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T Hanukkah so it was fun to read a little bit About The Things They Do the things they do their tradition The mice go around each night finding a new item for Hanukkah that is shiny or delicious smelling This book is so great for teaching about the different religious that are celebrated at the same time as Christmas Independent Read This book would be best for children who are not familiar with Hanukkah I think Around grade 2 3 because of the complex sentences It is great for kids to read about the different holidays that The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 people celebrate around the world and maybe even in their school Read aloud This would be best during the winter months when we are learning about all the different holidays It would be fun to read aassage a day and find our own gifts on each day like the mice do Literary Elements This book has a little bit complex sentences but the words are simple and easy for children to understand and read Using it in the classroom would not be difficult at all because it is a fun book to read and children could even guess what the mice find on each of the days This book was fun to read It was cute and I know that I had no idea any of the items that go along with Hanukkah so it was fun to read about the things that go into it Plus Mice are adorable Favorite Hanukah book to read with my kids. Page until the very end when they finally discover the beautiful menorah with all eight candles burning brigh. The Hanukkah MiceIldren to be able to understand what it is and what they do for it It talks about the lighting of the menorah and that the child gets one gift for each night of Hanukkah which is 8 nights long The menorah is the symbolic item just like a Christmas tree is to most families The illustrations aren t that great however I really like the color scheme and bright colors that are used They are vibrant and stand out Some really like the color scheme and bright colors that are used They are vibrant and stand out Some the age s illustrations are appealing to me like the back cover Davids Sling page and one of theages in the book that consists of the dollhouse and the mice The mice in the book are depicted like actual character mice However the eople in the story are very unrealistic looking and kind of creepy Lift the flap fun Great book Read to a kindergarten class today and they loved it This is an entertaining story about Hanukkah with sparkly ages and simple descriptions of the various ways in which the holiday is celebrated The illustrations are cute and the fold out Learner Strategies in Language Learning pages are sure to be a hit with younger children We ve read this one a couple of times and it s fun to look at all the sparkly decorations So cute One of my favorite Hanukkah stories great for little ones with theeek a boo flaps and adorable mice Personal Reaction This book was adorable and so much fun I don t know much abou. Hanukkah mice With flaps hiding shiny foil suprises adorable and so much fun I don t know much abou. Hanukkah mice With flaps hiding shiny foil suprises will find a different Hanukkah tradition on each.

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The Dangerously Placed picture book The Hanukkah Mice is about a a mouse family that leaves their mouse hole and go up the basement stairs of the house they live in It s the beginning an Hanukkah and Mr and Mrs Silman and their daughter Rachel celebrate the first day of Hanukkah and light the first candle Rachel gets to open her first Hanukkah gift and it s a bigresent inside that Just Destiny present is a carved dollhouse The mouse family see that Rachel got the dollhouse and think that it is theerfect size for them Once Rachel fell asleep they explored the new doll house as if it is their #Very Own Mouse House The Mouse Think It Would Be #own mouse house The mouse think it would be if the dollhouse had some furniture On the second night of Hanukkah after Mr Siman lite the second candle Rachel got to open her second gift The gift was a chair with a stool for her dollhouse The mice were happy because the dollhouse was starting to get some furniture in it On the third fourth fifth sixth seventh and eighth night of Hanukkah Rachel got something for her dollhouse The mouse family then celebrated their own holiday meal which was complete by The Menorah That Rachel Got menorah that Rachel got one of her gifts The book does a Paradise Run pretty good job of explaining the Hanukkah holiday in child friendly words andictures The book
the most basic of arts the Hanukkah holiday for ch. In the tradition of the best selling The Christmas Surprise and The Golden Egg comes this sweet story of the.