrys have found that the results are excellent when the dog does the choosing the further training to ensure the dog is capable of meeting the needs of their human and the process of acclimating the humans to their new partners The program hasn t abandoned its original purpose either as p4p dogs also continue to make the rounds at schools and senior citizen facilities as general therapy dogs particularly dogs who haven t bumped with a particular person but are ready to leave prison or dogs who don t end up making the grade while in prison and are offered as pets with the capability to be certified as therapy dogs with a little training by their new familiesOverall a nice look at an organization that is doing a great thing particularly with our wounded veterans. A decade ago former military counterintelligence officer Terry Henry joined his precocious oung daughter Kyria on a trip to a nursing home in order to allow its residents to play with their family dog a golden retriever named riley Terry was astounded by the transformations that unfolded before his eyes Soon after Terry and Kyria started their service dog organization paws4people with the goal of pairing dogs with human beings in need of he. ,

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