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Heinrich Himmler: Biographie

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F one of the leading "Nazi Party Members During The "Party members during the and 1930s I njoyed the chapters so far on Himmler s childhood and how he became involved in the Nazi Party And ultimately his rise to become Reichsfuher SS after overcoming political opposition from Frick and Goring when he took control of the police in both Germany and Prussia in which Goring originally had control but Himmler managed to gradually take over affairs in Prussia And Frick had his own ambitions of creating a state police force as well This book is not a book one can pick up and read in one sitting It is a book that will need to be read a few times for all the detailed information to be fully absorbedSo far I have learnt that Himmler was a complex man with many hidden layers but also a very Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars effective administrator who cleverly used his network of contacts to gain control of the reigns of security and police apparatus in Germany I am now starting to read all about Protective Custody Having successfully gained the approval and authority from Hitler who appointed Himmler as Reichsfuher SS in June 1936 I will beager to learn how Himmler went about implementing his Protective Custody policies and how Himmler goes on to consolidate his grip on power With a few days off work I will definitely be reading of this fascinating and very detailed book I have been interested in the Third Reich for many years and whilst we all know who Heinrich Himmler was I have long thought that he deserved much serious study than he still seems to receive In this book Peter Longerich confidently rises to the challenge We see Himmler as the young man the outsider Himmler as the man haunted by the fact that he missed out on being able to fight in the Great War and Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life eager to make an impact of his own in whatever way on the future We see Himmler as what could and often is described as theffecient bureaucrat restructuring government offices We see Himmler as Reichsf hrer SS in charge of the Reich s police and later as Reich Minister of the Interior with which by the Crazy Love end of the war he literally had a finger invery piePerhaps most importantly we see Himmler as a prime Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society example of how an individual can act once he or she is put in a position of Power Himmlerxperienced arly adulthood in that curious time frame located between the nd of WWI and the Great Depression of the 1930s when strong opinions about political conomic and social reordoring abounded and not just in Germany A member of the Nazi Party from the very beginning Himmler progressively found himself in a position to make his own thoughts of how Europe should look a reality and he was willing to use any means at his disposal to complete his mission Hence in his position as Reichsf hrer SS and later also as Reich Minister Of The Interior Himmler Was Minister of the Interior Himmler was to implement many of his actions
Always Conscious That He 
conscious that he to obtain permission from his F hrer he seems to have been able in some ways to manipulate Hitler the Ra wybitny niemiecki historyk Peter Longerich mierzy się z tymi pytaniami odtwarzając dzięki przenikliwej analizie wierny portret psychologiczny jednego z największych zbrodniarzy wszech czasów Autor wykracza poza utarty schemat biografii politycznej i uwzględnia całe życie Himmlera i różne sfery jego aktywności w tym również te pozapolityczne Tak wszechstronne podejście pozwala zrekonstruować rozwój osobowości Himmlera poznać zasadnicze cechy jego charakteru i typowe wzorce zachowań w latach kształtowania się jego osobowości postaw życiowych czyli na początku kariery politycznej a to z kolei rzuca światło na jego pó. I give up I surrender I got to page 602 of this 1050 pae book and I simply could not proceed onward It s flat out BORING I xpected to learn gripping intimate details on Himmler the SS Himmler and Hitler and Instead I was deluged with numbers and statistics with resettlement in towns and provinces too numerous to mention Oh God it was so boring Okay so Himmler started out as a uiet youth unable to deal with females which made him a prude until he was married in his mid 20s and which later made him legislate morality to his SS troops He had to approve Black Heart, Red Ruby each SS marriage personally I learned he got a degree in agriculture and spent some time working in the field before somehow rising to be the head of the SS I never figured out how that happened At some point he s working closely with Hitler we re never given a good let alone any picture of Hitler in this book yet there are absolutely no details at all as to how they met when they met where they met what lead Hitler to promote this loser to such a vital role There s nothing there It boggles the mind We learn about Himmer s hundreds of associates underlings andnemies The name dropping is so intense it s a wonder one can remember any names from the book at all Now the book does detail Himmler s vaguely anti Semitic views in college his vision of a pure German nation his grand visions of resettling Europe and ventually ridding Europe and Russia of all Jews However it s hard to connect the dots How does he go to looking down his nose at Jews to wanting to xterminate all of them and how does he get tens of thousands of men under his command to murder them I tens of thousands of men under his command to murder them I don t know Apparently the goal was to relocate the Jews first to Madagascar and then later to Poland and Russia How did that turn into mass murders Also Himmler was apparently as opposed to the Christian church as he was to the Jews particularly the Catholics of which he was raised But he felt like he couldn t act on that because Hitler didn t want to persecute the Christians That s never New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood explainedither The book throws tons of numbers at you how many Jews from this town from that ghetto from this province from that city are carted away monthly first for forced labor later for Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey extermination The numbers are overwhelming and become so commonplace that the horror of the situation is actually lessened by the deadening weight of giving numbers to the reader Also I wanted to read about the attack on Russia but that was never really addressed One day there s an attack another day Himmler is touring the front lines How did this happen I could go on and on but I m boring myself now and that pretty much sums up myxperience with this book It could have been and should have been so much some life could have been written into it but instead it reads like an God's Pocket electricalngineering textbook which would put most people to sleep Sadly not recommended As a student of Nazi Germany this book is a very detailed account of the rise Biografia jednej z najbardziej przerażających a jednocześnie najbardziej tajemniczych postaci hitlerowskiego imperiumJak to możliwe że wywodzący się z katolickiej rodziny niepozorny i zakompleksiony człowiek zmienił się w monstrum odpowiedzialne za zagładę niezliczonych ludzkich istnień Jak to możliwe że ktoś o tak banalnej osobowości jak Himmler rozszerzał zakres swojej władzy począwszy od SS przez Gestapo i policję aż do stanowiska ministra spraw wewnętrznych i dowódcy armii z morderczą precyzją planując kolejne zbrodnie na niewyobrażalną skalęW pierwszej tak obszernej i szczegółowej biografii Heinricha Himmle. Ery man who was capable of demoting him by outlining his plans and obtaining approval only to then act in a different or direct way He had the power to do so and so he was going to use that power It did not matter to him how many people would fall victim to his crucial reordering of society He had been put in charge of it and in his view it simply had to be doneThis is an in depth comprehensive biography of a man with a very complex character Far from stupid and certainly not unintelligent he seems to comprehensive biography of a man with a very complex character Far from stupid and certainly not unintelligent he seems to been a very opinionated individual with a multi layered personality An ЯED extremely organised person he was able to adapt andven change his actions according to what he felt was needed or demanded by Hitler without ver losing view of his New Europe ideal and final objective This is in many ways a double biography that of Heinrich Himmler on the one hand and that of the SS on the other For the Himmler reorganised his lite police force and the state which it patrolled the he needed to be in constant touch with it as an The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs entity Himmler himself was the SS the verymbodiment of Terror itself The SS in its turn was Himmler the physical representation of his darkest most ambitious thoughtsWithin the Moreno ever changing boudaries of Himmler sver changing thoughts we are also introduced to the diverse aspects and origins of the Final Solution where it came from how it took form and how it Monsieur Pain evolved Anxcellent read for anyone interested in the inner workings of Hitler s Germany and the individuals who made the wheels go round and of course anyone who is interested in Holocaust topics or the SS as the terror machine that it was There are plenty of opportunities for further reading from this book and it includes an A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author extensive bibliography and notes section The biography and History presented in this book is however as complex as Himmler himself and therefore I would not advise this to newcomers of Third Reich history Excepting the description of his youth this is not a normal biography of its subject nor does it give an outline of the war in Europe and Africa readers arexpected to know that Instead the focus of this lengthy text is on how Himmler rose through party ranks and accreted power Much attention is given to the various shufflings and Reshufflings Of The Organizations of the organizations institutions under his authorityA subsidiary theme is the holocaust or properly of how Nazi race theory was implemented with increasing severity against undesirable populations Here Himmler played a if not the major role Author Longerich treats this controversial matter carefully presenting a picture of a reactive ver changing set of policiesDetailed and very well documented this book is strongly recommended to serious students of the war PS Again the date started field below is not functioning In fact the reading of this tome took almost a week huge book well organized and thorough I just looked for
A Few Specific Things 
few specific things to my novel found them. źniejsze życieW tle tej niebywale szczegółowej biografii pojawia się niezwykłe i jakże ważne dla Europy i świata pierwsze półwiecze XX wieku Tyle że zamienione przez Heinricha Himmlera w buchalterię śmierci – wykazy plany wykresy I fantazje Od nowej antychrześcijańskiej religii przez ideał teutońskiej rasy przestrzeń życiową na Wschodzie po plany komór gazowych i krematoriów Rejestry wymordowanych narodów i ras Nieludzki cynizm i chłód Odkrywamy świat o wiele straszniejszy niż bitewne pola bo pokazujący jak w zaciszu gabinetów w pochyleniu nad książkami rodzi się nikczemna kreatura gorsza być może od Hitler. ,