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Something simple healthy but fun and inspiring and this book totally nails it The recipes are very simple but also have a sense of whimsy that makes it fun to play with them As someone who is pretty constitutionally incapable of sticking to a recipe I also love that almost every recipe has bulleted lists at the bottom of modifications to try It makes it seem much experimental and fun Plus there are tons of beautiful color photographs I hate cookbooks without pictures I pick recipes by flipping and eye grazing so that part is a must Most recently last night I was working on a fall farro recipe that was given to them by a chef friend The recipe is rife with mistakes Farro takes way than 10 minutes to cook and needs way less than 1T salt to name a few but even with all the problems I was still able to coax it into the yumminess that it pointed towards I know I should probably deduct a star for that but this is the perfect cookbook for me so from a totally subjective standpoint it is getting all 5 stars I checked this out from the library mostly because I wanted some healthy recipes that I could con my kids into eating Here s the rub I have two picky eaters but both go different ways I have one who has always been borderline Vegetarian She Consumes Very she consumes very meat but likes seafood The other hates seafood raw tomatoes but will eat them cooked weirdo and anything that looks too healthy No I m not uite sure what that means that s ust what I m t Made the salmon Curry and the nut butter recipes Recipes are easy to follow and the pictures make it an an enjoyable book to flip through Great reinforcement of the adage that you are what you eat Like Moss Salt Sugar Fat this book reminds us that the big food companies and their chemists and advertisers all have a huge impact on what we choose to buy and consume I like the simple basic approach here I m not sure I can convert my family but I m going to give it a tr. T by making it themselves With her long time collaborator Kirstin Uhrenholdt David worked up than 100 recipes that are simple fast low in the bad stuff and high in the good stuff and designed to bring kids into the cooking process The authors also demystify cooking terms and break down basic prep techniues creating stress free meals that foster health togetherness and happy palates The Family Cooks is the ideal companion for unseasoned chefs of all stripes whether they're parenting or being parent.

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The Family CooksThe tone of this book is so overly preachy and self righteous it s almost unreadable I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years and consider myself to be health conscious I am always looking for ways to eat healthfully however But this is way over the top you can actually imagine the author looking down can actually imagine the author looking down nose at you and sniffing as she sees the AP flour and processed ingredients in your pantry Look there is a way to promote and encourage healthy eating without sounding snobbish elitist and self righteous Unfortunately Mrs David did not accomplish that A shame since so many of the recipes looked delicious This went back the library post haste This is a beautiful book full of artful photos and printed on paper that feels good to touch I like to eat this way and when I put this on hold at the library I was already anticipating buying it However that hold at the library I was already anticipating buying it However that t be the case While all the recipes sounded good with the exception of the dishes that contain tofu which is The Alchemy of Opposites just something I ve never warmed up to and the now reuisite raw kale recipes for the love of butter what s wrong with sauteing a vegetable If it needs to be massaged to eat it it needs to be cooked Or better yet why eat kale when you could instead eat chard But I digress nothing really stood out to me as something I would want to make or something that I don t already have a recipe for that I likeust fine This would be a wonderful book for someone Holy Crap The World is Ending The Anunnaki Chronicles just starting out cooking because it does a goodob of explaining the basics with a few twists If you aren t a newbie cook I think there are better choices out there I read a lot of cookbooks share recipes Regularly And Spend A Lot and spend a lot time planning and prepping meals Nothing annoys me than a cookbook that places things out of seuence not the case here or has photos that totally contradict the very instructions posted on the previous page compare the text on p 182 for ravioli cupcakes to the photo oppo. A call to action for parents kids and anyone who eats to start cooking their own meals again For families eating right has become a monumental challenge Cultural messages convince us that we no longer have time to cook and food marketers spend billions persuading us that packaged processed food is convenient satisfying and the key to happiness Half of all our meals are now eaten outside the home The result Skyrocketing rates of heart disease and diabetes and unprecedented levels of childhood obesi. Site on p 183 I must also confess to being perplexed by a cookbook author who is not the author of the recipes in the book that credit goes to her pal Kristin Uhrenholdt Those points aside in addition to the patently obvious dosdon ts for happy family meals parenting andor shopping advice eg don t let your kids load the grocery cart with crap make a grocery list advice eg don t let your kids load the grocery cart with crap make a grocery list t shop hungry etc etc there are a very good many recipes here that I want to give a try Among the items we ll be making From Book Are this are fruity summer porridge homemade nut butter blueberry oat pancakes peanut butter granola bars homemade Stand and Deliver: Political Activism, Leadership, and Hip Hop Culture jam Danish stone age bread the green genie smoothie SLTs ie shitake lettuce and tomato sandwiches cannellini bean tartine peppermint green pea soup esp the cold version for summer dining caesar kale salad with homemade croutons and uinoa cakes All told I d go 2 12 to 3 stars on this Tried a few recipes from Ms David s book Not impressed with the resulting smoothie flavors For folks who cook regularly and need aolt of inspiration and for folks who want make cooking a part of their routine Laurie David s new cookbook is ust the thing Not uite as chatty as The Family Dinner it is laid out as a traditional one page one recipe cookbook This is not a general reference or how to cook everything but a point of departure filled with useful information and great ideas This cookbook is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for healthy recipes to try whether for kids a significant other or ust for yourself An introduction includes compelling information for anyone interested in the hidden and un healthy additions to the food much of America is eating What follows is a beautifully made cookbook with tasty recipes kid friendly tips and healthy ideas that you can trust are good for you Sarah M Marathon County Public Library Find this book in our library catalog I am living in this cookbook these days I wanted. Ty This crisis is movingly portrayed in author and activist Laurie David's new documentary co executive produced with Katie Couric Fed UpLuckily we have a solution Studies have clearly shown that eating home cooked meals reduces obesity and develops lifelong healthy eating habits There is an exciting movement afoot that involves a skillet a few good knives and some fresh ingredients Home cooking is making a comebackIn The Family Cooks David inspires parents and kids to take control of what they ea.